Octodad: Dadliest Catch Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PC

Octodad: Dadliest Catch Free Play mode

Successfully complete the game to unlock Free Play mode.

Secret level

Start a non-Free Play mode game. Sneak past the scientists through the gift shop in the Aquatic Fun Center. Go to the men’s bathroom, and enter the center stall on the left. Then, sit on the toilet, and flush it to begin a hidden level.

Minecraft reference

You can find a display for the “Mintcraft” game inside the grocery store.

The Stanley Parable reference

There is a poster for “Stanley’s Pair o’ Bowls” featuring a blue suit and red tie. This is a reference to The Stanley Parable game.

Easy “Everybody Loves Joe” achievement

Get the Shark costume from Joe, then go right into the break room to find some Biologists. Next, go to every Biologist in the large room that leads into the cafeteria to get the “Everybody Loves Joe” achievement.

Easy “Head Otter” achievement

In the “World Of Kelp” level, stop the Kelps that your sons shoot at you with an otter figure. After that mini-game ends, pick up the otter’s head and put it on your head to get the “Head Otter” achievement.

Easy “Number 100 Dad” achievement

At the start of the last chapter, “Hot Concessions”, allow the game to idle until you die one hundred times to get the “Number 100 Dad” achievement.

Easy “Oh Captain, My Captain” achievement

Get the captain’s uniform, then return to the ship and approach every sailor to get the “Oh Captain, My Captain” achievement. Make sure they talk to you and not with each other. You also have to talk to the sailor who you stole the coffee from after going back over the beam crane.

Easy “Secrets Of The Deep” achievement

In the “Deep Dark Sea” level, after you get the shake light, Stacy will ask for it when you find the Biologist. Before giving her the shake light, continue walking ahead to find the jellyfish collection and get the “Secrets Of The Deep” achievement.

Easy “Stay True To Yourself” achievement

Play on the Easy difficulty in order to have no consequences if you get seen by Biologists. After leaving the Gift Shop, enter the ladies toilet. Go through the gutter into the break room, start the fire, then exit through the men’s toilet and walk through the turnstile. Do not take Joe’s Shark costume. Just go to the cafeteria and enter it through the service hatch to get the “Stay True To Yourself” achievement.

Easy “Trim Your Moustache” achievement

Throw the birdhouse back onto the hook to get the “Trim Your Moustache” achievement. Simply placing it there will not work.

Easy “Unacceptable Purchase!” achievement

After escaping the Chef in the “Supermarket” level, take a lemon from the fruit department and scan it at the checkout to get the “Unacceptable Purchase!” achievement.

Steam achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select “Community”, “My profile”, “View all my games”, then the game and view stats.

    Amazonian Antagonist: In the jungle, you survive by any means necessary. Even cheating.
    Around the World in Several Seconds: Complete the World of Kelp globe game in less than 30 seconds.
    Au Naturel: Nothing left to hide.
    Band of Blubbers: Rescue five of your brethren from an awful fate.
    Be the Controller: Connect and play using a game controller.
    Cod of Duty: The fishslap is the ultimate insult.
    Dadliest Wardrobe: Collect all ties in the game.
    Dancing in the Dark: Complete the Deep Sea dance challenge without missing a step.
    Domino Dynamo: They were just lined up so perfectly…
    Dunk Tank: Come on and slam and welcome to the Amazon.
    Everybody Loves Joe: Make the rounds as the aquarium’s resident socialite shark.
    Head Otter: Wear the sea otter head.
    Independent Woman: Scarlet plugs all of the cafeteria fountain spouts without your help.
    No Cutsies: We have rules for a reason.
    Number 1 Dad: Beat the game without dying.
    Number 100 Dad: Die more than 100 times in a playthrough.
    Oh Captain, My Captain: Visit with several of your crewmen while dressed as the captain.
    Person-al Shopper: Help all of the shoppers fill their carts.
    Poor Workplace Etiquette: Go the extra mile in ruining the break room (and Joe’s reputation).
    Secret Shopper: Get the Sports Johnson cereal before the lady puts it in her cart.
    Secrets of the Deep: Reveal the pride of the aquarium’s jellyfish collection.
    Silent But Dadly: Sneak past the biologist in the mens room before creating a diversion in the break room.
    Smokey the Dad: Only you can prevent kitchen fires.
    Stairs with Attitude: Climb the escalators in less than 30 seconds.
    Stay True to Yourself: Sneak to the cafeteria without the use of a disguise.
    The Best Man: Get married with the best man on the altar.
    The Hero they Deserve: Manage to rescue more than 15 kelp in the World of Kelp otter game.
    The Secret Gardener: Orange no-thumbs are the new green thumbs.
    Trickshot-gun wedding: Throw the ring onto Scarlet’s finger from a distance.
    Trim Your Moustache: Get sucked into the riding mower.
    Unacceptable Purchase!: You’re the Earl of Lemondad.
    World’s Best Dad: Beat the game.
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