PS Now Currently Requires a 5Mb/s Internet Connection

PS Now Currently Requires a 5Mb/s Internet Connection

In a hands-on article featured on PlayStation.Blog.Us, it is said that Sony’s new PlayStation Now game streaming service is currently estimated to require a 5Mb/s internet connection in order to have a good gaming experience while using it, which may not be a problem for most, but it may certainly be a problem for some.

As the service heavily relies on a decent internet connection to provide you with proper functionality, your overall experience may depend on how stable / strong your internet connection is, which won’t be good if you have an unstable connection or a slow-speed connection, or even a bandwidth cap (like I used to). Seeing as it still in its early days, it’s a possibility that the connection requirements may be lowered to allow for a broader user base, but striking the balance between user accessibility and functionality may be tricky, as internet connects aren’t consistent everywhere.

On the other hand, though, it is said that what was demoed of the service at CES 2014 is looking pretty promising–the four games that were the guinea pigs ( Beyond: Two Souls , God of War: Ascension , The Last of Us and Puppeteer ) all allegedly performed without a hitch, with latency apparently being a non-issue across the board.

It is also reported that some visual artifacts, similar to what you may see in a high-quality internet video, were visible. It is to be expected when streaming something that visual quality may be decreased in some way, and considering that PS Now is still in early development, it’s possible that that kind of concession may be stamped out or at least smoothed out by the time it officially launches this summer in the US.

The PS Now team will be collecting user feedback from the participants of the service’s Closed Beta, and will likely release additional information closer to the service’s release. In amongst that information will hopefully be information on PS Now coming to Europe, which Sony has confirmed they are still working on .

PlayStation Now is Sony’s new Cloud-based game streaming service that’s similar to the concept of OnLive. Using PS Now, you will be able to stream popular PlayStation 3 titles, though it is said that PlayStation 4, PlayStation 2, and original PlayStation titles will be added to the service later down the line. The service will be coming first to the PS4, then to the PS3 and then to the PlayStation Vita. The service will begin its Closed Beta test in the US at the end of January, with a full released slated to arrive in the US by this coming summer.

Source: PlayStation.Blog.Us .

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