Prey (2017) Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PlayStation 4 (PS4)

Prey (2017) Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PlayStation 4 (PS4)

Prey (2017)


Infinite materials

To duplicate materials after Version 1.02, put a material in the fabricator and split it up across as many slots as desired, but make sure each slots has less than 1 material in it. Then, save the game and quick load it. The materials in the fabricator will now be rounded up to 1. Thus, if you put 1 material in the fabricator and split it up 48 times across all slots, save and load, you will get 48 materials from just 1 material. This duplication glitch after Patch 1.02 works a lot slower than the original infinite materials exploit, but still allows you to stock up on materials whenever desired.

Early in the game you will find recycling machines to turn unwanted items into materials to use for crafting. This duplication exploit only works on materials; it does not work for weapons, food, or other items. Put the material (best in a stacks of 10) that you want to duplicate into the recycle machine, and then split them up inside the machine. So if you put a stack of 10 inside the machine, split them so each slot is filled with 1 of the material. You can check your duplication gain on the monitor in the middle before you start recycling. Simply start the machine and collect your duplicated materials on the right. Note: This glitch was performed on an unpatched version of the game. It was patched in Version 1.02. To avoid not being able to use this exploit, either do not install new patches before using this exploit or delete the patches. You can avoid patches being installed by disconnecting from the internet until you are ready for the game to install new patches.

Getting the Golden Gun

Before you can get the Golden Gun, you have to find an audio recording. Once you reach the “Arboretum” area of the ship, locate the deep storage grav shift. Look for a sign with an arrow pointing left to an area called “Looking Glass”. Proceed left to find the “Looking Glass Scene Selector” screen. Smash the screen, then climb up the small shaft using your Gloo Cannon. Next to Alex’s house is a body with the Golden Gun audio recording that gives you access to Jada Marks’ safe in the Crew Quarters. You can then follow the side quest marker directly to her safe and collect the Golden Gun.

Getting the Nullwave Transmitter

When you enter Life Support through the Cargo Bay, go straight ahead into the Atmosphere Control Room. Proceed to the back right corner and look for a maintenance shaft. Use the Gloo Cannon to get into the Oxygen Flow Control Room. Look at the note to get the storage room code. Return to the room you started in, and use the grav shaft past the electric floor. A Nightmare is probably already waiting for you downstairs. The storage room is just right from the grav shaft. Inside is the Nullwave Transmitter fabrication plan in a closet. The Nullwave Transmitter disables Nightmares and prevents them from launching its heavy attacks.

Getting the Q-Beam Laser weapon

To get the Q-Beam Laser weapon, go to the Hardware Labs and enter the machine shop. Go outside the ship and find the breached section to the right. Locate the Breach Failsafe and fix it (Repair Level 2 required). After the breach is fixed, go back inside and enter the breached section through the Atrium second floor. Use the computer to open the door to the testing range, and grab the Q-Beam Laser weapon. It shoots a concentrated beam of particles and lets the target explode. To get the fabrication plan for the Q-Beam ammo, halfway through the story you will automatically reach the Deep Storage. Once you are inside, use the note on the computer on the right to get up the stairway in the next room and up to the data vaults. Turn right and enter the command center. In the top right corner is a safe with the Q-Beam Cells fabrication plan. The code can be found on a note pinned behind Danielle Sho’s computer screen.

Getting the shotgun

Before you can get the shotgun, you need to get the keycard for the Security Office. It is located in I.T. Security on the first floor. You can get into the room with a Level 1 hack. Prepare for a fight and grab the keycard on the left. Return to the ground floor of the Lobby and go into the Security Station, located next to the stairs. The shotgun is sitting on the table. There is a book next to it with a hint for the safe where you can find the fabrication plan for the shotgun shells.

Crafting Neuromods

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Early in the story, Alex will give you the Dr. Kelstrup’s safe code where the Neuromod fabrication plan is found. Progress a bit in the story to get the general key that gives you access to the Psychotronics section of the ship. Follow the quest marker into Psychotronics until you reach Dr. Kelstrup’s room and open the safe with the code. After you built a few Neuromods, you will get an error that prevents you from building any more. This triggers the next side mission. Return back to the Neuromod Division and repair the grav shaft to reach the upper floor. From the upper floor, enter the Volunteer Quarters, proceed through the door to your left, and go inside the room behind the desk. Use the Gloo Cannon to get up there and enter the main room, where there will be a lot of enemies. Get Dr. Kelstrup’s keycard from his body. Use the grav shaft to get to the upper floor again and enter the room with the keycard. Dr. Kelstrup’s workstation can now be used to lift the copy protection so you can build as many Neuromods as desired.

Crafting Recycling Charges

The Recycling Charges are a powerful grenades that sucks in objects and enemies and spits them out as materials for you to use. The fabrication plan for the Recycling Charges are in Deep Storage that you reach through Arboretum. Before you can enter Deep Storage, you must find Danielle Sho’s Voice Samples in the Crew Quarters. Once you can enter Deep Storage, grab the note on the monitor in the first room and go upstairs. The Recycling Charge fabrication plan are in Danielle Sho’s office on a desk in the back.

Crafting weapon upgrades

The Weapon Upgrade Kit fabrication plan can be found in the Crew Quarters, but you need a few upgrades in order to get it. The room it is found in belongs to Sarah Elazar ,located in Crew Cabins A. There is a shaft next to the door that is blocked by a large box. You have the option to use “MORPH – Mimic Matter 1” or “ENGINEER – Leverage 3” to get into the room. The workstation inside has the fabrication plan for the Weapon Upgrade Kit. You gain access to the workstation with the “Hacking 2” ability.

Alternate endings

It is possible to escape the Talos I space station early in the game and get the “Abandon Ship” trophy. Since it does not count as a full playthrough, it will not count towards the “Split Affinity” trophy or the trophies for no kills, everyone killed, and no needles. It will result in a game over screen afterwards and reload your last save game. The earliest you can do it is in the “Gathering Echoes” main mission. All you have to really do is complete the “Who Is December?” side mission that started earlier in the Talos I Lobby. However, it is possible to do this without even completing that side mission. Do the following to get the alternate ending:

    1. In the Arboretum area, climb up the hill in the middle of the map and enter Alex’s office (you can use the Gloo Cannon to create a climbable path along the wall).

    2. In Alex’s office, use the Lift skill or throw a Recycler Charge to get rid of the box blocking the vent. Then, open the vent. Behind it is a safe. The safe can be hacked (requires skill), or you can get the code from completing the “Who Is December?” side mission.

    3. From the safe, grab the keycard to Alex Yu’s suite. Then, go to the Crew Quarters area.

    4. In the Crew Quarters, go up the elevator (code can be found in the storage room up the stairs to left of the area entrance). On the top floor, enter Alex Yu’s suite and get the EP101 keycard from under the globe.

    5. Go back to Alex Yu’s office on the Arboretum hill. You can see the escape pod in the distance on a metal structure. Climb to the very top of the house and shoot some Gloo to reach the steel framework. It is a bit tricky, but with proper use of the Gloo Cannon, you can make it all the way to the escape pod. Enter the pod using the EP101 keycard and escape. Later in the game, during the “Before I Give You The Key” main mission, you can extend the bridge to the pod.

There are two different endings possible at the end of the game. Note: This information contains multiple spoilers. Successfully complete the indicated tasks to view the corresponding ending:

    A Mind Without Limits: First, get the Prototype Nullwave Transmitter fabrication plan from Alex and witness the Typhon attack. Then, make sure to avoid hitting the Apex Tendrils and proceed towards Psychotronics (through Talos I Lobby). From the G.U.T.S., open up a hatch to go inside the Containment Chamber. You need to proceed to the area from the Live Exam, but beware of multiple enemies in the area. From the micro-gravity section, proceed towards the middle of the Coral and insert the Prototype Nullwave Transmitter. Next, proceed towards the Command Deck on the Talos I Bridge to meet Alex –- since you did not kill him earlier. Continue towards the console in the area. Do not let January prevent you from doing what is necessary and activate the Prototype Nullwave Transmitter. This allows you to get rid of the Typhon on the Talos I space station.

    Perdition: To view the second ending, shoot Alex to acquire the Arming Key and everything else on him. Like the other ending, you must avoid the Apex Tendrils since they deal a lot of damage. Then, go towards the Power Plant from G.U.T.S. and defeat the enemies inside. Proceed to the ground floor and go towards a panel marked on your map. This panel allows you to open up a hatch, leading you to a console. Open up the console to insert both Arming Keys and turn them. Then, proceed to Talos I Bridge and towards the Captain’s Loft to activate the self-destruction sequence. At this point, you can stay with Alex (if you saved him) and let the timer reach zero to die with him. However, there are also two ways to avoid death. The first way is to escape using Alex’s escape pod, but it requires the EP-101 keycard, found in Alex’s room in the Crew Quarters. If you have the keycard, simply fly towards the escape pod and launch it. The second way is done by going to the Arboretum and proceeding towards the Shuttle Bay. Beware there are quite a few enemies in the area. Continue towards Dahl’s command shuttle, speak to everyone, and join Dahl in the cockpit to view the cutscene.

Gathering Echoes walkthrough (all Danielle Sho’s Voice Samples)

During the “Gathering Echoes” main mission, you are tasked with finding all of Danielle Sho’s Voice Samples in the Crew Quarters without the use of Human Abilities or Typhon Powers (No Needles playthrough). If you play without skills, you cannot repair the TransCribe from Danielle’s cabin. So you must find some additional ones. After finding them all, you can open the voice lock to Deep Storage.


    Voice Sample 1: Recreation Center – 0:05
    Voice Sample 2: The Yellow Tulip – 1:05
    Voice Sample 3: Theater – 3:04
    Voice Sample 4: Looted from Emma Beatty’s body – 3:39
    Voice Sample 5: Will Mitchell’s Cabin – 5:07
    Voice Sample 6: Danielle Sho’s Cabin – 7:00
    Voice Sample 7: Abigail Foy’s Cabin – 7:49
    Voice Sample 8: Crew Habitation Pods – 8:38
    Bonus Sample: Danielle Sho’s Cabin, on the floor (requires Repair ability)

All Smuggler’s Dead Drop locations

Search the indicated locations to find all six Smuggler’s Dead Drops and get the “Black Market” trophy. Finding all Dead Drops is part of the “Talos Smuggling Ring” side quest. They are safes hanging on walls, with a red circle on them and a red light above them. The Talos Smuggling Ring side mission starts by listening to the TransCribe of Lily Morris, found in the lobby of Arboretum. You can still get all Smuggler Dead Drops during the “Before I Give You The Key” main mission. You can free roam in all areas of Talos I and go back to find missing collectibles. You can also collect them while going through the story.


    1. Arboretum – 0:05
    2. Crew Quarters – 1:27
    3. Talos I Lobby – 2:28
    4. Talos I Lobby – 3:03
    5. Hardware Labs – 3:34
    6. Cargo Bay – 4:24

All Starbender locations

Search the indicated locations to find all six Starbender series collectibles and get the “Prism Master” trophy. The first five books of the series can actually be found in multiple locations. They have three spawn points each. They will always be at all three points simultaneously — so it is not random. You only need to find each book once. The video below shows the easiest locations. All books except for the fifth one can be found in the Crew Quarters. The sixth book only has one spawn point — it is always in Alex Yu’s suite in the Crew Quarters. They can be collected in any order desired. You can still go back during the “Before I Give You The Key” main mission and free roam around the entire map. The video shows them in chronological story order so you can collect them while playing through the main story. You can track the ones you have already found in the game stats under “Data” – “Notes”.


    1. Crew Quarters – 0:05
    2. Crew Quarters – 0:46
    3. Crew Quarters – 2:30
    4. Crew Quarters – 3:39
    5. Cargo Bay – 5:12
    6. Crew Quarters – 7:26


Chipsets provide many different boosts, bonuses, and protections. After obtaining a chipset, open your Suit Chipsets or Scope Chipsets page to install it. At the start of the game, both your TranStar Uniform and Psychoscope will only have two slots for chipsets, but you will unlock more with the Suit Modification and Psychotronics skills. Since chipsets do not consume a permanent slot, it is recommended to switch them out regularly, depending on the situation. There are many chipsets available in the game. The following is a list of all the TranStar Uniform and Psychoscope chipsets in the game:

TranStar Uniform Chipsets

    Adventurer’s Toolkit v1.X: It increases the Fabrication yield, increased critical hit chance with Wrench, better flashlight, and the ability to crawl through tight spaces more efficiently.

    ARTX Propulsion Gen 2: It adds a jet boost to the Artax Propulsion System.

    ARTX Propulsion Gen 1: It increases the glide speed of the Artax Propulsion System.

    Backlash Reactor S-p58: The Backlash has a chance to deal some return-damage to the attacker.

    Battery Optimizer IMI7: It improves the battery life of the flashlight.

    Beam Shielding 19.4GHz: It decreases the damage received from the laser attacks.

    Care4Yu S-i34000x: It reduces the trauma infliction chances.

    Cell Refurb 00q-x1: It allows you to salvage additional Disruptor and Q-Beam ammunition from destroyed robots.

    D.F.A.: It allows you to damage allies and enemies by falling on them.

    EMP Shielding 19.4GHz: It allows you to receive less EMP damage.

    Etheric Shielding 19.4GHz: It enhances your resistance against Ether-based attacks.

    fSlide infBS_99: It decreases the damage received while sliding.

    Game Master’s Ire v1.X: It is the exact opposite of the Adventurer’s Toolkit v1.X and reduces all those effects.

    Grounding Resistor 19.4GHz: It enhances your resistance against Electric-based attacks.

    Heavy Gear Optimizer CRU: It increases your movement speed while aiming with the GLOO Cannon or Q-Beam.

    Hepatocytic Amp S-m186: It removes the drunken effects of alcohol.

    Impact Amp S-390: It makes Wrench attacks have a chance to knock back enemies.

    Impact Dampener CRU [v1]: It decreases damage taken from crashing during flight in zero-g.

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    INTegral Structor b5nm: It increases your suit’s resistant to environmental hazards that damage it.

    Kinesthetic Assister CRU: It allows you to regenerates stamina more quickly.

    Last Chance CoREV1: It allows you survive the life-ending attacks with 1 HP and has a five seconds cooldown.

    Leverage Assist CRU: It drastically decreases the time required to pick heavy objects.

    PolyShield CRU: It increases your defense against physical attacks.

    Prowl S-6400: It provides additional movement speed while sneaking.

    Radiation Shielding 19.4GHz: It provides radiation resistance.

    Recycler Shielding 19.4GHz: It provides a specialized shield that makes you immune to recycler charges.

    Thermal Shielding 19.4GHz: It provides resistance to fire damage.

    V-Amp .23: It allows your sneak attacks to refill a small portion of health.

Psychoscope Chipsets

    Aggressor Amp 1337Si: It slightly increases the damage of all Psi attacks.

    Coral Detector 64Si: It allows your Psychoscope to scan Coral.

    Coral Psi Extractor (*) 21.4GHz: It allows you to regenerate Psi by touching Coral.

    Electrostatic Amp +6qw5: It increases the damage of the Electrostatic Burst.

    ESP Targeting 163xf: It increases damage to marked enemies.

    FarScan 002Si: It increases the Typhon scan range of the Psychoscope.

    Fear Reactor 0322Si: It provides a small chance to trigger a Fear blast on nearby Typhon after killing a Typhon enemy.

    Fear Shielding (*) 21.4GHz: It increases resistance to Fear.

    Governor 1400Si: It increases the duration of Machine Mind and Mindjack Neuromod skills.

    Kinetic Amp +6qw5: It increases the damage of the Kinetic Blast.

    M3chT3ch dx_2.0: It reduces the repairing time.

    Mimic Detection Gen 1: It allows you to see the hidden Mimics.

    Mimic Detection Gen 2: It allows detection of hidden Greater Mimics.

    Nullwave Shielding (*) 21.4GHz: It shields the effects of the Nullwave Transmitter.

    Optimizer (Energy) 00100z: It reduces the Psi cost of Energy powers.

    Optimizer (Morph) 00100z: It reduces the initial Psi cost of Morph powers.

    Optimizer (Telepathy) 00100z: It reduces the Psi cost of Telepathic powers.

    Pistol Critical++: It increases the critical chance rate when firing pistols.

    Potentializer 23-0948Si: It increases maximum Psi pool by 50.

    Psi Reflect >(*)< rev609-1: It provides the chance to reflect a Psi attack.

    PsiV-AMP .24: It allows sneak attacks to restore a small amount of Psi.

    Psychoactive Charger S-i286: It slowly regenerate Psi over time.

    Psycholitic Converter =/~: It allows you to use your HP to cast powers when the Psi meter is empty.

    Psychoshock Amp +6qw5: It increases the amount of damage done by Psychoshock.

    Psychoshock Shielding (*) 21.4GHz: It grants resistance to Psychoshock.

    ReActivator x2t-00: It decreases the cooldown time of Psi powers.

    RecoverE++ 2094i: It enhances the regeneration rate of health.

    Shotgun Critical++: It increases the critical chance rate when firing the shotgun.

    SpeedScan 001Si: It decreases the amount of time needed to complete a scan.

    Superthermal Amp +6qw5: It increases the amount of damage done by Superthermal.

    Wrench Critical++: It increases the critical chance rate when attacking with a wrench.

    Zero Point Psi 19-03weOS: It provides a chance to cast a Psi power without any cost.

Easy “A Different Side Of Yu” and “It’s Alive!” trophies

These two trophies can easily be combined. To get the “A Different Side Of Yu” trophy, buy the “Phantom Shift II” Typhon Power (if you have a scope chipset for faster scanning, you only need Phantom Shift I). Then, equip your Psychoscope, cast Phantom Shift, turn around, and scan your phantom double. Using this skill creates a phantom shape of yourself that can be scanned for the trophy. To get the “It’s Alive!” trophy, buy the “Phantom Genesis I” Typhon Power (requires you to first buy Phantom Shift I). Cast Phantom Genesis on any human corpse to summon a creature that will fight for you. Dead bodies are found almost everywhere throughout the game. To unlock “Shift”, scan Etheric Phantoms. To unlock “Genesis”, scan Weavers. Etheric Phantoms are dark ghostly shapes walking on two legs, often encountered later in the game. Weavers are large flying creatures with yellow mist around them and appear frequently throughout story missions. Scan all enemies you come across to unlock the various Typhon Powers.

Easy “Adrift” trophy

You can rescue Dr. Igwe during the “This Side Up” main mission. This is a timed event and missable. After escaping from Deep Storage, you will be floating in outer space and have to reach the Cargo Bay. Just as you reach the Cargo Bay, the “Rescue Dr. Igwe” side mission will pop up. It will automatically mark a container floating in space. The container has the number “2312” printed on it. Fly over to the nearby workstation (by the Cargo Bay) and enter the container number “2312”. Then, choose “Dock Shipping Container” to rescue Dr. Igwe and get the “Adrift” trophy.

Easy “Ball Lightning” trophy

This trophy is a bit glitchy. It may not unlock when hitting just two Operators with one Electrostatic Burst. You may need to hit up to five in one blast. If it does not unlock, you just need to hit more at once. Operators are flying drones that use flamethrowers or laser beams to attack you. At the end of the game, there will be Military Operators everywhere on the map. The best place to get this is in the “Help Luther Glass” optional side mission. It unlocks when you free roam in Talos I Lobby during “The Repo Man” main mission. The “Help Luther Glass” mission leads you into a room with lots of Military Operators. Buy the “Electrostatic Burst” (Level III recommended) Typhon Power, and shoot it at the floor near 5-6 Operators. The Level 3 Electrostatic Burst has the most range, so it is significantly easier to hit multiple Operators at once. You can also do it with the Level 1 version, but it may take a few more tries. Create a quick save before entering the room with the Operators so you can retry if something goes wrong.

Easy “Best Served Cold” trophy

This can be done in the “Crew Quarters” area. There is a man hiding in the kitchen called “Will Mitchell”. Kill him to get the “Best Served Cold” trophy. You go there for the first time during the “Gathering Echoes” main mission. The explanation for this is the guy posing as the kitchen chef is not who he says he is. His real name is Luka and he murdered another crew member called Abby. By killing him you avenge Abby.

Easy “Coffee Break” trophy

The secret stash is located in the “Hardware Labs” area in the “Dr. Calvino’s Workshop” room. You enter this room automatically during the “Through A Glass Darkly” main mission — and that is the earliest you can go there. Inside Calvino’s Workshop is an item called “Dr. Calvino’s Tumbler”. It is on a large red toolbox. Grab it and carry it to the opposite side of the room. Place it on the small radio console to open the secret stash and get the “Coffee Break” trophy. One way to figure this out is by watching the second video tape on Calvino’s computer (the one you have to interact with as part of the main mission). During the video, you can see where he places the tumbler.

Easy “Dear Future Self” trophy

There are a total of 11 messages required to get the “Dear Future Self” trophy. Three of them are automatically unlocked during the story (videos that you have to watch as part of main objectives). Six are audio files that are found on the PC in Morgan Yu’s suite on the top floor of Crew Quarters (can go up there using the elevator; requires keycard found in your office in Talos I Lobby). One is found in the safe of Alex’s office in the form of a TranScribe collectible called “I Keep Having This Dream” (you can hack it with the hacking skill or get the code from the “Who Is December?” side mission). The final one is found in the form of a TranScribe collectible called “If Things Go Sideways” at the end of the game inside Alex’s bunker, during “The Keys To The Kingdom” main mission. You will have to go there to get the aiming key from Alex Yu.

Easy “Deprogramming” trophy

This can be done during the “Gathering Echoes” main mission in the “Crew Quarters” area. Scan the mind-controlled humans in this area with the Psychoscope to unlock the “Psychoshock” and “Mindjack” skills. Then, buy those two skills with Neuromods and use Mindjack on a mind-controlled human. It will instantly knock out the human and unlock the “Deprogramming” trophy.

Easy “Escape Velocity” trophy

This trophy requires the “Morph I” and “Kinetic Blast I” Typhon Powers. Go to any point where you can fall down 20 meters. The roof of Alex’s office in the middle of Arboretum works well. Drop a small object from your inventory (like a crafting resource), use “Morph” to transform into the object, and “Kinetic Blast” to blast yourself over the ledge. You must stay in the air for 20 meters or more to get the “Escape Velocity” trophy. This has to be done in normal gravity; you cannot do it in low-gravity areas. Kinetic Blast is unlocked by scanning Phantoms and Morph by scanning Mimics.

Easy “I And It” trophy

To get the “I And It” trophy, all humans must die by your hands. Make sure to kill all mind-controlled humans yourself. Do not let them explode their own heads or allow the environment to kill them (happens if they walk into fire or electricity), and make sure no other enemy kills them by accident — if any of this happens it voids the trophy. Check your statistics after each kill to make sure it counted (view “Human Kills”). The best way to kill humans is to sneak up behind them, use the Disruptor stun gun, then kill them. Do not leave humans to die on their own in side mission — kill them yourself (rescue Dr. Igwe from the container so he does not suffocate, then shoot him when you meet). Danielle Sho cannot be killed (even though it shows her being alive at security terminals, she can be ignored). You must kill everyone by the end of the “Before I Give You The Key” main mission. If done correctly, you will get a new side mission from Dahl when he arrives, called “Showing Initiative”. There are four mind-controlled humans that can only be killed during this mission. Make sure you create a backup manual save before uploading data to Alex’s PC in the “Before I Give You The Key” main mission. If Dahl does not give you the mission, you have done something wrong and need to reload the manual save to track down the remaining humans. The following is a list of all human encounters in chronological order:

    Trevor J. Young [0:17]: He is a mind-controlled human test subject in Talos I Lobby (Trauma Center – Quarantine room).

    Frank Jones and Emmanuella DeSilva [1:54]: In the Shuttle Bay, you can can interact with the Escape Pod Console to kill them both. After viewing the second video in your office in Talos I Lobby, a flying drone named January will give you the General Access Keycard. Use this keycard to enter the Shuttle Bay through Talos I Lobby (path behind elevator). While in the Shuttle Bay, proceed straight ahead to where the large monster is flying around. Turn left and proceed through the door, then downstairs to the Escape Pods.

    Aaron Ingram [4:23]: A test subject in Psychotronics. There is a computer near his test chamber that can be used to kill him or let him out and shoot him in the head.

    Arborteum (Greenhouse) [5:20]: Three mind-controlled humans are found in the Greenhouse of Arborteum.

    Crew Quarters [6:40]: 18 mind-controlled humans are walking around this area. Shoot them before they kill themselves (head explosion). This is extremely easy to miss. It is recommended to make a lot of quick saves in this area.

    Will Mitchell (aka Luka) [9:46]: He is the kitchen chef in Crew Quarters. Kill him through the window.

    Dr. Igwe [13:03]: He is an optional character that must be rescued during the “This Side Up” main mission. Afterwards, you meet him in the Cargo Bay and can shoot him in the head.

    Sarah Elazar and her security officers [14:58]: You meet them during the “Shipping And Receiving” main mission in the cargo bay (eight total people).

    Mikhaila [16:09]: She is found in the Power Plant area, after opening the door of the cooling chamber and before going to the reactor room. She is sitting on the floor of an office. Shoot her in the head.

    Life Support [17:01]: Four mind-controlled humans that can only be found during the “Showing Initiative” side mission. This mission is given to you by Dahl. You must have killed all humans listed above before Dahl arrives (so everyone except Dahl and Alex Yu). Dahl arrives after the “Before I Give You The Key” main mission is complete. Create a manual save before completing this mission. If Dahl does not give you the “Showing Initiative” side mission, you have missed a human and need to go around to double check.

    Dahl [20:13]: During the “Incapacitate Dahl” side mission, shoot him in the head.

    Alex Yu [21:18]: You meet him near the end of the game, outside his office bunker.

Easy “Intrinsic Value” and “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” trophies

This is best done in the “Hardware Labs” station (area names are displayed when viewing the world map or saving the game). In this station there is a side room called “Ballistics Lab”. There are two recycler charges inside. To get the “Inrinsic Value” trophy, throw a recycler charge and walk into it to instantly die and get the trophy. To get the “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” trophy, throw the recycler charge around the tables, chairs, and boxes in the Ballistics lab. The recycler will suck them in and turn them into crafting resources. You can do this wherever enough tiny objects are nearby. Offices are usually a good place because they have lots of tables, chairs, and collectable objects.

Easy “Makeup Exam” trophy

The test rooms are located in the “Neuromod Division” area. You go there at the beginning of the game. However, it is not possible to get the trophy until much later in the game. Once you automatically unlock the Typhon Powers during the “Detour” main mission, unlock and buy the following three Typhon Powers: Kinetic Blast I, Mimic Matter I, and Remote Manipulation I. To unlock powers, scan enemies with the Psychoscope (just scan every enemy you encounter). Once you have those three skills unlocked, return to the test rooms from the start of the game. Later in the story, you will go back to the Talos I Lobby and from there can go to the Neuromod Division (same way you took during the main mission). There is a computer near the test rooms. Use the computer to reset the test. Destroy the window to get into the room and do the following to get the “Makeup Exam” trophy:

    Room A: Use Kinetic Blast power on the canisters.
    Room B: Use Mimic Matter power on the chair.
    Room C: Use Remote Manipulation power on the blue button.

Easy “Mimesis” trophy

This trophy requires the “Mimic Matter” Typhon Power. It allows you to transform into any object you target (chairs, tables, etc.). Mimics do the same thing (hide in plain sight by mimicing solid objects). Use the Psychoscope to scan the environment for Mimics posing as objects (this tool is obtained automatically in the “Detour” main mission). Buy Mimic Matter (Morph skill tree) in the Neuromods menu and use it on the Mimic from afar. Then, transform into the same object as the Mimic to get “Mimesis” trophy. This can be done in the “Crew Quarters” area during the “Gathering Echoes” main mission, but it can also be done in many other places. Mimics are the most common enemies and appear in lots of places. Note: The Mimic is not allowed to see you. If you get too close, it will run away and you cannot use the skill while the mimic is in its black goo shape.

Easy “Mimic Massacre” trophy

There are very limited opportunities to kill five mimics in five seconds. The best place is in Psychotronics, on level 3 in the “Labs A” room. There is a glued window in the lab. Behind it are five mimics sitting in one room. Create a manual save, then shoot open the window, throw a Typhon Lure (lures all enemies to one spot), and throw a Recycler Charge (sucks in all enemies and kills them instantly). You can also shoot or melee the enemies once they are standing at the lure. They will not attack you while the lure is active. If something goes wrong, reload the save game. Typhon Lures and Recycler Charges can be found nearby. Typhon Lures are in Lab B and Recycler Charges are in the secret hall behind the Director’s office (level 2, use his PC to open the secret path). You can still return to this area at the end of the game (enter from Talos I Lobby, same way you went in the story).

Easy “No Show” trophy

This can be done at the start of the game. After starting a new game, the first thing you will have to do is put on your suit and go to the rooftop where a helicopter is waiting. Jump on the front of the helicopter and then into the blades to instantly die and get the “No Show” trophy.

Easy “Suicide By Proxy” trophy

This can be done during the “Speak With January” main mission in the “Talos I Lobby” area. When returning to your office for the second time to view a video, you will be greeted by a flying drone called January. It will drop a keycard and Neuromod. Destroy the drone to get the “Suicide By Proxy” trophy. It is recommended to then reload the last auto save after getting the trophy because killing January could void the “I And Thou” trophy.

Easy “Tee One Up” trophy

First, buy the Kinetic Blast I and Lift Field I Typhon Powers. Then, use the Lift Field on an enemy to cause them to float in the air for a short period of time. Kill the floating enemy to get the “Tee One Up” trophy. To unlock Lift Field for purchase, a total of three Poltergeist enemies must be scanned. The earliest you can do this is during the “Gathering Echoes” main mission in the “Crew Quarters” area. There are a lot of Poltergeists in that area. They are invisible, but you will know they are there when you are all of a sudden lifted in the air, or if furniture comes flying at you. Always have the Psychoscope equipped to scan them. Explore the Crew Quarters carefully to find three of them.

Easy “The Gates Of Hell” trophy

This can only be done in the “Shipping And Receiving” main mission, during the defense of Cargo Bay B. To open the cargo bay door, you must first complete the “Cargo Bay Defenses” side mission that tasks you with placing three turrets at Cargo Bay B. As soon as you open the door, lots of enemies will come charging out to attack you and the allied security officers. The turrets will do most of the work, but you should also throw a Nullwave Transmitter and shoot them with your shotgun. The faster the enemies die, the less risk they pose to your allies. None of the security officers are allowed to die during the defense. It is highly recommended to play on Easy difficulty for this (difficulty can be changed in game options at any time) since enemies die much quicker on this difficulty. Also, create a manual save game before placing the three turrets so you can keeping retrying until you get “The Gates Of Hell” trophy. You can also craft additional turrets if you have trouble.

Easy “Thoughts Can Kill” trophy

This can be done during the “Gathering Echoes” main mission in the “Crew Quarters” area. Scan the mind-controlled humans in this area with the Psychoscope to unlock the “Psychoshock” skill. Then, buy this skill with Neuromods and use Psychoshock on a mind-controlled human. It will instantly kill the human and unlock the “Thoughts Can Kill” trophy.

Easy “You Rang?” trophy

Buy 2-3 Typhon Powers to make a Nightmare enemy spawn. Then, kill the Nightmare and wait 5-10 minutes (do not move, just wait) until you get a call from January (assuming you did not kill him earlier). This will trigger the “Mixed Signals” side mission. Successfully complete this side quest. First, go to the Hardware Labs and repair a console. It requires the “Repair III” ability (costs 13 Neuromods to unlock) and 8 Spare Parts. The rest of the quest is easy — just follow the waypoint markers to install a chip on a satellite in outer space. This unlocks two audio logs that you can play to attract/repel the Nightmare. Go back inside (Hardware Labs or any other area), open your inventory, and go to “Data” – “Audio Logs” – “Satellite Signal: Attract Nightmare”. Play this signal to get the “You Rang?” trophy.


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Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    TranStar Employee of the Year (Platinum): You acquired all the trophies.
    Do No Harm (Silver): You completed the game without killing any Humans.
    I and It (Bronze): You killed every Human on or around Talos I.
    Mimic Massacre (Bronze): You killed (5) mimics in 5 seconds.
    Dead Calm (Bronze): You killed an enemy while using Combat Focus.
    Mimesis (Bronze): You mimicked a Mimic.
    Shapeshifter (Bronze): You mimicked (20) or more unique objects.
    Know Thine Enemy (Bronze): You acquired a Typhon power.
    Know Thy Self (Bronze): You acquired a Human ability.
    No Needles (Gold): You completed the game without ever acquiring any Typhon power or Human ability.
    Split Affinity (Gold): You completed the game once acquiring only Typhon Powers and again acquiring only Human abilities.
    Engineer (Bronze): You repaired at least (20) objects on and around Talos I.
    Operator (Bronze): You hacked at least (20) objects on and around Talos I.
    Deprogramming (Bronze): You used Mindjack to free a mind-controlled Human.
    Tee One Up (Bronze): You killed an enemy while they were Lifted.
    Escape Velocity (Bronze): You blasted yourself as an object for at least 20 meters in normal gravity.
    It’s Alive! (Bronze): You created a Phantom using Phantom Genesis.
    Thoughts Can Kill (Bronze): You used Psychoshock on a Human.
    Ball Lightning (Bronze): You used Electrostatic Burst to drop two or more Operators at once.
    TranStar Gourmand (Bronze): You consumed one of every type of food and drink on Talos I.
    Cold Dead Hands (Bronze): You fully upgraded a weapon.
    Reduce, Reuse, Recycle (Bronze): You used a single Recycler Charge to recycle at least 20 objects.
    Missing Persons (Silver): You located all employees on Talos I.
    Press Sneak (Silver): You read all the emails on Talos I.
    Psychometry (Silver): You found and listened to all TranScribe recordings.
    A Different Side of Yu (Bronze): You scanned your Phantom Shift duplicate with the Psychoscope.

Additionally, there are 23 secret trophies:

    I and Thou (Gold): You completed the game in the most empathetic way possible.
    Intrinsic Value (Bronze): You recycled yourself.
    No Show (Bronze): You died to helicopter blades on your first day on the job.
    Awkward Ride Home (Bronze): You escaped Talos I aboard Dahl’s shuttle with only Dahl.
    Push the Fat Guy (Bronze): You killed Alex.
    Abandon Ship (Bronze): You fled Talos I aboard Alex’s escape pod before completing your mission.
    Self-Incriminating (Bronze): You found out what happened to Mikhaila’s father and let her know.
    Brain Trust (Bronze): You helped Igwe, January, and Mikhaila meet in your office.
    Dear Future Self (Bronze): You found and listened to all the messages you left for yourself.
    Best Served Cold (Bronze): You killed Luka and avenged Abby.
    Suicide by Proxy (Bronze): You killed January.
    Open Says She (Bronze): You used Danielle’s voice samples to access Deep Storage.
    This Never Happened (Bronze): You performed an apto-regressive neurotomy on Dahl.
    Facsimile (Bronze): You met January for the first time.
    A Friend in Need (Bronze): You recovered Mikhaila’s booster shots and healed her.
    Prism Master (Bronze): You read the entire Starbender series and don’t regret it.
    The Gates of Hell (Bronze): You completed the Shipping and Receiving objective and no human lives were lost
    Adrift (Bronze): You rescued Dr. Igwe from a cargo container.
    Black Market (Bronze): You found all the smuggler’s dead drops.
    You Rang? (Bronze): You used the Psychotronics satellite to dismiss or summon the Typhon Nightmare.
    Makeup Exam (Bronze): You returned to the Simulation Lab and completed the tests in Rooms A, B, and C.
    Coffee Break (Bronze): You found Dr. Calvino’s secret stash.
    Gift to the World (Silver): You found Gustaf Leitner’s Connectome for Dr. Igwe.
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