Achievement Guide

Story Achievements     (unmissable if you complete the campaign)

Smells Like Home: Reach the ARK

That Went Poorly: Complete Spinoff

Space Laser: Offline: Complete Heaven Sent

You Got Gaunt!: Complete Star Power

Wedding Crasher: Complete Machine Man

Broken Hearts Clubs: Complete Red Queen

Through the Looking Glass: Complete Madhouse

Fall of Babylon: Complete Damocles


Destroying Things

Dominator Dominated: Destroy a Gravity Dominator

Stop the Drop: Destroy a Drop Pod Launcher

Hate this Thing: Destroy a Hate Machine

Chill Out: Destroy an Ice Barrage machine

Not this Fracking Thing: Destroy a Dark Matter Fracking Station

Not Technically a Golem…: Destroy a free-range Golem (ie not during a story mission)


Map Control

Warp Points Acquired: Unlock five warp points. You can select them from your objectives to highlight them on your map. All are easy to reach except the Northeast Warp Point. For that one, look around the base of the building for elevators, and jump your way up.

Contested Location: Take over one of each type of conquerable location.

District Control: Take over an Outpost.



More Like FUNgeon: Complete a LEGION Lair in Seoul.

What's the Password?: Find a secret room in a LEGION lair. The best way to find such a room is to stand in front of meaningless doors and see if they open. You can narrow your options a bit by using your scanner- a clump of boxes floating well behind an unimportant wall are a good clue, but sometimes a room's treasures will be out of scanner range. Higher difficulty lairs seems to have more secret rooms.

Secrets Within Secrets: Find a secret room inside a secret room. When you've cracked a secret room as per above, move close to any and all consoles. If one displays the finger-button interaction symbol, press it, and then look for the lowering walkway, opening hatch, or sliding wall that will lead to the secret-secret room. As above, teh higher the difficulty, the more likely you are to find these. The final Global Conflict Lair usually has several.




Vehicle Achievements

Designated Driver: Call for your vehicle using 'X' on the world map, any time after the prologue.

Long Jump: Jump a vehicle 50 meters in one go. Virtually any ramp in Seoul will do for this one, as will the standard car (Hammerhead). If you're not in any particular hurry, however, you'll get his one in the course of completing the story missions.


Jump Around: Hit 10 jumps around the city. As above, you'll end up with 10 distinct jumps just by going through the story missions.

Pimp Your Ride: Build your first vehicle through blueprints. Blueprints can be found through random looting, though stealing vehicles for Quartermile gives you better odds.

Hello Ladies: Collect all vehicles. The Hammerhead, Scorpion, and Mongoose are unlocked via story missions (the Mongoose near the end of the game), all the others are gained by collecting random blueprints.

LEGION Roadkill: Run over LEGION enemies 10 times. An easy get, but if you're in a hurry, pick a fight to raise your alarm level, and then summon your car to deal with the reinforcements.

A Full Circle: Complete a full 360 in mid-air. Possible with a good jump and the Pulse, but the easy way is to drive into one of the exploding bubbles around a Dark Matter Fracking Drill. It'll launch you skyward, giving you plenty of time to execute the turn.


Equipping Team Skins Achievements

Next Up: Action Figures!: Complete all personal missions for Hollywood, Hardtack, and Fortune, then complete their team mission and put them all in their team outfits.

Bombshells: Complete all personal missions for Joule, Red Card, and Rama. then complete their team mission and put them all in their team outfits.

#Squad Goals: Complete all personal missions for Kingpin, Oni, and Scheherazade, then complete their team mission and put them all in their team outfits.

Three's Company: Complete all personal missions for Daisy, Yeti, and Braddock, then complete their team mission and put them all in their team outfits.


Post Game


Fire Up the Wayback Machine: Use Mission Replay to complete 3 old missions. You can only do this after completing the main storyline. Note that the Mission Replay function is not available while onboard the ARK- you have to activate it from Seoul.

Hardcore Gamer: Complete every mission on Difficulty 7 or above. Though technically possible in a first playthrough, it's much, much easier to use the Mission Replay feature.


Agent Upgrades

Crystallized: Equip an Upgrade Core to any Agent. You can do this at anytime through either the Armory on the ARK, or the Squad menu while in Seoul. You'll get your first Upgrade Core after defeating the Golem in 'Welcome to Seoul.'



Go-Go-Gadget: Equip your first gadget on any agent. You can do this the first time you visit the Armory aboard the ARK.

Bling Bling: Select a Weapon Skin other than the default for any agent. You can do this in the Deploy Screen. Skins aren't hard to come by, and with the release of the free Franchise Force skins pack DLC, you now start the game with a few alternatives.

Super Agent: Reach level 40 on any agent. You'll need to earn XP for the first 20 levels, then purchase the second 20 with upgrade cores (though if you've leveled any character to 20 normally, you probably have upgrade cores to spare).

Get Personal: Complete all Agent personal missions and advance all agents to level 20. DLC characters don't count against this achievement.



Shard Shark: Collect all 350 shards hidden around Seoul. For completionists only- by the middle of the game you'll be finding entire upgrade cores in random loot boxes, so there's no use killing yourself for scraps, nor is there any in-game bonus. If you're still determined, check out the complete map here.

Hack the Planet: Complete all the sims in the Wreckroom. Each match gives a certain modest reward (and about a fifth of a modest reward on replay), but there's no overall reward for conquering the Wreckroom except this achievement.


Global Conflict


Spreading MAYHEM: Deploy your first agent in Global Conflict, which your can do from Operations anytime after the Agency reaches Level 8.

Globally Offensive: Complete all Global Conflict missions, then successfully raid the final lair in Moscow.



Contract Killer: Complete 30 MAYHEM & Agent Contracts. You can tell which contracts you have available, and what type of contracts they are, at the Operations Panel in the ARK, after Level 8. Contracts are obtained from the Global Conflict map. NOTE: since the September update, contracts are now also found in the large (golden) lootboxes.

Contract Thriller: Complete 15 Connected Contracts. Connected Contracts show up at the very top of the contracts screen- they have a time limit, and you work with other players to complete them. You can invite your friends into a contract or, if you're the first kid on your block to get the game, team up with random other players. If you're in it just for the achievement, focus on contracts that go for flat-out killing rather than more exotic execution methods, which are sometimes tricky to trigger (ie was it your special ability that killed the target, or the exploding barrel detonated by your special ability, etc, etc).



Achievement #1337 – Get 15 All Perfect Hacks, which is to say hit the innermost yellow marker for each zone as the needle passes through it. Higher difficulties have harder hacks, so if you somehow make it through storymode without getting this one, try easing off the difficulty level and hacking your way into Drop Pod Launchers, Dark Matter Fracking Drills, and LEGION Lairs (which often require hacks inside as well). Some transport pads around the city (marked with green arrows, just like the elevators) also require hacking.

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