Agatha Christie: The ABC Murders Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for Xbox One

Agatha Christie: The ABC Murders Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for Xbox One

Agatha Christie: The ABC Murders Bonus mystery

Use your magnifying glass to collect all the lost clues to solve an extra mystery.

Puzzle solutions

The following is a list of all solutions to the puzzles. Note: The order of the puzzles will vary depending on your path through the game.

  • The first answer is “21”
  • The second answer is “second tram”
  • The time of the first murder is “6:05”
  • The route is “A”
  • Mary Drower’s age is “22 years old”
  • The date of the second murder is “25”
  • “Fido”
  • Barnard’s house number is “27”
  • The unscrambled word is “FINGERPRINTS”
  • “10:14”
  • The amount of pie that each brother gets is “25%”
  • Thora’s riddle is “34 notes”
  • “3 dogs”
  • Mary Drower’s second riddle is ” 29″
  • The unscrambled word is “TRADE”
  • There are twelve “5”s
  • The race results are green is first, yellow is second, red is third, white is fourth, blue is fifth
  • The stranger appears at the house at 11:20
  • The unscrambled word is “ARROW”
  • The fourth murder will occur on the 11th
  • The unscrambled word is “STOCKINGS”
  • Cubic feet is “0”
  • Laps is “7”
  • Hours is “25”
  • Bahram is first, Caligula sixth, Fairway is third, Hyperion is fifth, Sandwich is second and Windsor Lad is fourth.
  • Sheep is “17”
  • Unscrambled word is “BLOOD”
  • Cust’s address is “19”
  • Dominoes is 3″73″
  • C) is second then third
  • “Opal, Susan, Alice”
  • “Egg”
  • “35%”
  • “16 bills”
  • “0 passengers”
  • The real murderer is “Clarke”
  • In the Lost Clues case, “Oliver is guilty”.


Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Cupid bow moustache (5 points): Finish the Andover inquiry.
    Kaiser moustache (10 points): Question the main suspect.
    Imperial moustache (25 points): Unmask the murderer.
    Cat’s eye (5 points): Finish an observation.
    Falcon’s eye (10 points): Finish half of the observations.
    Eagle’s eye (25 points): Finish all the observations.
    Neuron (5 points): Answer a little grey cells question.
    Synapse (10 points): Answer half of the little grey cells questions.
    Cortex (25 points): Answer all the little grey cells questions.
    Rustic confessional (5 points): Finish an inquiry.
    Romanic confessional (10 points): Finish half of the inquiries.
    Gothic confessional (25 points): Finish all the inquiries.
    Four-leaf clover (10 points): Tidy up once.
    Snowflake (25 points): Tidy up twice.
    Cesium-133 crystal (50 points): Tidy up three times.
    Small donkey (10 points): Make a mistake.
    Medium donkey (25 points): Make four mistakes.
    Large donkey (100 points): Make eight mistakes.
    Purring pussy (10 points): Make yourself comfortable once.
    Cleaning pussy (200 points): Take care of your moustache.
    Single gear (5 points): Solve a riddle.
    Double gear (10 points): Solve half the riddles.
    Quadruple gear (25 points): Solve all the riddles.
    Newspaper (10 points): Read a newspaper.
    Stone (10 points): Read a newspaper that criticises you.
    Incense burner (10 points): Read the latest newspaper.
    Einstein moustache (5 points): The viewpoint of a sick old lady has as much value as that of a pretty and young girl.
    Fantastical moustache (5 points): Have discussed porcelain with Thora Grey.
    Samurai moustache (5 points): Have opened the secret cupboard of Sir Carmichael’s secretary.
    Gandhi moustache (25 points): Have opted for a non-violent end by choosing blank bullets.
    Sheriff moustache (150 points): Have saved Donbar’s life over the telephone.
    Dali moustache (30 points): Have made Mary Drower cry.
    Black swan (10 points): Have caused Donbar’s heart attack over the telephone.
    Thor’s hammer (5 points): Have successfully completed Thora Grey’s second interrogation
    Telescope (5 points): Have searched the entire Churston manor.
    Black dragon (10 points): Have found all the black dragons in Churston.
    Dragon’s smoke (25 points): Have accused Thora Grey of black magic.
    Secret heart (5 points): Have discovered Thora Grey’s intentions.
    Red cross (5 points): Have helped Lady Cust and A.B. Cust.
    Gold paper knife (5 points): Have successfully compared all the murderer’s letters.

Additionally, there are ten secret achievements:

    Walrus moustache (5 points): Tell Japp about the second crime.
    Pyramidal moustache (5 points): Finish the Bexhill inquiry.
    Marshal moustache (5 points): Prepare to leave for Churston.
    Pencil moustache (5 points): Finish the first inquiry in Churston.
    Curve and swoop moustache (5 points): Assemble all the suspects in Whitehaven.
    Hungarian moustache (5 points): Finish searching the Churston mansion.
    Handlebar moustache (5 points): Prevent the fourth crime.
    Candelabra moustache (5 points): Inquire at the main suspect’s home.
    Nietzsche moustache (5 points): Finish the last meeting.
    Freud moustache (5 points): Interpret Donald’s dream.
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