Twisted Metal 2 Cheats & Cheat Codes for PlayStation

Twisted Metal 2 for PlayStation

Twisted Metal 2 Cheats & Cheat Codes for PlayStation

Twisted Metal 2 Summary

Twisted Metal 2 is the direct sequel to the PlayStation exclusive vehicular combat classic Twisted Metal. Coming from first-party Sony studio SingleTrac games and released for the Sony PlayStation in 1996, Twisted Metal 2 is arguably the best game in the notorious car combat series. Notably, the title improves upon its predecessor by nearly every possible metric. The first Twisted Metal still stands as one of the best launch games for the PlayStation. Additionally, the series is the originator of the vehicular combat subgenre of action games.

The game became one of the best-selling titles in the Twisted Metal series, becoming a PlayStation Greatest Hits title merely 16 months after its release. Notably, Twisted Metal 2 is the last game in the franchise from series creator David Jaffe until Twisted Metal Black for PS2. While working on Twisted Metal Black, Jaffe would begin development on the title that became God of War for PlayStation 2.

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Twisted Metal 2 for PlayStation

Twisted Metal 2 holds the series’ distinction for the best critical reception as well as the fan-favorite cast of characters. At the time of its release, critics praised the game for improving on its predecessor while retaining the core gameplay that fans loved. The title holds rankings on several lists acknowledging the “Best Games of All-Time” as well as representing the pinnacle of the vehicular combat genre before the series took a nose-dive in quality with Twisted Metal 3.

Twisted Metal 2 Premise

Twisted Metal 2 for PlayStation

Twisted Metal 2 is a third or first-person vehicular combat game where players attempt to survive as the last man standing in a demolition derby. Unlike other demolition derbies, the Twisted Metal competition allows combatants to use ballistics such as guns and missiles to take down opponents. Players begin each match on a map representing a location from the real world and proceed to fight until only one car remains. As a result, the game is one of the earliest examples of the Battle Royale genre of action games. 

The game picks up just a year after the events of Twisted Metal, where the Twisted Metal competition has left the city of Los Angeles in ruins. The competition’s mastermind, Calypso, decides that the next round of Twisted Metal will use the globe as its playground, resulting in each level featuring various major cities across the world. Several of the original 12 combatants return, joined by newcomers, bringing the grand total of available characters to 15. 

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As players drive around each map, they pick up weapons and items to use against other combatants. Each player has a unique special move and a health bar that gradually depletes as players take damage. The ultimate goal of each level is to eliminate all competing vehicles while remaining alive, and dying results in a game over. Similar to the first title, Twisted Metal 2 features a competitive multiplayer mode and cooperative mode alongside the single-player story mode. Each character has a unique ending to the story mode that fleshes out their backstory and reasons for entering the Twisted Metal competition.

Twisted Metal 2 Main Characters

Twisted Metal 2 for PlayStation

One of the main draws of the Twisted Metal series is the unique and varied cast of combatants. Some enter the competition to right a past wrong or regain something whereas others are competing for purely selfish reasons. The ending of Twisted Metal is determined by the character the player chooses. As a result of some characters’ motivations, they return in multiple series games. The main characters in Twisted Metal 2 include:

Returning Combatants

  • Roadkill: Roadkill, driven by Marcus in Twisted Metal 2, is a muscle car featuring armor-plating and mounted machine guns. The car makes an appearance in nearly every iteration of the franchise. Roadkill is typically an average vehicle that features a unique special weapon.
  • Hammerhead: Hammerhead also appears in nearly every game in the franchise despite always having a different driver. The signature appearance of Hammerhead is a monster truck. This leads to the vehicle having high armor and one of the best special weapons.
  • Outlaw 2: Outlaw 2 is a returning car of one of the contestants from the original Twisted Metal. The original Outlaw is a police cruiser and returns as a police SUV in the sequel. Similar to other returning characters from the original, Outlaw makes an appearance in almost every Twisted Metal game.
  • Warthog: Warthog, as its name implies, is characteristically slow but with strong armor. Another recurring vehicle throughout the franchise, each iteration of Warthog is slightly varied. While most incarnations appear as a Humvee, some are armor-plated station wagons.
  • Mr. Grimm: Mr. Grimm is one of the few characters that appears in every game in the Twisted Metal series. Mr. Grimm is a fast motorcycle with one of the most powerful special weapons in the game.
  • Thumper: Another character that is featured in mutliple series games, Thumper is a low-rider driven by Bruce Cochrane. Cochrane is a gang member with ambitions toward world domination over neighborhood dominance.
  • Spectre: Spectre is a sports car with one of the fastest top speeds and best handling in Twisted Metal 2. Additionally, its special weapon is a “Ghost Missile” that can seek out opponents through walls. Another recurring Twisted Metal combatant, the driver of Spectre changes in each game.
  • Sweet Tooth: Sweet Tooth is the trademark ice cream truck that serves as the mascot of the Twisted Metal franchise. Driven by the sadistic Needles Kane, Sweet Tooth appears in every game in the series.
  • Minion: Minion is the sub-boss of both Twisted Metal and its sequel. Appearing in nearly every game in the series, the vehicle is often depicted as a tank.

New Combatants

  • Twister: Twister is an IndyCar driven by race car driver Amanda Watts. Watts wishes to enter the Twisted Metal tournament in hopes of becoming the fastest driver alive. The car’s fast speed and powerful special weapon are offset by low armor.
  • Axel: Axel is the character featured on Twisted Metal 2‘s cover art. The victim of a cruel experiment, Axel’s arms are trapped between two monster truck tires. This “hellish contraption” is what Axel enters the tournament to be free of.
  • Mr. Slam: Mr. Slam is a bright yellow construction vehicle that features a strong special weapon and good armor. The driver enters the competition to be granted the ability to build the world’s largest tower.
  • Shadow: Shadow, which makes its first appearance in Twisted Metal 2, is a hearse. It typically features a driver who hopes to get revenge against Calypso.
  • Grasshopper: Grasshopper only appears in two games in the series despite being a reliable vehicle. Making its first appearance in Twisted Metal 2, Grasshopper is a dune buggy with good speed and handling.
  • Dark Tooth: Dark Tooth is the heavily-armored variant of Sweet Tooth and is the final boss of Twisted Metal 2. The vehicle is identical in appearance to Sweet Tooth but features black paint instead of white.

Games in the Twisted Metal Series

Since its beginning in 1995, the Twisted Metal series remains the most notable franchise in the vehicular combat genre. As the originator and best franchise in the vehicular combat genre, Twisted Metal has spawned several sequels and spin-offs. No other franchise that took inspiration from Twisted Metal has had the same success and staying power. To date, games in the Twisted Metal series include:

  • Twisted Metal (1995)
  • Twisted Metal 2 (1996)
  • Twisted Metal III (1998)
  • Twisted Metal 4 (1999)
  • Twisted Metal: Black (2001)
  • Twisted Metal: Small Brawl (2001)
  • Twisted Metal: Head-On (2005)
  • Twisted Metal (2012)

Twisted Metal 2 Cheats and Cheat Codes

Similar to the first title in the series, Twisted Metal 2 features a plethora of in-game cheats. Players will enter each of these cheats during gameplay. Additionally, do not pause the game to enter cheats. The level passwords listed below automatically place the player at the desired level using the applicable contestant.

In-Game Cheats

Drop MineRight, Left, Down
Freeze BurstLeft, Right, Up
High JumpUp, Up, Left
Infinite Weapons + TurboHold L2 + R2, press Up, Down, Left, Right, Right, Left, Down, Up
InvincibilityHold L1 + R1, press Up, Down, Left, Right, Right, Left, Down, Up, release L1 + R1 (code must be entered quickly)
Mega Machine GunHold R2, press Up, Down, Left, Right, Right, Left, Down, Up
Infinite Special WeaponTriangle, L1, Down, Triangle, Up
NapalmRight, Left, Up
Rear AttackLeft, Right, Down
Temporary InvisibilityRight, Down, Left, Up
Temporary ShieldUp, Up, Right
Diable RadarSelect + Left
Rear View MirrorSelect + Right
Select ViewSelect + Up
Health Boost (NOTE: you will lose all your weapons; only works if your advanced attack bar is full)Down, Up, Right, Left, Up, Up, Down, Down
Homing NapalmHighlight Napalm, Hold L2 and press Up, Down, Down, Left, Left, Left, Right, Right
Massive Ram Damage (Axel Only)Select Axel, Hold R1 and press Up, Down, Left, Right, Right, Left, Down, Up
Use Minion’s WeaponHold the Machine Gun Button, press Up, Down, Up, Up
Unlock MinionAt the vehicle select screen press L1, Up, Down, Left
Unlock Sweet ToothAt the vehicle select screen press Up, L1, Triangle, Right

Story Mode Cheats – Level Codes


AmazoniaTriangle, Triangle, Square, Circle, Circle
AntarcticaX, X, Triangle, Square, Triangle, Circle
Dark ToothTriangle, Square, Triangle, Square, Blank, Square
HollandCircle, X, Circle, Triangle, Circle, Circle
Hong KongTriangle, X, Circle, X, X, Circle
MoscowX, Triangle, X, X, Blank, Blank
New YorkBlank, Triangle, Square, Square, X, Blank
ParisCircle, Triangle, Square, Blank, Triangle, Blank


AmazoniaBlank, X, Circle, Circle, Triangle, Circle
AntarcticaSquare, Triangle, Blank, Blank, Blank, Square
Dark ToothX, Blank, X, Square, Square, Blank
HollandTriangle, X, Blank, Blank, Blank, Square
Hong KongX, Triangle, Triangle, Blank, Blank, Triangle
MoscowTriangle, X, Circle, Blank, Blank, Blank
New YorkCircle, Circle, Square, Circle, Square, Circle
ParisX, Triangle, Circle, Square, Square, Circle


AmazoniaTriangle, Blank, Blank, Blank, X, Circle
AntarcticaTriangle, X, Triangle, Circle, X, Square
Dark ToothCircle, Circle, Circle, Blank, Triangle, X
HollandTriangle, Square, Square, X, Square, Blank
Hong KongCircle, Triangle, Circle, Square, Square, Triangle
MoscowBlank, Triangle, X, X, X, Blank
New YorkTriangle, Triangle, X, Triangle, X, X
ParisBlank, X, Triangle, Square, X, Triangle

Mr. Grimm

AmazoniaX, Square, Square, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle
AntarcticaCircle, Triangle, X, Triangle, X, Blank
Dark ToothBlank, Square, Triangle, Circle, Circle, Triange
HollandX, X, Triangle, Blank, Circle, X
Hong KongBlank, X, Circle, Triangle, Square, Square
MoscowTriangle, Triangle, X, X, Circle, Blank
New YorkTriangle, Blank, Blank, Circle, X, Circle
ParisCircle, X, Triangle, Circle, Triangle, X

Mr. Slam

AmazoniaCircle, Triangle, Square, Blank, Square, X
AntarcticaTriangle, Blank, Triangle, Circle, Triangle, Triangle
Dark ToothSquare, Blank, Square, Triangle, Circle, X
HollandBlank, Circle, Blank, Blank, Circle, Blank
Hong KongSquare, Blank, Blank, Triangle, Blank, Triangle
MoscowX, X, Triangle, Square, X, Blank
New YorkTriangle, X, Circle, Square, Blank, Circle
ParisX, Blank, Blank, Circle, X, Square


AmazoniaTriangle, Square, Square, Square, Triangle, Blank
AntarcticaX, Triangle, Circle, X, Triangle, Blank
Dark ToothBlank, Circle, X, Blank, Triangle, Blank
HollandX, Square, Square, Blank, Triangle, Blank
Hong KongBlank, Triangle, X, Square, X, X
MoscowBlank, X, Circle, Blank, Triangle
New YorkCircle, X, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Blank
ParisTriangle, Triangle, X, Circle, Triangle, Blank


AmazoniaX, X, Triangle, Circle, Square, Triangle
AntarcticaBlank, Triangle, Square, X, Circle, Blank
Dark ToothTriangle, Circle, X, Triangle, Square, X
HollandX, Blank, Blank, Triangle, Square
Hong KongTriangle, Square, Square, Triangle, Circle, Triangle
MoscowCircle, X, Triangle, Square, Square, Blank
New YorkCircle, Blank, BLank, X, Blank, X
ParisTriangle, Blank, Triangle, Blank, Blank, Circle


AmazoniaX, Triangle, X, Square, Circle, Triangle
AntarcticaCircle, X, Circle, Circle, X, Circle
Dark ToothCircle, Triangle, Blank, Triangle, Circle, Blank
HollandCircle, Triangle, Square, Triangle, Square
Hong KongCircle, Blank, Triangle, Blank, Square, X
MoscowSquare, Blank, Blank, Triangle, Triangle, Blank
New YorkX, Blank, Blank, X, Circle, Square
ParisX, X, Circle, Blank, Triangle, X


AmazoniaCircle, X, Triangle, Square, Triangle, X
AntarcticaX, Blank, Blank, Blank, Circle, Triangle
Dark ToothX, Circle, Circle, Circle, Blank, Triangle
HollandTriangle, Blank, Square, X, Square
Hong KongX, Triangle, X, Triangle, Circle, Square
MoscowCircle, Triangle, X, X, Triangle, Blank
New YorkBlank, X, Circle, X, X, Triangle
ParisBlank, Triangle, Square, Circle, Circle, X


AmazoniaTriangle, X, Circle, Blank, Square, Blank
AntarcticaTriangle, Triangle, Square, Blank, Blank, Blank
Dark ToothTriangle, Blank, Square, Square, X, Circle
HollandX, Triangle, X, Blank, Square, Triangle
Hong KongTriangle, Blank, Blank, Square, Triangle, Blank
MoscowCircle, Blank, Blank, Triangle, X, Blank
New YorkX, X, Triangle, Triangle, X, Triangle
ParisX, Square, Square, CIrcle, Circle, Triangle


AmazoniaBlank, Triangle, Square, X, Square, Circle
AntarcticaCircle, Blank, Blank, X, Square, Triangle
Dark ToothX, Square, Blank, Square, Triangle, Circle
HollandBlank, X, X, Blank, Blank, Circle
Hong KongX, X, Triangle, X, Square, Blank
MoscowX< Blank, Blank, Triangle, Circle, Blank
New YorkX, Triangle, X, Circle, X, Blank
ParisTriangle, X, Circle, Circle, X, Triangle


AmazoniaCircle, Square, Square, Circle, X, X
AntarcticaBlank, X, Circle, Triangle, Blank, Square
Dark ToothCircle, Square, Blank, Circle, Circle, Square
HollandTriangle, X, Triangle, Square, Blank, X
Hong KongCircle, X, Triangle, Circle, Blank, Circle
MoscowTriangle, Blank, Blank, Triangle, Square, Blank
New YorkX, Square, Square, Blank, X, Circle
ParisTriangle, Square, Square, Square, X, Square

Twisted Metal 2 Cheat FAQs

What’s the password to unlock Sweet Tooth in Twisted Metal 2?
In the Car Selection screen, enter Up, L1, Triangle, Right. You’ll hear the sound of an explosion if entered correctly.

How do you get more lives in Twisted Metal 2?
The “Sell Your Soul” cheat trades weapon inventory for extra lives. Press Down, Up, Right, Left, Up, Up, Down, Down. It empties your weapons but grants extra life.

How do you unlock Dark Tooth in Twisted Metal 2?
Dark Tooth can only be unlocked after beating Story Mode once with any character on any difficulty.

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