Rama: Race Against the Plague

Operation: Race Against the Plague

This solo mission for Rama continues her quest to save the afflicted of Mumbai. Thankfully, it involves no vehicular racing.

Hit the marker with anyone, then as Rama, drive to the first checkpoint. Once here you'll be treated to an odd sight- a man caught in a levitating forcebubble. You have to free him and two others like him, and you have exactly five minutes to do it.

You need to shoot him down, but making the shot can be oddly tricky. Aim high and keep an eye on your reticle- when it turns red, you'll know you have your shot lined up right. Fire and the bubble explodes, dropping your man to the pavement. Run over and chat with him to switch objectives to the next bubble.

This one's higher, but again the reticle will guide your aim.

Dropping this one summons LEGION fighters- first helltroopers, then blitz troopers, then swarm troopers, and lastly a snipetrooper.

Rama's not exactly a powerhouse, so use headshots and to take them down quickly, and cloak to avoid getting hammered. Your trap ability is especially effective when each wave firt appears, but you'll probably want to keep your Mayhem ability in reserve for the next fight (plus,it's a little slow to get started).

Talk to the tech, then make for the last bubble. This is moving at a high altitude and speed around the Lucky Seven casino. Its path is utterly predictable, and repeats every few seconds, so if you miss an early shot, it may be easier to run counterclockwise around the casino to ambush it, rather than giving chase. The alleyway makes a good place to line up your shot.

Mercifully, shooting this third bubble stops the clock, and you can dispose of the LEGION troops at leisure. The same alley makes a great chokepoint.

Watch out for ambient snipers if you wander into the street, Otherwise, the LEGION opposition here ends with a Shocktrooper. A plague arrow, if you have one prepped, will quickly cut him down to size.

Speak with the last technician to complete the mission, unlocking a gadget and a weapon skin.

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