ClusterPuck 99



Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Amazing Disc, Wow! (125 points): Complete the ClusterPuck 99 Challenge Mode.
    Legion of Doom (100 points): Defeat and Unlock 49th Street.
    Perfect Puck (75 points): Achieve a Gold Medal on the Target Practice Challenge.
    Brickhouse (75 points): Achieve a Gold Medal on the Goalie Practice Challenge.
    Puck Blocker (75 points): Obtain Shotblocker medal 25 times.
    Pain Train (75 points): Obtain Roughhouser medal 25 times.
    Greasy Egg (75 points): Obtain the Untouchable medal 25 times.
    Fedora Trick (50 points): Score 3 goals in one match.
    Dangerfield (25 points): Disrespect an opponent after a Slam Dunk.
    Extended Puckin' (20 points): Complete a 10 minute match on any level.
    Infraggable (75 points): Win a Minefield match without dying.
    The Doof (5 points): Rack up 10 lifetime Oopsies.
    Scoring Machine (50 points): Rack up 100 lifetime Goals.
    Grim Pucker (50 points): Rack up 500 lifetime Deaths.
    Broad Street Bully (50 points): Rack up 1000 lifetime Checks.
    Puck Hog (75 points): Rack up 1 hour of Hold Time.
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