Resident Evil HD Remaster Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PlayStation 4 (PS4)

Resident Evil HD Remaster Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PlayStation 4 (PS4)

Resident Evil HD Remaster


Note: This game is also titled BioHazard HD Remaster .

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Invisible Enemy mode

Successfully complete Real Survivor mode to unlock Invisible Enemy mode. In this mode, all enemies are invisible.

Once Again… mode

Successfully complete the game to unlock Once Again… mode.

One Dangerous Zombie mode

Successfully complete the game with both Chris and Jill on the Normal or higher difficulty on the same saved game file to unlock One Dangerous Zombie mode. In this mode, zombified STARS member Forest Speyer will appear with grenades strapped to his vest. If you shoot him, the game will instantly be over.

Real Survivor mode

Successfully complete the game on the Normal difficulty to unlock Real Survivor mode. In this mode, all item crates are not linked.

Rocket launcher

Successfully complete the game on the Normal or Hard difficulty in less than three hours to unlock the rocket launcher with unlimited ammunition.

Samurai Edge

Successfully complete the game on the Normal or Hard difficulty in less than five hours to unlock the Samurai Edge with unlimited ammunition.

Alternate costumes

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Successfully complete the game while rescuing two STARS members. After the credits end, the phrase “You’ve got the special key” will appear on the screen. Save the game, then start the game that was just saved. Enter the room with the large mirror on the second floor of the mansion. Unlock the door in the back. Enter the closet, and go all the way to the end of the rack of clothes. A message asking “There is an outfit that fits you perfectly, do you want to put it on?” will appear. Select “Yes” to change your character’s outfit. Note: To change change costumes with Rebecca, first have Chris open the closet door with the Special Key. Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding costume:

    Chris’ Code Veronica costume: Successfully complete the game twice with Chris.
    Chris’ or Rebecca’s The Mexican costume: Successfully complete the game once with Chris or Rebecca.
    Jill’s Resident Evil 3 costume: Successfully complete the game twice with Jill.
    Jill’s Sarah Connor costume: Successfully complete the game once with Jill.

Killing Plant 42

Chris can save ammunition when fighting Plant 42 by using the combat knife. It only require approximately 12 hits with the knife to kill it.

Logging onto the computer

To log in to the computer in the lab, and unlock the B1 and B2 areas, use the following passwords:

    1st: John
    2nd: Ada
    3rd: Cell

Herb mixtures

The following herb mixtures are possible, and give the indicated effect. Note: You cannot mix more than one Blue or Red Herb in a mixture, and you cannot add a Red Herb or Blue Herb to two Green Herbs already mixed together.

    Green: Heals 25% of health
    Green + Green: Heals 60% of health or randomly heals 8% (Danger only)
    Green + Green + Green: Heals 100% of health
    Green + Red: Heals 100% of health
    Green + Blue: Heals 25% health and heals poison, or randomly restore 40% (Danger only)
    Green + Green + Blue: Heals 60% health and heals poison, or randomly heal 80% (Danger only)
    Green + Red + Blue: Heals 100% health and heals poison

Saving ammunition

While playing as Chris or Jill, stand behind the statue in the room above the dining room. When the zombies come up on the other side, they will try to walk through the statue, allowing you to easily knife them to death.

While playing as Jill at the beginning of the game, do not shoot the first zombie that is standing over Kenneth’s body. Instead, run into the dining room. Barry will speak to Jill before the zombie comes though the door. Barry will shoot it three times, blowing off its head.

Secret Tofu message

Play on the Easy difficulty. When you have to enter the passwords into the computer in the Laboratory at the end, enter “MOLE” to hear a special message from Tofu.

Developer message

Successfully complete Invisible mode in five hours or less to view the following developer message in the credits:

Thank you for taking to play all the way through “Biohazard”. (Resident Evil) If you’re reading this letter, I salute you! You are truly a remarkable player! I imagine you must have had some pretty memorable experiences along the way. The pain of seeing the “Game Over” screen time after time… The sweet taste of victory after you finally beat the game… The feelings of camaraderie you shared with your characters… The excitement… and the overwhelming sense of dread. We believe that games are more than just the product of a team of developers. It takes the support of dedicated players like you to make a game worthwhile. For this reason, we are truly delighted when someone enjoys one of our games as thoroughly as you have. Therefore, on behalf of the entire staff, please allow me to express our gratitude and congratulate you on a job well done! Thank you very much for playing! Shinji Mikami Dev Team Representative

Easy “Bravo, Rebecca” trophy

Save Richard with the Serum. While facing the snake, allow it bite you in order to get poisoned. After leaving the room, Rebecca will appear and take the Serum for Chris.

Easy “Every Nook And Cranny” trophy

It is possible to visit all places on all maps while trying to get the good ending. You must pick up everything in all maps. The map has an indicator, and a room becomes green once it is completely cleared. Do not leave any uncleared room. Note: Make sure not to miss an ammo box (grenades with Jill or shotgun shells with Chris) that becomes reachable only after you liberate your partner.

Easy “The Survival Horror” trophy

This must be done in a single game session. Take note of where you put useful items to save time when backtracking. Play as Jill to have access to eight item slots. Play smartly and plan ahead to avoid as much damage as possible. Save the game before dangerous areas.

Easy “What A Great Guy” trophy

Pick up the shotgun, leave the room (without using the broken shotgun), and Barry will appear to save Jill.


Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Platinum Splattin’ ‘Em! (Platinum): Earn all trophies.
    Like Taking Candy from a Baby (Bronze): Finish the game on Very Easy difficulty or higher.
    Not in the Mood to Die (Bronze): Finish the game on Easy difficulty or higher.
    Take that, Zombies! (Bronze): Finish the game on Normal difficulty or higher.
    We’re in This Together (Silver): Finish the game with Jill and Chris.
    You da Man, Chris (Silver): Finish the game using Chris.
    Alpha Team’s Finest (Silver): Finish the game using Jill.
    Get Used To It (Bronze): Die for the first time.
    First Kills Are Special (Bronze): Defeat a zombie.
    Not Taking Any Chances (Bronze): Burn up a zombie.
    Don’t Stop Running (Silver): Finish the game in three hours.
    Racing and Pacing (Silver): Finish the game in five hours.
    CQC FTW (Silver): Finish the game using only your knife (no lighter, Defensive Items, and stomping zombie heads).
    Ink is for Squids (Silver): Finish the game without saving.
    Starsenal (Silver): Obtain all weapons (must load grenade launcher with all shell types).
    Passion for Fashion (Bronze): Obtain all costumes.
    Every Nook and Cranny (Bronze): Visit all places on all maps.

Additionally, there are 29 secret trophies:

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    Oh, the Horror (Silver): Finish the game on Hard difficulty.
    The Survival Horror (Silver): Finish the game in Real Survival mode.
    Ghost of a Chance (Gold): Finish the game in Invisible Enemy mode.
    Not Just Any Object (Bronze): Obtain the Stone & Metal Object using Chris.
    Herbicide (Bronze): Defeat Plant 42 using Chris.
    Written Word is Dead (Bronze): Obtain the “Last Book Vol. 2” using Chris.
    An End to a Poor Girl’s Misery (Bronze): Defeat Lisa Trevor using Chris.
    Grave Digger (Bronze): Defeat a Crimson Head prototype1 using Jill.
    The Key Master (Bronze): Obtain the Helmet Key using Jill.
    Giant Snake Got Nothin’ (Bronze): Defeat Yawn using Jill.
    Where the Magic Happens (Bronze): Break into the laboratory using Jill.
    Who’s the Hunter Now? (Bronze): Defeat a Hunter.
    Bravo, Rebecca (Bronze): Save Chris using Rebecca.
    What a Great Guy (Bronze): Save Jill using Barry.
    Delaying the Inevitable (Bronze): Save Richard with a serum.
    That Was Nice of You (Bronze): Save Rebecca from a Hunter.
    Trust Him (Bronze): Save Barry from Lisa Trevor.
    Sorry I Made You Wait (Bronze): Save Jill from confinement using Chris.
    Sorry About the Wait (Bronze): Save Chris from confinement using Jill.
    The Nightmare Ends (Silver): Finish the game saving Rebecca and Jill using Chris.
    I’m a Member of S.T.A.R.S. (Silver): Finish the game saving Chris and Barry using Jill.
    Every Man for Himself (Silver): Finish the game without saving anyone using Chris.
    Every Woman for Herself (Silver): Finish the game without saving anyone using Jill.
    Seeing Red (Bronze): Defeat a Crimson Head.
    Not Waiting to Exhale (Bronze): Survive your first encounter with Yawn.
    Deep Sixed (Bronze): Defeat mother Neptune.
    Spider Sense (Bronze): Defeat Black Tiger.
    Break Out the Marshmallows! (Silver): Burn up two zombies at the same time with the lighter.
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