Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (MW3) Walkthrough/Strategy Guide/FAQ for PlayStation 3 (PS3)

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (MW3) Walkthrough/Strategy Guide/FAQ for PlayStation 3 (PS3)

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Walkthrough/Strategy Guide/FAQ


1) Controls

Basic Controls
LT: Aim
RT: Shoot
LB: Special Grenade
RB: Grenade
A: Jump
B: Crouch (hold to go prone)
X: Reload (hold to pick up weapon)
Y: Switch weapons
LS: Move (click to steady aim)
RS: Look (click for melee attack)
D-PAD: Select equipment

2) Story Walkthrough

2.1) Black Tuesday

You’ll begin the game as Frost in the U.S. Army. You’ll climb out of an overturned jeep, armed with an M4A1 rifle with an adjustable hybrid scope. Your secondary weapon is the XM25 grenade launcher. Killing 25 enemies with the XM25 will yield the achievement, “This Is My Boomstick.” Trouble is, you only have 8 shots to start with, though the ammo will be refilled after exiting the jewelry store. This means you’ll have to aim for groups of two or more enemies on at least a few occasions, assuming that you don’t miss too frequently.

To begin, head for the objective marked on your map. A large group of enemy soldiers is holed up on the road ahead, so use your rifle to take them out individually, or use the grenade launcher on those that are clustered together. An enemy vehicle will show up, a good chance to put that launcher to good use. After the vehicle is down, continue to fight your way to the objective until enemy forces are cleared out.

Follow your men into the nearby building to flank the enemies. When you reach the upper floor, Sandman will bust open the door. Enter the room and take out the enemy forces, then when you reach the blue room to the right of the crashed copter, look around for ENEMY INTEL #1. Secure it, then continue with your men back down the stairs on the opposite side. When Sandman opens the door, through your special grenade (the 9-Bang) through the door, then take out the enemy combatants while they’re stunned.

Head up the stairs into the building, then take out the enemies in the jewelry store from above. This is a good chance to rack up multikills with the XM25, because it will be refilled after this fight anyway. When the enemies are down, descend the stairs. Before you follow your comrades out, collect ENEMY INTEL #2 from one of the counters near the back. After you exit, you will be ordered to use the XM25, which has been refilled. Take out the enemies as they group together, and advance to their armored vehicles, which you need to use the XM25 to destroy.

Follow your allies into the lobby, then look on the table to your left for ENEMY INTEL #3. Now head up to the stock exchange trading floor and fight your way through more enemies. Before you go up the stairs, collect ENEMY INTEL #4 from the trading kiosk close by. Up the stairs, jump over the balcony railing and continue up to reach the catwalks, where you’ll be fired upon more enemies on the floor below. Run to the ladder leading up to the roof.

Shoot the enemies above before ascending the stairs. When you reach the top, clear the enemies surrounding the jammer before trying to reach it. As you approach the power supply for the jammer, first look for a folding table with ENEMY INTEL #5, then plant thermite on the jammer. Get a safe distance away, then fire the detonator.

The mission isn’t over; you still need to be exfiltrated. If you still have your starting rifle, press LEFT to switch to a sniper scope so you can effectively return fire on the enemies on the opposite building. When given the order to do so, get behind cover and press RIGHT to activate your Predator Missile, then fire it from the sky with RT and hit one of the rooftops with enemies.

Now an enemy helicopter will show up. Use the Predator again, and this time aim for the helicopter to shoot it out of the sky. When the helicopter arrives, jump the railing into the copter and take your position at the gun. Fire on the enemies on the rooftops as you fly over, then when rival copters attack you, shoot them down with the gun. After the final copter goes down, your helicopter will be damaged, but you’ll make it out alright.

2.2) Hunter Killer

In this sequence, steer the submersible with the right stick and accelerate with the left stick. Simply follow your companions while avoiding any mines. If you get too close to a mine, your sonar will start beeping as a warning and display the location of the mine. Upon reaching your destination, your SDV will power down. When the power comes back on, swim to the destination and plant the mine on the glowing hologram.

Once the submarine surfaces, climb up onto it and take out the enemies above. After one of your allies throws a grenade down into the sub, you can climb down. Head to the soldiers’ quarters and take out a few enemies, then look on a bed on the right for ENEMY INTEL #6. Now continue down the stairs to another fight in a flooding chamber.

Once you fight your way through the fuel tank room, head up to the catwalks and check the southeast corner of the room for ENEMY INTEL #7. Continue onto the catwalk in the next room and join Sandman in breaching the missile room. As you breach, time will slow down so that you can shoot all five enemies in this room. When ordered, use the console to launch the missiles on the enemy fleet. Now climb up the escape hatch and jump into the nearby boat.

Accelerate the boat with RT and steer with the left stick. Follow the friendly boat while constantly accelerating, and you’ll have no trouble. When a ship bumps you from the left, shoot their mines to destroy the enemy ship. Go back to following the friendly boat until the chopper arrives to extract you; then drive yourself right into the helicopter.

2.3) Persona Non Grata

Now you’ll be playing on Soap and Price’s team as Yuri, one of their Russian allies. Shoot the enemies down in the courtyard to buy time. When Price asks for your help, go over to Soap and oblige. Take out the targets in the hallway and descend to the courtyard.

As you exit the building, look in an alcove on your immediate right for ENEMY INTEL #8. As you approach the gate ahead, ready a grenade and throw it just as numerous enemy soldiers enter the courtyard. If you killed five or more with the grenade, you’ll earn the achievement “Strike!” Otherwise, you can reload your checkpoint if you are determined to get the achievement.

Run outside, but do not shoot the civilians. As fight the enemies in the street, run into the house on the corner and look for ENEMY INTEL #9 upstairs. Continue following Price until you are forced to detour through a building with civilians. Afterward, enter the building with the weapons cache. On the bottom floor, while Price admires the UGV, collect the ENEMY INTEL #10 on the barrel to the left of it.

Use the UGV console to take control of it. You can fire bullets with RT and grenades with RB, but save the grenades for taking down helicopters. If you take down all five helicopters using only grenades, you’ll get the achievement, “What Goes Up…” Start by shooting down the first helicopter with a few grenades, then use the turret to eliminate the soldiers. Continue plowing through the soldiers with your bullets to reach the new two choppers, which will strafe to make lining up your grenade shots a bit more difficult. Proceed and finish off the next two choppers, and the UGV will be destroyed by a drone shortly afterward.

When you emerge from the console room, look for a slide in the playground to your left with ENEMY INTEL #11 atop it. After collecting this last piece of intel, follow the same path the UGV took, but though you’ll take an unexpected fall. Steer your slide down the mountain away from obstacles to land safely (-ish) in the water. Your evac helicopter will promptly show up to rescue you.

2.4) Turbulence

New role: you are now a Russian FSO agent named Andrei, and you are accompanying the Russian president on a plane. Follow him through the halls to the meeting room, where you must stand in the corner. When the enemy breaches the door, kill them and grab a better weapon. When you enter the next room, the plane will encounter turbulence and you will temporarily be in a zero-G state. If you manage to kill all five enemies in this short stretch of time, you’ll earn the secret achievement, “Flight Attendant.” After the fight, go down the stairs and head straight forward into the kitchen area, then collect ENEMY INTEL #12 on your right.

Now turn around and fight your way through the enemies behind the stairs. Fight through the halls until you reach the room where Alena is being held captive. Kill the abductors and reunite the president with his daughter. As you try to clear the next area, the part of the plane with the enemies will break off entirely. Then you’ll crash.

When you regain consciousness, follow your commander out of the plane. After you jump over a log and see an explosion, ENEMY INTEL #13 will be right in front of you. After collecting it, follow the commander some more to an enemy unit near the president’s location. Take down wave after wave of these enemies, then once the ones coming from the forest are cleared out, run into the forest and collect the president. Open the helicopter door for a surprise.

2.5) Back on the Grid

You’ll be playing as Yuri again. Once you, Price, and Soap emerge from the swamp, follow them. Crouch behind the ledge with Soap until the enemy passes. Silently take out the enemies in the destroyed village, and proceed through the door opened by Price. You’ll reach a group of enemies with a hostage; take them out and save him.

On the path ahead, hide in the grass until Price tells you to move, then follow him to the spot in the grass where he warns you to go prone as more enemies pass. When he says “all clear,” follow him to hide in the next house. When the next group passes, go out and help Price snipe the guards on the bridge. Take down one, and he’ll snipe the other before he can react.

Continue following Price until you reach a sniper tower. Climb the ladder and take out the guard with a stealthy knife attack. Now you’ll need to cover Price and Soap. The first group will come from down the road ahead; snipe the one in the back, then the leader. Another two will come along, so repeat the same technique to avoid detection. In the distance, three enemies will come along, and for just a moment they’ll be lined up so you can kill all three with one bullet.

After Soap and Price advance and breach the factory, enemies will attack. You can now descend the ladder and go through the town yourself. Make sure to stop in the room Soap and Price entered to collect ENEMY INTEL #14. Push down the street, fighting more enemies, then look on the left for a house you can enter, containing ENEMY INTEL #15 Continue following Price up a ladder, then drop down into another fight.

Take out the truck gunner and use the machine gun to take out the other truck and the surrounding enemies. Price will shout the direction of the incoming forces, alerting you to their positions. Most can be eliminated by shooting nearby explosives. When Price shouts something about incoming mortar fire, you will be thrown from the truck. Follow Soap and stay right behind him to avoid the mortar shells.

When you climb up on the rooftops, you’ll fall through one of the roofs. Shoot the enemy inside before he can melee you. Shoot the other enemy on the path ahead and run to Price. Fight a few more enemies, and then follow Price’s order to head up to the opposite roof and man the mortar.

There’s an achievement for completing this part using just four mortars (“For Whom the Shell Tolls”), so try not to miss. Wait for the first truck to stop, then align the range indicator and shoot it with the mortar. There will be two more trucks (again, wait for them to stop), then one final target to shoot. After taking out all four targets, follow Price some more.

Fight your way through the town until you reach the church. Inside, directly ahead of you, collect ENEMY INTEL #16. Now exit the church through a side door. A dog will attack your face; shoot the other two guys with your handgun before the dog can kill you.

2.6) Mind the Gap

You’ll now be playing as Sgt. Burns in the SAS. Follow your men into the building; they will stealth kill the guards automatically. Afterward, you’ll proceed into an alley where you’ll have to shoot the two approaching guards. Afterward, enter the building on the left at the end of the alley to collect ENEMY INTEL #17. Across the street, your allies will breach the door to the next building.

Upstairs, Wallcroft will kill the first guard, then tell you to go on ahead. Clear the next room with your squadmates, then proceed up to the next floor, where two enemies will be sniped. Jump through the glass ahead onto a roof, then slide down into a firefight. Clear this area, but instead of opening the truck doors, search for the stairs leading up to the catwalk above the truck. A room that can be entered from here contains ENEMY INTEL #18. Now head down and open the doors.

You will be attacked and surrounded by enemies, but you have a helicopter on your side. Fight your way through scores of enemies until the remaining forces escape through the subway. When this happens, go jump into the back of the indicated vehicle to pursue them. Fire at the enemies on the train when you are able, and wait for the helicopter to regroup with you. Eventually, the train will crash.

After the crash, you’ll be at Westminister Station. Fight the enemies to progress until you reach the top of the first elevator. Here, look behind the counter on the right for ENEMY INTEL #19. Ascend the next elevator and fight one more group of enemies, then meet with your backup. Head up the stairs and take your place in the blockade on the street. Fire on the incoming truck to topple it.

You’ll briefly be in control of a man with a camera. Keep up with the woman and child during the scene. When the girl approaches the truck, the mission will shortly be over.

2.7) Goalpost

You’ll now be Frost again, starting with a grenade launcher attachment on your M4A1, and a rocket launcher as your secondary weapon. After you land on the beach, follow your men across the beach. When you come up off the beach, head for the crashed plane on your right, eliminating light enemy forces in the way. In the front half of the plane is ENEMY INTEL #20. Afterward, head back to where your squad is and continue in toward the mainland.

Fight your way through the streets to make way for the tanks. When you reach enemy tanks, your own tanks will likely take care of them for you (though you are welcome to use your grenades here). At the end of the road, where you have to turn left, look in a walled-off corner for ENEMY INTEL #21. Following this, follow the tank to a barricade, where it will stop.

Get in the tank’s turret and begin shooting enemies, only to be stopped in your tracks by a helicopter. Shoot the enemies down the street to progress to the parking garage. After crashing through the wall, you’ll meet up with another friendly tank and the two of you will clear out the garage. After the tank falls, get out of the tank and continue on foot.

Take out the next group as you proceed out onto the street. Head into the building on the right for cover and fight through the enemies inside. Once you’re told that the rooftop is clear, continue back out onto the street until you have to enter a building on the right with cubicles. As you enter, check the cubicle on your right for ENEMY INTEL #22. If you’ve collected all intel thus far, you’ll earn the “Informant” achievement.

Head upstairs and breach the door. Shoot the enemy on the left who’s running to melee you, then take out the guy on the right holding a pistol before he can execute one of the hostages. Exit onto the terrace and exfiltrate the Vice President.

2.8) Return to Sender

You’ll be Yuri for this mission. Once you get off the truck, start fighting through the street. Take on the enemies on the docks, then press RIGHT to use the remote-controlled helicopter gun and shoot the enemy forces from above, significantly thinning their numbers. Proceed into the streets and continue using the helicoper to wipe out enemies; aim to get 20 kills with the helicopter for the achievement, “Kill Box.”

As you go up the street, enter the first house on your left and look for ENEMY INTEL #23 upstairs. When all targets are down, follow Price and Soap into the building at the end of the road. Fight more enemies on the upper level to reach a breachable door. When you breach, take out everyone except Waraabe.

While Price interrogates Waraabe, collect the ENEMY INTEL #24 on the table on the left. Run back through the town, only for your exfiltration to be interrupted by the arrival of enemy forces. Now’s a good time to use your grenade launcher attachment. Run down the street, and when it turns left, look in the small house on the right for ENEMY INTEL #25.

Kill the enemy forces ahead and proceed to the building marked as your objective. Clear each floor and climb up to the roof. Use the remote turret on the helicopter, only to be hit by an enemy rocket. As soon as you regain control, jump to the rope near the roof to slide down just before the helicopter crashes.

As the sandstorm comes in, Soap will shoot the gate and allow you to move out. Follow your team through the streets and eliminate enemy soldiers as you spot them in the distance. Fight your way to Nikolai’s chopper and pick him up. With him on your back, sprint through the street to a ledge leading down to your exfiltration vehicle.

2.9) Bag and Drag

Here we go with another Frost chapter. Follow your men down from the roof into the building. After one of the soldiers moves a beam out of the way, walk out on the ledge to reach the next room. Follow your team until you are attacked by enemies, then run downstairs and enter the bookstore they’re firing from. After securing the bookstore, then head upstairs and check one of the windows for ENEMY INTEL #26. Now head back down and go through the back door to reach the exit.

Refill your ammo in the kitchen of the next house before continuing. Down the hall is another room, a shop filled with enemies. Eliminate these targets, then run across the street to the opposite store. Take the backdoor to the corresponding door on an adjacent shop, and you should see ENEMY INTEL #27 directly ahead. Fight your way through more waves of enemies until you reach the objective marker. Follow your men through a building, then to another fight. When you get the AC-130 smoke grenade, equip it with RIGHT. Use it to mark and clear out the enemies ahead.

Head down the street and you’ll see a helicopter dropping in enemies. Through another AC-130 smoke grenade directly below the chopper to destroy it, and you’ll get the achievement “Danger Close.” If you miss, or if the helicopter gets away too fast, you can reload your checkpoint and try again. Afterward, use another AC-130 strike to take down the armored vehicle ahead. Once you’re clear, follow Sabre into the catacombs.

Continue following Sabre through this sewer until you’re attacked in the tunnel. After the enemy throws a flashbang, your target, Volk, will start running. Before giving chase, look to your left for ENEMY INTEL #28. Now pursue Volk, and you’ll ascend a ladder after fighting some enemies. Next, you’ll go up some stairs, and when you reach the top, ENEMY INTEL #29 will be right in front of you. Volk will escape in a gray Sedan, so hop in the nearby blue van to give chase. Grinch will drive; all you need to do is take out the enemies, and he’ll plow through their barricade. Now take out the trucks tailing your vehicle by shooting out the drivers (or just take out the gunners). When you switch back to the passenger seat, shoot the vehicle ahead to disable it, then shoot out everyone in the vehicle except Volk (the guy in a suit) during a slow-motion sequence similar to the game’s breaches.

2.10) Iron Lady

There’s a evac Osprey waiting ahead, but of course it just couldn’t be that easy. You’ll take control of the situation from the AC-130 in the air. A few notes on the controls here: first, press X (Square for PS3 users) to toggle between “enhanced vision” and a black-and-white thermal vision mode. Use the left stick to zoom in and out, and press Y to change between the 105mm, 40mm, and 25mm guns. Aim to take out three tanks with one shot from the 105mm to get the achievement “Menage a Trois.” If I had to guess, that probably means something disgusting in French.

There’ll be an easy opportunity to get the achievement later in the level, so just take out enemy vehicles until they’re all destroyed in a bombing run. Now fire on the enemies near your squad position. When they start whining about rocket fire, locate the building with rockets being shot out of it and blow it apart. After you nearly go down, fire one last round at the building with the rest of the enemies. Afterward, your air control will end.

Now that you’re Frost again, head up the stairs and take out a couple of enemy combatants in cover before moving to the balcony. From here, snipe the man firing the machine gun. When you jump down, look in the greenhouse to your left, which has ENEMY INTEL #30 sitting at the top of the stairs. Now get to the machine gun in the central courtyard and use it to kill the enemies firing at you. When the tank comes out, use the AC-130 grenade (again, by pressing RIGHT) to destroy it.

Now you’ll actually be in control of the AC-130 once again. Eliminate the infantry and helicopters in the area, but don’t shoot the humvees, which are friendlies. Take out the enemy vehicles chasing your own men, and when you see three tanks approach at once, be sure to take them out with a single shot from the 105mm for the achievement. Continue to destroy the vehicles dogging your humvees. After bringing down the helicopters, take out the tanks on the bridge to end the AC-130 sequence.

Once you’re back on the ground, grab a Javelin. If you still have the default weapons, switch to the pistol and drop that for the Javelin instead of giving up your rifle/grenade launcher combo. Use the Javelin’s air missiles to destroy the enemy tanks up ahead. With those tanks down, look in a bus on the left side of the bridge for ENEMY INTEL #31.

Use the AC-130 smoke markers to wipe out the enemies on the bridge. At the end, continue firing and using the colored smoke to defend the bridge. Persevere until help arrives and the chopper lands to take you home. Oh yeah, and the Eifel Tower falls over or something. Oops.

2.11) Eye of the Storm

Time for another Yuri segment. Swim out of the sewer and under the docks where the enemies are. When you come to a hole in the dock, wait for the enemies to move on before continuing on to the opposite sewer. After climbing up, follow Soap until you reach enemy forces. Follow Soap’s lead and go prone to approach, then once they split up, take out the two snipers on the roof.

Proceed through the building, then wait for a patrol to pass. Head up the street and eliminate a two-man patrol with Soap’s help. Follow Soap into a building to avoid a chopper, then collect ENEMY INTEL #32 from the counter on the right. Follow Soap out and through another building to avoid a patrol, crawling to avoid being seen. Continue crawling and stop each time an enemy passes so that he’ll blissfully ignore you. Continue to follow Soap out of the building, then stand up and go jump a fence with him.

Ahead, after the first guard is stealthily eliminated, shoot the sniper at the top of the building. This will prompt Price to appear with a small army to challenge this one. After the courtyard is cleared, grab ENEMY INTEL #33 from a table on the southwest side of the courtyard. Continue up to the opposite side, where you’ll encounter a truck full of troops and an armored vehicle. Grab the rocket launcher nearby and shoot the enemy armored vehicle to destroy it.

Detour through a building on the left to reach a side alley. In the next building, head to the second floor and run through the rooms as Price’s allies engage Makarov’s men. On the other side, head down and take cover while you snipe the two men on machine guns in the opposite building. When the men run out into the street, move in cover on the left so that you survive while they get blasted by an incoming tank. Soap will leap through a nearby window, so follow him.

Once Soap frags the next group of enemies, it’ll be time to go back to fighting again. Take cover behind the counter during the firefight. Head into the street with Soap and drop to the ground as the vehicles pass. Once they’re gone, run for the church and head to the main area with numerous soldiers.

2.12) Blood Brothers

The first part of this chapter is a Yuri sniping mission. Watch the convoy pass and enter the garage, then look up to the roof of the hotel to locate Price. You should be able to see the reflection of light on his scope. When Price tries to lower himself onto the balcony, snipe the enemies guarding it with Soap’s help. Take out the enemies inside, and then… well, you’ll see.

Grab Soap and follow Price through the street while he covers you. When you reach the alley, go to the designated location to set Soap down. Clear the next building so Price can move Soap, and be sure to collect ENEMY INTEL #34 in the far right the opposite building into an alley. Fight your way through the alley. Cut through the building on your left when you come to it and take out the enemies on the street.

Continue following Price across the street through a basketball court. You’ll take cover behind a low brick wall, at which point you need only hold off the attacking enemy forces for another minute or so before backup arrives. Once Soap is in the safety of the building, approach and help Price provide him with medical care. After an emotional scene, follow Price and get the door for him.

Watch the first flashback, then follow Makarov up the stairs in the second. Both depict familiar moments from Modern Warfare 1. After a third scene, alternate pulling the left and right triggers to crawl into the elevator, where you will see a final flashback to Modern Warfare 2. Stumble through the airport until you collapse.

2.13) Stronghold

After landing, follow Price and drop to the ground behind a low wall to avoid enemy flashlights. Note that you have night vision goggles equipped, which you can toggle with UP. Move up and take cover behind a pile of logs until the enemies pass, then follow Price and jump down.

Once you land, sneak behind the trucks with Price, then crawl under the one’s ahead. Once you come up and Price tells you to do so, shoot the soldier ahead when he’s not in the spotlight. Price will hide the body. When the spotlights move away, follow Price out and up the stairs on the right, then crawl under the platform where the next enemies are standing.

Avoid the light ahead by hiding under the first solid platform, then crawl to the second and plant C4. Once the guard ahead leaves, crawl out from under the platform and follow price to the building ahead. Once you’re inside, sneak into the castle and descend the stairs.

At the bottom of the stairs, switch your night vision on if it isn’t already, and Price will take out the lights. Sweep through this dungeon and eliminate the clueless enemies in the dark. When the guards start busting out flares, turn your night vision off and fight them normally. Clear both the top and bottom floors of this area, and reinforcements will arrive from a gray room. Kill them and enter the room, shooting the guard who has taken a prisoner hostage.

Head up the stairs and follow Price to an outside area. Climb the ladder and continue until you reach a column that Price tells you to plant C4 on. Walk across the narrow ledge and go on to the area that, according to Price, is directly below the control room. You’ll see him plant some C4; wait to detonate it until you here the thunder of the storm to mask the explosion. Enter the hole to climb up. After a scene, you’ll drop down.

Shoot your way through the next area and head up the stairs. Proceed up through the basement and you’ll be hit with a flashbang when you reach the outside. Head up the stairs into the building and fight your way to a makeshift control room. In the left corner in the back, there is a small supply room with ENEMY INTEL #35. Continue fighting through back to the outside and support Price. After the nearby enemies are cleared, don’t jump down when Price down. Instead, explore the doorway to the upper area on your right and head through several rooms with enemies. ENEMY INTEL #36 in in the room in the southern corner.

Continue around the outer wall and regroup with Price at the door. You’ll automatically equip the C4 detonator, and you should use it immediately. Proceed to the room and left and drop down. Cross the bridge and fight the enemies outside the castle until you reach an armored vehicle blocking your path. Hop in a car on the right side of the path, and Price will detonate the C4 to destroy the armored vehicle. Price will drive like a maniac and run straight off the road, so hold X (a.k.a. Square) to deploy your parachute.

2.14) Scorched Earth

You’re Frost again for this mission. Pay close attention, because there are no less than five intels to collect here, as well as an achievement. When you first get up, follow Sandman, and you’ll flash back to the proper beginning of the mission.

When you drop down on the roof, take out the enemies nearby and head into the building and up the stairs. When you reach another room and take out the targets inside, check the second cubicle away from the ramp for ENEMY INTEL #37. Proceed through the building and take the stairs up to the roof. When the roof is secured, look by the short stairs on the right for a hidden intel you can grab through the fence: ENEMY INTEL #38. Now head to the objective.

Snipe the enemies on the roof of the target building, allowing your friendlies to land. Cover them by taking out the next wave of enemies that appear up there. When you get the A-10 marker, be sure to focus on killing nine enemies with it for the achievement, “Nein.” Afterward, concentrate on using the A-10 to take out the tanks. After you lose control of the A-10, head to the objective marker and rappel down to the street.

Once you get down, there’s a bookstore straight ahead, with a sign that says “Trivo Buchhandlung.” Enter and collect ENEMY INTEL #39 on the counter, then head back out and descend the stairs to the left of it to advance. Pass through a building to reach a courtyard when your German allies are being beset by an enemy tank. Grab the RPG-7 behind the blue car and shoot the tank with it, then pick your weapon back up.

Move up to the next objecive point, where you’ll meet up with more friendly German tanks. Cross the street and enter the building marked “Teknik Deutsch,” where you should see a glowing blue screen in the darkness, marking the location of ENEMY INTEL #40. Using the tanks for cover, move down the street. As you approach the objective ahead, there will be a huge explosion.

Now you’ll be back where you started this mission. Follow Sandman into the destroyed building, then continue to stay with him until Sandman breaks through a door. Now you’ll have to cross over to another building while fighting enemy soldiers. Head into the building and shoot the enemies inside, then descend the stairs and wait for Sandman to kick the door open. When he does, before you take the stairs, look under the stairs for ENEMY INTEL #41. Now run up the stairs, fight a few enemies, and breach the door. Shoot both the enemies to complete the mission.

2.15) Down the Rabbit Hole

Now you’ll be playing as Yuri in a joint mission between Delta Team and the Disavowed Task Force 141. When the lift stops, shoot the enemies in the cave through the fenced door. When the lift descends again, switch to night vision and take out the few enemies outside before climbing up out of the lift. Fight your way to a well-lit area where you’ll want to disable night vision and check the control room on your left for ENEMY INTEL #42, sitting on top of a filing cabinet.

Take out the rocket users above, then fight your way through to the side tunnels, which will lead you to a metal door. Once it’s open, clear the next room out, then follow your team up to a room with a big door. They will kicked the door open to reveal four enemies with rockets. Take them all out, and your air support will come in to bombard the base. Take out the enemies below, and be sure to throw a grenade at the van that appears to let in another wave. When the enemy is down, jump the rails on the left or right for a smooth landing.

Advance through the construction yard and eliminate the enemies to continue. Use your Predator missile (RIGHT) to destroy the enemy truck so that you can advance through the construction yard. Move out to the far side of the construction yard and hop the rail to advance. PWhen the next wave is cleared out and the next truck destroyed, you’ll be able to continue into the next building. Take out the wounded enemies in the hall, then breach the door at the end.

Two men will stay behind with the hostage, so continue deeper into the mine. Take out the enemies on the bridge and rappel down to the bottom level. You can’t catch up with the target just yet, so focus on eliminating these hostiles. The door ahead is inviable, so take the stairs and place a charge above the room to perform a vertical breach. Take out everyone in the room except the president to save him.

After rescuing the president, don’t take the ramp up yet. Instead, look in the room behind it for ENEMY INTEL #43. A small army will be attacking up above; just hold on until the air support comes in so you can get the president out. As you descend, you’ll be injured. When Price gives you a gun, fire at the enemies in slow motion as you are dragged to the helicopter.

2.16) Dust to Dust

Your reward for all your hard work is that you now get to play the only Price mission in the game. Furthermore, you get to fight alongside Yuri while wearing the same armor as the juggernauts from Spec Ops. This is an awesome mission, but don’t forget to keep an eye out for the final three intels to complete your set.

Begin by shooting the numerous enemies firing at you when you arrive. No need to take cover like normal; your armor will protect you as long as you take them out in a reasonable amount of time. Press LEFT to switch to your grenade launcher and shoot the cars. As you enter the building, be careful not to shoot the escaping civilians.

Keep shooting the enemies and take the escalator on the right, then turn around to the right and collect the ENEMY INTEL #44 on the bar. Back at the top of the escalator, proceed forward and eliminate the enemies in the next room, then take the elevator. Don’t just laze about in here, but rather shoot the helicopter outside.

After the crash, your juggernaut armor will sadly be destroyed. When the other lift comes down, shoot out the glass and jump across with Yuri. From here on, there’s a four-minute time limit to kill Makarov before he escapes. That said, take a moment out of fighting once you reach the top and pop in the first room on your left, where ENEMY INTEL #45 awaits on the poker table.

You’re no longer practically invincible, so remember to start taking cover again. Fight your way through the halls to a balcony that resembles a glass-enclosed room. Instead of giving chase when you see Makarov, go up to the bar on the right and collect ENEMY INTEL #46, which should earn you “Scout Leader.” Now chase Makarov, and a rocket will hit you. Tap X (Square, whatever) to catch yourself on the ledge.

Run after Makarov and jump to the chopper. Click the right stick to take out the pilot, then do the same for Makarov, of course, it can’t be over just yet. When the chopper crashes, pull yourself to Makarov by repeatedly pressing the right trigger button. Tap X/Square to punch Makarov, then pull the left and right trigger buttons to try to strangle him. When that doesn’t work, press X/Square one last time to finish him.

Congratulations on beating the campaign. You will receive the achievement “Who Dares Wins” if this is your first time beating it. For the rest of the achievements for the campaign, try beating the game on Veteran, where cover will be essential due to the fact that two or three shots will be enough to kill you.

3) Spec Ops Mission Guide

3.1) Stay Sharp

This mission is similar to the training camp missions that began previous Modern Warfare games. You do not select a difficulty, but instead, your star ranking depends on your speed and performance. For three stars, you must complete the course within 28 seconds, shooting every enemy target but none of the civilian targets. You’ll probably need to learn the course by muscle memory, but here are a few tips to help you shave precious seconds off your time.

First off, I suggest using two pisols: the starting USP .45 and the P99. Equip the USP first, so you can use its faster knife attack. Here’s another tip: tap the left trigger to snap to targets instead of manually aiming, if you can help it. Finally, a third tip: save time by hipfiring at nearby targets while moving. They’re bigger than actually human enemies, so this is much more effective here than in the rest of the game.

For the first wave, shoot the guards on the left and right. For the next, shoot the front target as well as those those on the left and right while leaving the civilian in the green dress unharmed. On the following building, take out the targets in the windows and on the left and right of the balcony, but spare the man in the suit and the woman in a pink dress.

In the next hallway, melee the target with your knife. On the second floor, shoot the two enemies on the left (with one bullet if you can), then the one on the right, leaving the woman unharmed. Change to your other pistol as you advance.

Shoot the fearsomely realistic dogs with hipfire. Aim and shoot the master as well, then shoot the two above and to the right, as well as the one above the doorway, allowing you to pass through it. Finally, enter and take out all four targets with hipfire while sparing the very real man in the middle of them.

3.2) Milehigh Jack

In these missions, you’ll have to select your difficulty at the beginning, which will determine how many starts you receive when you win. Pick a difficulty you feel comfortable with. The same basic strategy works on regular as well as veteran, but obviously you’ll have to fight much more carefully and make better use of cover for the latter. The difficulty affects not only the combat, but the time limit as well. Your time for Regular is 3:30, but for Veteran, it’s just 1:50.

The mission starts with a breach, so take out all four guards during the slow-motion sequence. There are two more around the corner, so keep your distance and shoot them. Fight your way through several enemies in the next area to reach the stairs leading up, but watch out for the guy in the compartment behind the stairs. You should take these stairs, if that wasn’t evident already.

At the top of the stairs, a few more guys will rush you in the hallway. Bring them down, then round the corner to be caught by surprise by another enemy jumping around the corner. Take him down too, as well as his buddy behind him.

Breach the door and shoot the four guards in the room, being careful not to miss the one coming to a stand in the far corner. After the breach, two more enemies will enter through the door with a flashbang, so duck behind the doorway for cover. After the flash, take both of them out and interact with the President to complete the mission.

3.3) Over Reactor

When you land on the sub, shoot the enemies coming out of the smoke on the left and the right, then disable the thermite charge, which will start the reactor countdown. To stop it, drop down and head through the only door into a series of catacombs. Press RIGHT to switch to thermal vision if you want, then take out the four enemies on the upper level and the three enemies on the lower level. Don’t neglect the shotgun in your secondary weapon slot.

Head out through the exit on the lower level and shoot the guard coming through it. Shoot the gunman up top, then eliminate the two down below. Three more will approach from all sides as you turn left, another good time to use that shotgun of yours. Turn right here to reach the red reaction room.

Immediately stab a melee-attacking guard on your left. Head down the left path and shoot three guards standing in a row. Around the corner to the right are three more guards. Follow that path to a boiler room with a valve for you to turn. If you’ve got a partner, have him watch your back while you do this; otherwise, stop midway to fend off the attackers before finishing the job.

It isn’t over yet. Head around the right path and eliminate the guards if you didn’t already kill them, then continue for a few more enemies and then a ladder. Climb the ladder to reach the top, then run to the other side of the sub. Shoot the guards that attack at the halfway point, then continue running to the objective, with more guards to shoot. Now simply wait for your evac helicopter and then approach it.

3.4) Hit and Run

Collect whatever weapons you want, but I personally like the starting setup. Drop down to prompt the first enemy wave to attack. Immediately head for the target building, fight through the few enemies on the stairs, and kill the first target at the top of the stairs.

For the secon target, head outside and run to the target’s building, then head through the door next to the stairs instead of taking the stairs. Shoot the enemies inside, and the target should be among them. This completes the first half of the mission, but there are still hostages to save.

Head out the door toward the hostages and walk along the bridge to the adjacent roof. Where the path on that roof ends, drop down and continue running toward the crate with the hostages. Take shelter here and free the hostages, then throw a smoke grenade to call in an evac helicopter. Fight off the enemies from this crate for a spell. A big army will show up just before you escape, so stall them with your remaining grenades and flashbangs. When the helicopter arrives, your mission is done.

3.5) Toxic Paradise

You get to wear a juggernaut suit in this mission. Head through the alley shoot the enemies with your machine gun. When you reach the central area, you may want to use the grenade launcher to clear groups on enemies. In the lower area ahead, throw an air support marker in there. Collect the samples on the left and right of the area before continuing, using the canisters for cover as you do so.

As you advance, watch out for enemy air support attacks. Head down into the lower area ahead, then ascend the stairs on the left while shooting the descending enemies. Hit the jeep ahead with air support to take it out. Take a ladder to go through a house with more enemies, then exit to reach the third canister and take a sample. There’s also an enemy with a riot shield, which you can take to make yourself nearly unstoppable.

Head downstairs into the street to engage more enemy forces. These guys will be throwing air support and regular grenades left and right, so don’t get cocky. Your reward for beating them is an ammo box, which will refill even your starting grenade launcher to maximum capacity. There’s also a fourth canister here.

Proceed through a building full of enemies (a good time to make use of that grenade launcher), use the second ammo box in the kitchen and head out into the alley, where a Juggernaut awaits, with the same armoring as you. Unfortunately for him, you have a full grenade launcher and he has no grenade launcher. A few grenades from a distance should take him down. If you don’t have a grenade launcher, you should be able to find an RPG nearby, or you can try using air support. He’s always on the move, so place the air support where you think he will be when the actual air support arrives.

In the next building, you’ll be blocked by a bar. Unfortunately, Juggernauts can’t jump. Instead, head upstairs and grab the other chemical sample first. Afterward, shoot the enemies below, and once they thin out, take the stairs down and grab the last sample. When all the sample are collected, head toward the objective. Kill a few more enemies, and then head up to the roof to be extracted.

3.6) Firewall

This is a Co-Op Only Mission. One player will be a soldier on the ground while the other controls a sentry turret. Additionally, there is a time limit to complete the mission.

At the beginnign, the turret should focus on clearing out the area he can see while the soldier runs through the building with the shotgun. With the turret covering you, run out as the soldier and use the laptop to advance the turret player to a turret in a new room. Immediately, the turret player should start shooting the enemies coming out of here.

When the room is clear, the soldier player should run up the stairs, at which point the turret player should switch over to the outside view of the building and shoot the enemies ahead of the soldier. The soldier can then work his way up the stairs and use another computer.

The turret player will now have access to a new turret in the dock yard. Use the turret to shoot down a couple of helicopters. The soldier can then cross the yard while the turret covers him. When the soldier reaches the building, have the turret camera switch to the gate area. Here, shoot the numerous enemies with the turret, allowing the soldier to reach the next laptop.

The turret will now be in the parkway. As the soldier comes in (from the right), turn left and take out the enemies. Now switch the turret to the construction yard and take out these enemies as the soldier advances to this area. While you’re at it, take out any helicopters with the turret too. Now cover the soldier while he heads to the extraction point.

3.7) Fatal Extraction

Swap your pistol for a shotgun or rifle, then head outside. Snipe the four enemies on the roof to the right. Now take out the enemies in the central stalls, including a couple of hyenas that run toward you. Take out the enemies on the right and the turret as well, then take cover in that building. Continue to pick off enemies, and you’ll find that certain random ones are dropping intel. Defeat the enemies and collect all the locally available intelligence, then advance to the indicated safehouse.

Outside, take out a turret on the left and enemies on the right. Proceed down the road, taking cover in various buildings, to advance. Shoot the turret on the roof ahead. Further ahead, fight more enemies, including two hyenas and a turret on your right. When you’ve collected all the intel here, take out a turret covering the marked path, then continue and crouch to enter a sewer pipe. As you go through, one enemy will shoot you from ahead. Take him out.

On the other side of the pipe, run to a ladder and climb up to escape a pursuing hyena. Hold your position for a minute, then press RIGHT to switch to the laser painter. Aim at the enemy safehouse until it beeps, then pull the right trigger to initiate an air strike. This will end the mission.

3.8) Hostage Taker

Snake, this is a sneaking mission. When you get up, you will be surrounded by enemies. Shoot them from afar, stab them, or avoid them entirely. Up ahead are some enemies about to execute a hostage; shoot them, but don’t get caught in the helicopter’s searchlight. When the helicopter leaves, free the hostage and go through the broken fence.

Head forward and take out the enemy ahead, then shoot the next guy before he can execute the second hostage. Free the hostage and kill the next two, then head to the objective after letting the helicopter pass again. All the enemies ahead can be eliminating with some stealthy stabbing, allowing you to proceed and jump over a log.

Shoot the next few enemies and free the last hostage, then avoid the helicopter and head to Elena’s position. There will be a slow-mo breach-like sequence in which you must shoot Elena’s captors but not Elena herself. This is a tricky shot; aim for the captor’s head to avoid hitting Elena. Once Elena is safe, the misson’s over.

3.9) Charges Set

It’s round two of the obstacle course. This time, I recommend the Five-Seven as your first pistol and the USP .45 as your second. To begin place a charge on the door to breach it.

Shoot the four enemy targets inside from right to left, but don’t shoot the girls in pink. Head out the door on your left, and shoot the two guards and the approaching dog from left to right, hipfiring at the dog as you approach. When you come to the gate shoot the left target, then the sniper above, then the two on the right.

Time for another breach. In here, shoot the guards from right to left, and don’t miss the one in the shadow on the far left. Avoid hitting the civilian girls in bright colors, obviously. Switch to your USP and sprint down the stairs, stab the target, and sprint some more. Shoot the three enemies from left to right, but not the businessman or the little girl.

Around the corner, shoot the enemy on the far left, then the two on the bridge, then the one on the right. Run a little further, shoot the guards on your immediate left and right, then sprint ahead to the finish line. Your goal for three stars is 33 seconds.

3.10) Resistance Movement

This mission focuses on stealth as well; going loud will likely mean the death of the rebels you’re trying to save. Come out of the building and shoot the two guards on your left and right before they notice you. Snipe the two guards ahead to free their hostage. Ask him to come with you.

Snipe the next guard in the building on your right through a window, then enter the building and shoot the other guard. Behind the counter is another rebel to take with you. Despite what your map may say, there’s no way through these buildings, so head back onto the street.

Progress a little further, and you’ll hear a dog barking. Shoot the dog before it catches the rebel it’s chasing, then kill the guards as well before they notice you. Take this rebel with you as well. Progress further and shoot two guards ahead, then two more on the left along with another dog. In an alcove at the end of the road is another rebel to collect. Turn to the parking lot on your left and take out two more guards, then enter the door.

Head up the stairs and turn around to snipe an enemy, then continue past him. Shoot the next two guards with your silenced pistol, then round the corner and stab the next guy on the left. Further on, shoot the guard at the door and stab the one sleeping in a chair, then head back downstairs.

Down the hall is another guard to shoot. Sneak out and wait for the two guards to pass, then shoot the two right in front of you. Once they’re down, you can turn right and safely take out those two guards from before. Up ahead take out three guards holding a prisoner and rescue him, then continue and jump a fence.

There will be two guards coming down the street and one on the corner. Take them all down. Inside the building is another rebel, hiding. Take out the guard and the dog on the other side, then run to the extraction point.

3.11) Little Bros

You’ll be under attack right from the start. Hold off the enemies until backup arrives in the form of a drop helicopter. Take out all the enemies nearby to allow the chopper to land. Jump on the helicopter to be moved to your real destination. During the flight, continue to cover the helicopter, especially with regard to any enemies with rockets.

Once you reach the roof, shoot the enemies and head inside. Fight your way down the stairs into the lower room. Here, the enemies will drop smoke. Fight through the smoke and drop down to the lower level through the hole in the floor.

Clear the bottom floor out, then head to the bomb in one of the central cubicles and arm it. Head through the hall and around the corner toward the extraction point, shooting the enemies as they come up the stairs. Run to the exfil point, and as you fly away, the building will explode.

3.12) Invisible Threat

It’s another Juggernaut mission! This time, your job is to locate and clear out IEDs. To locate them, you’ll need to press RIGHT to access your UAV, from which any IEDs you see will be marked. You can also launch Predator Missiles from the UAV.

Once the first few IEDs are marked, engage the enemies in the area to thin them out so they don’t kill you while you disarm the IEDs. When the Predator becomes available again, use it to mark the next three IEDs, then fire a missile on the enemy position.

Back on the ground, make use of your full grenade launcher and wipe out the enemies standing between you and the next three IEDs. Disarm them once the area is clear. When an enemy tank arrives, take it out with a Predator Missile, which will also reveal the next IEDs. Before you take out the last one, an enemy helicopter will arrive. You can either shoot down the helicopter with grenades or a missile, or if you have enough time, you can just finish disarming the IED and the mission will end shortly afterward.

3.13) Server Crash

This mission’s pretty cool. As you ride the truck through the streets, you can shoot groups of enemies with your grenade launcher. You also have a rifle, with another grenade launcher on it! That’s a lot of grenades. However, shortly after you start, you’ll find out why you need them as trucks give chase to your vehicle. Turn around and take them out with grenades before they take you out.

After taking out several trucks in succession, you’ll get a little break. Shoot the enemies ahead of the vehicle, then the truck. You’ll come upon a couple more trucks ahead, and then you’ll get out of the vehicle. You’ll have to do the second part of the mission on foot.

Inside the building, you may wish to switch to the rifle because of the tight spaces. When you get down to the ladder, throw a flashbang down first, then drop into the sewers and fight more enemies. Once you get down into the computer room, clear the area and stick the transimitter to the computer.

You’ll have to defend the area during the download, and enemies will come from both sides. Some will even have riot shields, though those will be very useful if you get your hands on them. The enemies will alternate coming from each entrance, so take them out quickly before they start to build up. When the download finishes, grab the box and head back up.

You’ll have to face a Juggernaut in the sewers. Use your grenade launcher to bring him down. Fight through just a few more enemies to get back up top and hop in the jeep to exfiltrate.

3.14) Smack Down

You’ll be shooting from a helicopter at first. Take out the truck that’s following you, then clear out the enemies in the first area with the aid of your grenade launcher. Afterward, check the roof on the right for more enemies. When they’re all down, the helicopter will move on.

Take out the few enemies on the balconies and rooftops, and use your grenade launcher to kill the cluster of enemies on one roof. Shoot the enemy firing rockets at you and his two buddies on the upper roof. Continue shooting enemies as the helicopter moves, and before it’s time to get off, quickly shoot the approaching truck with a grenade.

Now you’ll be forced to jump down and fight on foot. To reach the drug package on the right, head up through the first accessible building and take the ladder to the roof, then jump from roof to roof to reach the one with the drugs. Blow the drugs up from a safe distance with C4.

The enemies won’t be happy about this and will call in reinforcements. Now head into the opposite building and simply take the stairs to the other drug package. Blow this one up too, and get out of there, heading for the helicopter. Take out a few more enemies and run to the helicopter to complete the mission.

3.15) Flood the Market

You start the mission with the XM25 grenade launcher in your back pocket. You’ll need it too, because in the very first area, there are waves upon waves of enemy soldiers. When the enemies stop coming, head into the stock exchange building.

Refill your ammo at the ammo box, then use your XM25 take out the enemies on the main floor of the building. Take the first of the encryption codes inside, and another wave will invade from the stairs, so quickly turn around and take them out.

There are two more codes in here to collect while engaging waves of enemies. When all three are in your possession, head up to the roof to upload the data. Plant the transmitter, then engage the enemies shooting from the opposite building. Take them out from cover before they start using their gas grenades against you.

Shortly after starting the download, a wave of enemies will come from downstairs and make life a lot harder for you. Find somewhere to hole up until the download completes, because when it does, the mission will end automatically.

3.16) Fire Mission

This is the more annoying of the two co-op missions, but thankfully it’s very brief. The premise is simple: the player on the ground must advance while the player in the air must shoot the scores of enemies attacking the advancing player.

The player in the air basically decides if the player on the ground lives or dies. First off, don’t shoot him, obviously. Secondly, be sure to take out the enemies he’s trying to advance through, as there’s no need for him to have to even fight most of them. Just aim for the area ahead of your teammate and wipe it out, then switch to another weapon to avoid having to wait on the weapon’s cooldown. If you see a truck or a helicopter, take it out quickly so your teammate doesn’t get himself killed.

The player on the ground should be careful not to advance too quickly, or he’ll be too close for the player in the sky to shoot the enemies. Simply keep your distancek, let your ally eliminate most of the enemies, and pick off the stragglers before continuing. When you reach the objective successfully, you’ll realize just how short this mission actually was. Enough friendly fire accidents can make any mission seem long.

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