CoD XP: MW3’s New “Strike Packages”

CoD XP: MW3’s New “Strike Packages”


We’re finally starting to get a little more information about the way that Modern Warfare 3 will look and act online, and the details are impressive.

The improvement that I have been the most excited about is the reworked killstreak rewards system. In Modern Warfare 2 and Black Ops, players only have access to killstreaks if they get several kills in a row without dying. This was an incredible innovation when it was first released, but over time, it’s become an excuse for cheap play and camping.

But the biggest problem with the old killstreak reward system is the way it affects game modes other than Team Deathmatch. In TDM, the system makes perfect sense, but in objective-based game modes the system encourages players to avoid pursuing the objectives, because they might get killed. However, Infinity Ward has developed a pretty brilliant new system.

Now players have the option to customize their player profile based on their style of play or the game mode. For instance, if you’re the type of player who likes to play defense during capture the flag, killstreaks can be an impossibility. But in Modern Warfare 3, killstreaks have been replaced with “Strike Packages.” So, for a defensive player like yourself, you could choose to customize your character with the “Support” strike package. This package gives you rewards for playing defensively (returning the flag, destroying enemy equipment, etc.) instead of simply getting a stream of kills.

However, if you feel more comfortable using the old-school killstreak rewards, you can select the “Assault” strike package. This package works exactly the same as the old system, so you won’t have to stress yourself out by actually trying something new.

The last strike package is called “Specialist.” This works similarly to the “Assault” package, but instead of getting rewards like care packages and predator missiles, players get access to an increasing number of perks, like Scavenger or Quickdraw.

Hopefully this revamp won’t cause any major balance issues, because if it works, objective-based play modes might actually become popular. (Hey, a guy can dream, cant he?)

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By Josh Engen

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