Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PC

Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PC

Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 All collectible locations

Search the indicated locations to find all 31 collectibles (8 Historic Rifles and 23 Things From The Past) and get the “No Stone Left Unturned” achievement. You also unlock two other achievements for finding 25% and 50% of all available collectibles. None of the collectibles are missable. You can still get them all after completing the story. After the last mission, the game places you back in free roam mode so you can keep working on achievements. To view the collectibles you have found, pause the game and select “Journal”, then “Collectibles”. They are all listed with a unique name so it is easy to see which ones are missing and which ones have been found. The collectible locations get marked on the map when you are close to them. After picking up the collectible, the icon will disappear from the world map. The collectibles are placed in your safe house as decorations. The historic rifles cannot be used as weapons; they are just decorations for your safe house.

Mining Town

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    1. Things From The Past: Descent of Holy Spirit Icon – 0:05
    2. Things From The Past: Bronze Rhyton – 0:29
    3. Historic Rifle: M21 SWS – 1:09
    4. Things From The Past: Thin Bracelets – 1:44
    5. Things From The Past: Bear Figurine – 2:20
    6. Things From The Past: Agate Necklace – 2:43
    7. Historic Rifle: L115A3 Long Range Rifle – 3:06
    8. Historic Rifle: Ross Rifle – 4:11
    9. Things From The Past: Golden Pin – 4:46
    10. Things From The Past: Wooden Cross – 5:13
    11. Things From The Past: Jesus Icon – 5:40


    12. Things From The Past: Garnet Bracelet – 6:06
    13. Things From The Past: Triptych with Deesis – 6:36
    14. Things From The Past: Lion Bowl – 7:48
    15. Things From The Past: Ancient Georgian Coins – 8:07
    16. Things From The Past: Dagger of Imereti – 8:28
    17. Things From The Past: Clay Icon – 9:10
    18. Historic Rifle: Mosin-Nagant M/28-30 – 9:28
    19. Things From The Past: Bronze Pendant – 10:52
    20. Things From The Past: Axe-Head – 11:11
    21. Historic Rifle: MN M91/30 without scope – 11:41


    22. Historic Rifle: Mosin-Nagant M1891-30 – 12:30
    23. Things From The Past: Sword of Anicetus – 13:15
    24. Things From The Past: Christ Priest – 13:39
    25. Historic Rifle: Baker Rifle – 14:03
    26. Things From The Past: Agale Necklace – 14:23
    27. Things From The Past: Golden Necklace – 14:51
    28. Things From The Past: Feminine Necklace – 15:56
    29. Historic Rifle: Berdan Rifle – 16:18
    30. Things From The Past: Copper Diadem – 16:40
    31. Things From The Past: Circassians Kama – 17:04

Easy “Blown Up” achievement

Simply fly your drone into a mine to get the “Blown Up” achievement. There is a mine field at the following location (27.43;13.77 coordinates) in the “Dam” region. You reach this region automatically later in the game.

Easy “Long Shot” and “Marksman” achievements

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First, buy and equip a x10 scope in the safe house. This can be done after the first story mission. Interact with the weapon cache in the safe house to buy and attach the scope. In the game options, enable “Aim Assistance” and “Sniper Red Dot Aim Helper”. While holding your breath, it will display a small yellow dot. This dot marks where the bullet will hit. The dot turns red when it is going to hit an enemy. Go to the location in the video, lie down, aim at the enemy, and hold your breath. Point the aim helper at the enemy’s head and shoot. You may want to stand very close to your screen to see the head. If you do not get the “Long Shot” and “Marksman” achievements, quit out to the main menu and select “Continue”. It will make the enemies respawn (but only if you have not cleared out the entire enemy base).

Easy “Point Blank” achievement

Sneak up to an enemy from behind (unnoticed) and kill him with a shot from the sniper rifle from three feet or less to get the “Point Blank” achievement. Once the takedown/interrogation prompt appears, you should be close enough. This works well on lone enemies such as snipers. It can also be done on the first two enemies in the prologue.

Easy “Treasure Island” achievement

On the right side of the open world map, there is a big lake (far east and about halfway up the map) at the following location . The second biggest island in the middle of the lake contains a large box. Loot this box to get the “Treasure Island” achievement. You can go there at any time after completing the prologue.

Easy “Triple Kill” achievement

The best place to kill three enemies with one bullet is Daitbora Estate, an enemy base on the “Mining Town” map. It is very close to your safe house, to the southwest of it (coordinates: 25.11;20.70) at the following location . If you have already cleared out the camp, fast travel to a different map (Village/Dam — they are unlocked later in the story) and the enemies will respawn. Three enemies are guarding the entrance to a building. Two of them are walking around a little bit and they always meet up every 60 seconds or so. A third one is standing still behind them. Wait for the two enemies to stand close together, line up the third and kill them all with one headshot. If you have armor piercing ammo (unlocked later in the story), you can do a body shot. If you fail, let the enemies kill you and they will respawn. Alternately, lure the enemies together by throwing stones, with the drone’s lure module, luring bullets, or with a decoy trap. There are many ways to lure enemies. The enemies at Daitbora Estate have scripted movement so they will always work.

Steam achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select “Community”, “My profile”, “View all my games”, then the game and view stats.

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    Endgame: Complete Fourth Act.
    Marshall: Neutralize 100% from the Most Wanted list in one playthrough.
    No Stone Left Unturned: Find all Collectibles in one playthrough.
    Archeologist: Find 50% Collectibles in one playthrough.
    Cat Killer: Complete 20 Point of Interest in one playthrough.
    Local Hero: Dam: Complete all Side-Ops on Dam in one playthrough.
    Local Hero: Mining Town: Complete all Side-Ops on Mining Town in one playthrough.
    Local Hero: Village: Complete all Side-Ops on Village in one playthrough.
    Sheriff: Neutralize 75% targets from the Most Wanted list in one playthrough.
    The Castling: Complete Third Act.
    Triple Kill: Kill 3 Enemies with 1 bullet.
    Aerial Recon: Fly 5 km with your Drone in one playthrough.
    Assassin: Do 5 Stealth kills in one playthrough.
    Blown Up: Drone destroyed by Traps.
    Bounty Hunter: Neutralize 25% the Most Wanted list in one playthrough.
    Bullet Sponge: Survive 250 hits in one playthrough.
    Crab Walk: Move 1 km crouching in one playthrough.
    Curiosity Killed the Cat: Distract 5 Enemies with Luring Bullet in one playthrough.
    Death From Above: Kill 5 Enemies from above in one playthrough.
    Death From Below: Kill 5 Enemies from below in one playthrough.
    Deputy: Neutralize 50% targets from the Most Wanted list in one playthrough.
    DIY Enthusiast: Craft item from each category at least once in one playthrough.
    Drone Warfare: Unlock all Drone modules.
    Enemy of my Enemy: Complete Second Act.
    Environmentally Unfriendly: Drive 10 km in one playthrough.
    Ghost Hunt: Complete First Act.
    Gunslinger: Own all Sidearms.
    Hiker: Complete 5 Point of Interest in one playthrough.
    Long Shot: Kill an Enemy from a 500 meters distance..
    Manual Labor: Use Crafting for the first time.
    Mark the Prey: Tag 5 Enemies with Tagging Bullets in one playthrough.
    Marksman: Do a headshot from 500 meters using scope 10x.
    Pheidippides: Run 10 km in one playthrough.
    Point Blank: Do a short distance Sniper Rifle kill.
    Scout Sniper Basic Course: Complete Prologue.
    Sharpshooter: Own all Primary Weapons.
    Shot Down: Drone destroyed by Enemies.
    Survivalist: Hunt and collect 10 Organic Samples in one playthrough.
    The White Death: Kill 5 Enemy Snipers in one playthrough.
    Third Degree: Do 5 Interrogations in one playthrough.
    Treasure Hunter: Find 25% Collectibles in one playthrough.
    Treasure Island: Open the Loot Box on the Island.
    Trooper: Own all Secondary Weapons.
    Trouble Seeker: Complete 10 Point of Interest in one playthrough.
    Turn On the Wipers: Kill 5 Enemies while driving in one playthrough.
    Voyeur: Tag 5 Enemies with the CCTV in one playthrough.
    You Can Run But You Can’t Hide: Kill an Enemy with a Sniper Rifle shooting through a wall.
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