Sony Reveals Firmware Update 3.10 Details; Limited Facebook Functionality Confirmed

Sony Reveals Firmware Update 3.10 Details; Limited Facebook Functionality Confirmed


Today, over on the official PlayStation Blog, Eric Lempel Director of PlayStation Network Operations outlined exactly what consumers can expect from the next PS3 firmware update (v. 3.10).

In addition to more user-friendly, thumbnail photo view and revamped friends list access and display, Sony PS3 owners will now be able to link their Facebook accounts to their PS3 in order to keep friends apprised of their Trophy exploits and recent PSN purchases.

Facebook integration is in its “beginning” stages, so expect more expanded content in future updates. As of right now, the experience is more similar to what you were able to do in Uncharted 2 for Twitter. Of course, the PS3 has a fully functioning web browser, so you can always get access to everything Facebook has to offer by simply getting online via your PS3

Below you’ll find the official word, as posted on the PlayStation Blog, as well as a video demoing the highlighted functionality of firmware 3.10.

Blog Post:

Hi everyone, here’s an early peek at PlayStation 3 (PS3) firmware update (v3.10). The latest update incorporates Facebook into the PS3 experience. By linking your PlayStation Network account to your Facebook account, you will have the option for the PS3 to automatically update your Facebook News Feed with Trophy and PlayStation Store activity. This update also enables developers to set specific criteria in their titles to publish additional game information to your News Feed. You can then check out your updates, and those of your friends, on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media favorites through the PS3’s built-in web browser.

This is just the beginning of our integration with Facebook and we are looking forward to adding new features enhancing the experience in future updates.

Additional highlights from update 3.10 include:

  • The Photo category on the XMB has been revamped to make it easier to see more of your photos stored on the PS3.
  • The PSN Friends List has been modified based on feedback we received after update 3.00. Additionally, you can now choose a color for your PSN ID on the XMB.

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