NHL 06


Wayne Gretzky

Create a player and enter "Wayne Gretzky" as a case-sensitive name. His stats will all be at 99.


When you are coming down on a breakaway, press C-stick Up. This will cause your player drop the puck to his skate, then kick it back up to his skate. This is a highly effective move in the game.

Through the leg shot

Press the C-stick Down to shoot the puck through the legs.

Easy goal

While holding your shot, move the Analog-stick to find open netting for an easy goal. This can be done for any shot. Note: This can only be done if you have manual aim activated. A target will appear if you have manual aim on.

While skating near the opposing team's goal, hold L and press C-stick in any direction. You will flip the puck up into the air and bat it into the net like a baseball.

While moving in on the net, move Analog-stick Left to Right repeatedly and quickly. The goalie will usually dive, leaving a lot of room for an easy high shot.

While going down the ice (on the left side if your player is left handed), curve across the net then move the C-stick Left and hold the Analog-stick Up/Right to roof it.

When you try to do a special deke with the C-stick with a player that does not have the skills to do it, it can be taken advantage of. When another player on your team is close to you, do one of the special dekes. The player will loose control of the puck and it will be loose on the ice. Then, use the other player to quickly shoot the loose puck. This shot is a very fast one-timer that the goalie usually has no chance against.

Send a player in one-on-one with the goalie. Pass the puck back to either your Right Wing or Left Wing. As soon as your stick leaves the ice, the goalie should dive and the net will be wide open for a shot.

To do the scoop move, stop behind the opponents net. Hold L then move the C-stick Right. You will put the puck on top of your stick and shovel it in the net.

Easy money

Intervene in every game in the third period. If you want to play more, intervene in the second period, but you must be winning to get more money.

High rated prospects in Dynasty mode

To get a high rated prospect you do not need to upgrade your scouting report. First, save the game after the season ends. Then, advance to the draft. Draft a player or just go into the second round. Look at the highest overall draft pick, load back your season, and draft that person.

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