FIFA 16 Glitches: Score Goals Like Never Before with These Game-Changing Tricks

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FIFA 16 Glitches: Score Goals Like Never Before with These Game-Changing Tricks

Ever played a FIFA game? Even if you haven’t, you’ve probably heard the name before or seen someone else playing the widely successful EA Sports staple. It’s a soccer simulation game, but there’s an art to playing it and a love for the sport it simulates that makes it much more. Whether you’re a soccer fan or not, you can undoubtedly appreciate the franchise being the best-selling sports video game franchise in the world, according to the Guinness Book of World Records. 

FIFA started in 1993 on the Sega Mega Drive and has released an annual game ever since. That means there are 30 FIFA games with different rosters and updates! The most recent release, FIFA 23, which dropped in September of 2022, will be the last game FIFA game as the longtime developer and the FIFA organization couldn’t come to an extension agreement. 


While many of the games are similar, they all have slight changes and little nuances that some players love, and others can’t stand. Either way, many players buy the newest title every year. FIFA 16 was a significant update to the franchise with the addition of female players and teams from multiple leagues. The game’s cover even features its first female. Three different women graced the covers in various regions. Female players aren’t the only thing that made FIFA 16 stand out, though. 

FIFA 16 is available for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC,  Android, and IOS. The game is the first FIFA that isn’t available for a Nintendo console. There are a few updates to the gameplay and graphics, and overall the game recieves positive reviews. As with any new product, issues can sometimes ruin the experience when not addressed. 

Even though FIFA 16 dropped in 2015, the game still has quite a few glitches, hacks, and exploits that have never been patched. Due to the frequency of FIFA releases, it almost seems that the developers decided to wait until the following year to fix these issues and let the current gameplay as it does. The glitches make for odd gameplay and the circulation of many entertaining screenshots and video clips. At the same time, these glitches can make playing FIFA 16 a lot more fun and easy. So if you don’t want to use official cheats here’s how to make it look like you are while playing. 

Getting Open 

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This is the least glitchy of the hacks in this article. It isn’t so much a glitch as an easily exploitable action by the AI defenders. Their reaction and movement seem to be programmed this way in the game, but the result is too good to be true and a trick that is repeatable. This is the first FIFA game where the character with the ball could sprint and dribble. Previously, the character would have to outrun or avoid the defender by running around or away from them. 

This new dribble and run option is part of the game now and should be used to compete with other players and embarrass the AI defenders. There are two versions that do the same thing, but one is a bigger move and, therefore, creates an even bigger gap than the smaller one. 

Small Feint

While sprinting towards the defender, Press L1(PlayStation) or LB (Xbox)and move the Left Stick to the right or left. This will make the character move in that direction, and the defender will follow. As soon as you move the Stick to the left or right, sprint in the opposite direction, and you’ll easily glide past the defender. The opening will give you plenty of time for an open shot or pass. 

Big Feint

While sprinting toward the defender, press L1 and R2 or LB and RT, and then press the Stick to the left or right to lead the defender in that direction. Then, just as before, immediately run in the opposite direction. This will give you a clear lane with space for your next move. Use this dribbling glitch to get clear of incoming defenders quickly every time. 

Crossing Goal

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This glitch begins with a pass and then ends with a goal. It’s not a direct shot on the net, but the result is almost a guaranteed goal every time. This one does take some practice, but it’s worth it, as the resulting goals are exciting and beautiful to watch. It also does eventually get easier to execute regularly. This combo is tough to defend against because it moves the ball across the field very quickly and into the goal even faster. 

You must either have a left-foot dominant player on the right side of the field or vice versa. Take your player up the side of the pitch with the ball. While the character is still pretty far out from the goal(too far to think about taking a shot), look for one of your strikers running up the middle of the field. If there is one there, that’s your target otherwise, Press L1 or LB to send one on a run up the middle. 

While the striker is making a run up the middle, cross the ball with L1 and the  ⃞     button or LB and X. Power up the cross pass to at least 2 bars but more often three bars depending on the distance between your character with the ball and your striker. This will send the ball across the field to the middle, where the striker is running. 

When the ball gets near the sticker, immediately press the shoot button, and he’ll perform a header directly at and, most times, into the net.

Kickoff Shot

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This glitch allows you to take a very accurate and annoying shot immediately from the kickoff at the center of the field. The kickoff shot is an option after a goal or at the beginning of the game. Once the game begins and the whistle blows, pass the ball gently but directly to the other player standing next to you on the center field line. 

Immediately take one step with that player towards the other team’s goal. Then, while holding the Left Stick toward one of the goal posts (diagonal left or right towards the goal). Power up a Power Shot to about three bars and fire at the goal from the right there by the mid-field line. 

This shot will be highly accurate and unexpected by even the AI. Most of the time this shot will go striaght into the net, but when it does’t it will earn a corner kick.

Penalty Kick Trick

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This glitch is more of an exploit. You can almost guarantee a goal every time by combining a few strategic moves and options during a penalty kick. If this one doesn’t go directly in the net, it is because a defender or the goalie had to earn another penalty to stop you. If the latter occurs, repeat this process, and hopefully, it will result in a goal.

Call over two other players when in position for a penalty kick. Do thi by pressing a different button for each player, LT and RB on Xbox and R1 and L2 on PlayStation. The button to press is provided in the instructions on the screen during a penalty kick. 

Once you have three players around the ball, perform a fake kick by holding the Left Trigger while Pressing  B and A on Xbox or O and X on PlayStation. This will send the first kicktaker over the ball and running towards the goal. The defenders will be briefly distracted, but your player will also move into a prime scoring position at a decent speed. 

Then immediately Press Y or △ for a through pass/ball to that player with the next kicktaker. This will send the ball directly in front of your already-running player. They will be open in front of the net and behind the line of defenders, where you can then easily kick the ball in.  

Long Shot 

FIFA 16 ps4 cover shot

This one is a glitch and definitely worth using. It combines a few aspects of the game to create the perfect storm, which equals goals. This glitch allows you to score goals from about 40 meters out. It’s almost 100% accurate, so it’s worth trying every time you’re in range. 

You begin by performing a skill dribbling move usually used to get around or confuse defenders. This is executed by pressing LT and RT on Xbox or L2 and R2 on PlayStation. At the same time, you’ll move the left analog stick. Doing this before shooting from far will gain you great positioning away from the defender and center the ball so it’s lined up for the perfect shot.

Power up your shot to about three bars immediately after performing the skill dribbling, essentially while the shot is powering up to three bars. Then, fire away at the far post by aiming using the left stick. The ball will almost always go into the net even when the character uses their weak foot. The shot is lined up too perfectly, the defenders are dazzled, and the goalie has no clue you will shoot so accurately from so far away. Using the combination of the skill dribbling and power shot, this glitch seems to be a sure way to score from incredibly far out almost every time. 

Prime Timed Shot

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This last hack is the ultimate one for scoring a goal almost every time. It’s an exploit or a glitch in the game with the goalie. Whenever you are near the goal and trying to score, you’ll have to pay attention to the keeper when you first make your attack run to the goal.

The goalie will make a move, usually about three steps forward, and looks like a shuffle. This is the goalie’s way of getting in position to discourage or block a shot from a player on a run at the goal. 

As soon as the keeper reacts this way, take a finesse shot on goal. It will result in the keeper falling over instead of stopping the ball when it passes him. The move he makes looks like the keeper is doing his job and trying to stop the shot, but it’s actually a glitch that will always end up with the same result. 

If you can catch the keeper moving forward and shuffling you’ll be able to score an automatic goal every time with this. Shots that even go directly at the keeper won’t be stopped, as he’ll be too busy falling over to the side when the ball gets near. Even characters who aren’t great strikers or who fire with their weak feet will score when the shot is taken right after the shuffle. 

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