Attack of the Saucerman Cheats & Cheat Codes for PlayStation and Windows

Attack of the Saucerman Cheats & Cheat Codes for PlayStation and Windows

In the late 1990s, developer Fube Industries released Attack of the Saucerman. The game was the last Playstation game published by Psygnosis before the company merged into Sony. The game is an arcade shooter where the player has to defend the planet Earth against NEDCO. The NEDCO has plans to make earthlings a food source. The game is terrible according to critics and players with the game being criticized for its terrible enemy AI and mind-numbing gameplay.

The Premise Of Attack Of The Saucerman

This game is incredibly simple and repetitive which is probably why the game didn’t do well. This is the developer’s only title and it only consists of basic movements and basic enemies. The game has 28 levels where you move forward, backward, left, and right. You use movement to strafe and shoot the enemies for points but the enemies pose no challenge as they walk right into you over and over until death. The game offers a different environment to explore. If you’re okay with the repetitive nature the game has a decent difficulty curve.

The Main Character Of Attack of the Saucerman

Ed – the player character. Ed is a blue-collar worker from the alien world of Grimloid.

Other Titles In The Series

This game is not a part of a series even though it looks at a glance like an alternate universe’s version of Destroy All Humans!

Attack of the Saucerman Cheat Codes

Surprisingly this very niche game has cheat codes accessible through the third-party hardware, Gamebuster. Since these codes work with this hardware they should work still if you’re emulating the PlayStation version.

  • Infinite Lives – 8005 5F74 000F
  • Infinite Energy – 8005 5F7A 0009
  • No. Of Neds To Capture – 8005 5FBA 00??
  • No. Of Neds Captured – 8005 5FBE 00??
  • Infinite Blaster-Ammo – 8005 5FFC 03E7

Finish Bonus-Levels Successfully Codes

  • D005 5FBA 0064
  • 8005 5FBA 0001
  • D005 5FBE 0000
  • 8005 5FBE 0063

Level Select Codes

  • D005 6020 0001
  • 8005 6020 00??

On Pickup Codes

  • Infinite Explosives,Smart Bombs S, Bubble Bombs,
    Impact Scatter Grenades, Skinner Missiles
    – 8005 6000 03E7
  • Infinite Bubble-Bombs – 8005 6004 03E7
  • Infinite Love Bombs – 8005 6008 03E7
  • Infinite HoverNed-Traps – 8005 600C 03E7
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