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Send all codes, hints, strategy guides, proposals, comments, etc. to If you find a mistake, broken link, problem, etc. on Cheat Code Central, please let us know so we can fix it. However, please do not send e-mail asking for codes, because we do not send codes to anyone. All codes that we have are found on Cheat Code Central.

Please note when sending us a code, hint, etc. that it may take a while or may never get added to Cheat Code Central. The reason for this is because we receive a ton of mail every day, and we just do not have the time to edit and post everything that is sent to us. We do read every single e-mail we receive and would like to thank you for taking the time to write to us.

All cheat codes, hints, tips, etc. sent to us will become the property of Cheat Code Central. We do not automatically give attribution for cheat codes, hints, tips, etc. submitted to us because of problems it has caused in the past. If you want attribution, please specify that along with the name you want the submission attributed to.

If you want to contact the crew you can email them directly below. Please note: All correspondence to Dave regarding codes etc should be sent directly to him via e-mail.


100% of our review requests are handled through the Editor-in-Chief of the site. A writing team member will NEVER reach out to you individually. If this happens, please contact the EIC or the site owner Dave Allison immediately, as this is likely a scam. Thanks for your cooperation!

Cheat Code Central Team Contact List:

Dave Allison
CEO / Owner / Code Content Director
Dave started CheatCC as a hobby in 1997, growing the site into the internet's largest independent game website. Dave is still passionate about video games, and he especially loves playing first-person shooters. In his free time, he enjoys MMA, snowboarding, and traveling.

Jenni Lada
Site Editor
Jenni has been playing video games since she could sit up. That is, until her father realized the second player controller on the Intellivision worked in a single player game of Night Stalker. She has a bachelor's in English from NEIU and has had her work appear at Siliconera, GamerTell and the now-defunct CAD Media. She will play any import game she can get her hands on, even if she can't understand it, and has a thing for quirky games like dating sims.

Sean Engemann
Senior Contributing Writer
With a love second only to his family, video games have been Sean's obsession since before the industry's rebirth in the 1980s. Always looking to squeeze a few minutes of game time in while performing his duties as a stay-at-home dad, it was only during a career transition that he thought of writing about video games. With an innate creative mind honed even further by his university Major in Theatre, Sean has found the perfect professional outlet for his favorite pastime, and is thankful to Cheat Code Central for allowing his work to shine.

Lucas White
Writing Team Lead
Lucas slipped on a banana peel, fell into games writing in 2010, and has been comically tumbling down the online media staircase ever since. If you would like to be his friend, talk to him about Musou, Dragon Quest, or anything that can run on a Retron 5. Catch him on Twitter and be ready for endless wrestling takes.

Benjamin Maltbie
Contributing Writer
Benjamin is a writer of things, a weaver of dreams, a spitter of stories and a player of games. He majored in Journalism for a long time. He even almost finished. But to the chagrin of his family, he changed his mind and is now an English major with a minor in Theater, pretty much exactly like James Franco. Most would have been deterred by what would inevitably become insurmountable college debt, but honestly, he never had any intent of paying those off anyway. Fight the power.