Namco Museum Classics Volume 3 Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes for PlayStation (PSX)

Namco Museum Classics Volume 3 Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes for PlayStation (PSX)

Namco Museum Classics Volume 3 Turbo mode (Galaxian)

During demonstration mode, press Select(32) to add to the “Credits” total in the bottom right corner of the screen. Now the number “32” should be displayed at this time. Hold Select and press Start to begin the game in turbo mode.

Hard difficulty level (Galaxian)

Beat level 9. Then during the next demonstration mode, press Triangle. Then on the options screen, a “Rank” selection will now be available. Select this choice to access the new “Hard” setting.

Color trail mode (Galaxian)

Obtain a high score of at least 30,000 points. Then during the next demonstration mode, press Triangle. Now highlight the “Test” option and press X. Highlight the “Dip Sw” option and press X. Press Up to enable switch 6. The game will now begin with all ships leaving colored trails.

Alternate tracks (Pole Position 2)

Press Triangle to display the options menu. Then, select “Test” and press Triangle when the “Test” screen appears. Now select “Dip Sw” to display the DIP switch screen. Press Up to enable switch 1 in the left box. Return to the options screen and select the “Game” option. Press Triangle after the game loads and select the new “Course” option. All four tracks will now have a new layout. Note: The “Test” track is now a straightaway.

Bonus machine (The Tower Of Druaga)

In the Museum, hold L1 + R1 and press Up, Right, Down, Left, Up, Right, Down, Left, Up, Right, Down, Left. If you entered the code correctly, a pickaxe symbol will appear in the bottom left corner of the screen. Now move forward in the Tower Of Druaga area of the museum until a brick wall appears. Press X to open the wall to reveal another Tower Of Druaga machine and an FMV sequence related to the game.

Game Shark Codes

Dig Dug
Infinite Lives P1 80125418 0004
Score Modifier P1 (Small) 80125414 ????
Score Modifier P1 (Large) 80125416 ????
Infinite Lives P2 8012547C 0004
Score Modifier P2 (Small) 80125478 ????
Score Modifier P2 (Large) 8012547A ????
Infinite Lives (Both Players) 8010EC04 0005
Score Modifier P1 (Small) 8010EA44 ????
Score Modifier P1 (Large) 8010EA46 ????
Score Modifier P2 (Small) 8010EA48 ????
Score Modifier P2 (Large) 8010EA4A ????
Infinite Credits 8010EC0C 0009
Ms. Pac-Man
Infinite Lives P1 80135960 0004
Score Modifier P1 (Small) 80135978 ????
Score Modifier P1 (Large) 8013597A ????
Infinite Lives P2 80135964 0004
Score Modifier P2 (Small) 8013597C ????
Score Modifier P2 (Large) 8013597E ????
Infinite Credits 80135840 0009
Eat All Ghosts All The Time 80187728 0000
8018772A 0000
80187754 0000
80187756 0000
80187780 0000
80187782 0000
801877AC 0000
801877AE 0000
Infinite Lives P1 30168D4C 0005
Score Modifier P1 (Small) 80168CF4 ????
Score Modifier P1 (Large) 80168CF6 ????
Infinite Lives P2 30168D4D 0005
Score Modifier P2 (Small) 80168CFC ????
Score Modifier P2 (Large) 80168CFE ????
Infinite Credits 80168AE4 0009
Pole Position 2
Infinite Time 8013551E 7000
Lap Time Always Below 0.01 80135532 0000
80135530 0000
8013552E 0000
8013552C 0000
Speed Modifier 30132E8D 00??
Infinite Credits 80132D2A 0900
Tower of Druaga
Infinite Lives P1 8016664A 0004
Score Modifier P1 (Small) 8016664C ????
Score Modifier P1 (Large) 8016664E ????
Infinite Lives P2 80166696 0004
Score Modifier P2 (Small) 80166698 ????
Score Modifier P2 (Large) 8016669A ????
Infinite Time (Both Players) 8015F464 4E20
Infinite Keys (Both Players) 8015F530 0001
Infinite Credits 8015F480 0009

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