Beach Buggy Racing



Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Beginner (10 points): Earn all stars in Easy Street.
    Contender (20 points): Earn all stars in Coconut Cup.
    Competitor (30 points): Earn all stars in Sunshine Sprint.
    Professional (40 points): Earn all stars in Chowder Bowl.
    Expert (50 points): Earn all stars in Tropical Twist.
    Champion (60 points): Earn all stars in Pineapple Punch.
    Superhero (70 points): Earn all stars in Tidal Rush.
    Legend (80 points): Earn all stars in Typhoon Trophy.
    Race Team (10 points): Recruit 5 drivers.
    Color Theory (10 points): Paint a car.
    Metric Century (20 points): Drive 100km.
    One Million Meters (30 points): Drive 1000km.
    Trans-Siberian Railway (50 points): Drive 9,289km.
    The 1% (50 points): Earn over 1,000,000 coins in your career.
    Gull Hater (10 points): Smash 100 seagulls.
    Crab Terminator (10 points): Smash 40 crabs.
    Fire Eater (10 points): Smash 20 lava monsters.
    Gardener (10 points): Smash 500 palm trees.
    Skull Go Boom (20 points): Smash 50 death bats.
    Cry of the Yeti (10 points): Smash 25 yeti.
    Unhappy Feet (10 points): Smash 100 penguins.
    Reckless (20 points): Win a 1000 HP Race without using the brake.
    Skillz (20 points): Win a 1000 HP Race without resetting.
    Pure Speed (10 points): Win a Race without using a Powerup.
    Comeback (20 points): Go from last to first place on the last lap of a Race.
    Tastes Like Chicken (10 points): Win with a chicken on your face.
    Egg Finder (10 points): Find 1 Easter Egg.
    Challenger (10 points): Beat a Daily Challenge event.
    Super Challenger (30 points): Beat 7 Daily Challenges in a row.
    Egg Hunter (30 points): Find 10 Easter Eggs.
    Precision Driving (10 points): Score 25 in a Follow the Leader event.
    Leap of Faith (10 points): Successfully complete the triple-jump shortcut in Death Bat Alley.
    Turtle Power (20 points): Bounce off three different turtles in one river crossing in Dino Jungle.
    I'm in Your Head (10 points): Use Remote Control to detonate a car under the Nitro effect.
    3-for-1 (10 points): Take out three drivers with one Death Bat Powerup.
    Going, Going, Gone (10 points): Use Earth Strike on an opponent who's experiencing Low Gravity.
    I'm Helping (10 points): Use Fireball on an opponent who is frozen.
    Really I'm Helping (10 points): Use Freeze Ray on an opponent who is on fire.
    Long Jump (20 points): Jump 400 meters.
    Dentist (20 points): Knock the Tiki Temple's teeth out.
    Giddyup (10 points): Do a jump start.
    I'll Get That (10 points): Knock the penguin off the mammoth tusk.
    Switcheroo (20 points): Use B'Zorp to teleport into 1st place within 100m of the finish line.
    1-Time Champion (20 points): Win one 1000 HP Championship.
    5-Time Champion (40 points): Win five 1000 HP Championships.
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