The Best RPGs Made With RPG Maker

The Best RPGs Made With RPG Maker

When it comes to developing indie games, potential devs have a plethora of options. Unity, Unreal Engine, Godot, Gamemaker, and many more. If you’re looking for something incredibly simple to make a game there is no better option than RPG Maker. Making an RPG is very hard to do and this engine simplifies the process so much even a child can create the game of their dreams. This simplicity is the reason why most RPGMaker games are shovelware asset flips but if you know where to look there are some hidden gems. Here are some of the best RPGs made with RPG Maker.

Knight Bewitched

©Screenshot of Knight Bewitched's Battle Scene

  • Release Date — April 18, 2018
  • Release Platforms — Windows
  • Steam Score — 9/10 (Very Positive)
  • Developed byJoshua Keith

At the top of the list, we have Joshua Keith’s sapphic RPG, Knight Bewitched. The game is a turn-based jRPG that follows the love story of a witch and the knight tasked to slay her. The game received an Enhanced Edition that includes new features, a mostly new OST, and other new content. Many fans praise the game for its well-written romance, funny fourth-wall-breaking jokes, and its deep RPG mechanics. Joshua Keith has many other games to his name but none of them has reached the greatness of Knight Bewitched according to Steam reviews.

The game isn’t perfect, however, with some critics criticizing the character arcs. Some fans enjoy the simple romantic tale told whereas others wish the game would’ve gone deeper. All in all, the game is under 5 USD and goes on sale frequently. If you want a classic RPG built around two women falling in love this game is for you.

Symphony of War

©Symphony of War Screenshot

  • Release Date — June 10, 2022
  • Release Platforms — Windows
  • Steam Score — 10/10 (Very Positive)
  • Developed byDancing Dragon Games

If you prefer Strategy RPGs then RPGMaker has you covered with the phenomenal Symphony of War. The game drops players in Tahnra, a land completely savaged by war. The game is very reminiscent of more popular sRPGs like Fire Emblem and any fan of those games will probably love this game as well. It isn’t often for an RPGMaker game to break out of the RPGMaker community and find mainstream success. This game is praised by fans for its party and item system, its balanced combat, and its well-written game guide, which can be purchased as DLC.

Naysayers believe the game doesn’t have enough combat opportunities. Critics have faulted the game for having a predictable story and some performance issues. If you’re not already versed with other turn-based RPGs, the game may not seem very accessible to you. All in all, this game is still worth a try because despite its critics the praises of the game are screamed loudly.

Weird and Unfortunate Things Are Happening

©Gameplay Screenshot of Weird and Unfortunate Things Are Happening

  • Release Date — February 6, 2023
  • Release Platforms — Windows
  • Steam Score — 9/10 (Very Positive)
  • Developed bySapphire Dream Games

Moving away from the fantasy setting of the previous entries is Weird and Unfortunate Things Are Happening. This turn-based RPG is not only set in a more modern setting it pulls from the survival genre of games. Players must scavenge for healing items and other resources while mastering the tactical combat. The game can be completed in under 20 hours and it is completely free for those who are interested. This game is one of two free games on the list. The game is loved by many people on Steam.

The game is seen as an underrated gem by those who have played it. Fans praise its amazing soundtrack, its Earthbound-esque feel, and its charming characters. Many people also love the fact the developer took the time to release such a great product for free. Some critics believed the game’s story was a bit underbaked and the combat became tedious by the end. But despite that, most of the people who played this title love the vibe and characters enough to roll the credits.

Jimmy and the Pulsating Mass

©Jimmy and the Pulsating Mass Overworld Screenshot

  • Release Date — August 7, 2018
  • Release Platforms — Windows
  • Steam Score — 9/10 (Very Positive)
  • Developed byKasey Ozymy

Another game that has an Earthbound feel is Jimmy and the Pulsating Mass. SNES-era jRPGs, like Earthbound, Final Fantasy V, and the Breath of Fire series influence this title. The game takes place in the dream of an eight-year-old boy on an adventure to save his family. Fans and critics alike love this title for its humor and story. It’s one of the more unique games on this list but when something is a bit out there in its presentation it draws in more harsh critics.

The influence of older games gave the game older problems that some gamers aren’t too fond of. The game has been criticized for being a bit grindy. Also, the game takes great pride in its powerful themes and enemy design but has a habit of beating the themes over your head to the point where it doesn’t have the same effect. Those who have seen the game’s ending tend to love what they experienced but some people are lost due to outdated game design.


©Combat screenshot of Dashbored

  • Release Date — June 13, 2016
  • Release Platforms — Windows
  • Steam Score — 8/10 (Very Positive)
  • Developed byFading Club

DashBored is an interesting title. The Steam page about section is listed as a bizarre RPG and I think that’s the best way to put it. DashBored is bizarre. This game is not for everyone but if you’re able to enjoy its eccentric tale and story it’s easy to become obsessed with it. This game is a cult classic in every sense of the word. Fans love the amount of personality this title exudes. It feels as if the developer poured themself into the game’s world and characters.

Fans praise the game’s characters and world the most with a smaller amount of people praising the game’s plot, soundtracks, and endings. However, the game has many issues according to some critics but I feel that’s to be expected with a game this personal. Some people feel like this game is too similar to other more popular indie RPGs. The game has faced criticism for being inconsistent in its quality but as I said before. This game is not for everyone but if its for you, you’ll love it to pieces.

Lunar Lux

©Lunar Lux Cutscene Screenshot

  • Release Date — September 25, 2023
  • Release Platforms — Windows
  • Steam Score — 9/10 (Very Positive)
  • Developed byCosmicNobab Games

Fans of anime and games like Mega-man Battle Network will adore LunarLux. This title is an action-adventure RPG that takes place on the moon. You play as Bella as she fights to find a way to destroy a comet about to wipe out all life. The game is loved for its beautiful art and soundtrack. Its battle system is polished and is influenced by some of the best battle systems the genre has to offer. The game also is decently replayable with its difficulty options and speedrun accessibility.

Despite the greatness this game has to offer, it has its missteps as well. Reviews on Steam criticize this game’s writing. Some players find it predictable at best and cheesy at worst. The game isn’t completionist-friendly and as polished as the combat is it becomes a slog in the end game. Lunar Lux also makes use of bullet-hell mechanics in its combat which is a big turn-off for some players. No matter what though, I feel like this game deserves a chance.

In Stars and Time

©In Stars And Time Screenshot

  • Release Date — November 20, 2023
  • Release Platforms — Windows, Nintendo Switch
  • Steam Score — 10/10 (Overwhelmingly Positive)
  • Developed byinsertdisc5

Debatably the most successful title on this list, In Stars and Time is something special. The game has been praised by many gaming publications including Noisy Pixel and IGN. The game tells the story of found family. Friends who are bound together by fate and their failures. In Stars and Time is a bit darker than other games on this list as it explores themes of trauma, violence, and self-harm. Despite its dark themes the game resonates with fans and critics.

Fans praise the game for its themes and how it handles the time-loop cliche. The characters are all complex and fit perfectly into the story the developer is trying to tell. Fans see themself in this game and characters which is a victory for any independent developer. Some critics don’t like the game’s slower pacing. Others have expressed the feeling that they are too old for this game’s writing and quirks. The game is marketed towards a younger audience but that does not mean its bad by any means. Give it a try and decide for yourself.

Pokemon Reborn

©Pokemon Reborn Battle Transition

RPGMaker is also used sometimes for fan games. Pokemon Reborn is one of the most popular fan games released with the RPGMaker engine. Originally the game was based around an in-community online league and then it developed into a full-fledged Pokemon game. The game is so popular it even inspired other Pokemon fangames. Pokemon Reborn is praised for its darker take on the Pokemon formula as well as its many features. The game introduces Field Effects and a new battle mechanic that incentivizes unusual strategies.

The game even has fully functional online servers allowing players to battle each other online. This feature alone puts it a cut above other RPGMaker games. Pokemon Reborn is perfect for fans of Pokemon who are looking for something new to put hundreds of hours into. If you’re even a tad bit curious this title is for you.

Astra Hunter Zosma

©Astra Hunter Zosma screenshot

  • Release Date — January 5, 2024
  • Release Platforms — Windows
  • Steam Score — 8/10 (Positive)
  • Developed byTorch60

Torch60 is a developer who is known for releasing charming, well-rounded video games. Astra Hunter Zosma is no exception. This title is a short treasure-hunting RPG that is designed around dungeon exploration and exploring the friendship of Zosma and their best friend. Astra Hunter Zosma is perfect if you’re looking for something short to play in between releases. It is also a free title.

Fans of Torch60 love the quality of the games they release and the fact that they are all free. The game is praised by nearly every single review of it on Steam. Fans consider it a hidden gem. A story that’s beautifully written with music that’s flawless. Those on the fence can find many reviews recommending this little title for anyone interested in the RPG genre. A single player seemed to have some problems with game crashes but his criticisms should be taken with a grain of salt. It seems he has been the only person to have reported this problem. All in all this game is worth giving a shot if you have the time and storage space for it.

Final Profit: A Shop RPG

©Final Profit Screenshot

  • Release Date —  March 6, 2023
  • Release Platforms — Windows
  • Steam Score — 9/10
  • Developed byBrent Arnold

Rounding up the list is the phenomenal Final Profit: A Shop RPG. This game isn’t an RPG in the traditional sense but it is filled to the brim with RPG elements. Final Profit is story-driven and closer to shop simulation games. Gaming publications have compared it to the property-buying minigame of Yakuza 0 and I couldn’t agree more. The game is massive and feels as if it’s continually building to something in its narrative and mechanics.

Fans praise the game for its quirky approach to character and storytelling. The developer is incredibly dedicated to polishing this title to be the very best game it can be. Player freedom is an important pillar of the game’s design and many players applaud it for that. The mechanics don’t land for everyone though. If you’re not completely sold on a 30+ hour experience managing property then you might not enjoy it as much. But the fact that the developer is so passionate about it and willing to incorporate negative feedback into future updates makes this game a must-play in my book.

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