Philly Set for Gaming Easter*

Philly Set for Gaming Easter*


The World’s Biggest Easter Egg Hunt is being held in the world’s largest urban park. More than 1,000 gaming industry businesses will be taking part. With companies such as Sony, Nintendo, Apple, and Microsoft onboard, you can expect some amazing gifts this Easter.

The WBEEH will take place on Easter Sunday at 10:00 AM at Fairmount Park in Philadelphia. Easter eggs and gifts will be hidden throughout the park. Gifts will consist of games, accessories, handhelds, consoles, and even laptops. It’s estimated there will be more than 10-million dollars worth of merchandise available for the hunting and gathering – and it’s all free! State officials estimate a crowd of 3-5 million, which would make this the largest single-day event in history.

Contrary to popular belief, New York’s Central Park is not the largest urban park in the world. At 9,200 acres, Fairmount Park is ten times larger than Central Park. And Fairmount Park was here first, it’s almost 200 years older than Central Park, having been incorporated in 1682. Organizers say that an event of this magnitude could not be held anywhere else. Originally the events were to be held on Easter Island. While the organizers said it made perfect sense from a name standpoint, very few of them could find the location on a world atlas.

“We need a park that is easy to find and is the size of a city, and Fairmount is that park,” says WBEEH organizer Bun E. Wrappit. “It has to be close to mass transportation and accommodations. This is going to be huge, with millions of people. The participating companies will spend the week prior to the event hiding their merchandise throughout the park. Volunteer guards will cordon off the park perimeter to keep early birds at bay. Any person caught sneaking in will be treated as a looter and shot on sight. We want this to be a fun, family event,” Wrappit adds.

A spokesperson for Microsoft says his company is looking forward to the event. He claims that the gaming industry has suffered from the recession and sees this event as a way of kick starting the economy. “The economy is recovering and it’s time to celebrate,” shouts Max Boris VP of Microsoft Intelligence. “The publicity the industry will receive from this event will be enormous; this is going to be bigger than Woodstock! The technological revolution is here. It’s like sex, drugs, and rock and roll without the sex, drugs and rock and roll,” Boris concludes.

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