Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough/Strategy Guide/FAQ for Xbox 360

Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough/Strategy Guide/FAQ for Xbox 360

Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough/Strategy Guide/FAQ


1) Controls

Xbox 360 Controls
A: Take Cover/Sprint/Interact
B: Melee (Hold for Heavy Melee)
X: Reload (Hold for Previous Weapon)
Y: Power Shortcut
LB: Hold for Weapon Menu, Tap for Power Shortcut
RB: Hold for Power Menu, Tap for Power Shortcut
LT: Aim
RT: Fire
Start: Pause Menu
Back: Map
LS: Move
RS: Aim (Click to View Objective)

PS3 Controls
X: Take Cover/Sprint/Interact
Circle: Melee (Hold for Heavy Melee)
Square: Reload (Hold for Previous Weapon)
Triangle: Power Shortcut
L2: Hold for Weapon Menu, Tap for Power Shortcut
R2: Hold for Power Menu, Tap for Power Shortcut
L1: Aim
R1: Fire
Start: Pause Menu
Back: Map
Left Stick: Move
Right Stick: Aim (R3 to View Objective)

2) Character Creation


If you import your character, this is retained from previous Mass Effect games. Otherwise, you can choose the place of your birth: was your Shepard born and raised on Earth, a human colony, or in space? Secondly, you can select one past event for your service record. If you select Ruthless, you sacrificed your men to accomplish a mission no matter the cost. If you select Sole Survivor, you lost your men in a hopeless fight. If you select War Hero, you led your men to victory. This determines little more than background information.

Previous decisions during the events of Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 will heavily impact Mass Effect 3. While it is entirely possible to start a new game without importing a save, the player will lose the opportunity to shape the events that influence what happens in Mass Effect 3. That said, it is still possible to enjoy the majority of the game’s content and reach a favorable ending without importing a save.

For the ultimate Mass Effect story experience, it is recommended to import a save from Mass Effect 1 into Mass Effect 2 and then into Mass Effect 3, or alternatively to use the Mass Effect: Genesis DLC at the beginning of Mass Effect 2 and import that save into Mass Effect 3. This can potentially unlock content in Mass Effect 3 that would otherwise be inaccesible, depending on what choices the player makes in the previous games. Mass Effect 3 should then be played in the default “Roleplaying Mode,” with conversation choices enabled.


You can import the same class you had in Mass Effect 2, importing any point allocations you made in the previous game. Alternatively, you can complete change classes to try something different. Without a save import, you’ll be starting a new character from scratch. The advantages of each class are listed below.

The Soldier is purely devoted to combat, with no technical or biotic powers. Soldiers can carry the most weight in weaponry out of all classes. His unique power, Adrenaline Rush, will briefly slow down time and increase his weapon damage. He gains access to three ammo types: Incendiary for armor, Disruptor for shields and barriers, and Cryo for freezing unprotected enemies and chilling armored ones. Finally, the Soldier’s frag grenade deal heavy damage to groups of enemies. The sum of these powers makes the Soldier ideal for directly engaging the enemy.

Adepts are purely devoted to biotics, and get barriers instead of shields. They can carry a low amount of weapon weight, but get many biotic powers. Throw can send enemies flying, while Pull drags them out and suspends them, helpless, in the air. Warp damages armor and barriers, and it weakens the enemy to further damage. Shockwave sends out a close-range wave of force to send whole groups of enemies flying. Their unique power, Singularity, sucks in unprotected enemies and dangles them in the air. Their grenade power, the Cluster Grenade, scatters grenades everywhere, each of which can knock an enemy down with biotic force. Adepts can fight almost exclusively with their biotic powers if they keep their weight low.

Engineers are purely devoted to technical prowess. They can carry low weight, but their array of tech powers makes up for this. Overload damages shields, barriers, and synthetic enemies, and stuns others. Incinerate damages armor and organic enemies, lighting them on fire. Cryo Blast freezes unprotected enemies and both weakens and slows armored foes. Sabotage disables organic enemies’ guns and hacks synthetic enemies to fight for you. The Engineer has two unique powers: Combat Drone summons a mobile orb to shock enemies in melee and draw attention. Sentry Turrets, on the other hand, are spawned from a thrown capsule and remain there, protecting the area with its mounted cannon.

Infiltrators combine combat and technical specialization. They can carry a moderate amount of weapon weight. The Infiltrator still gets Disruptor and Cryo Ammo, plus the Engineer’s Incinerate and Sabotage powers. Infiltrators get two unique powers: Sticky Grenades will adhere to targets, preventing enemies from dodging them, and Tactical Cloak will turn the Infiltrator briefly invisible, though this delays shield regeneration and is ended by attacking. This encourages a tactical, evasive combat style.

Vanguards combine combat abilities with biotic powers. They carry moderate loads. They retain Incendiary and Cryo Ammo, and they get the biotic powers Pull and Shockwave. Their unique powers are Biotic Charge and Nova. Biotic Charge teleports you to the targeted location and recharges your barrier. Nova has no usage limit, instead using up your barrier to hit all surrounding enemies with a biotic blast. These powers encourage a close-range, high risk fighting style.

Sentinels have a mix of technical and biotic powers. Sentinels are the only non-combat-oriented class to get a medium equipment load. In additon, they get the Engineer’s Overload and Cryo Blast and the Adept’s Throw and Warp. The Sentinel’s unique power is Tech Armor, which slows down the recharging of powers while active but greatly increases damage protection, and when it is turned off, it blasts the surroundings with a close-range burst. Sentinels also get Lift Grenades, which both damage enemies and suspend them helplessly in the air. Sentinels are excellent at tactical defensive combat, and their variety of powers offers a way to exploit any weakness.

3) Story Walkthrough

3.1) Earth

After creating your character (or importing your character from Mass Effect 2), you’ll view a cutscene and see the Reapers invade at long last. Immediately afterward, you’ll team up with an old friend from Mass Effect: Admiral Anderson. He hands you a pistol, and you’re off. This section will be fairly easy, as it basically teaches you how to play the game with on-screen prompts.

Before setting off, you may want to distribute any extra points on your imported character. Now follow Anderson until you see some Husk enemies climbing up the wall. Shoot them down, and Anderson may have a comment based on whether you stopped them all or not. A blue arrow will indicate a ladder leading down to more Husks. After killing a few, you will inevitably run out of ammunition and be forced to resort to melee attacks. Try out your character’s heavy melee but holding the button down.

After an explosion rocks the building, head inside and collect the [MED KIT] if you need it. At the door, you will be attacked by another Husk trapped in the door, a perfect chance for a heavy melee kill. As you pass through the door, you’ll stop to help a boy in a duct, but there’s nothing you can do. You will proceed and talk with Anderson for a spell.

When you regain control, advance to meet your allies and drop down. Take cover and shoot at the Cannibals (Reaper-adapted Batarians) with your pistol. You can also use any offensive powers to help bring them down. After the fight, Anderson will help you deploy the bridge so that you can cross. Pick up the [MED KIT] , then head around the corner. Fight the Cannibals off and head to the comm beacon, where you can collect an Avenger assault rifle.

You will now have to defend this area against waves of Cannibals alongside Anderson. Try out your class’s powers, new and old, to get a feel for them, or simply to test how they’ve changed from your previous experience with them in Mass Effect 2. Stay in the indicated extraction zone while you wait for backup. If your ammo is running low and the enemies won’t stop coming, try moving to the back of the arena, far from the enemy spawn point, to try and trigger the next scene. Joker should show up in the Normandy and bomb the enemies out when you do this.

You’ll depart on the Normandy while Anderson stays behind. You can’t convince him to go with you, nor can you save that boy. Your new friend, Vega, is outraged that Anderson isn’t coming. A Renegade interrupt will tell him off, but you also have the option of negotiating peaceably. Before you can leave for the Citadel, a call from Hacket redirects you to the Mars base, which holds the secret to stopping the Reapers according to our old friend Liara.

3.2) Mars

You’ll land on Mars with Vega and the survivor from Virmire, who may be Kaidan or Ashley depending on the critical choice in Mass Effect 1. You’ll also have a Shuriken machine pistol now, in addition to the Predator heavy pistol. A tutorial will show you how to look toward your objective. Head toward the indicated point and drop down to collect the [M-92 MANTIS] sniper rifle. Upon picking it up, you’ll have a chance to change your loadout. Keep in mind that the less weight you carry, the faster your powers will recharge.

Ashley/Kaidan will investigate the bodies where you found the gun. On the path ahead, you’ll run into a group of soldiers, who prove to be working for your old ally, Cerberus. Just ahead are more deployment vehicles and a larger Cerberus group. Enter the facility and activate the elevator to proceed. In the interim, Ashley/Kaidan will question you about your involvement with Cerberus, and whether or not you’re still involved with them.

When you arrive at the facility, who should turn up but Liara T’Soni. She has information on a Prothean device that could have wiped out the Reapers. Obviously, your interaction with her may vary if you were romantically involved with her in Mass Effect 1 or its sequel. Shepard will send James Vega back, and Liara will join your team from here on out.

The game will show you how to use Liara’s Singularity to trap the Cerberus soldiers on the balcony above, making them vulnerable. After the fight, you may notice that the elevator is not functioning. Instead, use the nearby vehicle lift controls to raise a vehicle, then run to the opposite platform and climb up on the containers, then jump across to the vehicle. The only way from here is through the door.

Inside, immediately take cover, then slide over to a Cerberus officer and hold the melee button to instantly kill him from stealth. The other enemies will frenzy, so find a better cover position and kill them from there. Don’t forget to call in your allies’ powers from the power wheel whenever possible. In the next area, head to the control room, where you can collect a [MED KIT] and grenades. Check the security console to confirm the security footage, and your plan will change from investigation to extraction. On the way out, read the [DATAPAD] for a small experience bonus.

When you reach the outside, head down the ladder. Before going up the next ladder, collect the [KASSA FABRICATION CHESTPLATE] . At the top jump across and enter the open airlock. Among the dead bodies is a [DATAPAD] to read. When you reach the windows, you can duck behind cover and the Cerberus operatives ahead won’t notice you yet. The glass between you and them is quite breakable, so open fire. After the fight, head into the room they were in and check the control room for a medical station, grenades, and ammo. Use the environmental controls to pressurize the room.

In the next area that opens up, you can use a weapon bench to change your team’s loadout. Don’t miss the [SMG ULTRALIGHT MATERIALS] in this room, which you can use to mod the Shuriken and reduce its weight. Grab the [DATAPAD] by the stairs too. There is another Cerberus assault squad in the next room. When you attack, a wave of Cerberus Guardians will move in with their indestructible shields. You can fix this with explosives, biotic lifting, or flanking, but if you want the Mail Slot achievement, you must kill them with a single headshot through the thin slots in their shields. Difficult, but satisfying.

As you advance, you’ll be moving through a hall full of Cerberus Assault Troopers. When you encounter the second wave, the soldiers will include Centurions, who have energy shields. Powers like Overload and Disruptor Ammo will make short work of these shields, and if you have Kaidan, he just happens to come equipped with Overload. The enemy will be using smoke bombs to obscure your vision. Either wait for the smoke to disperse, or advance past it. At the final room, wait for the lasers in the next room to swing wide, then deactivate the decontamination protocols at one of two terminals.

Pick up the [SHOTGUN HIGH CALIBER BARREL] in front of you when you enter. You don’t have a shotgun just yet, and your only shotgun-wielding character was sent back earlier, so there’s no need to adjust equipment. Read the [DATAPAD] on the right as well, and the [MED KIT] ahead. Head to the door, if you can reach it. (Otherwise, you must go back, activate the sterilization protocol, and deactivate it again with the lasers out of the way.)

Head down the left path and pick up the [M-23 KATANA] shotgun first. When you enter the door, a battle will begin with a turret emplacement. Sprint from cover to cover to advance without getting shot. At the end, roll from cover to cover toward the left, where the door is. Enter the room where the Cerberus troopers and Centurion are, and attack them. When the coast is clear, grab the [SNIPER RIFLE CONCENTRATION MODULE] and examine the [DATAPAD] next to it. Use the auto-turret controls to disable the turret.

Order one of your squadmates to cover the tram, and you’ll regain control. When then arrive, wipe out the tram occupants, then activate it to reach the Archives. Or not. Your tram will get stuck, and an enemy tram will pull up next to you and attack. You can jump across and take the fight to them, or wait until the battle ends, but either way, you need to use that tram to advance. When you arrive, a small army of Cerberus men will greet you: Assault Troopers, Guardians, and Centurions. Continue the strategies of aiming for the Guardian’s shield slots and using Overload on Centurions.

After the fight, enter the central room for a med station. In the left back corner is an [M-15 VINDICATOR] assault rifle, which fires three-round bursts, while the right back corner holds a [SHOTGUN SHREDDER MOD] . Exit through the back door once you’ve collected these for a scene. You’ll stumble upon something interesting, and a former friend.

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As soon as the scene ends, sprint after Dr. Eva. She will run behind a door, and when you open it, she’ll hit you with Incinerate and flee again. Hop through the window and run after her, and she’ll run into a doorway that was previously sealed. Pursue her up ladders and hop over any cover in your way by double-tapping the cover/sprint button. At the end of the chase, she will jump into a shuttle. You’ll get paid in credits for finishing this mission.

3.3) The Citadel

Welcome back to the Citadel. Though you can choose whether to visit the medbay or Udina first, you will be traveling there on foot regardless. Before taking the elevator, you can speak to a reporter named Diana Allers. You can either accept her invitation to make your journeys into a network show, in which case she becomes a War Asset, or you can refuse her. Now, unless you want to pester Avina, head to the elevator.

First, I’ll assume you’re going to Huerta to see Ashley/Kaidan. You’ll notice a shop that sells a Medi-Gel Capacity upgrade and [TM88 – PERUVIAN WHISKEY] , a quest item for a conversation with James. If Chakwas survived Mass Effect 2, you will find her here. Invite Chakwas to join your crew again, and she will accept. Afterward, talk to Dr. Michel about your injured companion. He/she is in the room on your right in the next hall. After speaking to him/her, you can leave and head to the embassy.

On the left, there appears to be nothing to do, but listen in on a Volus dipolomat and you’ll get the quest “Shrike Abyssal: Prothean Obelisk.” Head to the opposite path and up the stairs, and the C-Sec office is on your left. The familiar reporter, Miss Al-Jilani, is stirring up trouble once again, but there’s no time for disingenuous assertions or snide accusations right now. However, you can chat up Commander Bailey about his new post.

Return to the entrance, and you can answer Miss Al-Jilani’s questions. If you’ve had enough of her tabloid journalism, you can give her what she deserves with a Renegade interrupt, or wait for a Paragon interrupt to convince her that you’re going to help. Be warned that if you’ve punched her in the past, she’s expecting it and will counter your attack. If you choose the Paragon path, Al-Jilani’s report will become a minor War Asset.

Past the C-Sec Office, there’s a Spectre Office at the next right. There you’ll find an information teminal that keeps you up-to-date on the latest galactic threats, and a requisitions terminal that will sell some of the best weapons in the game: the Black Widow sniper rifle, the M-11 Wraith shotgun, and the M-77 Paladin heavy pistol. These are also among the most expensive, and there’s no way you can afford them yet if it’s your first playthrough, but it’s something to look forward to. There’s also a shooting range here where you can try out different weapons and mods with unprotected, shielded, and armored targets. An infinite supply of ammo and grenades, as well as a weapon bench, are available.

Go to Udina’s office to meet the Council. Udina is now a councilor… regardless of what you picked at the end of Mass Effect 1, as Anderson will have stepped down if you picked him. The composition of the rest of the Council depends on another choice at the end of Mass Effect. The meeting doesn’t exactly resolve anything, but afterward, you’ll receive a tip that could help you unite the various species. After talking to Udina, go ahead and head back to the Normandy.

This definitely won’t be your last time on the Citadel. As you complete missions, you will frequently receive messages on your private terminal, and it seems that almost everyone wants to meet you somewhere on the Citadel. It may be for a side quest, or simply to say hello to an old friend. Frequent trips back to the Citadel will probably be necessary to keep up with these invitations.

3.4) Normandy

You’ll find yourself in a forest, able to move only in slow motion. Head forward until you see benches, then look behind the bench on your right to find the boy from the opening. He’ll start running, so follow him to where he’s crouching on the ground, crying. And… he’s gone. You awaken from your nightmare in his quarters. Liara informs you that the only way to stop the Reapers is to get the turians on your side, which means saving the primarch.

You’ll now meet Specialist Traynor, another new face. She’ll go over the new ship upgrades. Then Hacket will encourage you to do whatever you can to get War Assets to fight the Reapers. That means making as many allies and gathering as many resources as you can. The old comm room is now a fully equipped War Room, where you can review any War Assets you’ve collected thus far. Currently, you’ve only got the Alliance on your side, but soon your numbers will grow. The console gives you a breakdown and description of every element at your disposal. If you’re playing the online Galaxy at War mode, you can check on that here as well.

Note that choices in previous games will already have an effect on your holdings in the war. If you saved the council in Mass Effect, then the human fleet will be weakened by about one-third. If you completed all upgrades to the Normandy in Mass Effect 2, those will improve its value as a War Asset. As far as Mass Effect 3 choices go, if you accepted Diana Allers onto your ship, she’s adding a (tiny) bonus to your total military strength.

The mission, N7: Cerberus Base, becomes available immediately when you approach Traynor, who has essentially become your new Kelly. However, in the case of certain terminal messages, she’ll actually relay their content to you, which is much more useful. You can set off right away if you want. But first, you may wish to explore the rest of the ship. On your current deck, the Combat Information Center, you can talk to Traynor and Joker. The elevator enables you to visit other areas of the ship.

The captain’s quarters are where you can customize your armor and your squad from your private terminal. Down in the crew quarters, if you collected the ship models in Mass Effect 2, you can check the life support facility for [MODEL – DESTINY ASCENSION] . Head to Miranda’s old office, which is now Liara’s office. Glyph will introduce you to the Intel station. You can use Feron’s armor modkit to modify either your ammo capacity or your shields by 5%. The Shadow Broker terminal contains Liara’s correspondence. And then there’s Liara herself, who wants to talk to you about the Prothean design. If you recruited Chakwas, she’ll talk to you in the medical bay.

On the Engineering Deck, there’s a [MODEL – TURIAN CRUISER] and a [MODEL – SHADOWBROKER] on the lower level. You’ll find Engineer Adams running the systems again. He’ll have comments on the Normandy SR-2, both on the Cerberus upgrades and those you installed yourself. You can check up on Diana Allers, the reporter, in starboard cargo.

The Shuttle Bay is no longer reserved for a one-off boss fight at the end of the game. Down here, you’ll find a weapon bench for making upgrades, and an upgrade station for leveling them up. There’s also a second armor locker down here, which saves you a trip back to your quarters. In the left corner is [MODEL – FREIGHTER] . A little further down is a [MODEL – QUARIAN] lying in plain sight. At the end is [MODEL – NORMANDY SR-1] . In the right corner are [MODEL – GETH CRUISER] and [MODEL – ALLIANCE CRUISER] . You can talk to James down here and spar with him. If you hit all of the interrupts, you’ll complete the conversation successfully and unlock [FORTIFICATION] as a bonus power at the medical bay.

3.5) Palaven

Head to the world map to start your journey. Your mission to rescue the primarch will take you into the Apien Crest, which is under Reaper control. This is the introduction to the new scanning system. Simply fly around the system and press the scan button to scan for nearby resources, but be warned: the more you scan, the more likely it is that a Reaper will appear and attack you, forcing you to flee the system.

Land on the moon of Menae and outfit your team, which will inevitably consist of Liara and Vega. You’ll be flying over the battlefield in the shuttle, giving you the opportunity to get a few shots in before you land. Kill the Husks and ask the turian soldier for directions. Salvage the [SPARE PARTS] near him for 1250 credits before advancing to the location you received from him.

At the turian camp, pick up the [MED KIT] on the fortification on your left, then head to the opposite one and read the [DATAPAD] . Another [DATAPAD] that can be salvaged for 1875 credits and a [M-97 VIPER] sniper rifle are on a cluster of crates in the middle of the camp. Approach General Corinthus at his table to get information on the situation. However, there’s still more to collect. Just past Corinthus are crates on your right, one with a [DATAPAD] to salvage for 2500 credits and one with a [PISTOL MAGAZINE UPGRADE] . These are right next to another temporary building with an [ARMAX ARSENAL SHOULDER GUARD] and [PISTOL PIERCING MOD] , with a weapon bench handily provided. The last temporary building on your right has a [MED KIT] , a [DATAPAD] to read, and [HAHNE-KEDAR GREAVES] .

When you leave the camp, you’ll pass a group of turian soldiers and encounter the enemies that attacked them: a swarm of Husks. At the end, examine the comm tower. You’ll need to assign one of your teammates to repair it while the other fights alongside you. Hold off the first wave, and the character will complete the repairs and join you to help against the second. After the last wave, Corinthus will call you back to the camp.

Garrus will make his return here if he survived Mass Effect 2’s suicide mission. The next primarch is Victus, who sounds like Garrus’s kind of guy. Regardless, you’ll need his help. Liara is recalled to the Normandy, so your squad now (presumably) consists of James and Garrus, who you can level up and then equip at the nearby weapon bench. Your objective is in the airfield, which will be under invasion by Husks and a new Reaper enemy. These Marauders are repurposed turians, and they come equipped with shields and guns, plus the ability to provide armor to other enemies with what appears to be blood magic. Before returning to the general, scavenge the [SUPPLIES] to the right for 2500 credits.

Head up to the main barricade and take the ladder. Hop on the turret and start shooting the Husks down. Note that the turret must be reloaded after every fifty shots. After enough Husks are killed, a Brute will appear and knock you down. This is a giant amalgamation of a krogan and turian, with the combined strength of both. The Brute will rush at you and hit you in melee while its Husk cohorts do the same. If you can, try to kill it while it charges at you for the achievement, Eye of the Hurricane.

Follow the waypoint markers to General Victus, sliding down when necessary. You’ll find a [DATAPAD] to salvage for 1875 credits. Continue until you come to a ledge and Husks climb up to attack you, while another group hits you from behind. Jump across the ledge and proceed up the terrace to a turian squad location. Collect the [MED KIT] , [SNIPER RIFLE SPARE AMMO] , and a [DATAPAD] for 2500 credits, then follow their directions to stay in the general’s pursuit.

A ship crashes right in front of you; investigating will only yield that there were no survivors. Keep following the path around the ledge to a [MED KIT] , shortly before you reach the turian camp where the primarch is fighting. The enemy force includes Cannibals and Marauders too. When the Brute comes out, kill him and equip the Reaper Blackstar heavy weapon around the right corner. To the left are a [SNIPER RIFLE ENHANCED SCOPE] and a [MED KIT] .

Ahead are more Marauders and two more Brutes, which will give you a use for that Blackstar. Heavy weapons in this game are dropped when used or switched out, so you can’t take it with you. A [MED KIT] lies upfield if you need it. Fight off the last enemies and push through to General Victus. If Garrus has been following you so far, he joins your team. As for Victus, you’ll have to get the krogan to help him to get him to help you, and that means the asari will be upset… It’s a political nightmare for Shepard.

After you’re back on the Normandy, talk to Hacket through the QED and report on the situation. Victus has joined you in the war room and will speak to you as well. Head down to the crew deck next, because something seems to be wrong with EDI. After the scene, you will be able to have conversations with EDI from the bridge. Head to the main battery to speak to Garrus, if he’s alive. After the conversation, you’ll unlock [ARMOR-PIERCING AMMO] as a bonus power.

When you go back up, talk to Traynor to unlock the quest, Grissom Academy: Investigation. You may also have begun to receive emails from various parties inviting you to complete miscellaneous quests. Among these, Kaidan or Ashley will ask you to visit thm in the hospital, and you might recognize a few other contacts as well, depending on who you know from the past games.

3.6) Sur’Kesh

Head to the location of the summit in the Annos Basin. When you invite the diplomats onto your ship, you’ll find them arguing. Ultimately, you must go to Sur’Kesh and retrieve krogan females who could be the cure for the genophage. The dalatrass isn’t happy, but the krogan are, and they’re the ones you need to please for this to work. Upon arriving, hostilities will ensue, and only be resolved with great difficulty.

After the incident, you can talk to Wrex (or Wreav), and Major Kirrahe, if he survived Virmire in Mass Effect 1. Either talk to Wiks or try to use the door, and an incident will occur just before you head below. If Mordin is alive, he’ll appear and reveal his role in all of this. Mordin will monitor the female as you remove her from the base. Try to enter the elevator, then run to the emergency exit on the other side and take the ladder up.

As you come up, head through the door on the right and collect a [SHOTGUN BLADE ATTACHMENT] , then engage the Cerberus Assault Troopers. Ahead is a [MEDICAL STATION] , just before the door. Circumvent the fire by climbing through the window to the left and jumping a chasm to [SHOTGUN SPARE AMMO] and stairs leading up to the next level. When you get there, protect the pod from Cerberus. Scan the [DATAPAD] for 2500 credits before activating Quarantine Checkpoint 1.

Shoot the two enemies on the shuttle, then take the balcony around to the left. Shoot out the Cerberus operatives, then collect the [PISTOL HIGH CALIBER BARREL] on the shelf to the left. Proceed through the door and up the stairs, and if he lives, Major Kirrahe will recognize and assist you. Immediately afterward, an enemy engineer will throw down a turret. Flank to the right and kill any engineers before worrying about the turrets and troopers.

Use the Species Observation Area Terminal and stand in front of it to be scanned, then proceed through the door. A [MEDICAL STATION] is just inside. For the next fight, head up top and kill the enemies above, then use your height advantage to decimate the Cerberus operatives below. Among them with be two Guardians. Go down and collect [ARMAX ARSENAL GREAVES] , then head around past the ladder to salvage [SPARE PARTS] for 3750 credits and collect [SENTRY INTERFACE] . Now head up the ladder and hack the door.

When you come up, grab the [M-13 RAPTOR] on your right. Fight off the Cerberus agents attacking the krogan female, then search the tables for a [PISTOL SCOPE] by a research table. Now head all the way to the back and collect the [SCORPION] hand cannon and use the [MEDICAL STATION] before activating the Power Terminal. On the way back, kill more Cerberus lackeys, both Guardians and Centurions included. Then activate the second checkpoint.

Fight off a third wave of Cerberus troops, then enter the door from which they came. Proceed up to the final checkpoint before the loading area and activate it immediately, before Cerberus comes back. Afterward an Atlas mech will drop into the battlefield. This boss is shielded and heavily armored, requiring multiple different protection-stripping abilities or ammunitions. Once the mech and his fellow soldiers are down, Wrex will come in and land.

At last, the krogan female is freed, and Wrex has what he wanted. Now you’ll be back on the Normandy reporting to Admiral Hackett on the mission. He’s dubbed the Prothean weapon “Project Crucible,” though it seems more like a Death Star with a rod sticking out of it. Speaking of naming, Mordin has named the female “Eve.” Both Wrex and Victus want your help with ceratin concerns of theirs, so you can discuss these issues in the War Room. For this mission, you are paid 12500 credits.

Victus lost a ship on the krogan homeworld. Additionally, you can talk to Wrex about his mission. Note that if Major Kirrahe is alive, he will be a War Asset after showing up on Sur’Kesh. Check your terminal for any other side missions, and remember that these will better prepare you for the final fight with the Reapers. Also, check on Eve, the krogan female, in the medical bay. She’ll give you a memento if you ask her how she became a shaman. You must complete two more missions before Mordin’s cure is ready.

3.7) Tuchanka

After comleting the quests for either Victus or Wrex (founded in the “Tuchanka” sidequest section), Mordin will reveal that the cure is ready to go. The best way to disperse it is to go to Tuchanka and feed it into the Shroud, a mechanism designed to rebuild the planet’s atmosphere by the Salarians. This will allow you to complete the mission, Priority: Tuchanka. Also, you can talk to Liara in her quarters at this point for [WARP AMMO] .

After the Shroud mission becomes available, head to the Krogan DMZ and land on Tuchanka, selecting the Shroud location. It’s time for the first major battle against a Reaper. The Dalatrass will pose a choice to you: if you sabotage the cure, the Salarians will offer their scientists to help work on the Crucible. However, that would mean lying to the krogan. You’ll have to decide when you get there.

Even if you try to reveal the message now, you’ll be cut off, and the fighting will start. Fight off the Husks and keep them from reaching the female. After the wave is over, your krogan allies will come out to convince the krogan clans to unite against this Reaper. You’ll now have a chance to voice your opinion on whether the krogan should expand, and now you can reveal the Dalatrass’s plan for real.

When you get out, collect the [MED KIT] in front of you. By the krogan repairman working on one of the vehicles, you can collect [SHOTGUN SMART CHOKE] , [DEATH MASK] , and [PISTOL MELEE STUNNER] . Talk to the krogan scout for an explanation. It looks like your convoy is stuck here, and the airstrike is doomed without you. After the ship crashes, collect the [MED KIT] and a special shotgun, the [GRAAL SPIKE THROWER] , both near the railing. Over by the hole in the road, collect the [PISTOL MAGAZINE UPGRADE] .

When you get out, collect the [MED KIT] in front of you. By the krogan repairman working on one of the vehicles, you can collect [SHOTGUN SMART CHOKE] , [DEATH MASK] , and [PISTOL MELEE STUNNER] . Talk to the krogan scout for an explanation. It looks like your convoy is stuck here, and the airstrike is doomed without you. After the ship crashes, collect the [MED KIT] and a special shotgun, the [GRAAL SPIKE THROWER] , both near the railing. Over by the hole in the road, collect the [PISTOL MAGAZINE UPGRADE] .

Head back toward the wall and jump across to the doorway. Jump down and descend the stairs into the Catacombs. You can either drop down at a hole in the wall or take the stairs on the opposite side; both paths lead to more steps leading down in two corridors. Down the left path, there is an [ANCIENT KROGAN ARTIFACT] worth 8500 credits. The path on the right leads on, dropping down into the next hall.

On the left as you work around the rubble, head to the far end of the room and check another [ANCIENT KROGAN ARTIFACT] for 8250 credits, then take the exit on the opposite side of the debris. In the hallway is an obvious [ANCIENT KROGAN ARTIFACT] worth 8250 credits. Proceed until you find a Ravager corpse to examine. Head up the stairs from here to reach the outside again.

Once you’re topside, proceed through the ruins until you encounter Cannibals and Ravagers. Take out the Ravagers first with your heaviest firepower, then worry about the Cannibals. From their location, head right and jump the bridge, then engage the Cannibals below. In time, they will be joined by a few Husks, but more dangerously, two Brutes. After they’re dead, follow the path they came from and climb up to the next battle zone.

This fight pits you against Husks, Cannibals, and Ravagers. The stairs on your left as you approach can get you to an advantageous position. Use your most powerful tools of destruction to tear through the Ravagers’ armor. As you approach the bridge the enemies came from, the thresher maw will tear through the bridge. Jump across and continue. When the next fight begins, look for an [SMG SCOPE] at the location of the first Cannibals you see. Alongside them will be Marauders to buff them and Husks to swarm you. At the end of the platform, collect the [ASSAULT RIFLE EXTENDED BARREL] on your left and then drop down on the opposite side.

Fight off the Cannibals and head up the stairs on the left. At the top, collect an [M-5 PHALANX] pistol on your left, then head right. As you cross the bridge, you’ll take a fall, and you’ll be headed straight toward the Reaper. Use cover to reach the Reaper’s location, and the airstrike will arrive to distract it. In the arena ahead, you must face one Brute, then three Brutes at once. At the same time, you’ll have to avoid getting stepped on by the Reaper.

After the fight, head either left or right to activate the first Maw Hammer. You’ll then have to run to the other side with more Brutes and the Reaper attacking you. Once both hammers are hit, the thresher maw will arrive, and the next scene will play. If you saved Maelon’s research, Eve will have survived the cure synthesis process. Now Mordin just needs to see this through to the end. Another dream sequence, and the mission will end, and you’ll earn 25000 credits.

Talk to Hackett if you want information about the state of the galaxy. The krogans and turians have joined your War Assets, though the Salarians’ support depends on your choice in the last mission. The people of Zhu’s Hope will have an email for you, if they’re still alive, becoming a minor War Asset. After this, you should head to the Citadel to meet with the Council again.

3.8) The Citadel, Part 2

You’ll be dropped into the midst of a fight at C-Sec Headquarters. You’ll be facing a Turret and Engineer, with plenty of Centurions and Assault Troopers covering them. Cerberus is using shield generators to create cover, but the cover can be shorted out by shutting off the generation. Shield pylons are even worse, as they provide shields to all enemies. Destroy any shield pylons you see. After the fight, check the [MEDICAL STATION] behind Bailey, then speak to him.

Head off to save the Councilor. Up the stairs are a few Troopers waiting to be ambushed, but on the stairs to your left, Guardians will pour forth. Behind them is an Engineer throwing down Turrets. Kill the Cerberus forces before searching the area. On this level, a [MED KIT] and [ASSAULT RIFLE PIERCING MOD] are on your right, near a terminal. Bypass the door to advance.

Deal with the Centurion and Engineer, then collect the [RECON HOOD] on the left side of the room. There is a [MEDICAL STATION] by the door. Kill the Engineer in the next room, then grab the [SNIPER RIFLE EXTENDED BARREL] from the shelf inside and shoot the latch off the box to reveal a button that calls the elevator, allowing you to take it up.

The room on your left is locked for now, but the room next door is open, and it contains [SECURITY HELMET] and [PISTOL HIGH CALIBER BARREL] . The opposite room contains a [PISTOL PIERCING MOD] . As you advance, you’ll find the [M-25 HORNET] SMG on a body. Circumvent the jammed door by going around to the right, and check the [ACCOUNT DETAILS] for 6250 credits. Use the door control to open the door that was locked before. That room contains the [M-358 TALON] , which is basically a shotgun in pistol form. Now return to the side room and go around the glitched door.

Kill the two unsuspecting guards at the end of the hall and head through the door. Inside, there is a [MEDICAL STATION] in the room to your right. Pick up a [SNIPER RIFLE PIERCING MOD] at the far end of the room before taking the stairs to the upper level. The assassin Kai Leng will arrive to kill the Councilor. If Thane is alive, he will save the councilor, but at a dire cost.

As you proceed after the shuttle crash, you will encounter a new foe: a Phantom. Phantoms are basically biotic ninjas: they have barriers and extreme agility, and they can attack in close range with swords. Phantoms also have some technical ability, as they can cloak to escape when injured. Take out the Phantoms’ biotic protection, then kill them before they can escape. Nemeses, Cerberus snipers, are accompanying them. After the fight, jump across the ledge to advance to the next platform, where you’ll face more of the same enemies.

In the last room, the door is sealed, so jump out the window and descend to access a side window. Proceed through here, jumping across a destroyed platform. When you see another window, turn around and collect 6250 [CREDITS] from the table. On the other side of the window, you’ll face an Atlas mech. Take out the remaining troops and head up the stairs to the elevator.

As your elevator ascends, hit the power conduits on the opposite one to slow it down. Another enemy elevator will show up and Phantoms will leap over. Take out the elevator’s conduits and any Phantoms that boarded, and your ascent will continue. Take out the third elevator, and when the council elevator shows up, jump to it.

You’ll end up in a confrontation with the Council and Ashley/Kaidan, who is protecting them. Udina is working for Cerberus, but you have to convince your Spectre friend of that. You can persuade him based on your Reputation score; otherwise, you’ll have to either kill the Spectre or let the council die. Should your persuasion succeed, Udina will pull a gun on the Asari Councilor. A Renegade interrupt will shoot him, but otherwise, the Spectre will shoot him instead.

After exploring the Citadel, go to leave, and Ashley/Kaidan will stop you to talk about what happened. He’ll ask if he can rejoin your squad. Afterward, you’ll patch back in to Anderson and Hackett simultaneously. The Asari and Salarians will be on board with the war effort now. Now it’s time to deal with the Quarians and the Geth. There’s also a distress signal from the Asari to deal with. Talk to Vega in your quarters for [CARNAGE] as a bonus power. Also talk to Ashley for [INFERNO GRENADE] or Kaidan for [REAVE].

3.9) Perseus Veil

Head into the Perseus Veil and approach the Quarian envoy ship. It seems that the Quarians have ignored whatever advise you gave them and attacked the geth, causing the geth to ally with the Reapers. If Tali was not exiled, she is now an Admiral. You may or may not agree with their choice, but the reality is that you need to stop that Geth Dreadnought from sending out the Reaper signal.

Upon reaching the ship, you’ll have to go in alone and secure the docking tube to make way for your allies. This consists of walking with painful slowness through the tube, walking on the ceiling when the floor is damaged. At the end, the tube will break, and you’ll be stuck on the ship, alone. Drop down and head left to collect [SHOTGUN SMART CHOKE] . Head on forward and take the ladder up.

Jump across to the door and pass through. In the next airlock, take the ladder up and use the docking controls to invite your friends over. Also, Tali has a gift for you: the [ARC PISTOL] . Head further into the Dreadnought and collect the [SNIPER RIFLE ENHANCED SCOPE] . At the end, use the bridge controls to pass. As soon as you do so, the Geth will arrive, including some Geth Rocket Troopers. Use anti-synthetic attacks, like the Arc Pistol you just picked up, to defeat them.

The next room contains more Rocket Troopers, with shields. After killing them, salvage the [GETH DATA] at the next terminal for 2500 credits. Opposite the terminal is a door with an [ARCHON VISOR] just on your right. Check the consoles for extra data. In the next room, collect the [GETH PULSE RIFLE] on your right, then enter the door ahead to reach the operation center.

The Geth Troopers in this room are accompanied by three Geth Hunters, which turn invisible and sneak up on you while cloaked. Kill the Hunters as a priority, then once all the Geth are destroyed, head up and collect the [SMG SCOPE] on the panel and the [GETH DATA] (1250 credits) before using the console. Afterward, Geth will pour into the room, including cloaked Hunters. After the fight, take the door to the maintenance tunnel, then bypass the next.

Head left and down a ladder, then continue down a second and collect the [GETH DATA] at the bottom for 1250 credits. Keep heading down to the bottom and collect the [MED KIT] before the door ahead. In the next room, head down on the left to reach a long hall. When the shockwave comes, take cover, then engage the Geth ahead. When a path opens on the left, collect the [GETH DATA] down there for 1250 credits. At the end, override the maintenance access platform to disable the main gun.

Run to the end and jump across to exit the gun’s rail just before it fires. On the other side, you must fight more Rocket Troopers. Past them are Geth Hunters, who can barely be seen with their sheeny invisibility cloaks. As you proceed the shockwaves will grow more and more frequent. At the end, take the ramp up on the left and bypass the door. Inside, head around the platform and collect [GETH DATA] (1875 credits), then take the elevator.

After the scene, run to Tali. Take the ladder up, collect a [MED KIT] , and enter the door at the end. Here, you’ll encounter an old friend: Legion. Take the elevator up and override the data core. Fight through the Geth Troopers and Rocket Trooper ahead. Past them are Hunters and a powerful Geth Prime, a mini-boss of sorts with shields and armor and the ability to deploy turrets. More Troopers and another Geth Prime will constitute the second wave. When you reach the opposite side, take the ladder down.

Salvage the [ASSAULT RIFLE PRECISION SCOPE] and [GETH DATA] on this platform for 2500 credits. Head to the door ahead. Proceed until you must jump across and you fall. Head along the lower level and proceed up to Legion and the Geth Fighter to escape. In the Admirals’ dispute, choose which Admiral to side with. Talk to Tali in your quarters to get [ENERGY DRAIN] as a bonus power.

3.10) Rannoch

To advance, you must complete one of the two major Rannoch sidequests for the Quarians to locate the Reaper base. To ensure the safety of the Quarian fleet, you should do both, or they will take heavier losses in the final battle with the Reaper-controlled Geth. Once one (or both) of the previous missions is complete, head to the Reaper Base on Rannoch.

For this mission, if Tali is with you, you are required to bring her. As soon as you land, a group of Geth Troopers will move in ahead of you. Advance from cover point to cover point to push the Geth back, then when the last one goes down, move to the sealed doorway ahead, collecting the [SMG HIGH CALIBER BARREL] . Next, climb up on the platforms to the right of the doorway and take either ladder.

As soon as you reach the top, Geth Rocket Troopers and regular Troopers will attack you. Flank via the platforms on the right path or climb the ladder if you took the left path. Before climbing the next ladder, check the far side of the catwalk for an [ASSAULT RIFLE PIERCING MOD] on the right side and [KASSA FABRICATION GAUNTLETS] on the left, with a platform allowing you to jump between them. At the top, climb up the cover to advance.

Geth will spawn below you, so attack them from above. The Geth will try to flank you via the tubes on your left. Climb up there and hold the area while your squadmates defend the initial zone. After taking out the Geth on both levels, drop down to the bottom and head through the door at the end. When you exit on the other side, kill the single Geth on your left and head down that path to collect [SMG ULTRALIGHT MATERIALS] before taking the opposite path on the right.

Down this path, at about the point where the next Geth wave arrives, head into the dead end on your right to collect an [ASSAULT RIFLE STABILITY DAMPER] . As you proceed, additional Geth will drop in. Rocket Troopers will be attacking from the balcony on the left. After finishing this wave, look for a [GETH PLASMA SHOTGUN] on crates to your left, followed by [DATA] worth 5000 credits.

Through the next door, there’s more [DATA] on your right for 10000 credits, plus a [MED KIT] . The next arena has a path to the left, leading to the platform on the opposite side where the Geth are attacking from. Fight through the Geth along this path and hit the override controls, then proceed to the opposite side of the chasm to collect a [MED KIT] . Now you must hold off the Geth that drop in, including Geth Pyros. Override the door from the platform at the far side, and the elevator will open, releasig another Geth swarm of Rocket Troopers and a Prime. After killing them, use the lift.

Collect the [GETH SPITFIRE] on your right and use it against the three Geth Primes up here. Another [GETH SPITFIRE] is in the far right corner if the first runs out of ammunition. Keep moving around the battlefield to flank the Primes while Overloading their drones and turrets if they appear. Avoid getting into melee range, and instead focus on whittling down their shields and armor with the appropriate powers. Finally, proceed to the ledge, and you’ll automatically equip the Normandy targeting laser. Use the laser on the base core until it paints the target and the Normandy flies in to bomb it.

When the Reaper emerges, run to the left. You’ll hop on the mounted turret of a Geth vehicle to engage the Reaper. Shoot the Reaper to get its attention until the orbital strike comes in. Afterward, you’ll be on foot. When the Reaper begins to fire, use the targeting laser on the Reaper’s red laser cannon to hit it with another airstrike. The Reaper will attack with a deadly laser, so dodge to the side before it reaches you. The Reaper will become vulnerable again, so paint its weak point with your laser. If it uses its beam attack again, stop painting and dodge to the side, then continue again until the next strike comes in.

Repeat this same process a second time, and the Reaper will draw closer, giving you less time to dodge its lasers while having to dodge more of them. This will slow you down, but follow the same strategy of intermittently dodging lasers and painting the target. When the Reaper comes into immediate range, hurry up and paint it before it gets an unblockable attack off to finish it with an orbital strike from the entire Quarian fleet.

After speaking to the dying Reaper, you must choose whether to upload the Reaper upgrades to the Geth to save them, or to let the Geth be destroyed by the Quarian fleet. If you choose to continue the upload, you will have a second chance to reconsider when the Quarians refuse to stop their attack. With enough Reputation, you can save the Quarians by convincing them to call off the attack and put an end to the war. However, regardless of whether you can end the fighting, Legion must rejoin with the Geth collective to disseminate the Reaper upgrades, so you’ll lose him.

25000 credits is your pay for this mission. You also get the Geth fleet and Geth Corps on your side as War Assets, not to mention the Quarian Fleets and Admiral Xen. Rewriting the Geth is Mass Effect 2 will strengthen the Geth fleet, but result in a weakened Quarian fleet. The Asari Councilor (assuming the Council survived) invites you to speak to her directly at the Citadel; what she has to say is too important for an unsecured channel. Meet her in Udina’s office.

When you meet with the Councilor, she can offer information on the Catalyst. An artifact on Thessia may be able to assist you in locating the catalyst. While you’re here, visit Tali in the Presdium Commons outside the C-Sec office, and you’ll get the [DEFENSE DRONE] bonus power.

3.11) Thessia

Head to the Athena Nebula, and Thessia will be in the first star system. You must take Liara with you on this mission. When the shuttle stops, drop down and collect the [UMBRA VISOR] ahead, and [SUPPLIES] for 4500 credits. Speak to Lieutenant Kurin, then hop on the machine gun and shoot the Husks and Brutes attacking the barrier.

After the fight, speak with Kurin. If you tell her to just follow her orders, she’ll refuse and pull her troops out, leaving you on your own. However, if you tell her that you’re looking for an artifact that can complete the Crucible, her forces will stay to help you. Cross the bridge, and when you see Husks and Cannibals coming from the other side, take cover and kill them before advancing.

Ahead, take cover and fight the Reaper forces below on your left, targeting the Marauders first. Push forward through more waves of Cannibals, shooting any Ravager Spore Pods to detonate them and damage nearby enemies. Along the right path is a [MED KIT] , with another one at approximately the same point on the left side. At the far left is a [HYDRA MISSILE LAUNCHER] , a heavy weapon. At the far right, a Banshee and Maruaders attack you, giving you a decent target for your single missile volley.

Head up the ramp, then drop down on the right and salvage the [TERMINAL] for 7500 credits. Bypass the door, then proceed into the courtyard. Around the rubble on the right, you will find a room with a [BROKEN SHOTGUN] and get 3000 credits. Climb up the rubble on your left and join the Asari sniper. Be sure to collect the [M-98 WIDOW] sniper rifle next to her. Fight the forces below, and focus on sniping the Marauders.

When the fight is over, drop down and head out along the balcony to the left. After meeting with the Asari soldier at the outpost, you’ll have to fight again. Destroy the barrier generator in the back, then focus on the Ravager so it isn’t firing on you while you fight the Banshee. Kill the Marauders and climb up the slope, collecting the [ASSAULT RIFLE EXTENDED BARREL] on your right when you reach the top. A mob of Husks will move in, so fight them off before they draw close, or trap them with Liara’s Singularity for easy kills.

A little further on, you’ll encounter two Harvesters, with some Marauders and a Ravager to distract you. Destroy the barrier generator between the Harvesters to make fighting the other enemies easier, then focus on weakening the Harvesters. Once the Harvesters die or escape, proceed to the temple door and collect the [SMG HEAT SINK] on the left. Bypass the barrier controls on the right to open the door.

Inside, you can read descriptions of the various manuscripts, busts, murals, and shields, but only examining the central statue will cause you to advance. Examine the bust on the right, the manuscript on the left, and the shield on the left to access the beacon. You can attempt to use persuasion, but you’ll ultimately be brought back to the same dialogue choice. In the end, you’ll have to fight Kai Leng.

Kai Leng will run across the battlefield and slash you with his sword. At range, he can swing and launch a biotic slash wave that flies in your direction, avoidable only by dodging to the side. He is protected by shields, and when they become low, he will stun you and run to cover to recharge them while his gunship attacks you. However, he will wait longer and longer to recharge each time. After Kai Leng loses his shields completely, a scene will ensue.

15000 credits is your pay for this mission. Anderson will want to talk to you on the QED after the mission. Also, talk to Garrus in the Main Battery to get [PROXIMITY MINE] as a bonus power. Liara will also be upset, and understandably so, so you will probably want to talk to her as well. This will get her motivated to help the refugees from Thessia, and it will earn you [STASIS] as a bonus power.

3.12) Horizon

If you intend to aid Miranda, make sure you’ve offered her Alliance aid in her third appearance on the Citadel before doing this quest. Head to the Shadow Sea, and Horizon will be in the first system, Iera. Land there and head forward, and a Cerberus shuttle will crash, deploying Phantom snipers and a single Nemesis. Countersnipe these foes, then bypass the door ahead.

A [MEDICAL STATION] is on your right when you enter. At the office on the right, there are various video and audio logs you can view, plus a PDA near the front desk. Further back are [INVENTORY LOGS] worth 1500 credits. Take the stairs down to the landing area, then proceed right to the observation deck. Kill the few Cerberus Assault Troopers here, then check the central platform for a [PISTOL SCOPE] . Proceed into the hall on your left.

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Salvage the [EQUIPMENT] immediately on your right in the next room for 1500 credits. Use the console in front of you to gain information from Miranda, if she’s alive. Outside, use the water pump to remove the excess water from the pool, revealing an entrance into the Cerberus facility. Enter through the door, then salvage the [EQUIPMENT] on the right wall for 1500 credits. Collect the [ROSENOV MATERIALS SHOULDER GUARD] to the left, then open the door.

Activate the console on the upper level to get the power back on. You’ll see that the facility is overrun with Husks. Exit through the door on your right, then examine the console ahead for another message from Miranda. Open the door down the steps and fight your way through the Husks. The next room contains logs to view. The room after that contains more Reaper forces: Banshees and Marauders.

Proceed to the end of the chamber and follow the path to find a chamber with a trapped Banshee. On the table to the left, collect a [MED KIT] and read the logs here before taking the door on the right to the next room. Approach the Miranda terminal and repair it to view it. On the nearby tables are a PDA and a [RESEARCH TERMINAL] worth 1500 credits.

Head up the steps into another Reaper fight with Marauders and Cannibals. Shoot the numerous barrier generators on the left and right walls to eliminate a source of protection for these enemies. There are more logs to examine on the lower level, and on the upper level, a [SHOTGUN BLADE ATTACHMENT] and the [M-12 LOCUST] . The latter is a highly accurate SMG first seen in Kasumi’s Loyalty Mission in the Mass Effect 2: Stolen Memory DLC. Check the Miranda console on the lower level.

Head up the ladder, and Reaper forces will immediately attack. They consist of Marauders and Cannibals backed up by Ravagers. Again, focus on taking out the barrier generators on the pillars. Then your biggest concern will be Ravagers and their artillery guns. Proceed through the doorway for a [MEDICAL STATION] on your right. On your left is [RESEARCH DATA] to salvage for 3000 credits. Read the logs, then proceed through the door across from them.

Jump across the gap and shoot the box, then activate the lift control inside. On the other side, jump across again and open the door. The next chamber contains two angry Brutes, but you have plenty of space to maneuver and avoid them. On the upper level is a [MED KIT] if you need it. Ahead, there will be another Brute and a Banshee. Before leaving, release the pod status override at the end of the room, then return to the pod at the beginning of the room. Open the pod and collect the [M-99 SABER] assault rifle, which functions much like a sniper rifle. Salvage the [RESEARCH DATA] for 4500 credits before proceeding into the room the Brute and Banshee came from.

At the top of the elevator, continue forward to Lawson’s office. Here, Lawson will have taken Miranda’s sister, Oriana, hostage. If Miranda’s sidequest was completed, she will be injured but alive. You must use your Reputation to convince Lawson to release Oriana. Failing this, you can shoot at Lawson if the negotiation fails, and Miranda will kill him. If you do not shoot him, he and Miranda will kill each other.

You will be paid 15000 credits for this mission. If Miranda lives, she becomes a War Asset and helps you find the Cerberus base. Even without Miranda, it’s possible to locate Cerberus Headquarters from the data you collected, and that will be your next destination in either case.

3.13) Cronos Station

Starting this mission will effectively lock you into the endgame path, so if you intend to get your War Assets to a certain level or complete certain missions, take care of this now. Head to the Horsehead Nebula and fly to the Anadius System. Here is Cronos Station, with the enormous sun so often shown in the Illusive Man’s window. You’ll find Cronos Station hidden in an asteroid field surrounding the star. Admiral Hackett will double check that you’re ready first, giving you another chance to opt out.

Your romantic interest will visit you in your quarters before the mission. Follow the running child in the dream while listening to the voices of the fallen. EDI will insist on accompanying you on this mission, so select your other party member and head out. After the shuttle lands, you’ll be fighting in the docking bay.

While you fight off the initial troopers, stay out of the paths of any fighters taking off, or they may hit you. After the first wave, an Atlas mech will attack while a Nemesis snipes from above. Countersnipe the Nemesis, then use the ladder to take her position and use it to fight the Atlas from relative safety. Afterward, open the door up here and assign EDI to disable the hangar vent procedure.

A Cerberus team will attack you in this room, so take cover. The Guardian has an advantage in close quarters, but with a physics-based biotic move like Push or Singularity, you can knock his shield away. Proceed through the doorway where the troopers came from and take cover behind the crates as a large Cerberus squad moves in. Take out the Centurions’ shields with EDI’s Overload power, then bring them down with conventional attack methods. Enter the door on your right, use the [MEDICAL STATION] if needed, and use the rotation controls to rotate the fighter.

Proceed through the next series of doors to collect a [PDA] worth 5000 credits. Take the ladder down from here and use the clamp release to launch the fighter into the hangar. Out of the hangar comes another Atlas. Take out the Assault Troopers dropping down from above. Collect the [M-37 FALCON] grenade rifle and examine the door on your left to advance to a new area.

Head down the ladder in front of you and take cover to engage troops. The enemy population is thick with Centurions, so expect their smoke grenades to obscure the battlefield. You can even take advantage of the enemy smoke grenades to change cover positions if needed. Nemeses will be sniping from a distance, so don’t neglect to neutralize them, or they may be putting your party members down left and right. When another wave pours in from the path on your right, kill them and follow the path to a ladder. Check the dead end past the ladder for a [TERMINAL] with 5000 credits and a [MEDICAL STATION] .

Up top, view the terminal on the Lazarus project. Your non-EDI party member will comment on each entry. You can also pick up [SERRICE COUNCIL GREAVES] on the table across from the terminal. Proceed through the door that EDI hacked and proceed to where you must drop down on the right. Here you’ll have to climb through some rubble to reach a drop into a room with Engineers and Turrets.

While I would normally suggest destroying the shield pylons, you can use them to your advantage pretty easily here. Kill the first group and take up their cover position to fight the enemies further along. Destroy the pylons near the enemy forces, but keep the one behind you to restore your shields whenever you come near it. You can also take out the generator on the right side of the hall to eliminate the enemy cover. When you push forward to where the hall turns to the right, kill the last Engineers and ascend the ladder.

Up here is a Cerberus console with more video logs regarding EDI. You can talk to her about each log. Once she gets the door open, proceed into the next room. There will be a [MEDICAL STATION] on your left and a [PDA] on your right with 5000 credits. In the next hall, avoid the place to drop down on your left and continue down a winding path for some hidden treasures: a [MED KIT] , a [DELUMCORE OVERLAY] , and more Cerberus video logs, this time about Kai Leng. Now head back to the blue hole in the wall to drop down.

Here, you will see the remaining evidence of the Collector Base. The volume of evidence remaining depends on what you did to the base, of course. On the catwalk ahead, if you failed to save Grissom Academy, you’ll face an indoctrinated Jack, in the form of a Cerberus Phantom mini-boss. She fights with a katana and biotics like the other Phantoms here. The enemies coming up from below during the fight include Troopers and Phantoms. They will be supplemented by shield pylons at each corner, but by taking these key points, you can use the pylons for yourself. Continue until you reach the ladder on the opposite side.

At the top, you’ll face another small group: Phantoms in close-range, Troopers taking cover, and a Nemesis sniping from a distance, with a shield pylon to protect them. The pylon is safely behind cover, but you can destroy the generator behind the ladder to make the pylon lose power, allowing you to kill the enemies it was protecting. Head up the ladder and through a door. In this control room, look for a [MED KIT] and [PDA] with 5000 credits on your left. Proceed across the unsafe-looking bridge ahead to reach the Illusive Man’s control room.

You can try to convince the Illusive Man, but he’s still immune. Coveniently, the Catalyst and your final mission to retake Earth have been consolidated into a single goal. After the conversation, you must fight Tai Leng for the last time. It will begin with him attacking you in close range. Rapidly tap the melee button to interrupt, and the real fight will begin.

Tai Leng has a thick shield layer, so wear it down with every anti-shield technique at your disposal. Once he takes a certain amount of damage, he will tear into the floor panels and draw power from the underlying power nodes to recharge, while Cerberus Assault Troopers take cover in the explosed floor area. Once his shields are back, he will attack again, so kill the troopers before that happens, or he’ll be forcing you out of your cover position and into enemy fire. Once he’s torn up the floor three times (not including at the start of the fight), he will stop recharging, and you can begin damaging his health. After he is apparently dead, use the Renegade interrupt when prompted to finish him.

Your pay for this mission is a whopping 55000 credits. Even if the Collector base was destroyed in Mass Effect 2, you can still recover the Reaper Heart from the Illusive Man’s base for your War Assets. Your next mission is Earth, but before you depart, make sure you’re properly equipped. Also, see what your crew has to say about this final mission before you set out. At this point, you’ll be locked into the final mission, and you’ll be unable to travel anywhere but the Local Cluster.

3.14) Earth, Part 2

Prior to the final fight, you’ll have a meeting with Admiral Hackett. The Admiral will make a speech to your combined fleets, and you’ll see the various races that have joined you readying for the fight. Next you’ll speak with Admiral Anderson about the battle plan. You’ll be fighting on the ground to reach the teleporter in London. Select whichever two party members you wish to accompany you.

The course of the space battle depends on your fleet’s preparedness. Your forces will be at a disadvantage if you didn’t completely fill the War Asset bar, but as long as you reached the minimum threshold, the fleet will at least be able to buy you some time to complete your mission. On the way down, the loss of your demolition team forces you to change plans: you must now take out the enemy Hades cannons so Hammer team can land. To do this, you’ll need to search the wreckage of their shuttle for heavy weapons.

Fight your way up the stairs and into the heat of the fight. The Reaper forces here are Cannibals and Marauders, but a couple of Brutes will appear further ahead. After fighting through the street, climb the rubble on the right to get into the building. As you fight through the ruined building, Ravagers will join the enemy ranks, firing artillery from behind enemy lines. After reaching the enemy position, you will find a [MED KIT] and two [M-920 CAIN] heavy weapons, which are effectively mini-nuke launchers.

Take one Cain and use it to destroy the enormous Reaper weapon towering above you. After that, a Banshee and a host of blood-armored Cannibals appear, and you must hold them off until you can be extracted. Luckily, you have another Cain. I suggest saving it for when your Alliance shuttle arrives. Fire the Cain to wipe out all the enemies between you and the evacuation zone, then run straight through the mushroom cloud and jump to the shuttle before more enemies spawn. Don’t worry; there’s no friendly fire in Mass Effect.

After the scene, head down the ladder and have a look around. You can talk to James right outside. Outside the next building on the right is Kaidan or Ashley. Inside, talk to the comm tech to speak with anyone on your Mass Effect 2 team that joined your War Assets in Mass Effect 3 and is still alive. You can also talk to your shuttle pilot. Outside, head up the rubble on the left, and you’ll find your turian allies, Garrus and Victus. Through the next door, a fight will begin.

Hop on the turret and shoot the Husks and Cannibals before they reach the camp. Keep up the covering fire until the ships roll in and bomb the enemy forces, wiping them out. Then continue to the next door, across the bridge to your left. Speak to Liara. Afterward, there will be a [MED KIT] underneath each of the two beds on the left. Through the next door, Javik will be on the right if you completed the From Ashes DLC, and Wrex or Wreav will be on the mound ahead and to the left. Through the door past him, check the [MED KIT] on your right, then talk to EDI, Tali (if alive), and finally Anderson. If you’re ready, tell Anderson it’s time to go.

Before you go, you’ll have a chance to address your squad. Afterward, select your team and move out. You’ll be hitting a group of Cannibals and Marauders from behind. Kill them and drop down, following the Mako tank. Eliminate the Maruader leaders on the upper level and on the ground, then eliminate their Cannibal subordinates. Meanwhile, use the Mako for cover.

In the next courtyard, a Harvester will swoop down and engage the Mako. Take cover behind it while using anti-armor powers against the Harvester. Afterward, a Banshee will appear and move in on you. Disable the Banshee’s barriers and keep on the move to avoid its deadly close range attacks. After killing the remaining Cannibals, enter the Reaper stronghold ahead.

Inside, you’ll face a wave of Husks followed by two Brutes. Due to the lack of enemies with ranged attacks, you can stay on the move to avoid the Brutes without having to remain in cover. Use dodge rolls to avoid Brute charges and follow up with anti-armor powers. After fighting off the Brutes and dealing with an extra Husk, head to the far side and take the ladder up.

Wipe out the Ravager on the upper level first, then worry about the Marauders and Cannibals. Afterward, your forces can move up. Head to the back of the room for a [MED KIT] under a stretcher, another [MED KIT] in a room to the side, and the door out of here. As you open the door, a Husk will pop out. Heavy melee him, then kill his two companions. Drop down to the street level.

You’ll face an army of Marauders in this street, with a single Ravager overlooking the battlefield from a hill. Kill the Ravager and focus on the Marauders until a bigger problem arrives: a Brute with a pack of Husks. Focus your squad’s assault on the Brute until it dies, then pick off the remaining enemies. Advance into the building on your right where the next wave spawns and push through these Cannibals until you reach the exit on the other side.

Approach the building ahead and pick off the Marauders inside, then deal with the Cannibals. Afterward, climb inside and open the door to reveal another small army of Marauders and Cannibals. At the back is a [MEDICAL STATION] . The next wave will attack from the opening on the right, but you can flank them by jumping over the counter and heading around the back. Kill the Marauders, and a second wave of Cannibals with one Brute will come out of the alley.

After the fight, proceed into the alley. At the far end, two Brutes will break through the wall. Quickly run back out of the alley, as the Brutes will have an advantage in this confined space. Open fire with your strongest powers on one of the Brutes as they charge out of the alley, and with luck you’ll kill one, leaving the other as a manageable threat. Return to the hole in the alley wall and head through the door inside.

Clear out the enemies around the missile launcher, then approach it and use the controls to deactivate the firewalls. Until EDI finishes reprogramming the artillery, you must defend this location. In the building to your left you have a [MED KIT] and a [HYDRA MISSILE LAUNCHER] . In the building on the right is a [MEDICAL STATION] . After a few waves of simple Cannibals and Marauders, a new wave with multiple Banshees will move in from the left. This is a good time to use that Hydra. After the wave is over, head back to the missile truck and fire the missiles.

You will now have to defend the second missile truck while the strongest Reaper forces converge on your position. This begins with no less than four Brutes. Stay on the run to keep the Brutes from overrunning your position, and focus your squad’s attacks on one Brute at a time. When the Brutes start going down, a Harvester will land in the middle of the arena. Get behind the Harvester and unload your heavy-hitting attacks to wear down its armor, and it should die.

With the Harvester dead, a group of Banshees will land in the middle of the street, and an army of Marauders won’t be far behind. To make things worse, the Reaper is approaching and it will begin shooting its deadly laser across the battlefield at the most inopportune times. The building on the left has a [MEDICAL STATION] , along with a flanking path between the two street entrances. When the missiles are ready to fire, run to the truck and activate them.

Sprint from here to the beam, avoiding the incoming lasers. Don’t run too close to the other men, as they all get targeted at some point. After you fall and get up, approach the beam. When a few Husks show up, shoot them, and try to aim for the head so they don’t reach you in your weakened state. Do the same to the Marauder that emerges, then proceed to the beam.

Stumble through the hall ahead until you reach Anderson. Keep using persuasion options against the Illusive Man. If you don’t have the Reputation to convince him of the truth, you can stop him with a Renegade interrupt. After a lengthy scene that makes absolutely no sense, it’s time for the game’s final choice: will you destroy the Reapers, and all synthetic life with them? Or will you take control of the Reapers? To destroy them, shoot the core of the Crucible. To assume control, approach the nodes to your left and use them.

If you filled the EMS bar, a third option presents itself. Instead of destroying synthetic life or forcing it to behave according to your will, you can walk down the middle path (literally and metaphorically) and create your own solution. Just as your Shepard is partly synthetic, and just as the Reapers are partly synthetic and partly organic, you can infuse all life in the galaxy with both organic and synthetic traits, creating peace and unity between the creators and created.

After the credits, you will receive a message advertising that a real ending may yet be available as paid DLC. You will then be taken back to the moment before you attacked the Illusive Man’s base. Also, if you start a new save, you can import this save for an effective New Game+, retaining your level, reputation, armor, weapon upgrades, and credits.

4) Side Quests

4.1) Side Story Missions

Grissom Academy: Emergency Evacuation

This mission is only available until the second main Citadel mission, or until you complete three other missions after the Palaven mission. Head to a space station in the Vetus System after getting the mission from Traynor. Head forward and open the door. Cerberus Assault Troopers will be in the hall ahead. Examine the door on your right, and Sanders will open it. The door ahead will now be open, and you can proceed down the hall.

Jump to the right and collect the [ASSAULT RIFLE STABILITY DAMPER] . This door and the one in the previous room lead to the same room, whereyou will engage Assault Trropers. Approach the biotic student with the barrier and talk to him. Read the [TACTICAL ANALYSIS REVIEW] and [PERSONAL LOG] on the tables for experience. Then head through the door, and the next one on the right.

In the next room are generators and Centurions. Destroy the generators to take out their cover, and use Overload or an equivalent against the Centurions. Head through the door on the left to collect the [M-22 EVISCERATOR] shotgun, then take the opposite path. There’s a [MNEMONIC VISOR] on the bench on the bench on your right. Talk to the girl, then turn around. Open the [LOCKER] for 1250 credits, then head down the path to the right to collect an [M-96 MATTOCK] . Destroy the generator ahead, then proceed through the doors.

You’ll meet Jack if she’s alive. You’ll be fighting an Atlas mech ahead. You’ll have to protect the students while fighting the mech. Use anti-shield abilities like Overload and Disruptor Ammo to wear down its shields, then hit its armor with Warp, Incinerate, or Incendiary or Armor-Piercing Ammo. Eliminate the straggling support troopers.

Talk to Jack downstairs for information. Collect a [DATAPAD] for 1875 credits and [ASSAULT RIFLE PRECISION SCOPE] upstairs. A bench on the opposite side has a [MED KIT] . A bench downstairs has a data log and a Cerberus laptop you can use to disable the cameras. Next you need to disable the overrides in the control room upstairs. This opens a door below the control room.

The room ahead contains Cerberus Assault Troopers, Centurions, Guardians, Engineers, and an Atlas mech. The students will be firing down on the combat arena with biotics to help you. Your first concern should be destroying the Atlas mech, using the same strategy as for the previous one. The best position to take is on the high ground with a shield pylon and generator: destroy these, as well as the pylon in the battle arena below, to remove the enemies’ shields.

After the first wave, a door will open downstairs, and more enemies will pour out. Kill them, then head inside and read the [MISSION BIREF] for experience and pick up the [MED KIT] . Check the [COMPUTER] for 3750 credits and a door to the opposite area with more of all the enemy varieties that appeared in the other area. This area has a balcony you should head up to for another height advantage. However, be aware that the door up here will open up when the Guardians arrive, and you can find yourself flanked if you aren’t expecting them.

After the fight, head to the door at the end, and take the next door. At the enext Cerberus camp, take out the two Assault Troopers, then approach and speak to Octavia. You can call Sanders to help you talk her down, or take her by force. Alteratively, if you rescued David Archer in Mass Effect 2: Overlord and sent him to Grissom Academy, he will take Octavia down, and he will have unlocked the area ahead with [SNIPER RIFLE PIERCING MOD] and [M-22 EVISCERATOR].

Proceed through the door next to the [BIOTIC AMP SCHEMATICS] (needed to complete Citadel: Biotic Amp Interfaces), then turn left and collect the [SERRICE COUNCIL CHESTPLATE] . There’s an Engineer ahead you can sneak up on with ease. Pick up the [DATA LOG] for a little experience, then hop in the Atlas mech. This mech has a rail gun, missile launcher, and melee attack. Use it to protect the students from the Cerberus forces in the next room. If the armor of the mech gets low, exit it and continue fighting on foot. However, you will have to fight an enemy Atlas mech in the last wave, for which you can reuse the empty mech for its heavy firepower.

After the fight is over and the shuttles are away, head through the open door in the corner of the room to escape. You’ll have to choose to use the students in the war against the Reapers. You will be paid 12500 credits for this mission. Kahlee Sanders and Jack will become War Assets. If you assigned the students to support, they contribute 50 War Asset points to the 103rd Marine Division, or if you decided to put them on the front lines, they become a separate War Asset, “Biotic Company,” worth 75 points.

Arrae: Ex-Cerberus Scientists

After getting this mission from Traynor following the second Citadel mission, head to the Minos Wasteland and fly to the Arrae system. Land on Gellix. When you arrive, head along the catwalk and hit the Cerberus troops from behind while they attack the scientists. After taking out a few Guardians, you can talk to Jacob (assuming he lives).

Talk to Dr. Brown on your right. Up the stairs, talk to Dr. Archer. Check a [DATAPAD] for 2500 credits and read another one, then enter the door. Collect an [ASSAULT RIFLE MAGAZINE UPGRADE] by the weapon bench, then head up the stairs to the next door. Inside, use the [MEDICAL STATION] on your right, then head up to meet with Dr. Brynn. Before you leave, you can check the medical bay for a [MEDICAL STATION] and an opportunity to talk to Jacob.

Head through the hall ahead and take the ladder up. You should find a [M-6 CARNIFEX] pistol. Ahead, you’ll face Cerberus. At the end is a [DATAPAD] with 2500 credits and a [MED KIT] , along with the telemetry override terminal you need to use. Now turn around and climb up on an air vent. Destroy the generators to remove the enemy’s cover and shield pylons. As you approach the vents to climb up to the third level, an enemy will take up a turret on a nearby rooftop, so stay in cover to avoid getting him.

On the third level, collect the [MED KIT] and continue to push through until you are underneath the roof where the turret gunner is. Head to the end and collect a [SNIPER RIFLE PIERCING MOD] behind a container on the right, then take the ladders up on the left and cross over to the turret, killing its wielder. Grab a [MED KIT] and a [DATAPAD] for 3750 credits. Slide down the ladder and collect [SHOTGUN SPARE AMMO] , then climb back up and use the AA Gun Controls in the back.

Assign someone to fix the device, then hop on the turret to fight off incoming Cerberus troops. After shooting down a few waves, head back to the AA Gun Controls and use them again. Now head over to the opposite side and do the same thing to finish the power restoration. Afterward, you will automatically return to the scientists’ base. When you return, you can leave immediately if you want, but you may want to look around first.

You can talk to Brynn. Also, look on the opposite side of this room for a Cerberus [TURIAN POISON] , needed for “Citadel: Cerberus Poison.” In the corner with the scientists by the door, there’s a [SHOTGUN HIGH-CALIBER BARREL] . When you’re ready, use the evacuation console to get the scientists out of here. Cerberus troops will appear and attack afterward.

After killing the Assault Troopers, head down to the landing area. Head out to the approach and fight off Cerberus forces while the shuttles get out. Destroy the generators and shield pylons to weaken the Cerberus position. With each wave of soldiers you defeat, a shuttle full of scientists will get away. After the third shuttle escapes, an Atlas will drop into the arena. Defeat it, and Jacob’s shuttle will arrive to evacuate you.

After the mission, you’ll get 12500 credits, and the ex-Cerberus scientists, Dr. Cole, and possibly Jacob will become War Assets. Also, Kaidan will want to talk to you in the Crew Quarters on Deck 3 about the mission.

Kallini: Ardat-Yakshi Monastery

As soon as you land, there’s an [ASSAULT RIFLE STABILITY DAMPER] on your left. Inside, jump across and slide down the ladders. Jump across again, then take a left to collect a [PISTOL MELEE STUNNER] and examine [GALLAE’S ELECTRONIC SIGNATURE] for intel. Head down the opposite path and check a room on your right for [SNIPER RIFLE SPARE AMMO] and a [WALL SAFE] with 7500 credits. Back in the main area, check the Asari corpse by the door.

Head toward the Great Hall and bypass the door. There, if Samara lives, you will meet her here. Check the [PDA] on your right, then head left. Head down the steps, and you will encounter a Banshee, a Reaper-twisted Asari with biotic barriers and a biotic charge attack, as well as the ability to emit a biotic burst. After fighting the Banshee, Cannibals will move in and attack. Bypass the door they came from.

The door on your right leads to a group of Cannibals. After the first is dispatched, more will come from the room to the right. Inside is a [MEDICAL STATION] and a [SERRICE COUNCIL SHOULDER GUARD] . On the opposite balcony is a [WALL SAFE] (5000 credits) and two [COMPUTERS] to examine, as well as a workbench.

Head down to the ground floor, and more Cannibals will attack, along with one Banshee. Kill them all, then bypass the door. Inside, head left to collect an [ASSAULT RIFLE PRECISION SCOPE] . Use the elevator to proceed. Before advancing, there’s a [MEDICAL STATION] to your left and right, and a [MED KIT] ahead. Approach and examine the bomb. You’ll have to defend the bomb from incoming Husks and two Banshees. Afterward, return to the bomb and examine it again.

If Samara accompanied you here, and you want her to continue to live, perform the Paragon interrupt in the next scene. She will become a War Asset. You’ll also get an Asari Commandio Unit and 12500 credits.

4.2) Tuchanka Missions

Tuchanka: Downed Vessel

You’ll be dropped a distance from the crash site, so you can take the Reapers by surprise. After contacting Lieutenant Victus, you’ll get a fix on his location. Proceed forward and collect the [SMG MAGAZINE UPGRADE] on your left, then take the ladder up on the right. When you come upon a group of Husks ahead, try to sneak up and kill them before they can act, then check the spot they were investigating for [SPARE PARTS] worth 3125 credits. Take the next ladder.

Jump across the gap and collect a [M-9 TEMPEST] from the downed escape pod. This weapon is an upgrade to the Shuriken, sporting fully automatic fire and greater accuracy at the cost of fire rate and weight. Just ahead, you will see the enemy position, giving you the element of surprise. Start taking out the Cannibals in cover before they notice you. Once they’re dead, a Harvester will fly down and start hitting you with explosive blasts. Use anti-armor attacks like Warp and Incinerate to bring it down.

After fighting the Harvester, take the ladder up to the right. Immediately on your left when you reach the top is a [SNIPER RIFLE SPARE AMMO] mod. Drop down ahead and check out the dead end on the left path for [SPARE PARTS] worth 6250 credits. Ahead is a turian body with a [PHAESTON] assault rifle, and past him is another dead end with [SMG ULTRALIGHT MATERIALS] . At the end of the trail of bodies, climb down.

Around the first corner is a [MED KIT] . Ahead and around the left is a Marauder and a group of Cannibals fighting a group of turians, leaving their backs exposed to you. You have them flanked, so killing them should be easy. Remember to take out the Marauder first, and he can buff the other enemies with armor. Another Harvester will drop down. Fight him the same way you fought the first one, and you may kill him before he flies away. These turians are safe, so continue by dropping down on the right.

Drop again and continue until you must vault over a fallen pillar. Here, there is a [HAHNE-KEDAR CHESTPLATE] on the ledge to your left. Drop down a third time, and examine the flight recorder ahead if you want. To the left is a [SHOTGUN SMART CHOKE] . Head outside and fight a group of Husks, then salvage the [JUNK] off a turian corpse for 3125 credits. Take the ladder down.

On your left, you will encounter Cannibals and a Harvester, which is quick to retreat behind a Marauder and his Cannibal companions. Finish the Harvester this time, because you won’t have a third chance if it flies away. Head down on the right to collect a [MED KIT] , then drop down a good distance to collect a [SNIPER RIFLE EXTENDED BARREL] . Keep dropping down until you reach ground level.

Marauders and their Cannibals will attack, but the largest threat will be Brute that has arrived. Kill the brute with every anti-armor power at your disposal, then focus second on the Marauder to stop him from armoring his allies. During the next wave, you’ll also have a Harvester firing down on you from above. Destroy the Harvester’s armor and finish any stragglers, then approach the turian squad. You get paid 12500 credits for completing this mission.

Tuchanka: Bomb

This mission is unlocked after the Downed Vessel mission. Head to the bomb location on Tuchanka’s surface. Push forward through the Cerberus troops and destroy the generators behind them to take out their cover. After defeating the group using the cover, you can reactivate the generator and use the cover for yourself. Push through to the ruins. At the top of the ramp, collect the [SHOTGUN BLADE ATTACHMENT] .

Inside the building, take out the generator and wipe out the soldiers and Engineer ahead. In the next area, the generator comes with a shield pylon that gives all enemies shields, so destroy them both. When the two Guardians arrive, you don’t want them to have energy shields in addition to physical ones. Salvage the [CONSOLE] at the end for 5000 credits.

Head to the end and climb up on the left to reach a [SMG HEAT SINK] . You’ll come to another wave with Centurions, who will mask the combat arena with smoke bombs. Past this point, you will find a [MED KIT] and [PISTOL SCOPE] against the wall before a drop. Take out the shield pylon below, then kill the troops and salvage a [DATAPAD] for 5000 credits.

Take a left and engage the Cerberus forces ahead while reactivating the generator to give your allies cover. Past these forces, you will see Cerberus leaving the bomb site. Climb the ladder on the right and pick up the [SNIPER RIFLE CONCENTRATION MODULE] in front of you. Proceed into the destroyed room and look for a [PISTOL MELEE STUNNER] behind a crate on the right before jumping down on the left.

Ahead is an Engineer and his Turret. Ahead are [TURRET SCHEMATICS] , which contain information on Cerberus’s turrets that C-Sec could use. Also, check for a [MED KIT] next to them. Ahead, descend the ladder. You’ll now have to protect Victus while he disarms the bomb. Take out the first wave and collect the [HYDRA MISSILE LAUNCHER] heavy weapon, which will shoot a whole array of missiles at once. Save this for the final wave, where an Atlas mech appears. Use it to take out the mech, and all you’ll have to do is take out the stragglers.

For completing this mission, you receive 12500 credits. The turian Blackwatch will also join your War Assets. The turian and krogan leaders will be fighting when you return to the War Room, so sort them out. After this, the primary mission on Tuchanka should unlock, but you can still do Wrex’s mission in the Attican Traverse.

Attican Traverse: The Rachni

While not technically a Tuchanka mission, this is the quest given by Wrex. Head to the Mulla Xul system in the Ninmah cluster and land on Utukku. You’ll be meeting with a krogan squad called Aralakh Company. If you freed Grunt and he survived, he’s leading the team, and he’s overjoyed to see you. If you have the DLC character Javik on your team, he will recognize Grunt as well, and have a special comment.

Grunt and his company set off, leaving you to follow. Before you go anywhere, enter the building on the left for the [M-300 CLAYMORE] heavy shotgun, a [PISTOL HIGH CALIBER BARREL] , and [SPARE PARTS] worth 1625 credits. Now follow Grunt’s men into the canyon to catch up.

As you enter, search the building directly ahead for an [SMG HIGH CALIBER BARREL] and a weapon bench to apply your upgrades. Outside the building are [SPART PARTS] worth 875 credits. Talk to Grunt if you want, then head into the next building. As you enter, it will fall into the canyon below, but ever so luckily, you’ll be unharmed.

By the scout’s corpse in the tunnel is a heavy weapon, the [M-451 FIRESTORM] flamethrower. Use it to burn through the layers of webbing ahead. The spore pods in the next chamber will explode if you come near them, so burn from a distance. The next room’s pods conceal another [M-451 FIRESTORM] , in case yours run out of room. They also conceal webbing that leads further into the cave.

Ahead you will encounter Reaper enemies: Husks and a new Rachni version called the Ravager, which are armed with explosive cannons. The enemies are protected by barriers, which are emitted from a generator in the center of the room. Destroy the generator, and their barriers will go out. The Ravager will spawn Swarmers when killed, but these are mere nuisances at best.

Turn left and collect a [SHOTGUN SHREDDER MOD] from a krogan corpse. Go around the gap on the left or right side and collect another [M-451 FIRESTORM] if needed. Shoot your way through a sea of spore pods in the left passage, and you’ll come to more halls full of webbing to burn. At the end is another [M-451 FIRESTORM] at a Reaper Node to destroy, opening up a previous path. As you pass, a collapse will trap you in.

Pick one of two paths through which to advance. As you proceed to where the two paths meet again, there will be [REAPER TECH] (3750 credits) behind a web on your left. Take a right, and you’ll encounter one Husk. On your left, there will be a [KROGAN CORPSE] to examine with a last message for Ereba, an Asari on the Citadel. In the right corner at the end, behind some webbing, is a corpse with another [M-451 FIRESTORM] .

Drop down into the next chamber. Here you will face a Ravager accompanied by a troop of Cannibals and Husks. On your left will be another Ravager and Cannibals shooting from across a ravine, which can be bypassed on the right. The path ahead with have [SHOTGUN SPARE AMMO] next to a krogan corpse on your left. As you drop down, you will begin seeing Gestation Pods, which spawn Swarmers when destroyed.

Along the way, there will be another [M-451 FIRESTORM] to pick up. At a later point, you must hop across a tiny gap. Just ahead of that point is a corpse with ammo and a {ARIAKE TECHNOLOGIES SHOULDER GUARD]. Climb up on the left and proceed through the tunnel. You’ll see Aralakh Company fighting on your right. Burn through the webbing to the left and drop down.

Ahead is a krogan body with another [M-451 FIRESTORM] , but also a [MED KIT] and a [PISTOL PIERCING MOD] . Destroy the barrier to open the way ahead. As you head out, destroy the Gestation Pods on your right for [REAPER TECH] worth3125 credits. Proceed through the narrow passage in to a nest of Reaper Rachni, which is sealed off by Reaper walls. Destroy the Reaper Node above you to open the path.

An army of Husks awaits you on both the left and right, with Ravagers and Cannibals coming to back them up. At the end of the left path and the right, there will be a Reaper Node to destroy and a [M-451 FIRESTORM] . Destroying the node will cause another wave of enemies to spawn. Once the enemies are fought off, you will advance to the Rachni Queen.

The Rachni queen had fallen to the Reapers, and her children were controlled by indoctrination. The queen hates the Reapers, and is badly wounded. Now you must choose: will you help the queen, but doom Grunt’s men? Or will you leave the queen to die, and save Aralakh Comany? If the Rachni live, their workers will be a War Asset to the completion of the Crucible. If Grunt’s squad survives, they will be a good War Asset for the krogan, and if they don’t, only Grunt’s War Asset value will be gained. The Alliance pays you 12500 credits for completing this mission.

4.3) Rannoch Missions

Rannoch: Save the Admiral

Climb down along the cliffside, then climb up a low ledge and you’ll encounter Geth, including a Geth Pyro. Detonate the Pyro’s tank by shooting or Incinerating it to cause him to explode, damaging his allies in the process. Afterward, search the quarian corpse and [WRECKAGE] worth 2500 credits. Destroy the mine ahead, then collect the [JAVELIN] sniper rifle on the Geth corpse.

Continue around the cliff to the left, and you’ll see Geth below. Ambush them from above for the advantage. As you head down via the path on the left, kill any remaining Geth. Watch out for a trip mine as you approach the crash site. Continue to the AA guns, where Geth Rocket Troopers are patroling. On the left side, collect [GETH TECHNOLOGY] for 3750 credits, then use the control panel on the right side to disable the first gun. Assign one of your squadmates to handle the hacking while you protect them.

Grab the nearby [GETH SPITFIRE] heavy weapon and use it to defend the area. This weapon is a chaingun, so it will be most effective at short range, and it will take a moment to spin up to full firing speed. A Geth Prime will join the common troops for this assault. After the specialist finishing hacking the AA gun, Geth Hunters will move in under cloaking. As you head through the path ahead, there will be another mine to look out for.

When you come upon the Geth corpses, check the one on the upper level for [SHOTGUN SHREDDER MOD] and one of the lower ones for [GETH PARTS] worth 3750 credits. Ahead, talk to Dorn’Hazt. Just ahead, climb up and grab the [SMG MAGAZINE UPGRADE] in front of you. The bridge ahead splits into paths leading to the two AA guns.

On the left path, you will face a Geth turret emplacement. By climbing down the ladder on your left, you can flank the turret and kill the wielder. Finish the remaining geth and have one of your allies disable the gun. Hop in the turret, and you’ll have a much easier time with the incoming Geth Prime. Head through the door and fight off the defending geth, then get a teammate to work hacking the final AA gun. Mow the Geth Prime down using the turret, and once the rest of the Geth are down, you can take down the shuttle.

Koris wants you to save the civilians he was charged with instead of himself. However, you can convince him to give you his coordinates with a Reputation check. If you intend to make peace between the geth and Koris, you’ll need his help. You’ll swoop over him with the shuttle and a mounted gun. Use it to fight off the Geth Rocket Troopers attacking him. Shoot down the rockets before they damage the shuttle. After two waves, you will save the admiral, and he will become a War Asset.

Rannoch: Geth Fighter Squadrons

This mission has you jacking into the geth consensus mainframe with Legion’s help. Once you’re in the virtual world, follow the pata of data before you. When it is blocked by infected Reaper code, shoot the bright orange section of the band to destroy it. After destroying several layers of Reaper code, you will reach a Geth access point, which will teleport you to the communication node.

Proceed forward another thread of Reaper code, then search it on your left for a [REAPER CODE FRAGMENT] for the mission Citadel: Reaper Code Fragments. On your right is a data cluster infected by the Reaper code. Hit the threads where they glow, then hit the exposed ends until the thread back to the cluster is destroyed. View the cluster, you will receive the Intel [IMPROVE GETH RESISTORS] .

Do the same for the second data cluster that appears on your right and observe its contents for experience. Take the stairs up, and Legion will show you another data cluster. Head the “stairs” from here to approach the access point and proceed to the next data node.

This node is the most severely infected. The Reaper code here will grow back when you try to destroy it. To stop this, shoot the connection point above before shooting the code in front of you, and they will both be unable to repair themselves, allowing you to wipe them out and proceed. After moving through the next thread, there will be another data node to free. Destroy the connections earlier in each Reaper line, then destroy the final connection to keep it from regenerating. The node contains the Intel [MINIATURIZED ARMOR CAPACITORS] .

Head back to the stairs leading up and follow the new path to the next data cluster, shooting any threads that obstruct you. Destroy the connections to the data cluster as you did previously: by destroying all of the weak points in the Reaper thread. View the cluster, then head back to the entrance. Legion will show another node, then he will open the final access point. From here, escape to the exit port.

Completing this mission earns you 12500 credits and a squad of Geth Primes at your disposal. Additionally, it will help save the Quarian liveships.

4.4) Citadel Missions

Citadel: Hanar Diplomat

On your second trip to the Citadel, meet with Jondum Bau outside the Spectre office. He has a lead on a hanar diplomat who may be indoctrinated. If Kasumi was recruited in Mass Effect 2: Stolen Memories and survived, she will appear. If her loyalty mission was completed, she has used the information from Keiji’s graybox to uncover this plot; otherwise, her presence isn’t really explained.

Head to the opposite end of the embassies area, and you will find a terminal to use in the courtyard for information on the hanar. Afterward, head to the holding area in dock D2 and check the terminal on your left to advance. Finally, head to bay E28 at the far end of this docking bay for the last terminal. Return to the second terminal, then return to meet Jondum Bau and the first terminal location.

You will now arrive to bust the hanar diplomat. Inquire about his reasoning for serving the Reapers to hear a humorous quip from Shepard. Afterward, if Kasumi was not involved in the mission, you’ll have to either save Bau (Renegade interrupt) or save the hanar homeworld (no interrupt). If you saved Bau, he will pledge the support of his Spectre compatriots, while saving the hanar homeworld ensures the aid of the hanar and drell forces.

However, if Kasumi is alive, she will appear in the nick of time to save the hanar homeworld while you save Bau, and you will get the allegiance of both groups. Kasumi will appear to die in the process, but if she was loyal in Mass Effect 2, she will survive, and Shepard will convince her to aid in the construction of the Crucible, making her a War Asset as well.

Aria: Blue Suns

After speaking to Aria at Purgatory, head to the holding area on dock D2. At the end, you will find Danner Vosque of the Blue Suns. He’ll agree to help you, but at a cost: he wants Turian General Oraka dead. Fortunately, Aria has an alternate solution: convince Oraka to stop bothering Vosque. Whatever your intention, you’ll need to go down to the Presidium Commons to find Oraka.

If you completed the quest for the Consort in Mass Effect, Oraka will recognize you. As it turns out, he wants to protect the Citadel’s weapon shipments to ensure its ability to defend itself if the Reapers attack. You can either insist that he leave the matter alone, or you can offer to help him get top-line weapons. Of course, you can come back and have him killed if you change your mind.

Go talk to Kannik at the nearby shop to try to procure his weapons, if you want to help Oraka. He wants rare artifacts from across the galaxy as payment. Head to the Kite’s Nest and head to the Vular system. Scan Vana to get the Black Market Artifacts, then return with the artifacts to get Kannik to make the weapons deal. Now return to Oraka to complete the mission and add the Blue Suns to the Terminus Fleet in your War Assets.

Aria: Eclipse

After talking to Aria at Purgatory, head to the Embassies and meet Commander Bailey at his office. When you ask him to release the Eclipse leader, Jona, he is baffled: the woman is insane. To get to see her yourself and judge her mental state, meet Commander Bailey’s assistant at the C-Sec station in the Presidium Commons.

Speak with the C-Sec assistant at the office, and speak to Sederis. She’s quite insane, and homicidal. You can either really let her out, or you can get her second-in-command to step up. Go see Sayn in the refugee hold and convince him to overthrow Sederis. As you leave the area, your Terminus Fleet War Asset will update to include Eclipse.

Aria: Blood Pack

After meeting Aria, head to the Presidium and go to meet Narl in the apartments. Agree to go along with his plan, and he’ll pretend to take you hostage for the Vorcha leading the blood pack. After killing his competition off for him, the new leader, Gryll, will become your ally. This will add the Block Pack to the Terminus Fleet War Asset.

Citadel: Medi-Gel Sabotage

In the refugee camp in docking bay D2, you may overhear a doctor complaining that the Medi-Gel Dispensers have been sabotaged after the Cerberus attack. Locate the dispensers and fix them. One is at the far end of the dock, in Bay E28. One is in Cargo Hold A, and another one is just outside it. The fourth is in Cargo Hold C. Return to the doctor after fixing all three. This will earn you 5000 credits and improve the viability of the Turian Seventh Fleet as a War Asset.

Citadel: Inspirational Stories

After the Cerberus invasion, talk to Solik outside docking bay D2 and offer to help him take some pictures. The first good photo op is the human and batarian arguing between bays E24 and E26. The second is the medical camp in Cargo Hold B. The gamblers by Bay E28 are the last good shot. Return to Solik for 5000 credits, plus reputation and experience.

Citadel: Cerberus Retribution

On the Presidium Commons steps, you’ll find a couple arguing about a planned assassination of a Cerberus operative after the Citadel attack. Interrupt them and go investigate at the C-Sec Outpost. Talk to Captain Sommers about the Cerberus prisoner. With enough Reputation, you can convince him to either leave the matter alone or let you do it yourself. You’ll earn 5000 credits regardless of your choice.

Citadel: Volus Ambassador

Received in message from Victus after Citadel attack. Head to Embassies and enter room on right by talking to guard twice. Read all three entries, and if Zaeed is alive, you’ll recognize his voice. Check the books behind you for a bug under the table. Head to the apartments and check both of them. While talking to the Volus, you must choose between a Volus Bombing Fleet as a War Asset and saving a Turian colony from Cerberus. With enough Reputation, you can use either charm or intimidation take a third option, saving the colony and getting the bombers too. After the mission, you can go see Zaeed in Cargo Hold C of the Holding Area in dock D2, and he will become a War Asset.

Citadel: Wounded Batarian

In the Presidium Commons, you may overhear someone talking about a Batarian terrorist in medical care after the Cerberus attack. Head down to the holding area in dock D2, and you’ll find him in Cargo Hold C. He will condemn you for destroying the Mass Relay in Mass Effect 2: Arrival. You’re left with a choice: grant his wish to die, or let him live. Either way, you’re paid 5000 credits.

Citadel: Medical Supplies

When Doctor Chakwas asks you to trade military medical supplies for civilian ones following the Citadel attack, this quest begins. Go to the Hold B in the Citadel holding area and talk to Tactus, a Turian. He reneges on his deal, and you have a choice: give him the supplies for free, or cancel the deal. A persuasion option with sufficient Reputation will allow you to take a third option, and pressure him into making the exchange.

If you’re successful in getting the military medical upgrades, talk to Chakwas on the Normandy, and you’ll get Medigel Efficiency Increase as an Intel Item. It can be used at Glyph’s terminal in Liara’s room to either heal your facial scars or gain a 5% health bonus.

Citadel: Batarian Codes

After the Cerberus attack, meet C-Sec Officer Jordan Noles on thePresidium Commons and offer to help track down misused access points using your Spectre status. Now head to the Embassies and consult the Spectre Terminal. The first console to check is in Huerta Memorial Hospital, in the room to the right of the first hallway. The second in in the Normandy docking bay, by a vending machine. The final code is the holding area, in Bay E28.

When you have final code, you’ll encounter Balak, the terrorist from Mass Effect: Bring Down the Sky, if he’s alive. You can convince him to get the Batarian fleet to aid you, making them a War Asset, or you can kill him and improve the Alliance Third Fleet instead. If Balak died in Bring Down the Sky, you’ll instead meet Noles, who has already taken the batarian into custody, and you’ll receive a similar choice, though the batarian fleet is worth more when led by Balak.

Benning: Evidence

On a return trip to the Citadel before the attack, speak to Ambassador Dominic Osoba on your left when you enter the embassies. This mission must be completed before “Priority: Tuchanka.” His son’s dog tags can be found during N7: Cerberus Abductions. If they are missed, they can be purchased from the Spectre Requisitions Office. Speak to Osoba at the same location after recovering the dog tags.

Citadel: Barla Von

In the Presidium commons, talk to Liara, and she will send you to speak with Barla Von at the bank. Von has intelligence on Shadow Broker forces that are trapped in the Dranek system. This mission must be completed before “Priority: Tuchanka.” Head to the Krogan DMZ and fly to the Dranek system to help them. Scan the planet Rothla for the Shadow Broker Wet Squad War Asset. Now return to Barla Von to complete the mission.

Ismar Frontier: Prototype Components

This quest is given by a salarian doctor, starting when you visit Huerta Memorial Hospital on the Citadel to see Kaidan or Ashley after they regain consciousness. Head to the Ismar Frontier and scan Metaponto for the [ADVANCED BIOTIC IMPLANTS] Intel. Return with these to the lead scientist at Huerta. This mission must be completed before “Priority: Tuchanka.”

Shrike Abyssal: Prothean Obelisk

You can receive this quest when you first enter the Embassies, by listening to the volus diplomat on your left, by the benches on the far side. He mentions a Prothean artifact lost in the Shrike Abyssal. Next time you’re at the galaxy map, look for the Shrike Abyssal and head there. Fly to the Urla Rast system and scan Talis Fia for a [PROTHEAN OBELISK] . Return to the diplomat, and the obelisk will become a War Asset for the Crucible construction project.

Citadel: Alien Medi-Gel Formula

During the mission, N7: Cerberus Lab, you may collect a failed medi-gel experiment that could help the hanar. Take this to Dr. Ravin in Huera Memorial Hospital on the Citadel. In return, the Hanar and Drell Forces will join your War Assets. Complete this before “Priority: Tuchanka.”

Citadel: Biotic Amp Interfaces

During the mission to Grissom Academy, you may find blueprints for biotic amp interfaces. Take these to an asari scientist in Huerta Memorial Hospital on the Citadel. This will contribute to the Citadel Defense Force. Complete this before “Priority: Tuchanka.”

Irune: Book of Plenix

On the Presidium commons level of the Citadel, head to the bank to hear an angry accountant complaining of the bankers’ cruelty, claiming that they have lost sight of the wisdom in the Volus’s Book of Plenix. Head to the aethon Cluster and scan Irune in the Aru System to collect the book. Return to the Volus to improve the Citadel Defense Force.

Citadel: GX12 Thermal Pipe

Engineer Adams on the Normandy Engineering Bay will ask for a GX12 Thermal Pipe to increase the safety of the drive core after the Citadel attack. Otherwise, the core could vent into the engineering compartment and kill your beloved engineers. Purchase it at Elkoss Combine Arsenal Supplies on the Citadel, then return to Adams to hear his report.

Citadel: Asari Commando

At the Ardat-Yakshi Monastery, one of the dead Asari Commandos will have a voice message for her wife on the Citadel. Said wife can be found in the Presidium Commons, on the stairs leading down from the courtyard to the Meridian Place Market.

Citadel: Krogan Dying Message

During the Rachni quest, one of the dead Krogans will have a voice message for his girlfriend on the Citadel. Whether or not this happens may be affected by whether the two ended up together in a minor Mass Effect 2 sidequest. Take it to Ereba in the Presidium Commons, working at as shop in the Meridian Place Market.

Citadel: Cerberus Automated Turret Schematics

During the Turian questline on Tuchanka, you may collect some Cerberus schematics from an Engineer’s location. After the Citadel battle, take these to a C-Sec Officer on the stairs above the courtyard, who can use them to improve the station’s defense against Cerberus in the future.

Kite’s Nest: Pillars of Strength

Search the Kite’s Nest for Pillars of Strength and bring them back to the Citadel refugee camp. A preacher in Cargo Hold C will be thankful to have these to inspire his people. Your reward is 5000 credits.

Citadel: Reaper Code Fragment

During the mission Rannoch: Geth Fighter Squadrons, you may pick up a Reaper Code Fragment from the Geth Consensus Mainframe. Go to the Citadel Embassies and deliver this to an asari war strategist to complete the quest. This will help the Asari forces in your War Assets.

Citadel: Target Jamming Technology

A C-Sec Officer by Apollo’s Caf needs better jamming technology to protect the Citadel in the event of another attack. After getting Eclipse on your side, head to the Spectre office at the Embassies, and you can requisition the technology there. Bring it back to the C-Sec officer to improve C-Sec’s efficacy as a War Asset.

Silean Nebula: Rings of Alane

After the Cerberus attack, an asari in Huerta can be overheard discussing this mission. Head to the Silean Nebula and scan Nevos in the Teyolia system for the rings. Return to the asari at the hospital on the Citadel, and you will be compensated 15000 credits. Also, the Citadel Defense Force will be updated.

Citadel: Chemical Treatment

A doctor in Huerta needs a treatment plan for chemical burns to save a patient. Such a plan can be found at the beginning of “N7: Fuel Reactors.” Return to the doctor with the treatment plan. You’ll get a War Asset boost to the Alliance First Fleet.

Citadel: Cerberus Poison

A salarian doctor in Huerta needs a sample of a Cerberus poison to treat a turian general. This sample can be found in the labs during “Arrae: Ex-Cerberus Scientists.” Return to the scientist with the sample, and you will be rewarded with 1000 credits and a War Asset boost to the Turian Sixth Fleet.

Citadel: Heating Unit Stabilizers

During “N7: Cerberus Fighter Base,” you may collect heating unit stabilizers. These will be useful for a salarian in the Presidium Commons on the Citadel. Bring these to him, and you will receive his gratitude plus 1000 credits and the allegiance of the Salarian Third Fleet.

Hades Nexus: Obelisk of Karza

A researcher in Presidium Commons requires an obelisk in the Hades Nexus. Upon visiting the Hades Nexus, scan Kopis in the Hoplos system for the relic. Return it to the researcher for credits and a boost to the Alliance Engineering Corps.

Hades Nexus: Prothean Sphere

The location of this artifact is revealed in the Citadel holding area. A civilian in Bay E28 is talking about it to a C-Sec officer. After hearing this, when you head to the Hades Nexus, scan Gei Hinnom, the only planet of the Sheol system, for the sphere. Return this artifact to the civilian for credits and a boost to the Alliance Engineering Corps.

Valhallan Threshold: Prothean Data Drives

You’ll hear of this location from an Alliance soldier in Normandy docking bay. Head to the Valhallan Threshold and scan Garvug, located in the Paz System for this data. Bring the data back to the soldier for a boost to the Alliance Engineering Corps and credits.

Nimbus Cluster: Library of Asha

An asari in Purgatory can be overheard talking about her people’s need for ancient lost texts in the Numbus Cluster to fight more effectively. Head there and look for the planet Carcosa in the Agaiou system, then scan it for the writings you’re looking for. Return to the asari in Purgatory for credits.

Dekuuna: Code of the Ancients

An elcor outside Purgatory insists that the wisdom knowledge in the lost Code of the Ancients could help inspire his people. The lost elcor homeworld is in the Silean Nebula. Head there, fly to Dekuuna in the Phontes system, and scan it for the code, then return it to this elcor. This will aid the Citadel Defense Force, and you will be compensated for your trouble.

Dekuuna: Elcor Extraction

An elcor outside the embassies will petition you to aid his people on his home planet of Dekuuna after completing “Priority: Rannoch.” Head to the Phontes system in the Silean Nebula and scan the area around Dekuuna for the elcor flotilla. Return after locating the flotilla to appease the elcor and add the Elcor Flotilla to your War Assets.

4.5) N7 Assignments

N7: Cerberus Lab

Traynor gives you this mission after your first visit to the Citadel. Head to Sigurd’s Cradle and fly over to the Decoris system. Land on Sanctum and select your deployment team to begin. Turn around to your left and head up the stairs to collect a [SNIPER RIFLE ENHANCED SCOPE] on your left, and 3000 [CREDITS] from the terminal on your right. Now engage the Cerberus troops ahead of you.

After dealing with a few Assault Troopers and Centurions, check the hall on your left for a [MEDICAL STATION] . Check a [JOURNAL ENTRY] on the other side of the machine here. Now proceed to the room where the Cerberus forces came from, use the terminal to bypass the containment field, and take the [REAPER ARTIFACT] back to the shuttle.

This time, head down the lower path and collect 3000 [CREDITS] from a terminal, then engage the Cerberus forces. On the lower level, check another [JOURNAL ENTRY] , then head down to the marked artifact and take it by disabling the containment system. Take out the Cerberus Assault Troopers that drop down in front of you, then grab the [REAPER ARTIFACT] .

You’ll now have to fight your way out of here. Head up the stairs and fight off the Centurions and Guardians. Don’t forget to check the room on your left for a [FAILED MEDI-GEL EXPERIMENT] needed for the mission, Citadel: Alien Medi-Gel Formula. You’ll have to fight off four waves of Assault Troopers, Centurions, and Guardians. During the final wave, defend the landing area, and Cortez will return with the shuttle, allowing you to extract mid-fight. After talking to Hacket, you’ll be paid 10000 credits and receive Cerberus’s research data as a War Asset.

N7: Cerberus Attack

This mission becomes available on Tuchanka at the same time as “Tuchanka: Downed Vessel.” Land on the planet and head right to engage the first Cerberus forces, with Engineers and Centurions among them. When you reach the cannon controls on the upper level, before you activate them, look for a [MED KIT] in this room, and down the stairs on your left, a set of [ARMAX ARSENAL GAUNTLETS] . Down the ladder on the right is [JUNK] worth 3500 credits. Finally, on a second console near the controls are some [OLD GRID SCHEMATICS] for “Citadel: Improved Power Grid.”

Use the controls, and the power will cut out, and more Cerberus forces will drop in, including a Nemesis sniper. Head back to the beginning of the map and shoot the locks off the power modules, then reactivate them. Afterward, head right and check the corner behind a crate for [JUNK] worth 3000 credits. Now return to the console, fighting through a few Cerberus Guardians and common Assault Troopers, and activate it, for real this time. This instantly concludes the mission, and you’ll be paid 10000 credits.

N7: Cerberus Abductions

This mission becomes available after completing either the krogan leader’s mission or Primarch Victus’s mission. Head to the Arcturus Stream and fly to the Euler system, then land on Benning. Head through the building on your right and salvage the [SPARE PARTS] for 2500 credits. Proceed through the courtyard ahead and pick up [DOG TAGS] for the mission, “Benning: Evidence.”

Head around to the building on your left, where you’ll find a [MEDICAL STATION] . Take the ladder down and head across the courtyard, then take the ladder up to salvage [SPARE PARTS] on a counter for 2500 credits. Head outside and talk to the civilians to save them, then fight your way back into the building through another wave. In the next room is a [MEDICAL STATION] . Hold off the Cerberus forces until the shuttle arrive, then evacuate with the civilians. Your pay for this mission is 10000 credits.

N7: Cerberus Fighter Base

This mission becomes available after “Priority: Tuchanka.” Head to the Horsehead Nebula and head to Noveria, a familiar site from Mass Effect 1. It seems Cerberus has taken up residence there. Cerberus troops will immediately attack from the balcony above when you land, and some will begin flying down. Take cover behind the crates on the right and flank them. At the split ahead between ladder and door, check a set of barrels for [SPARE PARTS] worth 2000 credits.

Snipe the next group of Cerberus forces from above, then head down through the building. In the first room, collect the [PISTOL MAGAZINE UPGRADE] and use the [MEDICAL STATION] . Head down to the next room below for more [SPARE PARTS] (2000 credits) on your right, then a [DATAPAD] (also 2000 credits) and another [MEDICAL STATION] ahead. Exit the room through the back and check the platform across from here for a [MED KIT] , then return to the room and deactivate the security console there. Assign a party member to hack while you fight the enemies off.

After fighting off one wave, head back to your ally and use the nearby console to complete the hacking. After you’re done, fight your way back through more Cerberus troops to reach the landing pad where you came in. After the area is clear, an Atlas mech lands at the evacuation zone. Strip the mech’s shields and armor while keeping at a safe distance to minimize your vulnerability. When the mech is destroyed, the mission will automatically end. Completing this mission earns you 10000 credits. Furthermore, an Ex-Cerberus Advanced Fighter Squadron will be added to your War Assets.

N7: Fuel Reactors

This mission is given by Traynor after “Priority: Geth Dreadnought.” Head to the Silean Nebula and land on Cyone in the first system. After arriving, check on your immediate left for [ROSENKOV MATERIALS CHESTPLATE] on a stack of crates. Ahead, on a dead end path to your left, is a [TREATMENT PLAN] for chemical burns, needed to complete “Citadel: Chemical Treatment.”

Talk to Captain Riley to be able to advance. The path behind her will open, so proceed to the crane display console and use it. Press the right button, the middle button, the left button, the right button, and the middle button in that order to allow your team to advance. Use the console ahead to vent sector A1 of radiation. In the now clear area, there’s a [PDA] with 3000 credits and the fuel rod controls you need to use.

Fight off a group of Husks and Marauders by destroying the barrier devices nearby. Now head to the location of the closest reactor tank and reactivate it, then do the same at the second location. Check the [PDA] with 3000 credits on the lower panel before restarting the reactor from a nearby control console. Destroy another pair of barriers and fight off another group of Husks and Marauders.

Riley will call in and petition you for help. You can send a squad member to aid her, or you can leave them to their fate. Now a Brute and Marauders will attack from the door ahead, empowered with barriers from a barrier generator. Lure the Brute out of the hall where the generator is, as fighting a Brute is difficult enough without having to punch through a regenerating barrier. After the fight, use the console to start the reactor.

Run through the doorway where the Brute came from and head to the extraction point, where Captain Riley and your squadmate will be if you offered help. Exit through the door to return to the Normandy. With the reactor done, you now have Advanced Starship Fuel as a War Asset. You also get 10000 credits.

N7: Communication Hub

This mission becomes available from Traynor after “Priority: Thessia.” Head to the Kepler Verge and land on Ontarom. Fight off the Cerberus Engineer squad that attacks you when you land. Cross the courtyard and collect a [MED KIT] , then look in the circular area on your left for [ARIAKE TECHNOLOGIES GREAVES] and [CERBERUS TECHNOLOGY] for 4000 credits. Now head to the first Cerberus Hacking Device on your NavPoint and deactivate it.

Head up into the centrifuge room and fight off the Centurions and Nemeses holding the area. From here, descend on your right to reach an area with more [CERBERUS TECHNOLOGY] worth 3000 credits, plus the next hacking device to disable. Afterward, grab the [MED KIT] ahead and engage the next wave. Head back up to the centrifuge room on the top level and disable the final hacking device.

After the last hacking device is secured, Cortez will evacuate Ms. Sato and automatically collect you immediately afterward. You’ll get 10000 credits for completing this mission. Additionally, Communications Arrays worth 50 points will be added to your Alliance War Assets.

4.6) Eden Prime (From Ashes DLC)

Priority: Eden Prime

This quest begins when you read a message on your private terminal entitled “Priority Mission: Eden Prime,” which will only occur if you have the From Ashes DLC installed. Go to the Exodus Cluster and land on Eden Prime. After a conversation in the shuttle, you will land at the beginning of a hill path. Head down the hill to reach an abandoned settlement.

Enter the building on the right and salvage the [COMPUTER] for 3000 credits. Collect the [MED KIT] as well. In the next room, examine the [TERMINAL] for data that can aid Eden Prime’s resistance movement against Cerberus, which translates into a War Asset. Head outside and cross the bridge to use the elevator leading down into the dig site. The elevator bring up something astonishing: a Prothean in a stasis pod.

Immediately, Cerberus forces arrive and attack. Among them are a Centurion and two Nemeses. Kill them and begin searching the camp. The building on your left as you approach contains [EQUIPMENT] to salvage for 3000 credits and a [TERMINAL] to examine for intel to help the colonists for War Assets.

Head outside and take the stairs down to the area below, then enter the first building ahead of you. Salvage the [EQUIPMENT] for 6000 credits, and a group of Cerberus will spawn behind the building, including one Engineer and a Centurion. After the fight, head over to the building next door for a [TERMINAL] with intel for the Eden Prime resistance. Bypass the door on the building where the Cerberus operatives came from, and collect the [MED KIT] on the balcony. Use the computer console to view the first scene from the pod data.

Head up to the unexplored building that will be on your left when you exit the first research facility. Amid the bodies inside is a table to examine for a brief conversation. Take the door to the outside from this room, and you’ll encounter an enemy force of two Cerberus Engineers and three Centurions. Enter the building they came from and salvage the [EQUIPMENT] on your left for 3000 credits, then open the door inside and use the computer console for the second pod data scene.

Now that you’ve seen both scenes, head back to the pod. As you leave, Cerberus backup forces will arrive. Accompanying the common Assault Troopers are an Engineer and two Guardians. On the way back, you’ll encounter an Engineer with a Turret, and just past him, another Engineer with three Guardians to protect him.

When you return, you’ll find that Cerberus has retracted the bridge, so proceed onto the newly uncovered ground and drop down on your left. Take the two ladders leading up on the other side, then head to the end of the roof and climb down a third ladder. After going on this roundabout path, head to the Prothean pod and activate it.

While the stasis pod opens, you’ll have to fight more incoming Cerberus troops deploying from shuttles in the air. After the first wave, you’ll have a moment to collect ammo from the nearby buildings before the second wave arrives, beginning with an Atlas Mech dropping into the middle of the battlefield, with Assault Troopers dropping in for support. Take cover in the nearby buildings to hold off these forces, using anti-shield abilities on the mech, then switching to anti-armor when its shields go down.

At last, you can open the pod. Within is a living, breathing Prothean. Back on the Normandy, you can ask him about himself and the history of his people. His name is Javik, and he is the Prothean Avatar of Vengeance. Adding him to your team earns you the [SLAM] bonus power and his weapon, the [PARTICLE RIFLE] , which is unique in that it does not use thermal clips, but instead must cool down after firing. Javik can be found in the Port Cargo room. After approaching the end of his conversation line and having him use the Echo Shand, you will eventually get [DARK CHANNEL] as well.

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