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Skylanders: Imaginators Achievements

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Off and Running! (10 points): Complete Cradle of Creation on any difficulty.
    Two Down! (10 points): Complete Mushroom River on any difficulty.
    Road Scholar (10 points): Complete Scholarville on any difficulty.
    Storm Stopper (10 points): Complete Shellmont Shores on any difficulty.
    Battleship Borrower (10 points): Complete Sky Fortress on any difficulty.
    Fizz Fixer (10 points): Complete Fizzland on any difficulty.
    Hardcore Gamer (10 points): Complete Golden Arcade on any difficulty.
    Brainwash Buster (10 points): Complete Dragon Temple on any difficulty.
    Cake Maker (10 points): Complete Abandoned Amusement Park on any difficulty.
    Foiled Again (10 points): Complete The Lair of Kaos on any difficulty.
    No Madness For You! (20 points): Complete 3 Adventures in Mausoleum of Madness or Danger Dungeon.
    Great Gladiator (20 points): Complete 3 Adventures in Battlefield Blitz, the Battleship, or Operation: More War.
    Local Liberator (20 points): Complete 3 Adventures in Calamity City or Trouble Town.
    Just Getting Started (10 points): Unlock your first Sensei Elemental Realm.
    What? No Damage??? (50 points): Cradle of Creation: Complete the Gong Challenge without taking any damage.
    I’ll Take the Next One (20 points): Mushroom River: Leave Eruptor on a raft to ride down the river alone.
    Demolitionist (20 points): Scholarville: Explode 15 Exploding Barrels and Crates.
    Banananas! (20 points): Shellmont Shores: Eat five bunches of bananas.
    Wrecking Baller (20 points): Sky Fortress: Use the wrecking ball to destroy every crate on the Vulture Cargo Ship.
    Fizzy Landscaping (20 points): Fizzland: Remove 9 trees with fizzy bottles.
    King of Cake (20 points): Golden Arcade: Score over 4000 points in the Candy Cake Gumdrop Land video game.
    The Ultimate Tourist (20 points): Dragon Temple: Visit every island when descending from the temple.
    No Hill Too Steep! (20 points): Abandoned Amusement Park: Destroy 25 falling boulders.
    Big Winner! (20 points): The Lair of Kaos: Break Kaos’ Gameshow scoreboard by scoring too many points.
    Savior of Skylands VI (150 points): Complete Story Mode on any difficulty setting.
    Self Reflection (20 points): Take a Selfie on the Hall of Selfies.
    Star Voyager (20 points): Complete all three Star Objectives on any chapter.
    K-TROLL King (20 points): Beat 10 Troll Radio challenges.
    Lock YES! (10 points): Solve 10 Lock Puzzles.
    Clash Titan (10 points): Win 10 Creation Clash Matches.
    Gong Bonger (20 points): Complete 3 Battle Gong challenges.
    Secret Spelunker (10 points): Go down a rabbit hole on the M.A.P.
    No Longer a Noob! (10 points): Earn 5 Objective Stars.
    Getting Serious Here (20 points): Earn 10 Objective Stars.
    Whoa! That’s High! (80 points): Earn 20 Objective Stars.
    Black Belt (50 points): Level up any Sensei to level 20.
    Sky-Chi for Ye (10 points): Open a Sensei Shrine.
    Imagine All That Imaginite! (50 points): Open 50 Imaginite Chests.
    Ooh – rare! (10 points): Acquire a Rare weapon and equip it to an Imaginator.
    Really Is Epic (10 points): Acquire an Epic weapon and equip it to an Imaginator.
    Not a Myth Anymore! (20 points): Acquire an Ultimate weapon and equip it to an Imaginator.
    Fear the Gear! (80 points): Equip an Imaginator with all Ultimate Gear.
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