Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Enter the pain (15 points): Optain 10 kills.
    Seasoned (35 points): Optain 50 kills.
    Brutalizer (65 points): Obtain 100 kills.
    Godlike (120 points): Optain 250 kills.
    Full party (15 points): Complete a 4 player local match.
    Crystal Snack (10 points): Cash 25 crystals in.
    Crystaline Greed (50 points): Cash in 50 crystals.
    Crystal King (150 points): Cash in 75 crystals.
    Winner! (10 points): Win 3 matches.
    Owner! (50 points): Win 10 matches.
    PWNER! (150 points): Win 50 matches.
    Crystaline Superiority (100 points): Win a Crystal Hunt match by cashing 10 crystals in!
    Jumper (20 points): Jump 500 times.

Additionally, there are three secret achievements:

    Drejehummer (100 points): Search for it.
    Golden Fish (100 points): Follow the music.
    Moustache Party (10 points): Follow the moustaches!
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