Metal Slug Cheats & Cheat Codes for PlayStation, Sega Saturn, and More

Metal Slug Cheats & Cheat Codes for PlayStation, Sega Saturn, and More

Metal Slug is an arcade-style run-and-gun video game that became one of the more popular arcade games during the 90s. This fast-paced shooter was developed by Naza Corporation and published by the arcade titan SNK. Metal Slug to the arcade scene by storm on April 19, 1996.

Metal Slug was so popular that it received multiple ports for home consoles like the PlayStation and Sega Saturn. The unique sense of humor and hand-drawn animation impressed both critics and fans alike. Metal Slug is a fun and thrilling side-scrolling shooter that is the perfect experience for two players.

Metal Slug Premise

Metal Slug plays similarly to the famous Contra game. Players unleash a constant stream of bullets at a nonstop horde of enemies. As players fight through the levels they can upgrade their weapons and tanks to increase their offense power and defense. The objective of the game is to clear out the enemies in each level and to free the prisoners of war trapped there.

Metal Slug Main Characters

In Metal Slug, players will take on the roles of two military officers named Captain Marco Rossi and Lieutenant Tarma Roving. Both Captain Rossi and Lieutenant Roving belong to the Peregrine Falcon Strike Force. Their goal is to save as many prisoners of war as possible while completing six different missions in diverse settings.

Metal Slug Series

The popularity of the original Metal Slug resulted in multiple sequels, spin-offs, and remakes. Metal Slug is a franchise that’s been going strong for multiple decades. The latest main-line game in the Metal Slug series was released in 2009, but a spin-off game came out in 2021. There is a sizeable amount of Metal Slug content for fans to enjoy. We’ve added a complete list of every Metal Slug game in the charts below.

Mainline Games:

TitleYear of Release
Metal Slug: Super Vehicle-0011996
Metal Slug 2: Super Vehicle-001/II1998
Metal Slug 32000
Metal Slug 42002
Metal Slug 52003
Metal Slug 62006
Metal Slug 72008


TitleYear of Release
Metal Slug X1999
Metal Slug XX2009


TitleYear of Release
Metal Slug 1st Mission1999
Metal Slug 2nd Mission2000
Metal Slug Advance2004
Metal Slug2006
Metal Slug Touch2009
Metal Slug Defense2014
Metal Slug Attack2016
Metal Slug: Commander2021
Metal Slug: Awakening2021

Metal Slug Cheat Codes

Metal Slug has one in-game cheat code for the PlayStation version of the game. By pressing X, Circle, Square, Triangle, Triangle, X, Circle, Square at the OPTIONS screen, players can access the Cheat Menu of the game. Through this menu, players can add a number of special features to the game, giving them major advantages during gameplay.

Players who own a Pro Action Replay have the ability to add even more cheats to the game. These cheats can grant players infinite levels, infinite ammo, and infinite bombs. We’ve organized all the Pro Action Replay codes in the chart below.

Master Code (must be on)F6000924 FFFF
Unlimited Lives for Player 116022C28 0003
Unlimited Bombs for Player 11601C5A0 0A00
Unlimited Ammo for Player 1160234A2 00C8
Unlimited Lives for Player 2160232F8 0003
Unlimited Bombs for Player 2160234A0 0A00
Unlimited Ammo for Player 21601C5A2 00C8

Metal Slug Cheat Code FAQ

Does Metal Slug have any cheat codes?

Yes, Metal Slug does have an in-game cheat code. Pressing X, Circle, Square, Triangle, Triangle, X, Circle, Square at the OPTIONS screen, lets players access the Cheat Menu. There are also multiple codes that can add cheats for players who own a Pro Action Replay.

What are cheat codes for?

Cheat codes are exploits that can change the game’s behavior and give players an advantage. These cheat codes may move players to the next level, make the player immune to damage, or some other action that wouldn’t take place without them.

They can also make the game more accessible and appealing to casual gamers or those who find its current state inaccessible. Cheat codes are perfect for players looking for an easier experience.

What is an Action Replay?

A Pro Action Replay is a cheat device allowing players to input different cheats and passwords for multiple consoles like the SNES, Game Cube, Commodore 64, GameBoy Advanced, and so much more. They manipulate the memory of the game code itself to allow cheats like infinite health, more powerful weapons, and even saving the game when it is not intended to have a save mechanic.

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