FIFA 13 Wants To Clean Your Potty Mouth

FIFA 13 Wants To Clean Your Potty Mouth


EA Sports has provided more details on how the next edition of its blockbuster FIFA franchise will utilize Kinect.

As detailed in a recently released video on its YouTube channel, EA is really trying to push the idea of making the yearly soccer title as menu-free as possible. The clip demonstrates how gamers will be able to substitute players, change team formations, and, in Be a Pro mode, talk to their A.I. teammates to facilitate better passing, shooting, and overall teamwork.

While that sounds all well and good, it’s the footballer’s new Referee Feedback feature that’s making some sports fans a little wary about using the sensor at all. That’s because FIFA 13 will actually recognize when you curse at the game out of frustration, dishing out minor penalties for your nerd rage.

When the feature was first announced last month, players were initially worried that using naughty words would lead to in-game carding or possible ejections. Now, EA has clarified that no yellow or red cards will be given out for cussing, but the refs may become stricter, and your career mode storylines may be affected if you don’t curb your potty mouth.

How all of this will actually affect FIFA 13’s playability still isn’t entirely clear, but we’ll all be sure to find out when the game hits consoles later this fall.

By Jeff Dunn

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