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ESRB Rating: Teen 3.5 - 3.9 = Good

It's clear that the developers put quite a bit of hard work into this game, rather than just hashing out a DS version of an already-created console title. The most obvious example of this, of course, is that it's a platformer rather than an action game. But another example is that The Simpsons Game employs the DS touch screen occasionally -- and uses it surprisingly well. For example, a special ability of Lisa's involves using a mystic hand to pick up items and manipulate objects. For this task, the touch screen is put to work -- you use the screen to pick up random objects and throw them at foes. While this may not seem particularly exciting, the game actually implements ideas like this quite well, and they provide a breath of fresh air in an otherwise tedious (albeit admittedly fun) gaming experience.

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The graphics and sound are also surprisingly good, especially seeing as this is a licensed game. The game's visuals are decidedly cartoony, and do a fantastic job of really emulating the feel of the show. The music, likewise, does a great job of pulling enjoyable aspects from the show and inserting them in the game. The tunes are catchy and fun, and combined with the graphics really serve to immerse you in the fictional town of Springfield.

Another slight problem with The Simpsons Game is that it's clearly not geared toward the hardcore gamer. The game is fairly short -- around six to eight hours of gaming time. It's also pretty straightforward and easy. As mentioned before, the game is quite linear and simplistic. Those of you that have played platformers before will have no trouble breezing through this game in a few hours. It's an easy game and a short one: a pretty deadly combination when it comes to whether or not to purchase a game. In fact, unless you're a huge Simpsons fan, I wouldn't recommend purchasing this one; instead, give it a rent. It offers some fun gaming, but you'll beat it to easily to make it worth a 30 dollar purchase.

Overall, while it does sport some flaws, The Simpsons Game for the DS is a solid gaming experience. Platformers may be an overdone genre of games, but The Simpsons Game does a decent job of providing a good game, while not necessarily an innovative one. The graphics and music are fantastic and do a great job of supporting a slightly stumbling gameplay mechanic. And overall, while there are a few significant problems, The Simpsons Game is fun enough to be worth the time you spend to play it.

By Joseph Catalanotto
CCC Freelance Writer


  • Play Your Favorite Characters - Battle enemies and save Springfield while playing as your favorite dysfunctional TV family: Homer, Bart, Lisa, Marge and even Maggie Simpson.
  • The Real Simpsons - With the actual voice actors from the TV show and movie reprising their roles, characters from The Simpsons Game sound exactly as they should.
  • Unique Character Abilities - While The Simpsons family have general abilities that can be used to fight opponents, interact with environments, and finish puzzles, each one has been imbued with special abilities that are unique to their personalities. These abilities grow and change as they progress through the story to battle tougher and tougher enemies in their quest to save Springfield!
  • Looks Like The Simpsons - Using innovative 3D into 2D technology, the developers have been able to recreate Springfield and the entire cast of The Simpsons as the most visually authentic Simpsons game to date.
  • Featuring Favorite and Original Springfieldeans! - The Simpsons Game features over 100 of your favorite Simpsons characters from the show along with 50+ new characters that were inspired by the fiction.
  • An Original Episodic Adventure - The Simpsons Game features a 100% original script from the writers of the show with four distinct acts divided into 16 episodes and over 8,000 lines of dialogue.
  • Springfield Hub - The open-world Springfield was designed as a central locale to jump into episodes with iconic locations to visit, characters to be visited and interact with, and hundreds of collectibles to be found.
  • Co-op Play - With two members of the Simpsons family involved in each episode, all episodes can be played cooperatively in addition to being played in single-player mode. Play by yourself and switch between characters to solve the various puzzles or have a friend come over, pick up a controller and drop-in drop-out of any episode they choose.
  • Collectibles - Roam throughout the episodes and Springfield itself to discover custom video game clichés and unique collectibles for each member of the Simpsons family. Collectibles lead to trophies that increase your family's powers, and can be viewed in your trophy rooms back at home on Evergreen Terrace.
  • Time Challenges - Every episode can be replayed, and each unlocks a unique Time Challenge. Use the skills you've learned throughout the game to beat target times over 16 individual Time Challenges.
  • Enjoy more than 6,000 lines of dialogue and 16 chapters of hilarity.

    For DS graphics, they're surprisingly good. The visuals are a throwback to the TV shows.
    The controls are pretty standard fare for platformers. They work, but they're not particularly unique.
    Music / Sound FX / Voice Acting
    Like the graphics, the music in this game is great. They're wonderfully immersive and are catchy and fun.

    Play Value
    The game is fun, but it's disappointingly short and easy.

    Overall Rating - Good
    Not an average. See Rating legend above for a final score breakdown.
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