Tribes: Aerial Assault Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PlayStation 2 (PS2)

Tribes: Aerial Assault Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PlayStation 2 (PS2)

Tribes: Aerial Assault

Ping value

While online, press Select + R2 to display your ping value. The lower the ping value, the better.

Secret statue

Start a one player bot match. Set “Bots” to “Off” and “Max Team” to “1”. Choose the Slapdash level under the CTF heading. Go to the vehicle station and get yourself a jet (easier to see). Follow the perimeter of the level (next to the out of bounds wall) until you reach a clearing in the top right corner. Get out and look in the area to find a statue.

Free health

Get a repair pack. After doing so, if you are in a vehicle and it blows up you are left with very little heath. To fix this, press Circle to get the repair pack then hold L2 to make it work. You should get your health back.

Infinite armor

Play in two player mode and go to the edge of the boundaries. Stand next to the boundaries and have the second player shoot and kill you in the back. You will be pushed past the boundaries and regain health from the first death and die from the second, but the CPU will mark you as dead and you will have unlimited health.

Infinite ammunition

Get heavy and log in the blaster as the only gun. Have no pack and no grenades. Then, load your base healer guns as none. Go to the base healer and activate. You will have every gun with no ammunition, but can still shoot.

Quick ammunition

If you are in need of ammunition and do not have an ammo pack (but for example have an energy pack), on some maps there are bunkers with packs in them. If you do not have an ammo pack and there is one on the ground, swap for whatever pack you have to get instant ammunition. You can do this back and forth as many times as needed.

Repair vehicles

To repair your vehicles, get a repair pack from a station or remote station. Select your vehicle, then use it to your liking. When it gets damaged from enemies, get to a safe spot. Use the repair pack to restore your vehicle’s armor bar.

Extra Turrets

Use the following trick if your base defense is not working or the Turret limit is at maximum. Note: You need a level with ships. Get a transport and land it near your base backwards. Those that have Auto-turrets on the back will shoot as long as they have a target. Note: If you get two transports, one will disappear because it is one ship.

Easy capture the flag

In campaign mode on the sixth or seventh level, there is a capture the flag game. If you go directly right from your base, you will go over some mountains then see a stone structure. Go to it. Once there, you will find a laser rifle. From where you found the laser rifle, move down towards the enemy base. Go to the hills to the right of the base. You will have a very good perspective of the base. They might catch you and start going after you — ski down the hill and use your get at the end of the hill. Go to the tower to steal their flag. Also, change your weapon when they find you (the laser rifle is poor at close range). Get to your base as soon as possible and score 2 points. You can do this repeatedly until time runs out.


On the Onslaught mission, the best strategy for surviving the Derm Forces is to simply repair the generator, then repair the two turrets. One is on a hill and another is up towards the roof opening. After that is accomplished, go up to the roof opening where the flag is located in the capture the flag games, Then, go to the nearest Inventory Station and select Medium Armor. Select your pack as Remote Turret. Deploy two turrets on each end of the turret side of the base and deploy a few more where each opening to the basement is located (near each of the Inventory Stations). Then, hide and let your Mortar Turrets (you should have switched them at the beginning) and Remote Turrets do all the work. After the first wave is over, switch to the Heavy Armor (Juggernaut Armor) with a Shield Pack (activate it frequently).

Satchel charges

On the first deathmatch, get to the tower. There will be satchel charges that you can plant.

Picking off enemies

There are many floating patches of land that are some times useful to pick off enemies. Some of the soldiers will see you before they get killed and start shooting underneath you. If this happens, jump off, spin, and while in the air, shoot him.

Run over enemy for fast kills

Set the map to be a capture the flag level and make sure it has flat land, but a long stretch between the bases. There can be mountains, but make sure the path back and forth is just flat land. A good example would be Katabatik (a snow level). Get your vehicle to a fighter and set it to third person vehicle under the player menu during game play. This allows you to see where you are driving a lot more than in a first person vehicle. Drive around in the air between the bases, but stay away from the enemy bases. They will more than likely have a heat seeking turret waiting for you. When an enemy approaches your base, fly down and hit him from above, from in front, from behind, or from the sides. It will instantly kill him if done correctly. It can sometimes be difficult, but will be easy most of the time.

Anti-theft system

Use the following trick to prevent your fighter, bomber, or other vehicle from being stolen online. Place a satchel charge in the cockpit or seat and detonate it when you cannot find your ship. Note: If you die, the charge disappears and if you shoot it, it will explode.

Air Fighter bomb

This trick works best if you have two people, since you can have double the power. Damage yourself to the point where one hit would kill you, then damage the fighter the same way. To perform the entire trick, practice your dodging skills in the fighter jet. Have both you and your friend plant a satchel charge on the front of the fighter. Get into the fighter and fly to there base. Find a good target and fly into it. You and both satchels will explode. Your body will go flying, and the target will more than likely be eliminated until the other team heals or replaces it.

Human bomb

This trick only works if you are playing a two player botmatch with a friend or two player online. You need someone next to you in real life so you can tell them what you are doing. Get a satchel charge and plant it on them. If there is something that needs to be blown out of the way, tell them where to go, carry them on a transport, or lead them with a fighter jet or hover bike. Have them drop down by the target, then press the activator button. This causes the satchel to go off, blowing up your partner, with a slight chance of blowing up the target. You may need to repeat this a few times.


Get a Satchel Charge and Mine Grenades from an inventory station. Go to where you want to place the “supermine”. Next, look straight up and throw the charge. The mine should land directly on top. Find a good observation point and watch as someone sets it off.

Floating Fighter

To make your Fighter float in mid-air, fly as high as desired. Thrust directly up, then just get out and try to land on the back for front of the Fighter. If done correctly, the Fighter will float in the air. You can do this trick to pick out other players trying to sneak into your base. Note: If you fall off, step into the cockpit, or have more then one person on the Fighter, this will not work. This also requires some practice.

Single player Botmatch survival and fighting tips

Use the following tactics to stay alive longer in a battle and get a good number of kills and points before you die. Always set your Inventory to Medium Armor and guns to Spinfusor, Chaingun, Missile Launcher, and the Blaster. Save the Blaster for last — since it runs on jetpack fuel, you have unlimited ammunition for it. Next, set your Pack to Repair Kit. When injured badly, hide in a mountain pit on the sides and use this to regain energy, then continue your assault. It also makes for healing your Base Turrets and Sensors. Set your Grenades to Flares (in case Heat Seeking Missiles target you or a fellow teammate. Set your Vehicle to Fighter, since it has agility, powerful Twin Heavy Blasters, and is easy to control. Now that you are set up for battle, get to an Inventory Station. Get equipped, then get to the Vehicle Station and hop into your Fighter. You are ready for combat. Use the following tricks for a better chance of a successful assault. Use your Fighter to fly over there, shooting at any enemy target that you see. Get to their base, and if a Heat Seeker starts to lock on to you, quickly land your jet somewhere safe. Get to the top of a mountain where you have a good view on their base and they can see you. Stealth is always the key to survival. Do not blow your cover. Stand there, use your lock on, and shoot at targets. To increase your chances, locate their main Sensors and Base Turrets and destroy them. If there is no one in your way and you are feeling lucky, try to make a run for their base. Get in there and take out their generators to slow them down a lot more. Then, get back to your hideout, making sure no one is following or watching you. The AI opponents will not remember where you respawn. If you are playing online, get in your fighter and break back for the base, because you will survive too much longer.

Turrets and armor

The following turrets are best against the corresponding armors:

    Missile Turret: Light and Medium armor.
    Plasma Turret: Devastating to Heavy Armor as well as Light and Medium.
    Mortar Turret: Heavy armor.
    Anti-Aircraft Turret: All armors.
    Sentry Turret: Note: You cannot deploy it. The Sentry Turret destroy anything and is best avoided.

Secret conversation options

In order to say things to other players not previously capable of such as “Repair me”, “I need a ride”, and others, create a character to your liking. Then, in your buddy list enter ” CHAT-TEST “. Note: This code will only work in the rooms marked “Inevitable” with an arrow pointed towards them.

If you add ” CHAT-TEST ” to your buddy list, Square will be mapped to the “Voice Chat” function. The operation which was previously assigned to Square will no longer be available. For controller configurations A and B, Square is “Target Lock”, and for configurations C and D it is “Negative”. Press the Square activate the Voice Chat interface. Groups of words and phrases will appear around the reticle. The right side button cluster (Triangle, Square, Circle, and X) selects from among the groups presented. Green text indicates that another set of choices will follow. Blue text represents the final selection. You cannot move while the Voice Chat menu is active. If you want to abort a Voice Chat sequence, press R2. All of the Voice Chat selections have audio, and half of them have text. The audio and text generated by the Voice Chat system is only available on dedicated servers (which usually have an arrow in the server name). Note: The Voice Chat interface will function on non-dedicated servers, but there will be no audio or text. If you would like to remove support for the Voice Chat test and restore the normal functionality of Square, remove ” CHAT-TEST ” from your buddy list, go to the controller configuration screen and make sure that your desired control configuration is in place, then save your warrior afterwards to preserve the restored controls. Alternately enter ” EXPERT-A ” or ” EXPERT-B ” (for control setting “A” or “B”, respectively) in your buddy list. Note: CHAT-TEST ” cannot be in your buddy list. In addition to the previous secret conversation options, you can now throw away items.

Open the conversation menu by pressing Square. This will not work for player two and will prevent you from using target lock if your configuration is set to either “A” or “B”. With this in mind, you may just want to go to rooms with green arrows pointing at them, because they never have target lock. Once you press Square to active the chat options, use the following commands to say what you need faster:

Sequence Text Audio
Triangle (4) No “Yes.”
Triangle (3), Circle Yes “Hi.”
Triangle (3), X No “No.”
Triangle (2), Circle (2) Yes “Bye.”
Triangle (2), Circle , X Yes “Oops…”
Triangle (2), Circle , Square No “Quiet!”
Triangle (2), X (2) Yes “Shazbot!”
Triangle (2), X , Square Yes “Woohoo!”
Triangle (2), X , Triangle (2) No “Anytime.”
Triangle (2), X , Triangle , Circle No “Don’t know.”
Triangle (2), X , Triangle , X Yes “Thanks.”
Triangle (2), X , Triangle , Square No “Wait up.”
Triangle (2), Square , Triangle (2) No “HAHAHAHA!”
Triangle (2), Square , Triangle , Circle No “I got your number! I got all your numbers!”
Triangle (2), Square , Triangle , X No “Eat my plasma!”
Triangle (2), Square , Triangle , Square No “Awww…too bad.”
Triangle (2), Square , Circle , Triangle Yes “Good game!”
Triangle (2), Square , Circle (2) Yes “You rock!”
Triangle (2), Square , Circle , X Yes “Great shot!”
Triangle (2), Square , Circle , Square Yes “I love it!”
Triangle (2), Square (2), Triangle No “I’m on it!”
Triangle (2), Square (2), Circle (2) Yes “Hi.”
Triangle (2), Square (2), Circle , X No “HAHAHAHA!”
Triangle (2), Square (2), Circle , Square No “Awww… Too bad.”
Triangle (2), Square (2), X Yes “I love it!”
Triangle (2), Square (3), Triangle No “I got your number! I got all your numbers!”
Triangle (2), Square (3), Circle Yes “Woohoo!”
Triangle (2), Square (4) Yes “Move! Move! Move!”
Triangle , Circle , Triangle No “Destroy enemy vehicle!”
Triangle , Circle (3) No “Attack!”
Triangle , Circle (2), X No “Attack the enemy base!”
Triangle , Circle (2), Square Yes “Recover our flag!”
Triangle , Circle , X , Triangle No “Destroy the enemy generator!”
Triangle , Circle , X (2) No “Disrupt the enemy defense!”
Triangle , Circle , X , Square Yes “Get the enemy flag!”
Triangle , Circle , Square , Triangle No “Destroy enemy sensors!”
Triangle , Circle , Square , Circle Yes “Destroy enemy turrets!”
Triangle , Circle , Square (2) No “Reinforce the offense!”
Triangle , X , Triangle No “Reinforce our defense!”
Triangle , X , Circle (2) No “Defend our sensors!”
Triangle , X , Circle , X No “Defend our turrets!”
Triangle , X , Circle , Square No “Defend our vehicle!”
Triangle , X (2), Triangle No “Defend our entrances!”
Triangle , X (3) No “Defend our base!”
Triangle , X (2), Square Yes “Cover our flag carrier!”
Triangle , X , Square , Triangle No “Defend our generator!”
Triangle , X , Square , Circle Yes “Cover me!”
Triangle , X , Square (2) Yes “Defend our flag!”
Circle (2), Triangle Yes “Repair our vehicle station!”
Circle (4) Yes “Repair our base!”
Circle (3), X Yes “Repair our generator!”
Circle (3), Square Yes “Repair me!”
Circle (2), X Yes “Repair our sensors!”
Circle (2), Square Yes “Repair our turrets!”
Circle , X , Triangle No “Retake our base!”
Circle , X , Circle (2) No “Our base is secure.”
Circle , X , Circle , X No “Our base is taken!”
Circle , X (2) No “Our base is clear.”
Circle , X , Square Yes “Enemy is in our base!”
Circle , Square , Triangle Yes “Enemy generator destroyed.”
Circle , Square , Circle (2) Yes “Enemy remote equipment destroyed.”
Circle , Square , Circle , X Yes “Enemy sensors destroyed.”
Circle , Square , Circle , Square Yes “Enemy turrets destroyed.”
Circle , Square , X Yes “Enemy vehicle station destroyed.”
Circle , Square (2), Triangle No “Enemy is disrupted. Attack!”
Circle , Square (3) Yes “Enemy base disabled.”
X , Triangle (3) No “Yes.”
X , Triangle (2), Circle No “No.”
X , Triangle , Circle (2) No “Anytime.”
X , Triangle , Circle , X No “Is our base secure?”
X , Triangle , Circle , Square No “Cease fire!”
X , Triangle , X , Triangle Yes “Move! Move! Move!”
X , Triangle , X (2) No “No clue.”
X , Triangle , X , Square Yes “Help!”
X , Triangle , Square , Triangle No “Thanks.”
X , Triangle , Square , Circle No “Wait up.”
X , Triangle , Square (2) Yes “Sorry.”
X (2), Triangle No “Give me the flag.”
X (2), Circle (2) Yes “Retrieve our flag.”
X (2), Circle , X Yes “Our flag is secure.”
X (2), Circle , Square No “Take the flag from me.”
X (3) Yes “Defend our flag.”
X (2), Square Yes “I have the enemy flag.”
X , Square , Triangle (2) No “Vehicle needs escort.”
X , Square , Triangle , Circle Yes “Gunship ready, need a ride?”
X , Square , Circle (2) No “Hold that vehicle, I’m coming!”
X , Square , Circle , X No “Need a pilot for turbo grav!”
X , Square , Circle , Square No “I need a ride!”
X , Square , X , Triangle No “Need a tailgunner!”
X , Square , X (2) Yes “Where to?”
X , Square , X , Square No “Need vehicle support.”
X , Square (2), Triangle No “Need covering fire.”
X , Square (2), Circle No “Need a driver for ground vehicle.”
X , Square (3) No “Need a bombardier.”
Square , Triangle (2) Yes “Target acquired.”
Square , Triangle , Circle (2) No “Target the enemy base, I’m in position.”
Square , Triangle , Circle , X Yes “Target destroyed.”
Square , Triangle , Circle , Square No “Target their flag, I’m in position.”
Square , Triangle , X (2) No “Fire on my target.”
Square , Triangle , X , Square No “Need a target painted.”
Square , Triangle , Square , Triangle No “Target their turrets, I’m in position.”
Square , Triangle , Square , Circle No “Wait, I’ll be in range soon.”
Square , Triangle , Square (2) No “Target their sensors, I’m in position.”
Square , Circle , Triangle Yes “Watch where you’re shooting!”
Square , Circle (2) Yes “Incoming bomber!”
Square , Circle , X Yes “Incoming hostiles!”
Square , Circle , Square Yes “Incoming vehicles!”
Square (2), Triangle (2) Yes “I’ll defend our base.”
Square (2), Triangle , Circle (2) Yes “I’m defending.”
Square (2), Triangle , Circle , X Yes “I’ll defend our flag.”
Square ,(2), Triangle , Circle , Square No “I’ll defend our generator.”
Square (2), Triangle , X No “I’ll defend our sensors.”
Square (2), Triangle , Square , Triangle No “I’ll defend our vehicle station.”
Square (2), Triangle , Square (2) No “I’ll defend our turrets.”
Square (2), Circle , Triangle Yes “I’ll repair our vehicle station.”
Square (2), Circle (3) Yes “I’ll repair our base.”
Square (2), Circle (2), X Yes “I’ll repair our equipment.”
Square (2), Circle (2), Square Yes “I’ll repair our generators.”
Square (2), Circle , X Yes “I’m on repairs.”
Square (2), Circle , Square , Triangle Yes “I’ll repair our turrets.”
Square (2), Circle , Square (2) Yes “I’ll repair our sensors.”
Square (2), X , Triangle Yes “I’ll deploy remote equipment.”
Square (2), X , Circle (2) Yes “I’ll deploy sensors.”
Square (2), X , Circle , X Yes “I’ll deploy turrets.”
Square (2), X , Circle , Square No “I’ll get a vehicle ready.”
Square (2), X (2) Yes “I’ll cover you.”
Square (2), X , Square , Triangle No “I’m on it.”
Square (2), X , Square (2) Yes “I’ll deploy sensors.”
Square (3), Triangle Yes “I’ll go for the enemy flag!”
Square (3), Circle (2) Yes “I’ll attack the enemy generator!”
Square (3), Circle , X Yes “I’ll attack the enemy sensors!”
Square (3), Circle , Square Yes “I’ll attack the enemy turrets!”
Square (3), X Yes “I’ll attack the enemy vehicle station!”
Square (4), Triangle Yes “I’ll attack the enemy base!”
Square (5) Yes “I’ll attack!”
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