Kingdoms Of Amalur: Reckoning Walkthrough/Strategy Guide/FAQ for PlayStation 3 (PS3)

Kingdoms Of Amalur: Reckoning Walkthrough/Strategy Guide/FAQ for PlayStation 3 (PS3)

Kingdoms Of Amalur: Reckoning Walkthrough/Strategy Guide/FAQ


1) Controls

Xbox 360 Controls
A: Interact, Sprint
B: Evade
X: Primary Weapon
Y: Secondary Weapon
LT: Block
LB: Potions Menu
RT: Skills Menu
RB: Sneak
Left: Use Health Potion
Right: Use Mana Potion
Up: Toggle Friendly Fire
Start: Menu
Back: Map

PS3 Controls
X: Interact, Sprint
Circle: Evade
Square: Primary Weapon
Triangle: Secondary Weapon
L1: Block
L2: Potions Menu
R1: Skills Menu
R2: Sneak
Left: Use Health Potion
Right: Use Mana Potion
Up: Toggle Friendly Fire
Start: Menu
Select: Map

2) Main Quest Walkthrough

2.1) Out of the Darkness

When you first awaken and shake yourself free from the pile of corpses, cross the natural bridge and collect the Disposal Notes on the far table for some background information. On the dead-end left path, you can search a skeleton for randomized loot. Note that all of the loot in this game is randomly generated at the beginning of each dungeon. Now proceed to the path on the right with the objective indicator and collect the Rusty Sword from the skeleton’s body. Now go into your inventory as instructed on-screen and equip it.

Ahead, you’ll see some invading Tuatha attacking helpless gnomes, but you have no power to stop them right now. Proceed to the right and you’ll encounter two rats. Attack them with your sword, and they should die easily enough. Proceed along until you see a man under attack below you. Press the indicated button to jump down and engage the enemies with your sword. They’ll be tougher than rats, but still easy to beat with a few hits. Speak to Encel after the fight, and he’ll give you 3 Minor Healing Potions.

Search the chest in this area, as well as the corpses of the enemies if they dropped anything. Equip any armor you find, then continue through the newly opened door. You arrive at the top of the stairs just in time to see the Well of Souls being destroyed. Looks like your revival was a one-time deal. Wade through the water to the door on your right and pull the lever, opening the gate. Descend into the area below, and a cave-in will prevent you from venturing backward.

Smash the crates in this area. One cluster of crates will be concealing a chest to loot. Loot the weapon rack in the middle of the far wall to get a shield, which you can equip. Two invaders will blow through the wall and attack you, so you can use the shield to defend and counterattack. After the fight, collect the longbow and equip it as your secondary weapon. Take the left path first and break the boxes, then take the opposite path and shoot the archers with your bow.

When the archers are dead, Encel will open the gate to the left, allowing you to pass. Fight the foes ahead by whichever means you choose, then loot the chest on your right. Proceed up the ramp to the top and into the next chamber. Collect the daggers in front of you and break the boxes on the left for another chest. The daggers will come in handy up ahead, as you can go into sneak mode and get a sneak attack on the distracted enemy. You can do the same for one of the archers, too, but the other is sure to notice you when you take out his comrade.

Turn right and open the gate. At the device ahead, cast your newly acquired spell to activate it. There’s also a Spider Memo to read on the table to the right and a chest near it for you to loot before proceeding again. You’ll encounter another chest in the dead end on your left, after which you should continue via the right path, where a spider attacks. Pick up the fire staff just ahead, then equip it and use it to burn through the webs.

In the next area, three spiders will spawn for you to fight. After the battle, loot the nearby egg sac, then use your staff to burn through another web. In the next immediate area, fight two more spiders and search a chest. At the end of the path, you’ll meet up with Claude Ganne, and it will be time for you an Encel to part. Before you go, you can try to persuade Encel to provide additional help in the form of a Minor Healing Potion and Minor Steeled Curtain.

Check the chests for loot pertaining to the three types of armor: heavy armor, light armor, and cloth, which are good for warriors, rogues, and mages respectively. After collecting them, open the door and proceed to the top of the well. Then head around to the right to reach the laboratory, where you can speak with Hugues. He’ll run off to distract the Tuatha while you escape. He also gives you two more Minor Healing Potions.

Head out the door and up to a chamber with two Tuatha, easily killed with sneak attacks, and a chest. At the end of the next corridor, search the corpse by the gate, then open the gate and pass through. Just ahead, you’ll face a group of enemies with a boss: a Rock Troll. Kill the enemies first, then focus on the troll. Fortunately, he’s big and strong but slow and predictable, so you can easily dodge his attacks and follow up with counterattacks. When his health is depleted, approach him and press the indicated button to perform a finishing move. Tap the button that shows up on the screen rapidly to charge the move up, then release it. The troll will drop a Squire’s Ring and a Cloudy Protection Shard when slain, and 35 gold. With him down, you can now escape to Allestar Glade.

2.2) Into the Light

When you first emerge, you will likely have gained a level, so go to your menu to select your new skills and abilities. You can talk to the surviving gnomes, or you can dive into the water and swim around to a hovel inhabited by rats. Kill the rats and search the footlockers, both of which are sealed with very easy locks. Afterward, head back to the main path, but don’t miss the Shrine of Mitharu, which provides a bonus.

Along the path, you will encounter a gnome under attack by a bear. Save him by killing the bear, and you’ll recognize this gnome as Guran. You can persuade him to fork over some gold, but then he will leave. On the opposite side of the path is a group of wolves. Kill them, and you’ll discover a path leading down into Stonecandle Mines. That’s not our destination for now, so carry on.

Your first destination is Gorhart, where you must find a Fateweaver named Agarth. Luckily, he’s just down the road. Talk to him, and more Tuatha will appear and attack. Kill the first group, and when the second wave begins, the game will automatically fill your fate meter to demonstrate Reckoning Mode. Normally, the fate meter is filling by killing enemies with special attacks. You will now be able to enter Reckoning Mode.

Reckoning Mode will make you more powerful in combat, and the screen will turn blue. As you defeat enemies in this mode, they will fall to the ground and the threads of their fate will become unraveled and visible. By using up your fate bar, you can perform a finishing move to defeat all of them and get an EXP bonus. The finishing move will involve a quick-time event. Now speak to Agarth again, and select a destiny.

You’ll be sent to find Arden in Yolvan. Along the way, there’s a Dalentarth Stone to use and a chest to loot on the left. Further on the path, you’ll arrive in the town of Gorhart. Here, you can speak to Father Dynwel to start “Crisis of Faith” and Herc Adwold to start “Building Bridges.” You can stop at the local stores to sell excess gear, or if you visit the blacksmith, you can break it down into parts to use to craft your own gear. Anyway, Gorhart is nice, but it’s not our destination. Onward to Yolvan.

The path through the wood will take you where you need to go, with a minimal number of enemy encounters. You may also encounter quests along the way, especially once you arrive in Yolvan. Keep following the path to the objective marker, and you’ll come upon Arden’s house. When you enter, however, it appears that you’ve arrived too late. Someone from your past warns you that the Tuatha killed Arden because you were coming to see him. Then she leaves and Agarth arrives. After speaking with him, it looks like you have no choice but to visit Dellach. Before exiting the house, check the desk.

Leave the house and follow the path southward, toward your new objective. Follow it south until you near the town of Canneroc, where the road will turn west toward the region of Ettinmere, where your destination lies. A group of spiders will attack you on the path between regions. Once you’re in Ettinmere, continue on the path to the northwest, and eventually you’ll come across an Ettin in the road. These two-headed brutes like to run at you and belly flop to crush you, so be ready to dodge to the side.

At your destination, you’ll see Agarth fighting a group of powerful Ettin mages. Help him out, but don’t get yourself killed in the process. After the fight, talk to him, then follow him into Dellach. After passing through the first door, you’ll descend into a room with an Ettin and his pet wolves. After killing them, take the south path to proceed into another room with a similar enemy setup and an urn in the corner to search. The other path is part of an unrelated sidequest.

At the end of the path, you’ll come to a large, glyph-covered door leading to the Theater of Fate. On the right half of the circular path is another urn, and at the far end, there is a group of kobolds waiting to ambush you. These enemies are bothersome because they have quick melee attacks and can throw their javelins at a range. Further on, you’ll spy a lone kobold, but don’t be fooled; a group of his fellow kobold rogues will ambush you when you draw near. Your reward is an urn in the back of the room. After the fight, exit through the glyph door on the right.

You’ll come to a bridge with a couple more kobolds at the end. These guys aren’t as much of an issue as the room full of kobolds that you’ll come upon next. Loot the area and continue to another chamber. This time, the kobolds are preoccupied with fighting Ettins. You can jump down on the left and kill many of the preoccupied combatants before they start to notice you. Rogues in particular will have the advantage because the fighting enemies may forget their presence if they enter stealth mode, allowing for multiple sneak attacks. Also, don’t miss the urn on the right.

Agarth’s statements grow increasingly cryptic as you pass through the next door. You’ll come across a boss up ahead, an Ettin Warpriest. This powerful Ettin can unleash a magic blast into the ground, hitting everyone around him. He can also swing his axe like a normal weapon, but the animations are difficult to distinguish. This is a good time to enter Reckoning Mode if your fate is full, as it can make this boss dramatically easier. As you proceed, Agarth is astounded by the true extent of your ability to change fate.

There’s nothing of interest in the next room, but the side rooms on the left and right contain chests. After searching these, continue on the westward path. Cut down a paltry group of three kobolds on the way, easily surprised with a rogue’s sneak attack. As you pass through the next door and approach the Theater of Fate, you’ll be ambushed by kobold rogues when you step on the central glyph on the bridge. The pillar ahead looks like a long climb, but the door on the first level actually takes you straight to the top.

When you arrive, a pair of Niskaru will spawn in the center, drawn here by the magic power of the Theater. These enemies resemble the necromorphs of Dead Space, and share the predatorial speed and strength. Fortunately, Agarth can hold one off while you fight the other. Niskaru will consistently interrupt you if you try to charge up a special move, so focus on keeping your combo going. Once the Niskaru are dead, Agarth will tell you to approach the Destiny Stone. Walk into the center of the theater and activate the stone. Afterward, Agarth will talk to you again.

Immediately, a group of Tuatha will attack. Luckily, the woman you met before, Alyn Shir, arrives just in time to help. Kill the horde of Tuatha, who are now armed with spears with which to stab you mid-combo. After the battle, speak with Alyn Shir. She invites you to visit her Fae allies at the House of Ballads, in order to investigate the Codex you acquired. Afterward, Agarth expresses his distrust for her and his desire to investigate the Tuatha attacks, so he invites you to meet with him at the Three Lamps Inn in Didenhil. You can complete these next two quests in any order. Loot the chest on the way out, then use the Erathi Sigil Stone in the next corridor to open a shortcut to the beginning of the area.

2.3) The Hunters Hunted

For either of the next two missions, you will have to journey to Glendara. The most obvious pass is near Shieldring Keep, which you passed on the way to Arden’s Hut. From their, head through the passage to the west, where a group of bandits is likely to attack. The road to the east will take you straight to Didenhil. Take care of any business you need to take care of in town, such as selling or breaking down junk items, then enter the Three Lamps Inn.

Speak to Agarth, who seems to be having trouble paying his tab thanks to your unweaving of fate. He gives you a Band of Ice Shield, and reveals that he has located the Tuatha. Choose either to charge in the front or sneak in the back for the approach. If you’ve developed a rogue-like character, you will obviously have the advantage sneaking in the back, whereas a character built for combat will be best suited to a frontal attack. You’ll have to meet up with Agarth at the Hunter’s Pit.

On the path to the pit, you’ll probably encounter a few barghests, boggarts, and/or bears. Agarth will lead you to the path you picked earlier. It’s too late to switch now, as you will be unable to open the opposite path. Enter the gate ahead, and Agarth will depart to the other entrance to initiate your two-pronged attack.

Frontal Assault

The first guards you see will run back to their base and lure you within range of their archers. Your first priority should be to eliminate these archers, as they will incessantly fire at you while you fight their allies. Once you’ve killed both archers, the main horde will be easier to fight. From the direction you entered from, you can find a chest on the left, behind the archers’ barricades.

The next area has a trio of guards blocking a narrow passageway. This is a simple fight, and you’ll be rewarded with another chest on the left. There is also a pile of rocks by the campfire. The passage will lead to a wooden bridge covered in boxes, with two archers at the far end. Take out the Tuatha archers from afar, or else block their arrows as you break the boxes and then run toward them to finish them in melee.

On the path ahead is a dead end on the right and one Tuatha up ahead, who attacks when you approach. The tunnel ahead splits into two entrances to the same room, but you can drop down on the right into the middle of the arena. There is a small force of Tuatha warriors and archers in the area. Clear them out, then collect the chest behind the crates on the lower level. There’s also a pile of rocks to search in the nook on the left, and another on the upper level. The next level leads to another corridor with a Tuatha squad at the end. Just past

Rear Path

Proceed down the corridor and when you approach the Tuatha Raider ahead, enter sneak mode and attack by surprise, hopefully finishing the battle in an instant. Up ahead is an encampment of three Tuatha. You can sneak past them, or fight them: your choice. Past the rock and the camp is a long tunnel, which will take you to another, larger camp. Alternatively, if you wiped out the first camp, you can jump down from here, but the tunnel path will hold more treasure to compensate for the necessary fighting.

At the next camp down the tunnel, you can likely get a sneak attack on one of the enemies standing around. Don’t try it on the one that’s sitting, though, as it won’t work. When the enemies know you’re here, switch over to active combat and fight them until you’re the last one standing. At this point, you can loot the chest on the right. You can also use the forge on the left, if you so desire.

In the next area, there will be a lone Tuatha guarding a cage with barghests. Sneak up on the guard and kill him, then pull the lever to free the barghests, who will run to attack the next camp. The barghests have become friendly to you now that you’ve saved them, so they will fight the Tuatha alongside you. Slay the Tuatha, then proceed to the open chamber that the barghests visit next.

This is the spot where you could have dropped down at the beginning. Here, there is another cage with barghests to free. They will run to the camp and attack if the enemies are still there. Otherwise, they’ll wait for you to open the next door. Destroy some boxes near the drop point to reveal a chest. Note that if you came this way first, you can use the catwalks above to leap down into the next camp to join your barghest brethren. Return to the camp and pick the Average lock to open the door. If that’s too hard, you might have picked up a prismere lockpick from the Tuatha, which you can expend to instantly open the door.

Shared Path

Just ahead, you’ll join up with Agarth, who is busy fighting the next group of Tuatha, giving you an opportunity to sneak attack one or two of them while they’re busy fighting him. The biggest challenge will be the mage at the gate, but you can simply run around behind him and engage him in melee to break his magical domination of the battlefield. There’s also a chest to loot back by where the mage was. After the fight, Agarth speaks to you.

Destroy the red crystal in the center of the room, and a Tuatha thing appears and talks to you. This thing is Gadflow, and he tries to intimidate you. After the fight, head out through the rear exit. With this quest done, the Tuatha shouldn’t be able to track your movements with the Eyes anymore. Now that this is done, your only remaining lead is Alyn Shir’s questline.

2.4) Old Friends, New Foes

Your destination is the House of Ballads, located in the eastern half of Odarath, to the west of Glendara. You can travel there from Shieldring Keep or the Hunter’s Pit, and both will take roughly the same amount of travel time. Upon arriving, a Fae named Galin will approach and talk to you. After asking whatever you wish, continue past him and enter the House of Accolades to your right.

Talk to Alyn Shir, who is will a Fae named Glianal. She will instruct you to give the Codex of Fate to him, so speak to him and show him the Codex. He is astonished by the contents of Codex and insists that it must be false. Ask Alyn Shir again, and she will insist that you take it to its writer: High King Titarion. It’ll be tough to meet with him, so you’ll need some help from someone or something named Nyralim, located at Caer Nyralim.

Travel there through the Sidhe, a new woodland area with stronger foes. Upon arriving at Caer Nyralim, approach the giant central tree… and speak to it. He ends up sending you on a quest to kill Gnarsh, a corrupted troll matriarch at Haxhi Dam. The best place to travel there from is Sundur Caverns, which you likely passed on the way to Caer Nyralim. Otherwise, you can choose to travel from Carreroc in the Webwood.

As you approach, you will begin to encounter aggressive Rock Trolls guarding the entrance. Defeat any such trolls, then enter the dam. Inside, you will meet Alyn Shir, who joins you. Loot the hidden pile of rocks in the corner on your right. As you approach, another Rock Troll will emerge and attack you. Kill the troll with Alyn Shir’s help, then loot the pile of rocks in the arena before advancing to the position of the next trolls.

Surprisingly, the next group of enemies is a squad of Tuatha. Perhaps this is the cause of the trolls’ corruption. Slay the Tuatha, then follow the winding path ahead to a tunnel with a second Tuatha camp with a pile of rocks by the wall. After fighting these Tuatha, you come upon a mixed group with several Tuatha Raiders and a Rock Troll in the next chamber. Luckily, the enemies will turn away and give you a chance to perform a sneak attack, if you’re a rogue. There another pile of rocks where the troll was standing.

Up ahead is a chamber will another pile of rocks on the far right, and at the end, a group of Tuatha Soldiers with feyblades. They are staring at the wall, so it’s an opportune moment for a sneak attack or two. As soon as they’re alerted, the wall explodes and the Tuatha are joined by a rock troll. The next room will be a repeat of this familiar enemy troop: two Tuatha mages and one Rock Troll. As a reward for your efforts, there are two chests in the nook on the right, one of which is sealed with an Average lock. You can also use the Sagecraft Altar here if you wish.

The tunnel ahead leads to a room with no less than three chests in the corner to the right. One is sealed with a Very Easy lock, and another with an Easy lock. Save before you proceed up the stairs, because Gnarsh awaits ahead. She has been infused with Prismere, making her much more powerful than the trolls you’ve fought until now. In addition to her high health and damage output, she’s also gained attack speed. Whereas most trolls are vulnerable after swinging their clubs, Gnarsh will swing multiple times in succession.

A good defense is to use a potion such as Damage Deflection or Steeled Curtain to reduce the damage you take, while using another potion (depending on your attack element) to improve your own damage. If you’ve been gathering Fate, then this is the time to use your Reckoning Mode. Try to save it for near the end of the fight, so you can perform a special finishing move to end it and gain more experience. After the fight, talk to Alyn Shir, then leave through the cave’s rear exit and return to Caer Nyralim.

2.5) The Coming Storm

Speak to Nyralim, and he will reveal that you have changed the fate of Dalentarth. With a modicum of persuasion, you can ask Nyralim for his aid. If successful, he will confer upon you Nyralim’s Grace. He then sends you to the Sidhe with his blessing. Venture to the indicated location in the Sidhe, and the Gardens of Ysa will open to you. As you enter, Chancellor Erawn will speak to you, and you will automatically assume a new quest.

From the entrance of Ysa, proceed to the Font, and from there into the Court of Summer. Place the Codex on the the pedestal in front of High King Titarion. After reading a cryptic prophecy, Titarion will speak to you normally, and implore you to change the fate of the world. He asks that you speak with your allies. This means you must return to Agarth and Alyn Shir once again. Luckily, both of them are already present here in the Summer Court. Also, this quest earns you the Twist of Fate, Unwritten One.

2.6) An Old Friend

Agarth’s plan is to find Hugues, and he knows who can locate the old gnome. You’ll have to speak with a Templar named Octienne, whom you can find in the Hollowlands. Your journey there will take you out of Dalentarth and into Detyre. Here, the landscape is no abundant forest, but an arid desert landcape, with new theme music. The old tunes were starting to become repetitive, after all.

When you reach Overlook Camp, speak to the Templar, whose stature may not match your initial expectations. Ask him about Hugues, his patron. He suspects that Hugues is in an old laboratory in Saltwell Mines. Meanwhile, Octienne will be waiting for you back in Adessa. The mines are just south of this location, close enough for you to walk there from here.

Enter the caverns, where you will engage a group of skeletal enemies called the Faer Gorta. After the fight, loot the two Hard-locked chests in opposite corners of the room, then advance through the next corridor. In the area ahead, check the quest objective: the corpse of a gnome. Collecting the key and notes on his body will awaken the Sons of Laz. These are basically zombies, who are slow but deal out heavy damage with their greatswords. Kill them, then use your newly acquired key to open the door ahead.

In the room ahead, more Sons of Laz will run in and attack you. Dispatch them, then check the Average locked chest by the table. As you exit the room, look out for a tripwire trap. Disarm it if you can, or else trigger it from safety. Entering the next room triggers a wave of Faer Gorta to attack. Search the chest her, then continue to a corridor with a side room full of bodies. You can bypass this room, or you can pull the lever to activate the incinerator before entering, causing the Sons of Laz to be lit on fire as they approach you. Either way, there’s no treasure to be had in the incinerator room.

After passing the incinerator room, you’ll come to a chamber full of the Sons of Laz, who instantly become alerted to your presence, giving you no choice but to fight head on. Once these undead abominations are slain, you can search the room. Over by the bed, there is an Average locked chest. A gnome corpse by the opposite table holds an important key. After collecting these, open the door out of this room.

Use the supply key you just picked up to open the chest by the left path, which also leads to another optional room. This time, if you kill the Faer Gorta in this side room, there’s a chest at the far end of the room to reward you. Now return to the main path, which takes you to Hugues’ chamber. Talk to him, and he’ll hear someone coming. Shortly afterward, you’ll be attacked by White Palm Assassins. They will come in two waves in succession. After the fight, speak to Hugues.

Hugues has been betrayed by Octienne, and he needs you to contact Templar Jorielle to get her to help him uncover the location of Ventrinio’s lab from Octienne. On your way out, search the room. Check the chest next to Hugues, then go around behind the scaffold to reach a chest. Once that’s done, take the ramp leading back to the beginning of the area and jump down. Three distracted White Palm Assassins and Marksmen are checking the bodies up ahead, making themselves vulnerable to a sneak attack. Kill thme and exit to the Hollowlands.

2.7) The Great General

Speak to Alyn Shir at the Summer Court. She intends to get General Tilera on your side and to gather an army. She wants you to meet with her in Emaire, and promises to fully inform you when you arrive. Emaire is in the Plains of Erathell region. Head to the Forsaken Plain, far to the northeast of the Sidhe. When you arrive, enter the Blue Bear Inn and speak to Alyn Shir.

You’ll have to venture to the Cradle of Summer, at Urul-Tusk. She is looking for a way to turn the tide of the war, and though Fate has decided that she will fail, that’s no obstacle to a fateless one such as yourself. Upon arriving at Urul-Tusk, speak to the general at the campfire. Take her chime and use it on the marked Windstone nearby. This will trigger a Niskaru to attack you, an enemy you may recognize from an earlier mission. Rout this savage monster, then return to Tilera.

Annoyingly, the remaining Windstones are scattered all across the Plains of Erathell. One is just outside the Cradle of Summer in the western half of the Forsaken Plain. The second lies in Galafor, the third in Tala-Rane, and the fourth in Kandrian. With each stone you activate, a wave of enemies will spawn and attack you. Other than crossing these long distances, presumably on foot, and fighting any enemies that spawn on your path, the mission is fairly straightforward. When all the stones are activated, return to Urul-Tusk.

With the gate to Urul-Tusk opened, enter alongside the general. Proceed across the bridge until you encounter a group of Niskaru. After killing them, take a right and destroy the urns on the ledge to reveal a chest with an Easy lock (and a pile of rocks to search nearby). Follow the path ahead into the temple corridor. When it opens up to a chamber, turn left first to collect another Easy chest, then proceed down the stairs on the opposite path. Kill the Niskaru down here (possibly with stealth), then collect the Very Easy chest by the balcony.

The next corridor contains a runed door to open, leading into a chamber where a single Niskaru will attack you. Loot the chest in the center of the room before proceed down the hall from which the Niskaru originated. After heading up in the first chamber, which is empty, you’ll encounter a group of giant rats in the tunnel ahead. A second group of the critters lies on the path ahead, but you can sneak up on them and kill them with backstab attacks this time. This corridor leads to a chamber with an Average and a Hard chest, and a gate just ahead to be opened by pulling the Erathi Sigil Stone.

From this balcony, leap down and kill the Niskaru, then loot the chest near where you landed. Through the doorway ahead, enter the final chamber, where the Piercing Light awaits. The general will attempt to remove it from the stone, triggering a large Niskaru attack. You must protect Tilera while she draws the spear. If you have Fate to spare, don’t use it yet. Wait until after the second wave, when the boss fight with Azaghaal starts.

Azaghaal is not your ordinary Niskaru. He can breath balls of fire and torrents of frost, and at a medium distance, he can either charge at you or stretch his arm to grab you. If you get too close, he’ll swipe you with his tail. When breathing fire, he tends to shoot two fireballs, then charge at you, so plan to evade accordingly. Notably, he resists poison damage but is weak to frost. Take advantage of this weakness, in addition to any Fate you have accrued, to defeat him.

Just as you succeed, Tilera will claim the spear. Once the Piercing Light is in her hands, you will be able to reclaim Mel Senshir. To get there, you’ll need to go to Rathir first to procure a ship. Naturally, nothing can be as simple as one would hope. However, with the Piercing Light, the first hurdle on this journey has been cleared. Plus, Tilera promises to confer the spear to you once her fight is over. Before you leave, don’t forget to loot the two chests on the floor glyphs in this chamber.

2.8) Enemies in High Places

Now back to Agarth’s quest, though you can feel free to skip to “Breaking the Siege” and come back to this mission later. From the Saltwell Caverns, you must head east through Menetyre to reach Apotyre, where the entrance to Adessa is. Adessa is the home city of the gnomes. Cenner Bruge will speak to you as you enter and ask you to answer some questions so that you can be “sorted out.” When you reveal your origins, he will apologize for the nonsense to which he has subjected you and let you in. He even permits you to stay at Sandstone Villa, though from his rambling it sounds like there are strings attached.

Head straight to the Domus Politica, where Bruge said he was from. Head up to the top level to meet Templar Jorielle, a gnome woman with an interesting hairdo. To your chagrin, she will refuse to aid you until Octienne confesses, so you’ll have no choice but to go to the Livrarium to question him. On your way out, you’ll hear a completely different response from Jorielle’s aide. Though she cannot officially help you, she can assist you through unofficial channels. You still need to get Octienne to confess somehow, though.

The Livrarium is down in the Isles area of the city. Head there and speak to Octienne, who already knows that you know about his plans, and is frustrated that you evaded his assassins. After you question him, he will blast you with fire and escape while you fight off his guards. Pursue him up the stairs to the scaffolding, where he waits to fight you.

Octienne will be waiting outside, ready to fight you. He will charge up his magic for a spell, then shoot an ice block at you. He will repeat this attack pattern, teleporting around between attacks. Meanwhile, as you battle him, his assassins will be shooting at you from the sidelines, so you’ll need some kind of ranged weapon to dispatch them. Pursue him and keep attacking until he passes the first platform with crates.

Here, the crates will burst open and the White Palm Assassins inside will attack. Octienne will put up an impassable barrier and shoot magic bolts at you while you fight his lackeys. When they’re dead, the chase will continue. This cycle repeats as the fight continues and he progresses across the scaffolding. At the end, he’ll have nowhere left to run, and he’ll stand and fight you. Once his health empties and he goes down, approach him and press the indicated buttons to finish him.

Head over to the smashed window and jump down. Jorielle is waiting to meet you. Octienne’s actions against you are an admission of guilt in her opinion, and she will have him brought to justice. She advises you to go to Hugues, who salvaged some of Octienne’s work from the fire. He happens to have recover Octienne’s diary, which contains Ventrinio’s location. For this quest, you will earn the Twist of Fate, Unraveller.

2.9) Breaking the Siege

Travel to Rathir is from the nearest location you passed while activating the various Windstones for the previous quest in this line. Upon arriving, you’ll be treated to a scene overlooking the city. Immediately upon entering, Tilera gives you some bad news. She can’t get any troops to accompany her to Mel Shenshir. To help her, you’ll need to get Elund Carth to help, and he is quite stubborn. He can be found in the Upper City.

Agarth is already trying to reason with him, and failing. You can try to persuade Carth, but it’s not necessary. If you fail, he will at least allow the refugee soldiers to accompany you. Either way, head down to the docks in the Lower City and prepare to board. When you’re ready, speak with the captain to begin the mission. Your departure is accompanied by a cutscene, which have been rare since the beginning of the game.

Talk to Commander Owaiglyn when you arrive, and he’ll go over the battle plan, then tell you to return to him when you’re ready to go into battle. If you’re ready right now, you can immediately speak to him again and tell him so to begin immediately. Another cutscene will play, and then it will be time to execute the plan. She will go one way and you another, with your goal being to catch Malwyn at the outer wall and kill her, causing the Tuatha to lose control of the Balor.

As you enter the doorway ahead, a few knights will join you. With their help, slay the few Tuatha Raiders ahead and continue inside. At the stairs, another pair of Tuatha will attack. When you ascend and come to the gate, there will luckily be a single guard on the other side to open it for you. As you enter, search the chest on your right. When you approach the center two magic-wielding Tuatha Priests will attack. At the opposite side of the room is a Very Easy locked chest to collect after the fight. Another lies hidden behind crates in the corner by the gate.

Once you pass the gate, the guards will stay behind. The room ahead is filled with pendulum traps. As you cross each metal groove, make sure no pendelums are coming, then roll across in case one springs out in response to your passing. Before the first ramp up, also be aware than blade traps will come out of the grooves on the floor to the left and right. On the way up, be equally wary of the traps on either wall that shoot blades out of tall vertical grooves. At the top, a brief scene will show the Tuatha throwing up ladders to scale the wall.

Kill the Tuatha that have already reached this point, then attack their ladders to knock them down and stop additional Tuatha from spawning. Alyn Shir will speak to you and tell you to hurry along while she holds the Tuatha back. Immediately afterward, Scout Edoel Brelt will speak to you. He wants you to save the hostages taken by the Tuatha. Stealth is required to accomplish this.

Head down into the tunnels and loot the two chests on the right. Take the right path and backstab the Tuatha ahead. At the far end, wait for the guard to the next guard to turn his back, then backstab him as well. Once the Tuatha notice you, take them out with the guards’ help. With the hostage situation averted and some new allies at your side, proceed through the gate. At the top, kill the Tuatha and knock down the ladders as you did in the previous area.

The next room holds many chests. The one in the rubble on your right is trapped with an Easy ward. Three of the other chests in this room are unprotected, while the one in the far corner has a mere Easy lock. There is also a forge here, if you have need to break down equipment or forge it anew. Take the door from this room to the ramparts. Tuatha Priests and Soldiers are fighting your knights outside, so engage them and kill them. The knights will stay behind while you go on ahead.

You’ll arrive to find Tilera fighting Malwyn, who promptly summons his giant Balor. The Balor will rage on the battlefield below while you fight Malwyn and his men. Take out these weak enemies first to make it easier to focus on Malwyn. He resists your attacks while employing both deadly magical blasts and combos with his sword. His magic includes a blast of tornadoes that chase you across the battle arena. His strikes will come either as a combo of rushing slashes or as a charged heavy attack that seems to home in on you.

After he takes a certain amount of damage, he well teleport up to a tower of rubble. Shortly afterward, the Balor will come over and attack you with a powerful eye beam that can kill you if you get trapped in the blast. The blast is nigh impossible to evade, so block it instead. This pattern will repeat throughout the battle. When Malwyn dies, the Tuatha will lose control of the Balor, triggering a scene in which she uses the Piercing Light.

After the scene, loot Malwyn’s body, then pursue the Balor via the battlements. Agarth arrives to help you fight a Tuatha Sorcerer and charges you with stopping the Balor, then departs. Proceed to the next room and kill the Tuatha Raiders on the ground and the archers on the stairs, then search the chest on the right before heading up. On the next level, kill the Tuatha Soldiers aiding the Balor as you proceed.

Help another group of knights fight another few Tuatha in the following chamber. On the level above, you will fight two Tuatha Soldiers, easily dispatched, and a Prismere Troll, on the same caliber of the previous boss, Gnarsh. The troll will follow the same attack patterns as Gnarsh, so fight him like you’ve been fighting the Rock Trolls you’ve encountered thus far. If you didn’t need to use your Fate in the fight with Malwyn, this is a good time to use it. Don’t miss the chest on your right before you head out the gate.

In the next area, the Balor is sweeping across the ground with its eye beam. To pass, wait for the beam to swing to the far side, then run to the standing stone in the middle, which will block the beam. Wait for a chance to run to the chest behind you, then return to the stone cover and wait for the beam to pass before running to the far end and through the doorway, where the beam won’t reach.

The next room contains two Tuatha Zealots to kill, and you’ll be barred from passing through the next gate until they’re dead. The Tuatha Priest in the next room seems like a simple fight, until he summons a Niskaru Tyrant to back him up. Kill the Priest first to put a rest to his magical projectiles, then focus on the Niskaru. The Tyrant’s weakness is ice, but it resists fire. While exploiting that weakness, watch out for the Tyrant’s tail swipes, fireballs, and charge attacks, as you did in your last fight with an enemy like this, and you should be able to bring it down.

Head out to the ramparts to engage the Balor. The Balor will swipe across the battlefield with its grotesque claws, and every now and then, it will sweep the stage with its eye beam. You can damage it with ranged weapons right now, but the key to inflicting heavy harm is to wait for it to swing down its claw and stick it in the ground. Attack the claw now, and the Balor will fall, allowing you to attack its face for far greater damage.

When the beast’s health empties, it will become vulnerable to a Reckoning finishing move. Press the indicated buttons to dodge the second strike, impale the second claw, and finally throw a spear through the Balor’s face. Speak to Commander Owaiglyn, who is ecstatic that you basically won his battle singlehandedly. Tilera’s new fate has earned her great honor as well. As for you, the reward is gold and a random weapon. More importantly, you receive the Twist of Fate, Siegebreaker

2.10) Silence Falls

Exit Mel Senshir to the Cursewood region beyond, and speak with the Fae Cydan. He wishes to aid you, and will meet you at Foes’ Hearth, at the junction between the Cursewood and the Midden. As you near this point, Bisarane of the House of Sorrows, an ally of Cydan, who seeks you to aid his faction. You may do so, but this is not part of the current mission. Upon arriving at Foes’ Hearth, enter to meet Cydan himself.

Cydan wants you to destroy three Prismere Chantries, curbing Gadflow’s influence. One is in the northeast Keening, and the other two are in the northwest and southeast corners of the Drowned Forest. When this is done, you will be able to venture to the game’s final region, Alabastra. Walk to each location, approaching any locations you pass to mark them on your map and ease fast travel later.

Upon arriving at the first Chantry, the image of Gadflow will command his Tuatha followers to attack you. Kill them, and Gadflow will taunt you before disappearing. Destroy all three red crystals surrounding this place and move on. Repeat the same process at the second location you find. Destroy the third location and its protectors, and Gadflow’s final insults will flow forth. With all three Chantries destroyed, return to Cydan at Foes’ Hearth.

Cydan will praise your accomplishments. The Tuatha have lost contact with their leader, Gadflow, and have thus been driven back to Alabastra to regroup. Cydan will at last take you to Ventrinio, whose aid is needed to pass the defenses you will face. You will receive Cydan’s Faebaldes and gold for your trouble on this mission. Cydan will tell you to head to the Caeled coast, under the shadowed tree. With this, the quest is complete.

2.11) Echoes of the Past

Head to your last waypoint in the Drowned Forest, and walk from there to the Caeled Coast region. When you arrive, Alyn Shir will be waiting. As soon as you’re ready to go, she can take you to find Ventrinio. You must go through the shadow portal before you to reach the island where Ventrinio’s keep is located. When you pass Alyn Shir on the other side, she will set off with you.

Soon on your path, you will be attacked by a group of the undead Sons of Laz. They will be fairly easy foes at this point in the game, so dispatch them and loot them. Before entering the gate ahead, you can head down the dead end nearby and kill the Sons of Laz there in order to loot a corpse that they are guarding. When you approach Dannestar Tower, Alyn Shir will disable the ward so that you may enter.

Kill a small group of Sons of Laz at the top of the first set of stairs before advancing up the stairwell on your right. When you head up the ramp, a couple of Faer Gorta in cages will free themselves and attack you and Alyn Shir. Continue past them after the fight, and Alyn will speak to you. She will ask you to go ahead to get Ventrinio while she guards this pass. It’s not as if you have a choice, so carry on.

Loot the chest on your left. Then, if you want to fight the Faer Gorta in the cage ahead, free him by pulling the adjacent lever. The next hallway contains another Faer Gorta who will get free quite on his own and attack you. On the next level, wipe out the group of Sons of Laz, then search the chest by the table and the Easy locked chest in the opposite corner. Reading the document in the room will explain how the Sons of Laz came to be.

Up the stairs, kill the lone Laz overlooking the level, possibly with a sneak attack. Another group of the Laz awaits at the end of this bridge, where a door leads into the inner area. Pulling the lever at the end of the corridor will incinerate the body before you; pull it if you will, then move on up the stairs. At the top, you will be beset by the Faer Gorta and the Sons of Laz alike. Behind the wall on your right is a Very Hard locked chest: a good use for a Prismere lockpick. Before you leave, you can kill the poor Faer Gorta trapped in a cage in the room, if you so choose.

Up another flight of stairs, the next group of Faer Gorta is accompanied by a trio of deadly Ancient Leanashes. These beasts attack with great speed and can blast toxic bolts at a distance. Interrupt their attacks, before they can interrupt yours. Eliminate the Faer Gorta early on, and fighting the Leanashes will be significantly easier. Eliminate the Leanashes one at a time to progressively reduce the damage you take during the fight. There are no chests here, so advance through the gate ahead.

You’ll pass another incinerator will a lever to burn a body. Now hurry up to the room above you, where a free chest waits for you to loot. Two more chests can be found on the left and right walls, one of which is locked with a Hard lock. Just ahead, you’ll finally encounter Ventrinio, your former master. Have a talk with your former friend, and he’ll ask for your help fighting off the Laz (and the Faer Gorta) that have just appeared to attack this position.

At first, a group of enemies will invade from across the bridge you came from, but in time, they will pour in from all directions, and you’ll be grateful for Ventrinio’s help in fighting them off with his magic. The enemies include all those that you’ve seen in this tower thus far: Sons of Laz, Faer Gorta, and Ancient Leanashes. After a wave or two, Ventrinio will declare that the two of you are perfectly safe… just as the Well crashes down around you.

You will end up outside with Alyn Shir and Ventrinio. Speak to him further now, and importune him to aid you in reaching Alabastra. He’ll give you golds and a Soul Lens. He also reveals that he knows the secret to getting in. However, he’ll have to recover it from the destroyed tower, and when he does, he will meet you at the Field of Huber, where his secret will allow you to approach Dre. He makes a big point of not approaching Dren until he gets there.

2.12) Pride Before a Fall

Take the Shadow Walk to get back to the mainland and head out from there, unless there’s a closer point to the destination for you to fast travel from. Along the path, you will meet up with Agarth, just in time for the guard Mym Cid to come running for help. Dren killed her entire squad, and apparently he isn’t even a Tuatha. The only way past this guy is with Ventrinio’s secret.

Ventrinio arrives with Alyn Shir, and he has what you need. As it turns out, Dren’s twin sister in the Summer Court was immune to his power. Ventrinio has locked the essence of her soul in an item, and with it, you will be immune to Dren’s lethal powers, making it a fair fight between the two of you. You will receive the Essence of Valor, the key to defeating Dren. With this in hand, venture onward to the circle where Dren awaits.

With a high persuasion score, you can convince Dren that you mean no harm. Otherwise, he will pick a fight with you. Of course, this serves little purpose, as you cannot damage him, nor can he damage you. He will stop the fight when he realizes that neither of you can win. With some convincing, you can get him to fight fairly. Again you have a chance for persuasion where you can trick him into letting down his guard for an easy kill. Otherwise, you must now fight Dren for real.

Dren prefers to attack with a sword combo and rushing sword attacks, but he has equal access to powers of magic. When weakened, he will throw down a rune and teleport away. Do not step on this rune, or it will trigger an explosion. Finally, he can thrust his sword into the ground to emit a shockwave in all directions. The only way to avoid this is to block. Slay Dren, and he will fall with an anti-climactic collapse to the ground, with no finishing move or anything. Don’t neglect to search him after the fact.

Agarth will speak to you, and you must now liberate the House of Pride from the Tuatha so that they can help you open the gate to Alabastra. Three Allied Soldiers will accompany you in, so don’t mistake them for enemies when you enter. The first group you come across consists of two Tuatha Zealots and one Overlord. Kill the powerful Overlord first, and your allies will deal with the Zealots. Exit through the gate on the far side of the room.

Up next, you will encounter a couple more Tuatha, which your allies should defeat easily enough. Continue through the large chamber to fight three Tuatha Priests on the stairs. At the top is a combined force of Tuatha Zealots, an Overlord, and a Bolgan Brute, though you can sneak up on one for a backstab if you’re quick. The Bolgan’s most notable skill is their ability to block. When they do so, you can either wait for them to attack or roll behind them. Two chests lie ahead, one of which requires an Average dispel check.

Take the stairs on either side, then proceed to the end of the room and take the stairs there. When you enter an empty room, follow your men and turn right. Up ahead, you will encounter the still-pure Knave of Pride, one of few untainted members of the House. He asks you to destroy Witch-Knight Myrna and the Prismere Chantry. How fortunate that this witch-knight is through the doors just ahead.

Myrna will be aided by Faer Gorta Sentinels during the fight, but that’s only fair, considering that you have numerous allies to fight alongside you as well. Myrna can blink across the battlefield to avoid harm while employing ice bolts and energy blasts, though because of the frequent attacks by your allies, Myrna is likely to have trouble getting these spells off without being interrupted. This is as good a time as any for Reckoning Mode, but you can finish Myrna without a special unraveling move, and loot the body afterward.

After that fight, search the chest against the wall, then head into the long corridor to the north to collect on echest. Then there’s one last thing to do. Head into the hall marked on your map and destroy the two crystals powering it. After that last fight, the two Tuatha Soldiers guarding it are hardly a significant concern. Afterward, Gadflow will speak to you, belittling your accomplishments thus far. On the bright side, the House of Pride is now under your control, and Gadflow seems more than a little agitated.

Head out and speak to the Knave of Pride. He will renounce the Tuatha and “demand” that you accept the House’s surrender and assistance in besieging Alabastra. You will receive the Twist of Fate, Unstopppable Force, as your reward. You can also now exit through the gate here and head into Alabastra proper.

2.13) Taking Vengeance

Speak to Alyn Shir at your team’s camp ahead. She’s formulating a plan to take the fight to the Tuatha. As per her instruction, you must meet her at the House of Vengeance. This journey will take you all the way across the land of Alabastra; no shortcuts this time around. Along the way, Ventrinio will stop you and warn you about what’s waiting in Alabastra, and what killed you the first time around.

When you reach the meeting location, you will find Cydan battling Tuatha and a Prismere Troll. After the fight, he suggests speaking to the scouts on the ridge, though you can advance the quest at any time by speaking to Agarth and telling him that you are ready. It seems Alyn Shir has fallen behind, but you can’t be concerned with that right now. Your allies are advancing, and you must join the assault.

Another Prismere Troll may spawn when you advance. If the previous battle drew out the Tuatha, you may not face any more enemies until you reach the stairs to the gate. Dispatch these Tuatha with the aid of your numerous powerful companions, then wait for them to enter the House of Vengeance, unlocking it and allowing you to enter as well, though one must wonder how they unlocked it.

In the first chamber, stop to search a pile of rocks in the far right corner, then continue following your companions. The next chamber is filled with Tuatha Soldiers and Priests to match your small army in battle. Take out the Priests while your companions worry about the others. After the fight, continue pursuing your allies as they use their superhuman senses of direction to find the most direct route to your objective.

A disturbing voice calls out to you as you approach the circle on the next level, and Tuatha Zealots attack you from all angles. Remove these obstacles from your path and continue into the room above, then take a left to a hall with more Tuatha Soldiers to bar your progress, with a Tuatha Priest among them. The Priest, as usual, is your priority target. A large troop of Tuatha of various classes are awaiting your arrival here. After fighting the Tuatha, proceed the next assembly area. Here you will encounter the Cur of Vengeance.

The Cur focuses on melee attacks, combos, and charge attacks, much like Dren. Whenever he takes damage and teleports away, however, he will also summon a Niskaru to attack you. He also has Tuatha Zealots joining the fight as well. I recommend killing these weaker foes first so they don’t hit you while you’re focused on the Cur. Your allies will even the odds somewhat, and with luck, you should be able to fell the foul cur.

The mission isn’t over yet, however. You must journey to Bhaile and face Gadflow himself. First, speak to Alyn Shir, then enter Bhaile. There is a little exploring to do in this area, but ultimately, your goal is the Court of Winter, the seat of Gadflow’s power. After crossing Bhaile, you will confront the mad king in person for the first time.

Gadflow will use a spell to duplicate himself when the battle starts, making it difficult to tell which is the real one. Alyn Shir, however, will target the real Gadflow. When threatened, Gadflow will set trap seals on the floor to impede you and attack from range with fireballs. If Gadflow’s clones are hitting you, you may need to wipe out the fakes to isolate the original. Obviously, if there was any time to use Reckoning Mode, it’s now. With Alyn Shir’s help, you should defeat Gadflow. But that couldn’t possibly be the end of the Tuatha…

2.14) Reckoning

On Alyn Shir’s instruction, you must head west to Amethyn. When you arrive, you will fight the Splinter of Fate, which is really a replica of yourself. Loot the chest in the area after the battle, then collect the one north of here before engaging the second Splinter of Fate ahead. There’s a chest to dispel, then another chamber with Splinters of Fate to fight.

Follow the path that has been set out for you, and you should next encounter two Splinters of Fate simultaneously. That doesn’t exactly seem fair, does it? Considering that one of these guys would logically be your equal… Anyway, kill these impostors and loot the two chests they were guarding. To the north is a final chest, and just past here, the throne room. After a cutscene, you will face the final boss.

It’s not much of a spoiler to reveal that the last boss is Tirnoch, the goddess worshipped by the Tuatha. When the battle starts, she will create numerous Splinters of Fate to fight you. Kill the Splinters until your Reckoning bar fills; using Reckoning Mode is the only way to make Tirnoch vulnerable to damage. When Reckoning is used, Tirnoch will fall down in front of you, and you will be able to damage her.

With each fourth of her health that Tirnoch loses, she will instigate a change of scenery and move you and herself to a new island. The number of Splinters of Fate will also increase by one with each scene change. Focus on killing the Splinters first, so that you can focus on dodging Tirnoch’s attacks. If you have any Fate-restoring potions, they can quicken this battle considerably. When Tirnoch’s health is finally depleted, approach her for the final finishing move of the main quest.

After defeating Tirnoch, you will receive the Twist of Fate, Destiny Defiant. You will also unlock Primordia, a sort of bonus dungeon in High Fulgen that only becomes available once Tirnoch is slain. You have rewritten Fate and saved the world of Amalur, so try joining one of the game’s six primary factions: the Warsworn, the House of Ballads, the Travelers, the Scholia Arcana, the House of Sorrows, and the House of Valor. You can tell if a quest is part of a faction questline if a faction’s banner appears in the quest giver’s dialogue window.

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