Trials in Tainted Space Cheats & Cheat Codes

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Trials in Tainted Space Cheats & Cheat Codes

Trials in Tainted Space is an erotic text-based adventure game developed by a single person known as Fenoxo. It is free to play, and you can play it entirely from a web browser. That said, there is also a Patreon page for the game, which is how the developer can keep developing it and adding to the storyline. Patreon members can receive bonus content from the developer and artists. Regardless of how much you choose to engage with Trials in Tainted Space, however, it should be noted that the game is very sexual in nature, and is not suitable for all audiences.

Trials in Tainted Space Premise

Interestingly, Trials in Tainted Space is a text-based experience similar to some of the earliest adventure games. Players read written text setting a given scene or encounter, and they then have a set of choices to make with regard to how they respond. While many of these encounters are erotic in nature, Trials in Tainted Space does feature a combat system as well. Additionally, since it is a science fiction game, ship-to-ship combat in the depths of space is another possibility.

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In terms of storyline, Trials in Tainted Space follows the exploits of Captain Steele, a fully customizable character who the player designs at the outset of the game. Captain Steele is the heir of Victor Steele, a businessman and playboy who fathered the Captain to continue and cement his legacy. The main plot involves Captain Steele’s quest to retrieve their inheritance from data probes scattered across the galaxy by their father. However, while Victor Steele is human, you can choose the race of Captain Steele’s mother, allowing you access to the traits of some of the game’s alien species. Accordingly, the customization options for the player’s character are extensive and intimate.

Trials in Tainted Space Main Characters

Since Trials in Tainted Space is an erotic game, some of the most significant design space is given over to the characters you can have liaisons with. There is a truly massive roster of characters with which you can have many different kinds of encounters. Here are some of the most prominent figures in the game.

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  • Captain Steele: This customizable space adventurer serves as the main character of the game. They’re on a quest to earn their father’s inheritance and have adventures along the way.
  • Victor Steele: While Victor himself is dead before the start of the game, his efforts in producing Captain Steele as his heir make his influence felt throughout the events of Trials in Tainted Space.
  • Maximilian Steele: The main antagonist of Trials in Tainted Space is Victor’s brother Maximilian, the player character’s uncle. He seeks to claim Victor’s inheritance for you and is a constant thorn in your side despite never actually appearing in-game.
  • Jack/Jill Steele: The gender of your main rival, Maximilian’s child, is chosen during character creation. Since their genetics are similar to yours, they’re also capable of opening the data probes that contain your inheritance, turning your adventure into a race against time.
  • Shade Irons: This mysterious bounty hunter is a dangerous and potentially alluring figure in the lives of both Captain Steele and Kara. She also has a history with the Steele family that runs much deeper than the events of the game.

Games in the Trials in Tainted Space Series

Remarkably, Trials in Tainted Space is not the only game that its developer Fenoxo has created. The developer has a lot of adult-oriented adventures to experience. Further, Fenoxo is also constantly working to improve and update these titles over time, so it’s worth regularly revisiting older titles to experience any updates. Here are all the games currently on offer from Fenoxo.

  • Trials in Tainted Space
  • The Silence
  • Corruption of Champions
  • Corruption of Champions II
  • The Fall of Eden

Trials in Tainted Space Cheat Codes

Trials in Tainted Space does feature officially supported cheat codes. Players can easily access the cheat menu by clicking the dot of the “i” in the game’s logo, but you can also type cheats directly into the text field during gameplay.

  • Treatment: Forces the Treatment to use default effects in-game.
  • Bimbo: Forces the Treatment to use female effects in-game.
  • Bull: Forces the Treatment to use male effects in-game.
  • amazon: Forces the Treatment to use Amazon effects in-game.
  • Cumcow: Forces the Treatment to use “cum-cow” effects in-game.
  • Fauxcow: Forces the Treatment to use Faux-Cow effects in-game.
  • Motherlode: Gives enough XP to reach the next level.
  • 88mph: Passes large amounts of time.
  • Urta: Enables infinite item use.
  • Poison: Replaces the word “shemale” with “dick-girl” throughout the game.
  • Tistheseason: Bring up a list of in-game holidays. You can then choose to turn special events associated with certain holidays permanently on or off.
  • Marcopolo: Unlocks all planets.
  • Laplove: Restores the Lapinara Parasitic Female encounter, previously removed from the game for quality control.
  • Beshineforever: Opens the Doctor Badger cheat menu, allowing you to freely modify details of the character Doctor Badger and her associated encounters.
  • Insaneinthemembrane: Change’s Bess’ name to Runa.
  • Mitzi: Allows the player to instantly rescue Mitzi, skipping her associated dungeon.
  • Backinbizzness: Resets interactions with Bizzy to before you receive her first email in-game.
  • Doll: Teleports the player to the start of the Kiro Quest dungeon.
  • Kqvrgoodness: Adds 5 VR scenes to your inventory related to the Kiro Quest.
  • Healthdelivery: Summons Bianca.
  • Anofferyoucantrefuse: Skips ahead in Akane’s questline.
  • Clowncar: Allows your ship to fly with any number of crew members.
  • Anotherbrickinthewall: Gain 100K credits.
  • Up+down+left+right: Grants 5 Zil rations.
  • Party: Starts or resets the Zaibatsu Party event.
  • Wargiiandbess: Resets quest progress on the Siege of the Korg’ii Hold quest.
  • Nastiness: Resets the Nastizia event chain.
  • pc.physiqueRaw=X: Set your Physique score to whatever value you enter for X.
  • pc.reflexesRaw=X: Set your Reflexes score to whatever value you enter for X.
  • pc.aimRaw=X: Set your Aim score to whatever value you enter for X.
  • pc.intelligenceRaw=X: Set your Intelligence score to whatever value you enter for X.
  • pc.willpowerRaw=X: Set your Willpower score to whatever value you enter for X.

Trials in Tainted Space FAQ

How do you increase intelligence in Trials in Tainted Space?
If you don’t want to resort to console commands, there are a few legitimate in-game methods for upgrading your intelligence score. Some transformative items in-game can increase it, but these tend to be slow and chance-based. Notably, certain encounters with other characters (such as playing chess) will also slowly improve this skill.

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