Astral Chain Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Windows, and More

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Astral Chain Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Windows, and More

Astral Chain is a 2019 action-adventure game developed by PlatinumGames and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch. Astral Chain is a hack-and-slash-style science-fiction game set in a dystopian future. The game is only available on the Nintendo Switch.

When Astral Chain first hit shelves, it received glowing reviews and feedback. Today, despite the game’s high cost four years after its release, fans and critics agree it’s worth the price. IGN rates Astral Chain a 9 out of 10 and calls the game amazing. In one of IGN’s reviews of the game, it says “Astral Chain is every bit as awesome as it looks in motion, which is to say it’s downright incredible.” 94% of Google users who weighed in on the game claim to like it. Metacritic reports that Astral Chain has a generally favorable presence with fans, gamers, and critics with an average score of 87.

In addition to the incredible reviews, Astral Chain has some pretty famous names attached to its development. Takahisa Taura directed the game, who is known for his work as the lead game designer for Nier: Automata. Recently, Takahisa Taura also worked as a game designer on Final Fantasy XVI. Hideki Kamiya, the Bayonetta series creator, and the director of Devil May Cry and Resident Evil 2, also worked on Astral Chain.

Astral Chain Premise

The year is 2078 and humanity faces extinction. Most of the remaining population has moved off the mainland of the planet and onto an artificial structure called The Ark. The Ark is a megacity that resides on a manmade island, far away from the rest of the world, hence the name. The Ark functions in a similar way to the Biblical story of Noah building an ark to survive the apocalypse brought on by God. Chimeras invade the world, pushing humanity to great lengths to survive. Chimeras are interdimensional creatures that come from a parallel dimension known as the Astral Plane. The creatures have destroyed the world, causing devastation wherever they go. They’re known to pull humans into the Astral Plane, where they cannot survive. They also spread a substance known as red matter, which corrupts humans and other native lifeforms on the planet.

In response to the Chimera problem, the Neuron Police Task Force was conceived. This unit consists of officers who create a neural link with Legions and utilize them to battle the Chimeras. Legions are subservient Chimeras that bond with their officer thanks to the neural connection they share. The game consists of five different Legions to choose from. Each Legion has a unique form, abilities, and upgrade trees. Players can choose from the Sword Legion, the Arrow Legion, the Arm Legion, the Beast Legion, and the Axe Legion. Each has its pros and cons. For example, the Beast Legion can be used as a mount for the player to ride and is extremely agile. The Sword Legion is for close-quarters combat, while the Arrow Legion is designed for long-distance weapons.

Neuron Police Task Force Officers need to work closely with their Legions to investigate potential Chimera incidents and fight Chimera when necessary. The relationship between them is sort of like Pacific Rim’s concept of Jaeger pilots sharing a neural link to control their massive suits of armor. The player controls one of these officers. They have the choice between two twins who act as the main playable characters of Astral Chain. The game starts with the main character joining the Neuron Police Task Force as a recruit.

Astral Chain Main Characters

Astral Chain main character

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Astral Chain has a fun combination of getting to choose a main character while also having a vibrant cast of supporting characters. This game has a huge cast of major and supporting characters. For this guide, let’s take a look at some of the most important characters in the game.

  • The Twins: When starting the game, players get to choose between a male and a female protagonist. These characters are twins. The player gets to choose the name of the character they choose. While the twin has a canon design and backstory, the player does get to choose a little bit about their identity. The twin they did not choose will automatically be named Akira. The twins are members of the Howard family and their adopted father, Maximilian Howard, is the current Neuron Captain. Although the player has to choose a twin they want to play, both siblings become Neuron Officers at the beginning of the game. Whichever twin the player chooses is also automatically the older twin. They don’t have any dialogue in the game, which is a common method developers use to let players project on their MC.
  • Maximilian Howard: Maximilian “Max” Howard is the Neuron Captain and the twins’ adopted father. Maximilian is the son of a police officer. From a young age, he wanted to join the force. The Neuron Police Task Force trusts and relies on him because he’s proven to be a competent leader over the years. He has firsthand experience with the red matter because he was dispatched to deal with the Pandemic, a redshift crisis that eventually became the worst in human history. He put down many friends and coworkers who became infected with the red matter.
  • Yoseph Calvert: Yoseph Calvert is the Neuron Commander and he’s a scientific genius. Yoseph created Neuron and had a major part in humanity’s construction of The Ark megacity. He is also an influential member of the Aegis Research Institute. The player doesn’t learn much about his backstory, however.
  • Brenda Moreno: Brenda Moreno is Neuron’s Chief Medical Officer and researcher at the Aegis Research Institute. She’s one of the leads on the Legion project. Without her, Neuron Officers wouldn’t have the ability to create neural links with their Legions. Players can get medical supplies and other helpful items from Brenda. Brenda keeps her cards close to her chest. She’s a scientist first and foremost, so she doesn’t often let her emotions get the best of her. She looks up to and trusts Yoseph above most.
  • Alicia Lopez: Alicia Lopez is a Neuron Officer who will come and help the player out in the field. She’s the best of the best as far as Neuron Officers go and she’s a close friend of Maximilian. Alicia is blunt and doesn’t care much for formality. She’s a breath of fresh air because she says what’s on her mind without any worry. Alicia feels responsible for the twins in a motherly way. The game also insinuates that she might be in love with Max.
  • Jin Wong: Jin Wong is another Neuron Officer who helps the player in the field. He’s a well-rounded Officer and knows what he’s doing, so he takes on the role of mentoring the twins when they join the task force. Jin is an old friend of Max’s and has known the family for many years. The game mentions several times that he used to help watch and take care of the twins when they were younger. He fills the role of the stern and serious mentor character, but he cares deeply about his job as well as Max and the twins.
  • Olive Espinosa: Olive Espinosa used to be a newscaster, but she joined the Neuron Police Task Force after Chimeras dealt extreme damage to The Ark. She’s Neuron’s radio operator and dispatcher and she’s usually the one communicating with the player about missions and important information they need during their investigations.
  • Harold “Hal” Clark: Harold “Hal” Clark is a hacker with extensive knowledge and experience with technology. Due to this, he rarely makes personal appearances. Hal lives an extremely reclusive lifestyle, but he does pilot a modified drone around The Ark to assist Neuron where he can.

Astral Chain Titles in the Series

As of December 2023, Astral Chain is the only existing title. It does not have any sequels, prequels, or spin-offs. While some rumors and speculation hint at an Astral Chain 2, nothing has been confirmed.

Astral Chain Cheats & Cheat Codes

Astral Chain Legions

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When Astral Chain first dropped, there were many cheat codes available for Nintendo Switch users who also used SX OS Switch. Unfortunately, the SX OS Switch is obsolete by today’s standards. The plethora of codes available for Astral Chain haven’t been updated since 2019 or 2020 and likely won’t work without the use of the SX OS Switch. For those interested in these cheat codes, please take a look at the Astral Chain Tinfoil.io page. Here, players can view codes for dozens of cheats that range from one million attack power to buffing the critical hit rate to +300% to gaining more money for free. As mentioned, these codes likely won’t work now unless, for some reason, a Switch user still has access to the SX OS Switch.

Unlock PT Ultimate Cheat Code

There is a way to unlock Astral Chain’s PT Ultimate mode for free. According to Reddit user cabalex, they discovered a cheat code that allowed them to access PT Ultimate mode, the most difficult mode in the game, for free. They claim this works without completing Casual or PT Standard mode and players can even unlock PT Ultimate while they’re in the middle of a game. It only takes four steps.

  1. Open the game and sit on the title screen. Cabalex emphasizes the importance of not pressing ZL + ZR.
  2. Hold R and +. After one second, the game will ping.
  3. Input the following code: UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, X, B, Y, A. The game will play a little tune and display a popup.
  4. Save the game immediately after the popup.

For players who haven’t played Astral Chain or have only experienced its easier modes, it cannot be overstated that PT Ultimate mode is extremely difficult. Be cautious when exploring this mode, especially for newcomers.

Astral Chain Cheats FAQ

What is the code for the Astral Chain game? / What is the password file in Astral Chain?

This is a popular FAQ because the first two Google results ask the same thing. These questions are asking about the password needed to access the Duty Report. This document provides the player with a lot of information about the main characters written by their father, Max Howard. Players come across the Duty Report during File 06. For lore crawlers, this document is a must-read.

To access the Duty Report, players will need a password. The code is 1125, the twins’ birthday. Players can guess this password through a bit of intuition. The twins’ birthday is information the player knows already, so through a little detective work, they can put two and two together.

How many hours does it take to beat Astral Chain?

According to HowLongToBeat.com, Astral Chain’s main story takes a little under 21 hours. The main story and side quests will up the playtime to about 28 hours. If players want to do a completionist run of the game, though, they’re looking at quite a bit more time. A completionist run takes a little more than 80 hours.

Is Astral Chain a hack-and-slash?

Yes, Astral Chain is a hack-and-slash action-adventure game.

How replayable is Astral Chain?

Astral Chain features a scoring system that becomes easier as players adapt to the game’s mechanics and level up their skills. This means players can go back and replay previous encounters to try and get higher scores. For players who want to improve or challenge themselves to get high scores, Astral Chain has a lot of replayability.

Does Astral Chain have DLC?

No, Astral Chain is a complete game, so there is no DLC content.

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