Crystal Shard Map


Shard Hunting Tips

  • Get the extendable antennae and dark matter resonator ARK perks. This not only allows you to find new shards, but confirms that an area is clear of shards before you move on to the next. Your scanner also highlights elevators, platform summons, and even low ledges that give access to the upper levels. Pay particular attention to elevators- they can make a lot of seemingly impossible gets become trivially easy. NOTE: In the latst update, shards now show up on your City Map when detected by your Dark Matter Resonator. These additions aren't permanent, but they can be selected like any other objective, making shard gathernig much, much easier.


  • Your scan vision persists well past the initial pulse- use that time to glance around the whole area, up and down. Or, in the new update, glance at your City Map to see if any distant shardds have evaded your all-too-human eyes


  • If a shard seems high and inaccessible, try ascending nearby buildings. It's almost always easier to approach a tough spot from a similiar (or higher) altitude. If you can't quite clear a jump, note that the superhero landing Gremlin Tech gives you a slightly higher vertical jump than normal.


  • Two shards require riding an automated drone- the one atop KW Robotics (a small repair drone), and the one atop the Relics Trading Company building (a full size barge). If you jump and fall through the barge, that was the wrong one.


  • If you can, take a quick screenshot of the shards you do collect, along with your map location (Steam has a built-in function for this). This will save you some hair-tearing when you're trying to to scour the entire city for one last crystal.
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