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Grand Theft Auto 5 Competing companies

The following is a list of competing companies in GTA V :

    1. Bilkington competes with DollarPills
    2. Burgershot competes with Up-An-Atom
    3. CoolBeans competes with BeanMachine
    4. eCola competes with Raine
    5. Clucking Bell competes with TacoBomb
    6. FlyUS competes with AirEmu
    7. GoPostal competes with PostOP
    8. MazeBank competes with BankOfLiberty
    9. Pisswasser competes with Logger
    10. RadioLosSantos competes with WorldwideFM
    11. Redwood competes with Debonaire
    12. Slaughter, Slaughter & Slaughter competes with Bullhead

BAWSAQ stock ticker symbols

The following is a list of companies on the BAWSAQ and their stock ticker symbols:

    Alpha Mail
    AMU: Ammu-Nation
    BADR: Badger Wireless
    Bank Of Liberty
    BEAN: Bean Machine
    BIGL: Biglogs
    BLE: Bleeter
    BNCO: Binco
    BSHT: Burger Shot
    CABOX: Candy Box
    CANE: Canyon Entertainment
    CUBEL: Cluckin’ Bell
    ECLA: eCola
    ERIS: Eris
    FLEE: Fleeca
    FRUC: Fruit Computers
    GLBOIL: Globe Oil
    GNIC: Genic
    Gruppe Sechs
    LIBT: Liberty Tree
    LOGR: Logger Beer
    LSNW: Liberty Sports Network
    METV: MeTV
    NXJN: Nx-Jn
    RONO: RON Oil
    Schmidt & Priss
    SHRK: Shark Credit Card
    SPUK: Sprunk
    TIKL: Tinkle Telecom
    UGEN: Eugenics Incorporated
    WHIZ: Whiz Wireless
    WZNT: Weazel Networks
    XGAS: Xero

LCN stock ticker symbols

The following is a list of companies on the LCN and their stock ticker symbols:

    ARK: AnimalArk
    AUG: AuguryInsurance
    BAN: CoolBeans
    BEN: BeanMachine
    BGR: BurgerShot
    BIL: Bilkington
    BOL: BankOfLiberty
    BOM: BobMulét
    BUL: Bullhead
    CLK: CluckinBell
    DEB: Debonaire
    DOP: DollarPills
    ECL: eCola
    EMU: AirEmu
    FLC: Fleeca
    FUS: FlyUS
    GAS: GastroBand
    GCD: GoldCoast
    GOP: GoPostal
    GRU: GruppeSechs
    HAF: Hammerstein&Faust
    HKJ: Hijak
    KRP: Krapea
    LFI: LifeInvader
    LOG: Logger
    MAX: MaxRenda
    MAZ: MazeBank
    MER: Merryweather
    MOR: MorsMutualInsurance
    POP: PostOP
    PRO: ProLaps
    RAI: Raine
    RIM: RichardsMajestic
    RLS: RadioLosSantos
    RWC: Redwood
    SSS: Slaughter, Slaughter & Slaughter
    TBO: TacoBomb
    UNI: VanillaUnicorn
    UPA: Up-n-Atom
    VAG: Vangelico
    WFM: WorldwideFM

Websites list

Open the internet browser on your in-game cell phone, and type one of the following in-game website addresses:

Cell phone numbers

Most cell numbers lead to a busy signal, but occasionally an answering machine or someone will pick up. To enter a cell number, go to “Contacts”, and press A. If you enter phone number cheats from Grand Theft Auto 4 , you will hear a unique tone, including a dog whistle tone.

The following phone numbers lead to an answering machine:


The following phone number has a dial-up sound:


The following phone numbers have a “placed on hold” song:


The following phone numbers have someone pick up and say “Stop prank calling me!”:


The following phone number has someone pick up and hang up:


It seems most numbers entered as 389-555-01xx (replace “xx” with any digits) will get some kind of response.

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