Plans for Series X Successor, Gamer Streams 1k Hours

Plans for Series X Successor, Gamer Streams 1k Hours

Microsoft Planning to Follow Series S and X with More Consoles

Microsoft’s Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S aren’t even out but that hasn’t stopped Xbox head Phil Spencer from commenting on the company’s plans for their future successors.

This is according to a remark Spencer made to Yahoo! Finance about dedicated gaming hardware. On one hand, it seems a safe bet to assume that Microsoft would keep making video game consoles, but the landscape is quickly changing as cloud gaming becomes more prominent, consoles become more powerful, and mid-generation upgrades become more common. But it looks like we’re not heading into PC-centric era of gaming just yet.

“Just like in video, just like in music, it’s not that streaming has cut off device innovation. I think we’ll continue to see that, and that’s absolutely what we’re planning for,” said Spencer.

The Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are set to launch at the respective prices of $499 and $299 on November 10 of this year.

Source: IGN

Twitch Streamer Stays on Air 1000 Hours Straight

The world of streaming is a wild one, full of stories that defy expectations and reason. One of the newest record-breaking stories to come out of Amazon’s streaming platform is about a streamer named GPHustla whose 24-hour marathon stream grew to last over 1,000 hours.

It’s a long time to be on camera, sure, but it might help to know that GPHustla has managed to adapt to the idea. He sleeps on camera and keeps a camera rolling when he runs his daily errands.

While GPHustla does stream video games like Madden NFL 21 or Fall Guys, he also spends a good deal of time hanging out in “Just Chatting” sessions. There seems to be a thrill to it, too. “I’m so excited every day. I kinda don’t want to stop,” said GPHustla. He then went on to claim that he’d like to “live on Twitch now.”

The last record for most hours streamed continuously was set in May by someone called Reecesy whose broadcast lasted 200 hours.

Source: IGN

Why Final Fantasy XVI Trailer Wasn’t Pre-Rendered

Earlier this month, Square Enix surprised gamers everywhere when they revealed the upcoming title Final Fantasy XVI as part of Sony’s PlayStation 5 showcase. The trailer for the game was beautiful which isn’t a surprise since most Final Fantasy games tend to be visually stunning. What might be surprising, though, is that the trailer wasn’t pre-rendered which means that the gap between announcement and release might be a bit shorter for this game than those of the last few Final Fantasy games.

Naoki Yoshida, often called Yoshi-P, spoke out about the trailer’s use of authentic gameplay footage at this year’s Tokyo Game Show. The decision apparently arose as a response to the public perception around the way Square Enix releases games. “I saw some comments saying that if we [released a trailer that was all pre-rendered], they wouldn’t see the game until 2035,” said Yoshida.

Of course, the fact that the trailer isn’t pre-rendered doesn’t mean that the release date is right around the corner. It does seem as though it was important to Yoshi-P that the announcement wouldn’t be met with expectations of a long wait for launch, however. While all sorts of things can come up over the course of a game’s development, it is usually best practice to set proper expectations. Hopefully the game will be releasing on the upcoming PlayStation 5 soon enough to break the franchise’s pattern of keeping fans waiting.

Source: PCGamesN

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