Dig Dug II Cheats & Cheat Codes for NES

Fault lines in Dig Dug II.

Dig Dug II Cheats & Cheat Codes for NES

Dig Dug II is an action arcade game developed by Namco. Released in 1985 as a sequel to the 1982 classic Dig Dug, this game introduces a new perspective and gameplay mechanics to the series. Dig Dug II offers a fresh take on the franchise, including the transition from side-view tunneling to an overhead view of the island maze. The new game comes with updated challenges, new obstacles, and more advanced strategies. Dig Dug II was released for the Nintendo Entertainment System, Famicom, and a few other platforms. Let’s look at what Dig Dug II offers in terms of gameplay, characters, and cheats.

Dig Dug II Premise

Dig Dug II is set on an island viewed from above, where the primary objective is to eliminate all enemies on each island. The game features two main adversaries. The easier one of the two are the Pookas, round red monsters that can eliminate the player upon contact. Tougher opponents are the Fygars, dragon-like creatures capable of defeating the player by either touch or by breathing fire. 

Islands in Dig Dug II.
Each island has a different layout and challenges.

The gameplay revolves around strategic thinking as well as precise actions and timing. Players maneuver around the island, using two main weapons: an air pump to inflate and burst enemies and a jackhammer to create faults in the ground along fault lines. Successfully creating faults that reach the water causes the affected ground to sink, removing any enemies on it. However, players must do so with caution as this can also put the player in character danger.

Dig Dug II Characters

Like in the original game, in Dig Dug II, players take control of Taizo Hori, a driller armed with a unique set of tools including an air pump and a jackhammer. The game also features non-player characters, namely the Pookas and the Fygars. Pookas are depicted as round, red monsters with goggles, while Fygars are lizards that resemble dragons.

  • Taizo Hori: The player’s character, Taizo Hori, is a driller. He is equipped with an air pump and a jackhammer. Taizo must strategically use these tools to defeat enemies that spawn on the island by manipulating the island’s terrain or blowing up the monsters.
  • Pookas: Round red monsters with goggles. They can damage the Taizo Hori by touching him.
  • Fygars: Dragon-like creatures that can harm the player both by direct contact and by breathing fire.
Enemies in Dig Dug II.
The enemies include dragon-like Fygars and goggle-wearing Pookas.

Games in the Series

Dig Dug II belongs to the Dig Dug series that started with the original game, titular Dig Dug, in 1982. This series, known for its interesting mix of action and puzzle elements, challenges players to navigate through underground or island environments, defeating enemies to progress to new levels. Namco also created three spin-offs for the series following the initial two titles. The original was also brought to newer systems later on.

The game series had a lasting impact on arcade gaming and many independent game studios have since created similar games in honor of the original. However, here are the Dig Dug games from Namco:

  • Dig Dug (1982)
  • Dig Dug II (1985)
  • Dig Dug Arrangement (1996)
  • Dig Dug: Digging Strike (2005)
  • Dig Dug Island (2008)

Dig Dug II Cheats

Dig Dug II, like many classic arcade games, has limited options for cheats. However, players do have a few options to gain advantages. These include cheats to continue the game when losing a life, selecting stages, and having infinite lives. We’ve also included the Game Genie codes for those that have access to the cheat system.

Continue: Resumes the game from the last stage played before losing a life.Press right on the control pad after dying
Stage Select: Allows the selection of any game stage with access to all levels.Press A, SELECT, and START simultaneously at the title screen
Infinite Lives: Activates a special mode where the lives display reads “HERANAI.”Enter the Stage Select cheat and start on level 15. Kill one enemy for 200 points, lose all lives, then at the game over screen hold B on controller 2 and A on controller 1 and press Start.
Pumping in Dig Dug II.
Enemies can be destroyed by pumping with full of air.

Game Genie Codes

Instant Inflate And ExplodeGZETIZEI
Start With 1 Life (Both Players)PEETOPLA
Start With 8 Lives (Both Players)AEETOPLE
Never Lose Lives From Touching WaterSZXLSVVK
Never Lose Lives From Fygar’s FlameSXVKLVVK
Never Lose Lives From Hitting EnemiesSXNIPEVK
Touch Water To Get Lots of LivesYYXLSVVK
Invincible Against Enemies And FlamesLKSGGVGEAVOIYESZ


What is the main objective of Dig Dug II?

The goal is to eliminate all enemies on the island using Taizo Hori’s air pump and jackhammer. After the player defeats all the enemies by either drowning or blowing up on the air pump, the player passes the level.

How does the jackhammer work in Dig Dug II?

The jackhammer creates faults in the ground along fault lines. If both ends of a fault reach water, the part of the island sinks, defeating all enemies that drop into the water.

Are there any differences in gameplay between Dig Dug and Dig Dug II?

Yes, Dig Dug II differs from the original by featuring an overhead view of an island instead of underground side-view tunneling. The goal of the game is similar, though, as are the enemies.

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