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Siegecraft Commander Achievements

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Full Speed Ahead (100 points): Crash air units into each other.
    SAM Site (100 points): Shoot down an air unit with a keg.
    Booster Shot (50 points): Kill a tower with a full power trebuchet shot.
    Got Milk? (100 points): Catch a cow with a dragon.
    Gibbed (100 points): Destroy 10 units with a single keg.
    Deconstruction (50 points): Destroy a tower with a building projectile.
    Spiteful Last Words (100 points): As a tower is being destroyed, fire a projectile and destroy an enemy tower.
    Too Many Eggs In This Basket (100 points): Get 5 tower kills by destroying the tower it is linked to.
    Cows Go Moo When They Boom (50 points): Change a cow into a mad cow.
    Lockdown (100 points): Chain 4 Towers with a single Hex Curse.
    Blitzkrieg (50 points): Hit 8 friendly units with the haste spell.
    Winter War (100 points): Hit 10 enemy units with the freeze spell.
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