Police Quest: SWAT 2 Strategy Guide

Police Quest: SWAT 2 Strategy Guide

Police Quest: SWAT 2 Strategy Guide

By Jarrod Hampton



Swat Campaign
Evidence List
Mission 1
Mission 2
Mission 3
Mission 4
Mission 5
Mission 6
Mission 7
Mission 8
Mission 9
Mission 10
Mission 11
Mission 12
Mission 13
Mission 14
Mission 15

Terrorist Campaign
Mission 1
Mission 2
Mission 3
Mission 4
Mission 5
Mission 6
Mission 7
Mission 8
Mission 9
Mission 10
Mission 11
Mission 12
Mission 13
Mission 14
Mission 15


Due to Swat 2’s sophisticated A.I complete mission spoilers cannot be written because no mission is alike and A.I changes in each mission, sometimes you may be able to resolve the mission peacefully whereas sometimes there may be a huge firefight with significant casualties. So the following is simply a strategy guide which may or may not help you through the campaigns of SWAT 2.

Swat Campaign

Evidence List
This is a list of evidence for the SWAT campaign. To fully expose the plot of the SWAT campaign all evidence must be collected.

MISSION 3 – Drugs

MISSION 5 – Bank Money and Pamphlets

MISSION 7 – Guns and Drugs

MISSION 8 – Explosives and Detonator on Suspect

MISSION 9 – Drugs and Gun

MISSION 10 – Explosives (On suspect or in area)

MISSION 12 – Bank Money

MISSION 13 – Brochure and Cell Phone (Cell Phone on suspect or in area)

MISSION 14 – Guns on snipers and Mayors presence

MISSION 15 – Mayors Presence

Mission 1- Shooting House Training
GOAL: This first training mission begins in the Swat shooting house, here you will learn to arrest suspects, rescue hostages, recruit an element, perimeter containment, stealth and dynamic tactics and other various techniques. The hostage and suspect are fellow police officers and live ammo is being used so be careful not hurt anyone.
STRATEGY: First recruit an element and bring it into active duty and equip the unit. When the mission starts learn how to move your officers and enter the building, it is advisable to mirror door and corners to locate suspects, bystanders and hostages. When the suspect is located address him and he should give up. Arrest him and rescue the hostage to complete the mission.

Mission 2 – Warehouse Training
GOAL: This second training mission takes place in an empty warehouse. Civilians are acting the parts of hostages and suspects so do NOT use flashbangs or tear gas. Your guns are loaded with blanks so fire as necessary. This mission simulates a barricaded hostage situation with multiple bad guys and hostages. To finish the mission you must rescue the hostages and arrest the suspects.
STRATEGY: This training mission allows you to set up communications between you and the terrorists using the CNT. Agree to the throw phone and get your element leader to drop near a door. Depending on how the suspect acts (picks it up and demands something, or leaves it there) you may wish to proceed with a stealth entry or dynamic entry. Address the hostages and take them back to the SWAT Bus (not sure what it is called). Clear out the rooms then move onto the main warehouse. Watch your back the suspects will fire at you, though they are only blanks, but your officers will play dead or wounded, as will the hostages and suspects. When you find the suspects arrest them and take them back to SWAT Bus. When all hostages and suspects have been arrested and accounted for the mission ends.

Mission 3 – Father/Daughter Day
GOAL: This is it, your first real mission. A deranged man has had a fight with his wife where he pulled a gun on her, wounded her and took their six-year-old daughter hostage. She runs out of the house and calls the police. The area has been cleared. The suspect and hostage are somewhere in the house or yard.
STRATEGY: Since the suspect is mentally unstable you have to get your element/s into yard or house as soon as possible. Set up snipers with a good viewpoint of entry and exits doors. If you can set up CNT negotiations. You could learn something useful. The suspect is unstable so he could go ballistic any minute so be careful what you do. In most cases (from what I have seen playing this mission) when the suspect sees SWAT he goes mental and starts shooting, if this happens try to wound him instead of killing him. Sometimes it is a good idea to split the element into two groups. One group makes an entrance from the back door and the other group from the front door like the flanking manoeuvre. It also helps so that if group one starts taking fire from the suspect group 2 can fire back before anyone gets hurt. Overall make sure the little girl doesn’t get hurt or killed. Search the house for evidence (because the final mission briefing ties up the story in one big knot, and the more evidence you have the more detailed the final briefing is. You can still play the game through without collecting much evidence but the final briefing won’t fill in all the gaps and is quite boring. So try to collect all the evidence). Once the suspect has been arrested or neutralised and the little girl rescued the mission ends.

Mission 4 – Convenience Store
GOAL: Two armed suspects try to hold up a small convenience store, but the Vietnamese store owner is by herself and has been held up five times this month and is getting sick of it. The two-armed suspects walk into the store and begin the hold up, the woman screams at them in Vietnamese.
Arrest the two or more suspects and rescue the hostage to finish the mission. In all cases this mission is played in either one of three ways: The two-armed men are suspects.
The storeowner is a suspect.
Everyone as a suspect.
STRATEGY: One or two elements are recommended for this mission. Set up a crisis perimeter so that no one can leave the building undetected. The helicopter could be useful for spotting suspect and hostages. Set up snipers with clear view points of entries/exits. Try to establish a communications link to the suspects, if they wish to communicate CNT will have to call in a Vietnamese interpreter to properly speak with the storeowner. If possible get the suspects to come out and surrender of their own free will. If communications are broken by gunfire get in there immediately and if the suspects are a threat use your judgement to do what is best, arrest them or neutralise them. Flashbangs work well for this mission. If the storeowner runs chase her with at least two or three men (because when I did this mission I followed her out into the car park and she pulled a gun on me and killed one of my men) because she could become an armed suspect. Using your judgement arrest her, rescue her or neutralise her. When the storeowner and the two suspects are arrested, neutralised or rescued the mission ends.

Mission 5 – Bank Robbery
GOAL: (BASED ON A REAL SWAT CALLUP) In this mission a bank robbery has gone wrong and now three suspects and multiple hostages are being held in the bank. To successfully complete this mission all three suspects must be arrested, all evidence collected, and all hostages rescued.
STRATEGY: One to three elements are recommended for this mission. It is highly recommended that you set up communications between CNT and the suspects. Set up a crisis perimeter so that no one can escape on foot. Stall them as long as possible so that your elements can enter the building from the back door (preferably) using stealth mode as not to attract attention. If the door is locked use the hooligan tool to unlock it, if it is barricaded use the battering ram a few times on the door to knock it down. The suspects usually demand a getaway car. When they demand it give it to them otherwise they start shooting hostages until they get it. Be careful because there is usually a booby trap on one of the doors, find it and disarm it. Once the car is on its way quickly get your element/s to enter the building and rescue the hostages and get them to safety. If a suspect comes out towards you with a weapon raised use your best judgement to what you should do. Address yourself to the hostages and then rescue them so that they don’t run away. Address the suspects (this gives the suspect a chance to surrender without getting hurt) if they pull gun, again use your judgement, just make sure the hostages don’t get killed or wounded. Remember to mirror corners and doors to locate hostages and suspects. There are three suspects and sometimes they do a runner, so if one does be sure to catch him or you lose points for his escape. When entering the vault be careful because a suspect may kill a hostage if he sees you. Use flash bangs at your discretion as well as tear gas. Search for and pick up all evidence.
When all suspects and hostages have been arrested or rescued the mission ends.
EVIDENCE: Bank Money and Pamphlets

Mission 6 – Runway Shooter
GOAL: A man checks into an airport Hotel. He goes into a room with an open door and starts to set up a sniper rifle at the window. The maid is still in the room cleaning and tells him to leave. The shooter ignores the woman. The woman watches the man intently, apparently they know each other. Stop the shooter from injuring or killing anyone anyway possible and rescue the hostages.
STRATEGY: One or two elements are recommended for this mission. Get Alvarez to call room to room to try and find which room the sniper is in. If CNT finds the room of the sniper, set up communications and see what the sniper wants. Set up your own snipers while getting your elements into the building. If you want you can call in the chopper to rappel an element leader on the roof and enter the building from the roof. Sometimes a sniper may report a glint of metal possibly from a sniper rifle and tell that the suspect may be in whatever room. Have an element proceed to that room. Be on the lookout for bystanders, cleaner and the suspect. If no reports of the whereabouts of the sniper is perform a room to room search. When the sniper is found address him, if he becomes hostile take whatever action is necessary just make sure the hostages are not hurt. Remember to mirror doors to locate suspects and hostages. An officer trained in K-9 use are good for this mission as the K-9’s can sniff out suspects and can also intimidate suspects so they don’t become hostile. When you find the cleaner she babbles on about something about the shooter and runs away from the police sometimes she may pull a gun on SWAT and shoot officers. When the hostage has been rescued and the suspect arrested the mission ends.

Mission 7 – High Risk Warrant
GOAL: Detectives investigating the bank robbery found that a security camera caught a van leaving the bank just as the robbery started, computer enhancement brought up the license plate and the van was tracked to Topanga Canyon. Arrest all suspects rescue all hostages and any bystanders while minimising casualties.
STRATEGY: One to three elements are advisable for this mission. Set up the crisis perimeter completely surrounding the house so that a suspect can’t escape. Call in the chopper to help with surveillance. Take your pick on choosing a throw phone or bullhorn call-out. The bullhorn makes it easier to clear the area of bystanders making your job easier but then the suspects know you’re here, well it is up to you.
After a little while a child comes out of the house, rescue him and take him back to the SWAT bus. Questioning reveals information about the remaining suspects. If you wish you can call in Bertha to knock an entry into the house, or enter the house using stealth mode and try and arrest them peacefully. Most times the terrorists try to run back into the bush so make sure your perimeter is good and sound so that and runners will be caught. Also be careful of cans of gasoline that may be ignited by a stray bullet. When all hostages and suspects have been rescued or arrested the mission ends.
EVIDENCE: Guns and Drugs in house or area.

Mission 8 – Explosive Situation
GOAL: Out in a desert quarry some suspicious characters are seen planting explosives throughout the quarry. One of the suspects apparently an amateur set down the device and it blows up killing him. SWAT are called to deal with the situation as there may be more explosives hidden in the quarry. Arrest all suspects, free any hostages, rescue bystanders and collect all evidence.
STRATEGY: One to two elements are recommended for this mission. Set up a sniper team to take out any hostile suspects. You must find the explosives expert first off so that he doesn’t start detonating explosives. When he is in custody, disarm any explosives found using a qualified bomb expert and arrest any other suspects. K- 9s are exceptionally good for this mission because they sniff out the explosives for you making it easier for you. If a suspect has a hostage use your best judgement on the course of action. Rescue the hostages and return them to the SWAT Bus. When all terrorists have been arrested and hostages and bystanders rescued the mission ends.
EVIDENCE: Explosives and Detonator on suspect.

Mission 9 – Trailer Park OD
GOAL: A drug addict has OD and has slit his wrists. He phones 911 and medics arrive on the scene as they approach the house they are fired upon from an unknown location. Some are wounded, they abandon the rescue attempt and return to the hospital to treat themselves. This is where SWAT comes in. Rescue the drug addict and find the shooters that wounded the medical team.
STRATEGY: One to three elements are recommended for this mission. All seems quite when SWAT arrives… too quiet. Get Alvarez to do a bullhorn call-out. Set up snipers while waiting for the bullhorn to take effect. Wait for the women and children to come out. When all the women and children are out they will be questioned and apparently they nothing of what is going on, mmmm something weird is going on here. Be careful of one woman who is likely to pull a gun on you. Search the houses for a lone man, when you find him address yourselves to him and rescue him. Also pick up the handgun and bag of drugs. DON’T LEAVE THE HOUSE WITH THAT MAN YET. Because when you leave the house with drug addict snipers come out from nowhere and snipe him and your men.

A good tactic is too take out your men (except the one with the drug addict) and position them at these locations (The red circles). This is where the snipers will enter and set up their sniper rifles. (See picture below). Call in the chopper for added surveillance of the area. When your men are in position take the drug addict to a safe place behind cover and duck. When the snipers arrive arrest them with you nearby men arrest or neutralise the suspects. Make sure no by standers are wounded or killed and especially the drug addict isn’t killed or wounded. Now you can safely take the drug addict back to the SWAT Bus. Take any arrested suspects back to the SWAT Bus, rescue any outstanding bystanders. Be careful for one woman who sometimes turns into a suspect and starts shooting SWAT officers, if necessary neutralise her or arrest her. When the drug addict has been safely returned and the snipers either neutralised or arrested the mission ends.
EVIDENCE: Handgun and Bag of Drugs.

Mission 10 – Riot in the Valley
GOAL: This mission takes place in a strip mall. Some terrorists have incited a riot. Looting and pillaging has begun. Pipe bombs are going off in random locations. SWAT has been called in to disperse the crowds and arrest the ringleaders and any other threats.
STRATEGY: One to four elements are recommended for this mission.
Get Alvarez to do a bullhorn call-out to try and disperse the crowd. Crowd doesn’t seem to like that. Okay set up snipers on the nearby building in case things get too hot to handle. Try to set up a crisis perimeter as best as possible. K-9 units are good for intimidating the crowds. Call in the chopper for surveillance. Watch out for pipe bombs, terrorists and anyone who has a gun. When a pipe bomb has been located, disarm it and collect it for evidence. When trying to arrest or neutralise a terrorist, hostages with the Stockholm Syndrome will try to help the terrorists by attacking SWAT. Neutralise threatening suspects and arrest as many as possible. Pick up the loot lying on the ground as to prevent lotting and also to obtain a higher public approval at the end of the mission. Make sure no-one tries to make a runner.
EVIDENCE: Explosives on suspect or in area.

Mission 11 – Suburbia
GOAL: During the riot SWAT recieves a call-up reporting suspects lurking around a near by neighbourhood. SWAT move to the location of the report. Arrest or neutralise all suspects and rescue bystanders and hostages, minimise civilian casualties and public damage to property.
STRATEGY: One to two elements are recommended for this mission. There several locations in which the suspects may be hiding. Get CNT to do a bullhorn the residents of the houses may come out giving you time to move them to safety. The suspects could be hiding in the abandoned house that storage place or a house. If the suspects are holed up in the house they could take the residents hostages. Get a communications link by getting a throw phone to the terrorists. Call in the chopper for surveillance. K-9 units are very good for tracking down suspects in this mission. Whatever the suspect/s demand it is your choice as what to do. Make sure noone gets away so have a tight perimeter containment. A dynamic entry into the house is a good idea. When inside the house address suspects and arrest any who surrender. If a suspect raises a weapon and becomes a threat use your own judgement as what to do. When all suspects have been arrested or neutralised and the hostages rescued the mission ends.

Mission 12 – Domestic Situation
GOAL: An anonymous caller calls the 911 dispatch and reports that shots have been fired in a domestic argument and then abruptly hangs up. Since shots have been reported SWAT gets called in.
STRATEGY: One to two elements are recommended for this mission. All appears quiet when SWAT arrives. There is a dog sleeping on the front porch and it seems very suspicious that shots have been fired. Set up snipers. K-9s are also handy for this mission, they are good for intimidating suspects and keeping the other dog at bay. If you want CNT can call the house phone or do a bullhorn call out, either way alerts them to your presence. Stealth movement may not attract the dog’s attention and watch out for the gas can in the shed. Try to arrest every one and rescue the child. Watch out for booby traps on the doors of the house. Sometimes it is hard to tell who is a suspect and who is a hostage. Use your judgement when a suspect raises a weapon as what to do. Keep an eye out for evidence.
When all suspects have been arrested and the hostages rescued the mission ends.

Mission 13 – Law Firm
GOAL: A man walks into the reception area of a major law firm and demands to see the lawyer. The woman denies him access and he pulls out a gun and threatens to kill her unless he is allowed to see the lawyer. Rescue the hostages and arrest or neutralise suspects.
STRATEGY: One to two elements are recommended for this mission. Okay we know which floor he is on but not which room… problem. Get Alvarez to call room to room to find out which room he is in. Set up sniper on the building near the main building. Get your team into the building pronto. While Alvarez is calling up each room start off a room to room search of the building. Be careful of booby traps, if one is present disarm it using a qualified explosives expert from your team.
Keep an eye out for evidence. Rescue all bystanders and hostages. Mirror the doors to find suspects and when on is found it is up to you as what to do. When I played this mission the suspect shot at my men when I made a stealth entry into the room he was in and I had to neutralise him. If possible take him alive. Watch out for the lawyer he is now a suspect and usually runs away catch him and arrest him. When all suspects have been arrested or neutralised and the hostages rescue the mission ends.
EVIDENCE: Cell-Phone (on suspect or in area) and Brochure

Mission 14 – Assassination in the park
GOAL: On a beautiful Sunday afternoon the Mayor arrives to give his speech at Griffith Park. There is a rumour that an assassination is going down so SWAT has been called in to keep the peace.
STRATEGY: One to five elements are recommended for this mission. Try not to alarm bystanders. K-9s are good for finding suspects. Spread your elements throughout the park. Address everybody and arrest suspects. When the mayor is about to give his speech watch out for snipers. When a sniper starts shooting it is probably best to kill or neutralise him as to avoid civilian injury. Although try to arrest as many terrorists as possible. Keep the mayor alive at all costs . The chopper can be called in for better surveillance of the area. Watch out for one or two men who try to run in and shot the Mayor then run off. It is a good idea to have an element near the Mayor at all times. Remember if necessary use lethal force to prevent the assassination. Watch out for two to four snipers as well as another two or three terrorists just moving about. When all suspects have been arrested or neutralise the mission ends. To finish the mission successfully the Mayor must not die.
EVIDENCE: Guns on Snipers and Mayors Presence.

Mission 15 – Metro Station
GOAL: The chief is in his office being interviewed by the press. A little way into the interview and guns shots are fired. Markossian gets on the PA long enough to report that metro has been invaded. Defend Metro and the people inside it.
STRATEGY: No going to the recruit interface this time, straight into the action. Five of your elements are activated for this mission. The Chief is now in the game as a one-man element. Keep him alive at all costs . He needs to be equipped because his Colt won’t do much to the terrorists body armour. Your first priority is to protect him then the news people rescue them and if you can get them outside. Then it is just a matter of clearing the rooms and arresting or neutralising suspects. Watch out for booby traps. Unexpectedly the Mayor shows up brandishing a firearm. Try to arrest him but he usually shoots at officers so wound him but do not kill him or game over . When all terrorists have been arrested or neutralised the game ends. To get the full plot exploitation you must have collected all the evidence kept the Chief alive and also have kept the Mayor alive.
EVIDENCE: Mayors Presence

Congratulations you have successfully
Completed the SWAT Campaign

Terrorist Campaign

Mission 1 – Indoctrination
GOAL: In this first training mission you meet Basho, the leader of the Five Eyes. For this training exercise your terrorists are equipped with blanks and dummy grenades. Your goal is to learn how to take captives and hold off a fake SWAT team.
STRATEGY: First off recruit a cell and perform any other tasks in the recruit interface. Body armour is a must for the terrorist campaign. Move throughout the building and take hostages. Soon the fake SWAT team will start to move through the building as well. Fend off the fake SWAT team and take as many hostages possible. When the fake SWAT team are dead (Faked) the mission ends.

Mission 2 – Trailer Park Training
GOAL: This training mission takes place at a trailer park owned by the Five Eyes. Weapons are loaded with live ammo. The mission goal is to take everyone hostage and escape with them.
STRATEGY: One to three cells are recommended for this mission. Well it is pretty straight fore ward, run into the houses take everyone hostage and escape. One problem, this time the real SWAT team arrive to hold the peace. To finish this mission successfully you must rescue all the children or Basho suspends everyone on the mission for one mission… that’s bad. So try to take the children hostage and make a runner before SWAT shows up. If necessary shoot at SWAT to slow them down. When all terrorists have escaped the mission ends.

Mission 3 – Gangster Armoury
GOAL: Raid a gangster warehouse. Inside they keep their stockpile of guns and ammo. Break in kill the guards and escape with as much of the guns as possible.
STRATEGY: One to two cells are recommended for this mission. Be warned that if no weapons are recovered Basho suspends everyone on the mission for one mission. The best tactic is rush in, kill all the armed gangsters, grab the guns and run. Just make sure to kill all the gangsters or when the cops come, you may find yourself trapped between the cops and the gangsters. Try not to let any terrorists die. Escape by any means possible. Just make sure you at least recover one crate of weapons.

Mission 4 – Busted
GOAL: Basho is very annoyed that some terrorists have been growing and selling marijuana. SWAT has been told that the marijuana fields are there and are on their way. Get out and destroy the fields.
STRATEGY: One to two cells are recommended for this mission. Since there is only one gas can in the shed it is a good idea to equip your terrorists with extra cans of gas. Take hostages if you like but the main priority is to destroy the marijuana fields. Go straight there and plant the gas cans throughout the fields and shoot the cans to ignite them. If you wish call in a getaway car to help in your escape or run of the edge of the screen. Beware of lots of cops, but they should be easy to take out. To successfully finish the mission the marijuana fields must be destroyed.

Mission 5 – Hospital Takeover
GOAL: A little girl was injured in the marijuana mission. Dante says to take her to the ER and he will take full responsibility. Get the child treated the successfully finish the mission.
STRATEGY: One to two cells are recommended for this mission. Take the child into the hospital. Identify a doctor and take him/her hostage. Move both the girl and the doctor into a room. If you haven’t hurt anyone corral them both and doctor should the little girl. Part one completed. Now sooner or later CNT gives you a call, if you have hostages you can demand food to share with them hopefully they will join your cause. If you want you can demand money, a getaway vehicle or media attention. Once the girl has been treated get out of there quickly taking any hostages you have. Watch out for multiple SWAT teams progressing through the building. If there is a firefight don’t let the girl get shot. To successfully finish the mission the girl must have been treated.

Mission 6 – Kidnapping Tammany
GOAL: A major industrialist, Samuel Tammany is to be kidnapped for his crimes against nature. The terrorists are to break into his house and escape with him.
STRATEGY: One to two cells are recommended for this mission. Quickly get into the house, there is an alarm on the front door but don’t worry you shouldn’t be there long. When inside the house find Tammany, take him hostage and get out of there immediately. If you dilly-dally SWAT shows up and they ruin your whole day. So find Tammany and get out fast. If you want you can call in a getaway car, and if you get holed up in the house you can negotiate with the CNT.
At least one terrorist must escape with Tammany.

Mission 7 – Ransom
GOAL: Basho has sent the ransom demand to Tammany’s family. At two o’ clock the following day, Tammany’s lawyer is to meet a terrorist with Tammany at the quarry alone. But surprise surprise SWAT shows up. Basho’s communications abruptly goes dead. SWAT has arrived early. Get either Tammany or his videotaped confession and escape the area to successfully finish the mission.
STRATEGY: One to two cells are recommended for this mission. Take Tammany hostage and take him to an open or enclosed area. Pick up the tape. Whoever has the tape get him out of there immediately. If you want release Tammany to get the ransom money but beware of snipers who will shoot you if you become a threat. The snipers make it hard to take SWAT on in a firefight. So get the tape or Tammany and escape. To successfully finish the mission you must have taken the tape or kept Tammany hostage.

Mission 8 – TV Station
GOAL: Take control of the TV station and convince the manager to play the tape before SWAT arrives to break up the scene.
STRATEGY: One to two cells are recommended for this mission. Enter the building and take hostages. Find the manager. When you address him he will tell you he is the manager. Take him into one of the rooms and give him the tape. Hmmm, he won’t play it and it seems as though he isn’t susceptible to the Stockholm Syndrome. To convince him, shoot a hostage and give him the tape again. Ah, that’s more like it. Watch out for SWAT trying to make stealth entries. Negotiate if you have to. Watch out for the security guard roaming the corridors. Once the tape has been aired get your terrorists to safety. To successfully finish the mission the tape must be aired.

Mission 9 – Valley Vigilantes
GOAL: Basho wants a gang of drug makers and dealers killed. So enter the neighbourhood and take out the drug gang.
STRATEGY: One to two cells are recommended for this mission. Move to the abandoned house and take out the gang members outside. Now once they are dead move through the abandoned house killing all gang members and also pick up the weapons lying about. Move outside and watch out for SWAT. Find any gang members you missed and kill them. Watch out for gang members in awkward positions, sometimes they can shoot you but you can’t shoot them. Remember to find the gang leader and kill him too. When SWAT shows up you can try and take them on if you want but remember the objective is to kill the gang. To successfully finish the mission you must have killed all gang members including the gang leader.

Mission 10 – College Recruitment
GOAL: Go to the college to recruit new students for your cause. At least three students must be recruited.
STRATEGY: One to two cells are recommended for this mission. Quickly move inside and take hostages for every man in the cell/s. Give each hostage a pamphlet. Don’t shoot the hostages or any students. By this time CNT should have dropped a throw phone outside. Go pick it up and demand food to share with the hostages. It helps the Stockholm Syndrome along. Keep talking to the students. You do not have to take the students with you simply get them into the Stockholm state and they turn up at the recruit interface. So once you think they have the Stockholm Syndrome try to escape. You can call for a car if you wish. Arrested terrorist come back after two missions, so the sacrifice of a terrorist getting arrested to keep things peaceful could be worthwhile.
Try to escape with as many terrorists alive as possible. If is does come to a gunfight, protect the students. This also helps the Stockholm Syndrome along. To successfully finish the mission at least three students must arrive to the recruitment screen for the next mission. Basho will say how many came.

Mission 11 – Loot, Shoot, and Recruit
GOAL: This is a carry on of the last mission. Dante calls to say that they stirred up the college students so much that they have gathered at a local strip mall. Incite a riot and try to indoctrinate students and gather loot.
STRATEGY: One to three cells are recommended for this mission. Talk to the crowd and take hostages. When you have hostage it is best to take tem right to the back of the map, give them the pamphlet and then leave so SWAT doesn’t interfere. Watch out for armed students who may shoot SWAT or you. If you have to, neutralise students if they shoot at you. Watch out for SWAT, there are lots of them. Plant explosives if you wish but use an expert explosives man to lay them. Pick up whatever loot may be hanging around. If you can recruit at least three students Basho doesn’t get that angry.

Mission 12 – The Manifesto
GOAL: Basho says it is time to go public again. He has written a manifesto which he wants printed in the LA Star Paper. Basho says that if his terrorists are successful it will boost public opinion of the Five Eyes. So get out with the manifesto find the editor of the Paper and convince her to publish it.
STRATEGY: One to two cells are recommended for this mission. Quickly move into the building and take hostages. Find the manager and take her hostage. Give her the manifesto. Hmmm, doesn’t want to print it, we’ll fix that. Keep her hostage but don’t shoot anyone. When CNT calls ask for food. When you have the food give it to the manager and after a while she will print the manifesto. Quickly pick up the bundles of newspapers and take them to the car waiting out side. Only so many can fit in the car so get as many in there then go. Collect any left over bundles and head escape the area. If SWAT picks a fight, fight back. You must escape with at least one bundle to successfully finish the mission.

Mission 13 – Ambush
GOAL: SWAT are escorting a prisoner from Metro Station to Soledad Prison. Basho instructs you to ambush the convoy and rescue the prisoner.
STRATEGY: One to two cells are recommended for this mission. Explosives are a must for this mission so arm qualified explosive experts with explosives. Head up to the road, don’t bother about taking hostages. The convoy will come from the right of the screen so plant one set of explosive on the road near the gate. Place another one or two sets a little behind the first one (two to three centimetres), you will out why soon. Hide your men well away from the explosives. When the transport truck moves near or over the first set of explosives detonate the set underneath to stop the truck. When the police cars stop and the SWAT elements get out detonate the other explosives to kill them. That’s why we use the extra explosives. You have to time the second detonation right or the prisoner gets killed. If some cops are still alive gun them down. When the cops are dead find the prisoner and take him hostage. The prisoner must live and be rescued (taken hostage) for the campaign to continue.

Mission 14 – Topanga Canyon HQ
GOAL: SWAT have found the Five Eyes HQ. Basho accuses Dante of tipping off the cops. Basho splits with his own private army, the Cadre. Get all your loyal terrorists out of Topanga Canyon and on to the final mission.
STRATEGY: No recruit interface this time, you now have control of six cells you will also see that Dante is now a one man cell of his own. His safety is the highest priority, your second priority is the safety of your fellow terrorists. Don’t fire at Basho or his Cadre let them go you will meet again. When Basho is gone get a cell to go outside and guard the front door while you get the other terrorist of the edge of the map. With the cell that is guarding they should be able to take care of SWAT while the other terrorists get away.

Mission 15 – LAX
GOAL: Stop Basho from getting to the private jet and get Dante and as many loyal terrorists on it.
STRATEGY: Move away from the front door SWAT is just outside though they don’t try and enter the LAX for a while. Move your terrorists back to the T- section bit. When Basho tries a runner shoot him and kill him. Always wanted to do that. Now his Cadre go mental and a three way shoot out commences between you, the Cadre and SWAT. The Cadre are pretty easy to kill it is SWAT you have to look out for. Get Dante and any surviving terrorist to the jet, it is the one that doesn’t look like the jumbos. Be careful because on the runway there are a few cops but they can be taken out fairly easily. When Dante and all surviving terrorists are on the plane the mission ends. Dante must survive to finish the campaign

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