A World Of Keflings Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for Xbox 360

A World Of Keflings Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for Xbox 360

A World Of Keflings A Kingdom Of Keflings emote

Unlock an achievement in A Kingdom For Keflings to unlock the Kingdom Of Keflings emote.

Cloning Clyde emote

Have a saved game file from Cloning Clyde to unlock the Cloning Clyde emote.

Ilomilo and Raskull houses

Have a saved game file from Ilomilo or Raskull to unlock houses from the corresponding game for your character to build.

Outpost Kaloki X emote

Unlock an achievement in Outpost Kaloki X to unlock the Outpost Kaloki X emote.

Creating magic powder

Take magic gems to the Wizard’s Lair to convert them into magic powder.

Collecting the silkworms

There are a total of three silkworms. The first can be found just to the right, near the start. The second can be found just after you cross the canyon by building the glass bridge. The third silkworm is an end reward for completing the genie’s mission where you must collect 25 glass. Note: To unlock that genie mission, speak to the pirate who wants you to get a metal object from somewhere on the map and bring it back to him.


Successfully complete the Desert Realm, and progress in the Forest Realm until you can build the Glass Trader building (after Level 3). After it is built, insert any resource (stone, wood, cut stone, carved wood, etc.), and it will be converted into glass.

Forest Realm bears

You can find four bears on the far right side, where you must build three bridges to reach a patch of land. Once there, you can find four different bears that can be picked up and moved. You can then arrange the bears in a 2×2 square, with the bears in the following positions:

    Secret Bear: Top-left
    Covert Bear: Top-right
    Enigmatic Bear: Bottom-left
    Discreet Bear: Bottom-right

Once they are all in place, they will turn into a giant bear statue.

Microchips (“It Came From Outer Space” DLC)

Microchips must be placed in the Non-Space Space Station to build the Ubertonic Dynabot (next-to-last blueprint) and get the “Mr. Roboto” achievement. To get them, build a Nebula Panda that converts junk parts into plasma beans. After gaining a large supply of plasma beans, either construct another Nebula Panda or use a Metamorph Carrot on the existing panda to create an Interdimensional Panda. It will convert sulfur crystals into microchips.

Avatar Awards

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding Avatar Award:

    Baby Dragon: Make friends with the baby dragon released from an egg in the Ice Kingdom.
    Winged Hat Of Kefkimo: Talk to the Chief at the great Hall in the Ice Kingdom.

Easy “Go Ahead And Jump” achievement

Go left in the Forest Realm to find a circle of cannons. Press Y to set the tempo to the highest setting, then place a Kefling in any of the cannons to get the “Go Ahead And Jump” achievement.


Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    The Stars At Night (10 points): Helped enhance your world with culture stars.
    I Would Walk 500 Miles (20 points): Visited the Ice Kingdom, the Desert Kingdom, and the Forest Kingdom.
    Reunited (And It Feels So Good) (20 points): Talked to the whole family of builder brothers.
    All You Need Is Doug (5 points): Thawed out poor frozen Doug.
    Smile On Your Brother (10 points): Received Collectibles from a friend. How sweet.
    Go Ahead And Jump (15 points): Watched a kefling bounce through a long series of cannons.
    One Tree Hill (15 points): Adorned your world with 25 unique decorative pieces.
    I Am The City (25 points): Helped out with building 100 buildings.
    Be It Ever So Humble (25 points): Finished the Giant’s Gift. How relaxing.
    Come on, Vogue! (10 points): Expressed yourself with 20 different emotes. Strike a pose.
    Endless Doug (20 points): Got to know Doug pretty well. Does he ever stop talking?
    Help! (I Need Somebody) (25 points): Started 10 buildings the builders finished without you.

The following achievements require the “It Came From Outer Space” bonus downloadable content:

    Mr. Roboto (25 points): Help build the Ubertronic Dynabot.
    Easy Being Green (10 points): Help create a Nuclear Lobster.
    Like a Rock (15 points): Get past the meteor to explore the map.

The following achievements require the “Sugar, Spice And Not So Nice” bonus downloadable content:

    Sticky Business (20 points): Save the Caramel Lake.
    Hunger Hunt (30 points): Help find Augustus and his hidden treats.
    Sweet Dreams (50 points): Help restore Charlie to the Fudge Fortress.

The following achievements require “The Curse Of The Zombiesaurus” bonus downloadable content:

    Field Day (20 points): Help create a Scarecrow.
    It’s Alive (30 points): Help build the Franken-builder.
    Monster Mash (50 points): See the epic confrontation between Zombie-saurus and the Vampire Ape.
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