AiRace Speed

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement:

    Ain't Nobody Got Time For Lap: Finish one lap with nitro and without crashing.
    Air Ace!: Finish every other achievement and become the supreme champion of AiRace Speed!.
    Amazing Job!: Earn 30 achievements.
    Bad Luck: Miss the gold star objective on a less by 0.50 seconds or less.
    Better Safe Than Sorry: Brake for fifteen continuous seconds.
    Break Like A Boss: Get a gold star after using the break for at least one second.
    Bronze Master: Win 12 bronze stars.
    Can't Touch This: Finish one level without touching a wall.
    Captain: Fly for 5 cumulative hours.
    Crash Collector: Crash 500 times.
    Crash Maniac: Crash 1,000 times.
    Crash Proof: Finish 3 laps of the same level without crashing.
    Crush: Restart the same level 30 times.
    Experienced Pilot: Fly for a total of one hour.
    Finger Stuck on Nitro: Finish one 3-lap level with the nitro on without crashing.
    Flight Addict: Fly more than 500 miles (805 kilometers) cumulatively.
    Flight Lover: Fly for more than 100 miles (161 kilometers) cumulatively.
    Flight Maniac: Fly more than 2,000 miles (3,220 kilometers) cumulatively.
    Frigate Bird: Fly 15 seconds with the nitro on without crashing.
    Gold Digger: Win 6 gold stars.
    Gold is Not Enough: Complete a level 5 seconds faster than the gold objective.
    Good Job!: Achieve ten achievements.
    Greedy!: Win 12 gold stars.
    Haphephobia: Finish 5 levels without touching a wall.
    Heart Attack: Have a continous shield warning for 60 seconds.
    Hipster: Fly more than 20 seconds in the wrong direction.
    Immortal: Finish all non-endless levels without crashing.
    Legend: Win every star.
    Marathon: Pass 4 stages of any endless level.
    Miracle: Have your shield at 5% or less before returning it to 100%.
    Nitro Maniac: Finish five different levels with the nitro on without crashing.
    Obsession: Complete the same level ten times.
    Peregrine Falcon: Fly 120 seconds with nitro on without crashing.
    Risky Business: Get a continuous shield warning across 15 seconds.
    Serial Crasher: Crash 100 times.
    Silver Master: Win 15 silver stars.
    So Close...: Crash after completing more than 99% but less than 100% of a level.
    Super Captain: Fly more than 10 cumulative hours.
    The Neverending Story: Pass 12 stages on an endless level.
    Tough: Finish one lap without crashing.
    Ultramarathon: Finish 8 stages of an endless level.
    Unbreakable: Finish 5 non-endless levels without crashing.
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