Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City Walkthrough/Strategy Guide/FAQ for Xbox 360

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City Walkthrough/Strategy Guide/FAQ for Xbox 360

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City Walkthrough/Strategy Guide/FAQ


1) Controls

Xbox 360 Controls
A: Interact / Dive (while sprinting) / Finisher (when enemy is off balance)
B: Melee / Tackle (while sprinting) / Hold down for Zombie Shield (when enemy is off balance)
X: Reload
Y: Active Ability / Special Finisher (when enemy is off balance)
LB: Change Weapons / Hold down for Quick Draw mode
RB: Throw Grenade
LT: Aim
RT: Fire
START: Pause
BACK: Objectives Menu
Left Stick: Move (click to Sprint)
Right Stick: Look (shoot in Quick Draw mode)
LEFT: First Aid Spray
RIGHT: Switch Grenade Type
UP: Toggle Vision Ability
DOWN: Use Antiviral Spray

2) Campaign Walkthrough

2.1) Containment

Select a character at the mission select menu, as well as whatever primary weapon you want. Though there is initially little difference between the available characters, gaining XP throughout the game will allow you to purchase additional powers specific to each character. Any character can equip any weapon, but you’ll need XP to buy more than the basic equipment.

In the first mission, HUNK from the main Resident Evil franchise will be leading your squad of four. After the briefing, the elevator will stop, and your team will move out. Pick up the [FIRST AID SPRAY] in the bucket before continuing. Follow your team to the rendezvous point, where you can pick up the two piles of [AMMO] on the floor. At the end of the conversation, take cover and engage the enemies on your right.

After those enemies are down, head down to the level below to start the next wave. Collect the [GREEN HERB] , which automatically heals you, then move to your team’s position ahead, where one of your teammates instructs you to use a frag grenade. If you’re out already, check the [AMMO BOX] to your left for a refill. The game recommends that you switch to your pistol before descending, and this is good advice, because you’ll have to fight a couple of enemies in CQC (close quarters combat) down here.

In this area, look for a [GREEN HERB] and a [FRAG GRENADE] , as well as any weapons dropped by enemies. Take cover against the next rail and engage the enemies ahead. On the lower level are two [FIRST AID SPRAY] cans. You may be full on first aid spray by now, so you can use the spray you have to heal any injured teammates (or yourself) and collect the new cans. After dispatching the enemies coming from the door ahead, take the stairs up on your right. Collect [AMMO] on the way, then shoot the two bolts off the chest at the end for a [FLAMETHROWER] . Return to your squad and head through the door.

After watching HUNK’s melee kill, he’ll remind you to use CQC on nearby enemies. In the hall ahead is a [GREEN HERB] , followed by a couple of enemies. Look for a [STUN GRENADE] on the floor after the fight. Down the hall on your right, there’s a dead end to the left with an [AMMO BOX] , an [INCENDIARY GRENADE] , [FIRST AID SPRAY] , and a [FRAG GRENADE] . After collecting these, head back to the main hall and descend the stairs, collecting a [GREEN HERB] on the way down if you need it.

In the lounge below, collect the [GREEN HERB] and [FIRST AID SPRAY] , then pick up the [INTEL] on the table. A small [AMMO BOX] is behind the terminal behind the stairs, near the door. Approach the door when you’re done searching to enter the next room. Here, collect the [INTEL] on the shelf on the left, then head to the right wall and check for [INTEL] the table in front of the device with machine arms inside, with a green herb just to the left. Now you can return to the [LAPTOP] in the far left corner, near where the other intel was, to turn in your intel. Afterward, head through the bulkhead door with your team.

Watch the door, and after a conversation inside, it will explode from within, and enemy forces will be waiting inside. Kill the enemy ahead and grab a [GREEN HERB] on the left inside, then take cover to fight the soldiers on your right. There’s [AMMO] next to the boxes in the middle, and in the back corner, you can pick up a [FRAG GRENADE] and [FIRST AID SPRAY] . Proceed to the elevator with your team to advance.

At the top, collect an [INCENDIARY GRENADE] on your right, the [GREEN HERB] ahead of you, and the [FIRST AID SPRAY] on your left. Now follow the hallway in the corner to your left, collecting the [FRAG GRENADE] on the right side of the hall. As you approach the items ahead, a monster will attack Alpha Squad. Collect the [GREEN HERB] on the crate ahead and, before joining your squad, check the dead-end right path for [FIRST AID SPRAY] and a [GREEN HERB] .

Proceed through the door and walk against the left wall to avoid the fire spout that appears on the right. Time your movement to avoid the intermittent sprays of steam ahead. After the third steam vent, you’ll reach the door. Continue into the next room until the monster appears again. Back up while firing at him until a small scene occurs, then turn around and run to the end of the hall, avoiding fire and steam spouts. At the end is an [AMMO BOX] and [GREEN HERB] .

Attempt to open the door, and you’ll be delayed, so turn around and start shooting at G-Birkin’s eye. Not the ones on his face, but the giant one on his shoulder. This is his weak point, so shooting it will slow him down. When the door opens, run through it, and it will close behind you. In the corner on your right are some decent weapons: a [TACTICAL SMG] and [SEMI-AUTO RIFLE] . After selecting your weapon, or keeping your current one, head through the door and engage the enemies ahead.

Dogs will be released, and they will attack the enemies ahead indiscriminately. Wipe out both groups, then look around for a [FRAG GRENADE] in the far left corner, a stun grenade against the far wall, and [AMMO] and [INTEL] behind the enemy cover to the right. Proceed through the wall, and shoot the dog ahead before it reaches you and jumps on you. Open the door at the end. Another dog waits in the corridor on your right, followed by another door.

Inside, refill your ammo at the [AMMO BOX] collection on your left, pick up the [FIRST AID SPRAY] on the same table, use the [LAPTOP] if you wish to turn in intel, and collect the [STUN GRENADE] across from the laptop. Proceed through the next hallway and shoot the enemies, then as you approach the end of the hall, be ready for G-Birkin to break through on your left and attack. Move the left stick in the indicated directions to dodge his strikes, then get up and run down the hall on your right. When you reach the door, activate it and hold off G-Birkin until it opens.

Run through the next hall, quickly stopping at the table on your right if you wish to collect the [AMMO BOX] and [GREEN HERB] . As you run, several explosions will force you to stop, then maneuver around pillars of fire to continue. Upon reaching the door at the end, you will complete the mission, and you will earn the Achievement “Witness.”

2.2) Corruption

When you begin the mission, immediately turn around to collect [INTEL] . Before heading through the door at the bottom of the stairs, check the room on the right for [FIRST AID SPRAY] and [INTEL] . Through the door, collect the [ANTIVIRAL SPRAY] on the shelf to your left. You’ll need this in case one of your team members is infected. Proceed to the end of the room and open the door.

In the next area, check on your right for [INTEL] , then head up the stairs. Head through the first door, and when you open the second, a couple of zombies will burst through. Kill them, then proceed to the area ahead and kill the circle of zombies feasting on a corpse. One of the normal zombies typically drops a [GREEN HERB] , while the police zombies will drop a [STUN GRENADE] . Proceed into the next room and kill the zombies there as well. At the end of the hall, turn down the dead end on your left to collect [INTEL] . Another [INTEL] is right next to the door.

After the scene, proceed through the door. Collect the [AMMO] on the table in front of you, and get the [AMMO BOX] and [ANTIVIRAL SPRAY] behind the stairs if needed. Head up the stairs and open the doors. A group of zombies will emerge. One drops an [ANTIVIRAL SPRAY] , and you can proceed to the shelf ahead for a [GREEN HERB] . A zombie will burst out of the nearby bathroom, which contains a [FRAG GRENADE] .

Down the hall is a [GREEN HERB] and another room where a zombie bursts out, with another zombie and a [FRAG GRENADE] inside. Before you leave, check the courtyard for [INTEL] and an [AMMO BOX] , then circle around the courtyard on the far side, which will take you to a blockade and some [INTEL] . Finally, amidst the [AMMO] near the exit door, there is [INTEL] in the rubble on the left.

Open the door, and you’ll be ambushed by government spec ops. Just inside the door, there’s [INTEL] on the right. After three waves of spec ops troops, you’ll have a reprieve. Look for a [GREEN HERB] behind the stairs. Up the stairs on the right, where the second wave came from, is another [INTEL] behind some debris, a [GREEN HERB] on the right, and an [AMMO BOX] on your left. Up the stairs across from here, you’ll find [ANTIVIRAL SPRAY] , [INTEL] , and a [GREEN HERB] . Head to the open door where the final wave came from to continue.

Just ahead, more spec ops troops will attack, so take cover behind the pillars. Kill the enemies, then look for another [INTEL] on a column just outside the exit door, to the left from where you came in. In the next room are a few spec ops, but they shouldn’t be a problem. This room contains [INTEL] x5! One on the desk in front of you when you first enter, one on the file cabinet behind it, one on the desk in the middle of the room, and one on the file drawer by the door. The last one is on the main console in the back. Use the [LAPTOP] to turn these in, then use the console to access the server.

The locked door marked on your map will open in a few moments, revealing a host of zombies. Mow them down from a safe distance, then head inside and check on your right for a [GREEN HERB] and [INTEL] on a table. Head up the stairs and another group of zombies appears. Fight your way through to reach a [STUN GRENADE] , [AMMO BOX] x2, and a door leading onward.

Head through the door and kill the two spec ops, then grab the [GREEN HERB] and [STUN GRENADE] dropped ahead, plus [INTEL] in the debris to your left. The first room on your left is locked, so head down the stairs ahead, and collect the [ANTIVIRAL SPRAY] , [GREEN HERB] , and [INTEL] at the bottom, then head up to the top to collect a [RACCOON CITY MASCOT] , which is worth significant bonus experience. The next side room contains a few zombies and [INTEL] , with a zombie dropping [ANTIVIRAL SPRAY] .

Head through either main door to engage a group of spec ops again. [FIRST AID SPRAY] and an [AMMO BOX] are down the dead-end path on your right. At the end of the hall are [GREEN HERB] x2 and more spec ops to your right. Check behind the barricade where they were for [FIRST AID SPRAY] , then head back to the main objective. In the next hall, engage the zombies, and check the room on your right for two more zombies and a [FRAG GRENADE] . Head to the end of the balcony and through the next door.

Use the [LAPTOP] in the server room to turn in your intel and collect the [ANTIVIRAL GRENADE] by the laptop. Next, pick up the [FRAG GRENADE] by the door, use the [AMMO BOX] next to it, and optionally pick up the [LIGHT MACHINE GUN] nearby. Shoot all seven servers, and the room will be attacked by zombies. Kill them all, then proceed to the hall ahead. Leading back to where you fought the spec ops on the balcony. The gate to the records room is now open, so head there.

Another wave of spec ops will attack at this time. Afterward, check the bathroom for [FIRST AID SPRAY] and an [INTEL] on a cabinet outside. There’s an [INTEL] on the opposite side in roughly the same place. On the left-side balcony is another [INTEL] , leading up to a fight with another spec ops wave. In their area is an [INTEL] by the balcony, just across from the door to the records room.

Head to the nearest evidence, the zoning plan, and destroy it, collecting the [AMMO BOX] next to it. Now proceed around to the left and destroy the electric plan, collecting the [INTEL] next to it. The sewage plan is on the ground to your right, near a trip mine. Avoid or destroy the mine, then proceed through the aisle and then to your left for an [INTEL] against the wall, just before two more traps that lead to the area with the water plan. Collect the [INTEL] near the door, then head to the far end of the room to destroy the final document, the staffing plan.

With the plans destroyed, head through the doors ahead. Collect the [INTEL] on the right, then head down the stairs to the left. At the bottom are an [AMMO BOX] , [FIRST AID SPRAY] x2, a [FRAG GRENADE] , [ANTIVIRAL SPRAY] , [INTEL] , an [INCENDIARY GRENADE] , and a box which, when the locks are shot off, yields a [LIGHT MACHINE GUN] . Head out the door for a scene.

The room will now begin filling with Lickers, familiar Resident Evil enemies with the ability to climb walls and attack with a distance with their tongues, forcing you to break free. To your right are [ANTIVIRAL SPRAY] and a [GREEN HERB] , while on the opposite side, there is an [INTEL] by the door. Drop down, and you’ll usher in a new wave of Lickers. On the lower level, between two mines, there is a [BLACK CARD] to collect. There is also [ANTIVIRAL SPRAY] and a [FRAG GRENADE] . There is an [AMMO BOX] on every wall surface, so you shouldn’t have to worry about ammo.

After you have the Black Card, you can leave. But first, collect the [INTEL] and [ANTIVIRAL SPRAY] by the stack of boards on the right, plus more [INTEL] and a [GREEN HERB] by the burning boxes on the left, near the door. Head to the door, blow away the laser mines, and run through it to escape the burning room. Once you’re out, storm through the hall full of zombies and head straight to the exit doors. This concludes the mission and earns you the “Corrupted” Achievement.

2.3) Lights Out

Immediately check on the floor on your right for [INTEL] , then go around the reception room ahead and enter it from behind to collect [INTEL] on the bookshelf and another [INTEL] on the table. Enter the room directly ahead for [INTEL] on the counter. In the hall, check a broken soda machine for a [FRAG GRENADE] . A room on your right contains an [AMMO BOX] . The next room on the right will have [INTEL] in a pool of blood on the floor. Across from here is a room with [ANTIVIRAL SPRAY] . Finally, you can head through the door ahead.

A swarm of zombies will move in and attack. Among the second wave, there will be bomb zombies, who explode when shot but attract other zombies. Look on your right for [AMMO] and a [GREEN HERB] , then on your left for [INTEL] on the couch in the corner. There is [INTEL] on the rightmost table as well, and [FIRST AID SPRAY] behind a pillar.

Head through the door and look on your immediate left for [INTEL] on a shelf and a [GREEN HERB] on the counter, with more [INTEL] on the computer on the opposite side of the counter. In the dead end ahead, there is yet another [INTEL] on the phone. Proceed down the hall, and a group of bomb zombies will emerge and attack. Kill them from a distance before continuing.

In the next room, look in the dead end ahead for a [LAPTOP] and [FIRST AID SPRAY] . Now check the bottom of the stairs to your right for a [FRAG GRENADE] , which will cause a zombie to bust out of the room on your right. Alternatively, check the door on your left for more bomb zombies, and a path leading to the same area as the room down the stairs. Fight through the zombies and enter the room straight ahead for an [AMMO BOX] and [INTEL] in the bathroom stall. When the hall curves to the right, look for a [FRAG GRENADE] by an overturned stretcher, [INTEL] on the floor by the right door, and [ANTIVIRAL SPRAYER] on the desk near the left door.

Through these doors, head through the side door immediately on your left or right to collect the [BLACK CARD] , which you need to open the next door. Open the door, and you’ll be attacked by the Lickers within. After killing both a wave of lickers and a wave of bomb zombies, collect the [INTEL] and [STUN GRENADE] in the left corner ahead. By the locked door on the right is an [INTEL] and a [GREEN HERB] , with [ANTIVIRAL] spray on the opposite wall. Behind the last column is [INTEL] . Shoot the crawling bomb zombies, then the mines blocking the door, before proceeding.

Kill the Licker and take out the mines on you right to get a [FIRST AID SPRAY] , then open the door. Shoot out the mines before ascending the stairs. At the top, kill another zombie bomb squad, then look around for items. There is an [INTEL] on the cart in front of you, and another [INTEL] between the beds on the far wall. Behind the desk on the left are [INTEL] , a [GREEN HERB] , and a [LAPTOP] to turn in your intel. Shoot out the mines and advance through the double doors ahead.

There’s [AMMO] on the right, and you can follow the floor around on the right to the opposite side, where you can collect an [INCENDIARY GRENADE] , an [AMMO BOX] , and a [GREEN HERB] . Head back to the main door and open it. Down the stairs are [ANTIVIRAL SPRAY] and [FIRST AID SPRAY] . Up the stairs, there are mines and another door leading to the outside.

Ahead, a group of Crimson Heads will attack you. These are like normal zombies, but faster, stronger, and redder. On your left is a [GREEN HERB] pair in case you need healing after that fight. Step up to the helipad to receive the EMP delivery. As usual in the Resident Evil series, helicopters can never be relied upon. You’ll be dropped into the burning building by the explosion.

Exit this room, then head left and fight off the zombies. Kill the flaming zombies and collect the [GREEN HERB] and the [INTEL] across from it. Now head through the unobstructed doorway to the next room, and through the next door after that. Here, run to your left if you need a [GREEN HERB] , then head back to the other side and descend the stairs while fighting burning zombies and Crimson Heads. Collect the [GREEN HERB] ahead of you when you come down the stairs, then head through the door for a scene.

Proceed to the morgue, where you must fight an escaped B.O.W. (Bio-Organic Weapon). Immediately put distance between you and him and start firing everything you have at his scaly, armored body. Inside the morgue, collect a [GREEN HERB] and [ANTIVIRAL SPRAY] to your left. Stock up on [AMMO] before proceeding to fight the next B.O.W. ahead. Before the next door, check on your left for an [AMMO BOX] and [INTEL] , then enter and step forward for a scene.

There’s an [AMMO BOX] where you just came out. At the far side of the area is an overturned ambulance with a pair of [FIRST AID SPRAY] cans behind it. Proceed into the building with an objective marker, collecting a [GREEN HERB] next to a [BOLT ACTION RIFLE] . In the street ahead is a large group of spec ops and zombies fighting each other, leaving themselves open to a surprise attack. Wipe them out and advance, but check the alley on your left for a [FRAG GRENADE] or two on the firetruck. Head back out and continue to a street corner with a [GREEN HERB] , then proceed to the marker and activate it.

On the other side, check for [INTEL] between the two bodies next to you. Proceed through the fences, and collect a [FRAG GRENADE] and [GREEN HERB] in the process. Use the [AMMO] and [AMMO BOX] if needed before proceeding through the hole in the wall. Walk up and collect the first [EMP] ahead of you. As you advance, engage the zombies crawling out of the ground, then collect the second [EMP] . Proceed through the gate to confront Nicholai for the last one.

In the initial area are [FRAG GRENADE] x4, an [AMMO BOX] , a crate with a [SEMI AUTO RIFLE] , and to your left, [GREEN HERB] x2. Just ahead are another [FRAG GRENADE] pair, another [SEMI AUTO RIFLE] in a crate, and two more [GREEN HERB] items on your right. These are all to keep you alive during your sniper battle with Nicholai, who can take a surprisingly high number of headshots. Nicholai will try to snipe and throw grenades from the windows of the building ahead, and whenever he takes a significant amount of damage, he will retreat and let the zombies soften you up, then come back out and start over. After three waves, he will retreat for good, and you can head through the marked door.

Check the piano for [INTEL] and look for a [GREEN HERB] on your left, then proceed into the next room. Kill the zombies that rise from the pews, then collect a [FRAG GRENADE] from the table. At the far end, shoot out the mines, then collect the [INTEL] on your left and the [EMP] ahead. There’s also a [PUMP ACTION SHOTGUN] on the floor. Take the marked door and a bomb zombie will jump out, so get your distance and shoot it to take its zombie allies out with it.

Outside, take out the zombies and spec ops in the first area. As you move into the street with spec ops ahead, check your right for a [GREEN HERB] by the fence. Advance and kill the spec ops, then proceed to the open door leading to the generator building. Pick up [FIRST AID SPRAY] , then continue to the hall. Head all the way down the stairs, then look for another [FIRST AID SPRAY] immediately on your right when you come down. Look in the room across from you for an [AMMO BOX] , then head through the marked door.

At the top of the steps on the left is an [INTEL] . Grab the [GREEN HERB] behind the console and to the left, then use the console to raise the generator. Let the zombies attack the spec ops soldiers, shooting the soldiers to make them bleed and attract zombies. After the enemies are dead, proceed to the forklift ahead for [INTEL] , head up the stairs and collect a [FRAG GRENADE] on the left and right sides, then approach and plant an EMP the generator. Down the stairs from here are a [FIRST AID SPRAY] and a [GREEN HERB] . Proceed around the room this way, and you’ll find [INTEL] on a barrel near the start.

Now that you’ve planted the EMP, Nicholai has returned and is sniping from the catwalks. Avoid his attacks, head back around to the left, collecting a [FRAG GRENADE] on the bottom stairs, and activate the console in front of the first generator, across from a [LAPTOP] . This will spawn a new group of spec ops by the next generator. Kill them and place the EMP, then use the console across from there to raise the final generator. Hurry to the final generator, kill the guards, and set the last EMP to end the battle, earning the Achievement, “Danger, High Voltage!”

2.4) Gone Rogue

When you arrive, turn around and check the room behind you for one [INTEL] on a desk and another [INTEL] on the opposite side, plus an [INCENDIARY GRENADE] in the corner. When you exit the building, take out the zombies in the streets. At the end of the street on your left, you will be attacked by Crimson Heads. Around the burning bus, check an alley corner for [FIRST AID SPRAY] x2 and [INTEL] behind the dumpster.

On the path behind the bus, shoot the bolts off the crate on your left for a [BOLT ACTION RIFLE] . Just ahead, you will see snipers in the windows of the building on your right. At this spot, check the narrow space on your left for [AMMO] , a [FRAG GRENADE] , and an [INCENDIARY GRENADE] . Proceed on the lower path to pick off the snipers from cover, and collect a [FRAG GRENADE] by a car. Below the last sniper’s window, look for an [INCENDIARY GRENADE] . Across from here, climb up to the upper path for a [GREEN HERB] and [AMMO] by a door where a zombie bursts out. Proceed through the street killing zombies, flaming zombies, and Crimson Heads, then take the steps on the right to get around the debris and drop down.

This will trigger a spec ops ambush. Some of them are taking cover behind red explosive barrels, so shoot those to take out half the soldiers at once. Finish the rest and collect an [AMMO BOX] on your left, then head down the path to a [GREEN HERB] . Shoot out the mines to reach the objective, where there is another [AMMO BOX] . Head up the steps and collect [FIRST AID SPRAY] , then advance to the cemetary gate.

Grab the [AMMO] by the bench on your left, then head into the structure ahead for [INTEL] and an [AMMO BOX] . Head outside to pick up a [FRAG GRENADE}] , then head out the back and check the dead end for [FIRST AID SPRAY] . Down the steps across from here, you’ll encounter more spec ops, and a small area to the right with a [GREEN HERB] . Head to your left and step up into the separate area of the cemetary to collect [ANTIVIRAL SPRAY] and [FIRST AID SPRAY] x2. Heading down into the area where the spec ops attacked, you can collect a [FRAG GRENADE] on a ridge to your left and a [STUN GRENADE] to your right. Head down to the gate to continue.

On your left is a can of [FIRST AID SPRAY] and, further along, [INTEL] over by the barricades on the left. Enter the warehouse from the door on the right, then grab the [INTEL] in front of you from atop a trash can. Look for a [GREEN HERB] on the steps to the far left, and an [INTEL] on some boards near the controls. Use the controls, and you will be attacked by zombies from both entrances. After the attack, go around the room and flip the breakers to open the doors.

The next room has more zombies to kill. The path ahead leads to more [FIRST AID SPRAY] and an [AMMO BOX] , while the left path leads to your objective. Take the upstairs path for a [GREEN HERB] on your way to engage the government forces holding the area. After wiping them out, continue along the upper path to the next door. In the control room ahead, collect [INTEL] from the table on your right. A little further along is an [INCENDIARY GRENADE] on your left. In the computer room, collect the [INTEL] and turn it in through the [LAPTOP] , then use the computer terminal.

Take the elevator up, and in the room where you arrive, collect the [AMMO] and [INTEL] behind the computer terminal in front of you. Proceed to the labs and kill the zombies, then take the path around on your left to pick up a [FRAG GRENADE] . Collect the [GREEN HERB] outside the cell door before opening it. As soon as you’re in, turn around and check the computer desk for [INTEL] . Ahead, there’s another [INTEL] on a cart. Now, head down the stairs closest to the entrance.

Head straight ahead to a cubicle of sorts with [FIRST AID SPRAY] and a [BLUE CARD] . Proceed into the room with the trapped zombies below and kill them, but don’t touch the lasers of their cells. Next to the cells are a [GREEN HERB] and a [LAPTOP] . By the opposite cells, there is [INTEL] , and a breaker to flip. Collect the [SYRINGE] in the cell next to the breaker. Finally, approach the Tyrant and extract the parasite.

Head up the stairs and kill the spider creature. Be sure to destroy the spider itself, not just its host. Head up the stairs and use the door, and the Tyrant will reactivate and come after you. Avoid the Tyrant and head up to the marked door, then open it. Collect the [INTEL] on your left, then proceed down the path on your right. At the marked spot, collect the [BLACK CARD] .

Head back outside, fighting off a new wave of zombies and spider monsters, then head to the room where the first spider was contained. Inside, collect another [BLACK CARD] , [INTEL] , and [FIRST AID SPRAY] from the counter, then fight off the spiders that spawn. Now, head all the way down to the bottom level and follow the markers to a back room that is now open. Inside this room, throw a grenade to kill the monsters inside, then collect [INTEL] , a [GREEN HERB] , [FIRST AID SPRAY] , and the final [BLACK CARD] . With all three cards, run up to the level above and take the bridge to reach the exit door.

In the next room, go right and collect a [GREEN HERB] . Enter the room next to the herb, kill the spider monsters, and use the first terminal. Now head back to the entrance and head forward into the central room. From here, the room on the left contains a [FRAG GRENADE] and an [AMMO BOX] , while the left and forward paths ultimately lead to the room with the second terminal, which also contains spiders, plus [INTEL] and a [GREEN HERB] in the back corners. After using the terminal, head to the newly opened door.

Inside, look on your immediate left and right for [INTEL] x2, take the steps up, and collect another [INTEL] from the table. Head down into the next room and fight off more spider parasites, joined by the Tyrant. Don’t let this keep you from collecting the [INTEL] and using the [LAPTOP] on the table here. Another [INTEL] is in the control room on your right. Head to the exit (optionally collecting the [FIRST AID SPRAY] nearby), and pick up the [INTEL] just inside. Run up and escape via the elevator.

This isn’t over yet, as you still have a Nemesis to deal with. Upon reaching the top, head through the newly opened door for a scene. Before the fight, note the [AMMO BOX] and [FIRST AID SPRAY] on your left, and the [FIRST AID SPRAY] and [ANTIVIRAL SPRAY] x2 on your right. Straight ahead as you descend, you’ll come to a platform with a [GREEN HERB] . Continue circling around to reach a position with a [FIRST AID SPRAY] just above the Nemesis. The far side of the battle arena has [GREEN HERB] x2 and another [AMMO BOX] . On the lower level here, there are [FRAG GRENADE] x2, [INCENDIARY GRENADE] , and [FIRST AID SPRAY] . Should you still need health, the zombies throughout the arena will drop herbs.

While fighting the Nemesis, avoid standing near explosive barrels, as he will shoot them and kill you. The best thing to do is to circle around the battlefield, avoiding his chaingun fire. When he starts shooting at someone else, it’s safe to stop and shoot at him until he notices you again, but you should still look out for zombies sneaking up on you from behind. Throw the grenades you find in the arena as well, considering he doesn’t move much.

Halfway through the fight, spec ops shows up, and they attack the zombies, the Nemesis, and you at the same time. Take them out at the first opportunity, but be sure to keep avoiding the Nemesis’s attacks, as they hurt worse than the spec ops guns. The spec ops will respawn every few minutes, so avoid the areas where they emerge. When the Nemesis finally goes down, immediately run to him and inject him to end the mission. This will earn you the “Rogue’s Gallery” Achievement.

2.5) Expendable

At the beginning of the mission, there is a [FIRST AID SPRAY] directly behind you, [AMMO] on your left, and an [INCENDIARY GRENADE] and [INTEL] behind the barricade on your left. Head down to the ground level while shooting the zombies below. When you get down there, search the back wall for [ANTIVIRAL SPRAY] and look in the nearby alley for [FIRST AID SPRAY] and [INTEL] .

Proceed down the street and you will witness an explosion coinciding with an attack by both flaming and non-flaming zombies. Continue to the police cars, then look behind the fenced-off area for a [FIRST AID SPRAY] . Approach the burning car to collect the [INTEL] behind it and kill the dog that attacks you. Now head up the stairs to the roof, where there’s a [GREEN HERB] and [AMMO] . Enter the blue door to reach the police station offices.

Just outside the objective-marked door, there’s [INTEL] on the tiger. Enter the door and collect [INTEL] from the shelf on the right and the [ANTIVIRAL SPRAY] and [GREEN HERB] in the corners. Destroy the evidence on the desk. Outside, you will be attacked by Lickers. Kill them and head to the end of the hall, collecting the [AMMO] and then heading through the door to a room filled with police zombies and Lickers.

While you plow through these zombies, collect the [GREEN HERB] by the bench on your right. Use the ladder at the end to descend to the ground level. Here, the main desk holds [INTEL] , a [LAPTOP] , and a [GREEN HERB] , while you can get an [INCENDIARY GRENADE] from the soda machine. Near the exit door is an [AMMO BOX] , and outside is a horde of zombies. Step outside after killing the zombies and head down the stairs on your left or right to reach an [INCENDIARY GRENADE] underneath you. Approach the gate.

Collect the [AMMO] on your left, then head down the path on your right, fighting off additional zombies. By the truck, there will be a case with a [GRENADE LAUNCHER] inside. Approach Leon, and he will run. On your left, collect [FIRST AID SPRAY] x2 and [ANTIVIRAL SPRAY] . Approach the tanker to trigger another wave of zombies. Circumvent the tanker through the garage door on your right and kill the zombies that emerge before heading inside.

Check behind the dumpster ahead for [INTEL] . Leon will run away, and a wave of Lickers will attack. There will be quite a few Lickers, so you may need the [AMMO BOX] near the entrance or the [GREEN HERB] and [ANTIVIRAL SPRAY] on the platform to your right. Open the garage door to the Parkade, where spec ops and zombies are waiting. On your right, there is a [SEMI-AUTO RIFLE] and [ANTIVIRAL SPRAY] , with a [GREEN HERB] and [INTEL] ahead on your left. Up on the roof ahead, there is another [SEMI-AUTO RIFLE] in a crate.

Kill the spec ops, including the spec ops snipers on the building behind them. By the first terminal building, take cover against another wave while collecting the [GREEN HERB] and [ANTIVIRAL SPRAY] around it. On the benches ahead, there is an [INTEL] and a [GREEN HERB] . After fighting the spec ops off, head to the destination for a scene.

Three Hunter B.O.W. enemies will drop into the battlefield. Run ahead to an area with [GREEN HERB] x3 and run to avoid the Hunters. There are also [AMMO BOX] x2 in the area. Stay on the run and kill the Hunters, then proceed into the next alley. Here, a zombie bursts out of the door on your right, but more concerningly, a Hunter drops down ahead of you. Kill the Hunter and collect the [GREEN HERB] behind the dumpster. When you come out of the alleyway, look on your left for [INTEL] . Drop down by the debris ahead.

When you come out onto the streets controlled by government spec ops forces, look straight ahead for [FIRST AID SPRAY] , [ANTIVIRAL SPRAY] , and a [GRENADE LAUNCHER] in a crate. Save the grenade launcher for when the Hunter drops into the middle of the fight. Look in the gas station for a [GREEN HERB] and [AMMO BOX] . Across from the gas station is a dead end hall with [GREEN HERB] , [AMMO] , [FIRST AID SPRAY] , and [INTEL] . After you kill the spec ops, three more Hunters drop in. At this point, try luring them into the gas station, then shooting the pumps to blow them up. Collect the [GREEN HERB] and [ANTIVIRAL SPRAY] and use the [LAPTOP] near the gas station before proceeding down the street into a garage.

Open the blue door and enter, then wait for the zombies to break down the door ahead. Proceed through the zombie-filled hall, and as you exit, be ready for a Crimson Head attack. Outside, there will be [INTEL] ahead and [AMMO] to your left. At the corner behind the fence, collect [INTEL] behind the dumpster and engage the spec ops ahead. Behind the wall on your left as you approach, there will be a safe spot to take cover and grab the [AMMO BOX] and [FRAG GRENADE] .

As you advance through the enemy line, look for a decapitated, disemboweled corpse with [INTEL] in a suitcase nearby, then ascend the steps next to it. There will be a [GREEN HERB] and [AMMO BOX] on the left. Take cover here and shoot the spec ops. You can run over to the cover on the right to collect another [GREEN HERB] . On the other side of the initial cover spot, there is [INTEL] on the corner. In a box ahead is a [FLAMETHROWER] to aid you against the spec ops wave ahead. There will also be an alley on the left with [FIRST AID SPRAY] , a [FRAG GRENADE] , and an [AMMO BOX] .

As you proceed, a wave of Hunters will drop from the sky. This is where a powerful weapon like the flamethrower can be handy. Also, look near the alley where the second pod dropped for [INTEL] . After the Hunters, more spec ops and Crimson Heads will attack. Fight up to the outcropping where the spec ops are attacking from to collect a [GREEN HERB] , [FIRST AID SPRAY] , and a [GRENADE LAUNCHER] . There’s also a [LAPTOP] here. After killing the spec ops, head into the courtyard. Here, Crimson Heads will attack you, and there is a single [GREEN HERB] on your right. Head to the ramp and drop down.

Look on your left for [ANTIVIRAL SPRAY] and [GREEN HERB] x2, then collect another [GREEN HERB] x2 outside the barber shop. Attempt to enter the shop, and a Tyrant will attack you. If he grabs you, aim at his head and shoot with your pistol to free yourself. You’ll have to actually fight the Tyrant this time. Luckily, there’s an [AMMO BOX] nearby to keep you stocked. Unluckily, a second Tyrant drops in midway through the fight. These guys will basically charge at you in a straight line. Avoid this by running behind obstacles. Aim for the Tyrants’ heads if you want to deal any real damage. When they finally go down, enter the barber shop for the Achievement “Betrayal.”

2.6) Redemption

Head through the tram car on your right and collect the [FIRST AID SPRAY] under the stairs. Down the stairs on the opposite side, you’ll find a [FRAG GRENADE] in a room with a Crimson Head. Across the catwalk, head down on the left to collect [INTEL] and an [INCENDIARY GRENADE] in the room by the stairs, and [FIRST AID SPRAY] and [AMMO] under the stairs. On the opposite side of the stairs, take out the mine in the tram cart and collect the [INTEL] there.

Fight through a wave of zombies, and when you reach the open container on your left, collect the [INTEL] and [ANTIVIRAL SPRAY] inside. Use the [AMMO BOX] nearby to refill your ammunition. Head back down the path where the zombies came from to collect a [FRAG GRENADE] and [FIRST AID SPRAY] . Amidst the bodies, you will find [INTEL] . Head to the control panel, grab the nearby [GREEN HERB] , and then activate the panel. Upon activating the panel, a wave of Crimson Head zombies will attack. As soon as the elevator arrives, kill the zombies onboard and activate it to head down.

When the elevator stops at a floor full of zombies, the easiest solution is to throw a grenade down at them before you arrive, killing almost all of them in that enclosed space. Before restarting the elevator, collect the [INTEL] on the floor. After restarting it, get back on. When it stops again, it will be on a floor with Crimson Heads and spider parasites. Restart and reboard the elevator again. At the bottom, you can safely get off, initiating a scene.

Here, collect the [AMMO BOX] , [FIRST AID SPRAY] , and [GREEN HERB] x2, then start taking out the mines on the approach to Ada Wong’s position. Wong will constantly shoot at you, but you can shoot back to briefly stop her assault. For mines that are hard to reach, you can throw grenades to blow them from a distance. Once you get past all of the mines, Ada Wong will retreat. Use the [AMMO BOX] by the wall, then collect the [INTEL] by Ada’s cover position.

In the next area, you’ll face the familiar spec ops enemies. Kill them, then enter the room ahead for [INTEL] on the back wall and [FIRST AID SPRAY] just outside. Head to the objective, where you’ll be attacked by more zombies. Check a container on the left for [INTEL] , then look in the center for a container with [INTEL] and an [AMMO BOX] . The next container over contains [INTEL] and a [GREEN HERB] . In the side room across from this container, there is an [AMMO BOX] , a [FIRST AID SPRAY] , and an [ANTIVIRAL SPRAY] . Now, take the Umbrella elevator.

On the way down, you’ll be attacked by Lickers. There’s an [AMMO BOX] on the elevator if you need it during this fight. When the Lickers are dead, the elevator will proceed to the bottom, where you have a horde of zombies to kill. Grab the [INTEL] straight ahead, then check on your left for a [GREEN HERB] and [FRAG GRENADE] behind a container, and an [INTEL] on a computer console, which you can turn in from the [LAPTOP] by the elevator. Take the objective-marked door to advance.

Use the [AMMO BOX] on your left if needed, then head up to the central platform, where you’ll have to fight three Hunters, yet again. After the fight, head to the door marked on your map, where you can refill from an [AMMO BOX] . Through the door, head around to the far right to collect a [GREEN HERB] , [AMMO] , and a [FRAG GRENADE] behind the rightmost server, then an [INTEL] in the back corner by the next server over. In front of where you started is a [GREEN HERB] , and by the [LAPTOP] ahead, there’s an [INTEL] to pick up and submit.

Head up the stairs through the hallways. One dead end in a corner on your left holds an [AMMO BOX] . Through the door at the end of the hall, pick up the [INTEL] on the ground in front of the door and the [GREEN HERB] nearby, then use the terminal. After the scene, head through the next door. Fight through the zombies and proceed dead ahead to the bulkhead door.

On the other side, you’ll face zombies and Hunters, with [FRAG GRENADE] x2 and an [INCENDIARY GRENADE] on your left. The Hunters will leap out of their tubes one by one. Use the [AMMO BOX] by the stairs ahead if you run out of ammo. Don’t miss the [INTEL] on the left before you head up the second stairs on your right. Behind the machine on the upper level, is [FIRST AID SPRAY] . Up here, you’ll face another three Hunters. After the fight, take the stairs and enter the room ahead through either door.

Across from the left door, you’ll see an [INCENDIARY GRENADE] and [LAPTOP] . The central desk holds a [GREEN HERB] and [INTEL] . Climb the ladder in the side room to proceed. Three Hunters will drop down, but you can simply run past them to the ladder on the opposite side of the pit, up the stairs. Fight off the Crimson Heads and collect the [AMMO BOX] in the center. Now, head to the objective marker.

After the scene, you’ll have a [FIRST AID SPRAY] and a crate with a [HAMMER] in front of you. The Hammer is an assault rifle, not an actual hammer. Activate the lift (equipped with a convenient [AMMO BOX] ) to ride up. Problem is, there’s a Super Tyrant on the lift with you. The Super Tyrant’s weak point is his red glowing heart, so shoot it there until it falls off the platform, and the elevator will restart. Next, you’ll face a swarm of Lickers.

After the Lickers, you’ll have to dodge jets of flame while the lift ascends. Luckily, you can look up to see when they’re coming up, and the lift moves very slowly. Still, somehow the AI has no ability to avoid the flames. The Super Tyrant will return, and you’ll have to repeat the process of shooting him in the heart and knocking him off the ledge. Finally, after that fight, you’ll reach the top. For finishing the mission, you’ll receive the Achievement, “Down in the Labs.”

2.7) End of the Line

When you spawn, look for an [INCENDIARY GRENADE] behind the truck that it behind you. On the lower right path, collect a [FIRST AID SPRAY] by the dumpster. Inside the crate to the right is a [PRECISION RIFLE] . A zombie rest ahead, and the nearby trash can contains [INTEL] . As you approach the incoming zombie wave, they’ll be routed by a falling container. However, Crimson Heads will rush around from the left and attack you. Follow the path they came from.

You’ll find a [GREEN HERB] by a fence on the left just as you encounter a few zombies. Near the herb, an [INTEL] lies in a truck bed. Head to the objective by circumventing a large truck, then on the other side, collect a [FRAG GRENADE] just behind a fire burning on the ground. Up the stairs, you’ll see a pit of zombies below and spec ops snipers on the crates across from you. Follow the path around to reach the steps leading down into the pit with the zombies, who are easily wiped out with a couple of frag grenades.

Inside a container across from where you first come down is an [INTEL] . Take out the snipers overlooking the area, then collect the [GRENADE LAUNCHER] in the crate and the [GREEN HERB] on the boards in the back corner. Next to the stairs leading up, there’s an [AMMO BOX] and a container with [ANTIVIRAL SPRAY] . Take the stairs and cross the platforms to reach another zombie-infested hole. [INTEL] is well-hidden in a container in the back, behind a fire.

As you advance, you’ll see a truck ahead with [INTEL] on the back, and government spec ops forces down the path on your right. Among the crates where the specs ops forces were, you’ll find [AMMO] , a [FRAG GRENADE] , a [GREEN HERB] , an [AMMO BOX] , and a [LAPTOP] . In the open container you must pass through, there’s a zombie on your right and [FIRST AID SPRAY] on your left. Drop down for a scene.

Up ahead, Claire will fire on you with a grenade launcher while you fight off zombies and spec ops. Once you approach the underside of the spec ops’ platform, you can find a [FRAG GRENADE] . The field ahead is laced with laser mines, so shoot them from afar. Head down this path, and check the dead end on the left for a [STUN GRENADE] . On the right path, head up into the open container, grab the [GREEN HERB] on the left, and drop down for a scene.

Dodge Clair’s explosion, then refill at the [AMMO BOX] here. Up ahead, shoot the mines and the zombies, and some of the zombies will even trigger the mines for you. Approach the [AMMO BOX] ahead and collect the [ANTIVIRAL SPRAY] . As you pass through the trains and face incoming zombies, there will be [FRAG GRENADE] x2 on your right, useful for taking down the swarms of zombies and Crimson Heads that are attacking you. The government forces are penned in ahead. Shoot the soldiers and make them bleed to attract zombies, and get the zombies to break the barricade for you.

Once you blow the barricade, a swarm of Crimson Heads will come for you, and Leon will be sniping you in the meantime. There’s a [GREEN HERB] by the barricade where you came in, and an [AMMO BOX] nearby. Before trying to enter the barricade, you must weaken Leon until he stops sniping so he won’t instantly kill you on your way in. After weakening Leon, take the ladder inside the barricade to reach him.

Now for the only choice moment in the game. You can either kill Leon and send the game into an alternate timeline where Resident Evil 4 never happens, or you can let him live and preserve the Resident Evil storyline. These two situations lead to the game’s multiple possible endings.

If you defend Kennedy, you’ll have to fight your own comrades to protect him. You’ll start in a room with a random sqaud member and be forced to defend Leon against zombies and your other two squad members. Fortunately, both can be killed with melee combos like normal soldiers, and when they are dead, the mission will automatically end. If you are successful, you get the Achievement, “A Hero Spared.” For some reason, you get a separate Achievement for failing, called “Died Trying.”

If you choose to kill Kennedy, the setup is basically the same, except you and a squadmate will have to fight Leon and two squadmates who have chosen to protect Leon and have defected from Umbrella. Note that there is one last [INTEL] on a crate in the area where the attacking team starts. Again, you’ll be attacked by zombies and Crimson Heads. This choice is slightly more difficult because Leon has an instant kill melee attack and is highly durable. Killing Leon gets you the Achievement, “The Loyalists.”

Whichever ending you get, this marks the end of the game. While these campaign levels are the only missions in Operation Raccoon City, there is a robust online mode, featuring competitive play in versus mode. Additionally, you can play with others online in cooperative mode on this same campaign on a higher difficulty or attempt to get an S rank on each of the seven missions. It can potentially take many repetitons to unlock all weapons and all powers for all playable characters, and human players will be far more useful than the comically dim AI companions.

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