Starter Tips

There's a lot going on in the early hours of Agents of Mayhem- here are a some tips for managing MAYHEM over the first few dozen missions

Eyes on the Prize

In the open world of neoSeoul, it can be easy for one mission to bleed into another. Your fight with one patrol might attract other LEGION warriors, your race to take out one particular car might spark aggression from other target-of-opportunity vehicles. Before you let yourself get swept up in the chaos, remember to check your mission goals and objective markers. In particular, unless the mission specifically calls on you to kill all enemies in a given area, you probably don't have to. In fact, the more you kill, the more your alarm level goes up, which draws in even more enemies, which you have to kill, etc. Unless that's your actual goal, give this particular vicious circle a miss, and stick to your objectives.

All for the Team

When deciding on early-game upgrades, prioritize abilities which benefit the whole team, rather than individual agents. This is not only the most cost-effective way to spend your upgrade points (three for the price of one!), it also allows every member of your squad to contribute, whether or not they're on the field at any given moment. You're stronger together than you are apart, etc, etc. A good example of this team player mentality is Braddock, who not only gives an XP multiplier to the team, but has a core ability which provides a level of Fortify when switching between team mates- very handy in an ambush.

Don't Sweat It

There is virtually no decision you can make in the early hours that will screw you over. Resources will be plentiful later, upgrades can be reset, and agents you neglected to level get an XP bonus later if they lag too far behind.

Dare To Be Simple

While you'll eventually get to the point where all your favorite heroes spin elaborate multi-move combos of death across a scintillating array of tactical configurations, there's no rush. Hollywood's grenade blast may lack the finesse of an acrobatic ninja assault, but everyone's still just as dead afterward.

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