Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception Walkthrough/Strategy Guide/FAQ for PlayStation 3 (PS3)

Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception Walkthrough/Strategy Guide/FAQ for PlayStation 3 (PS3)

Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception Walkthrough/Strategy Guide/FAQ


1) Controls

Basic Controls (PS3)
L1: Aim
R1: Fire
L2: Grenade
R2: Reload
X: Jump
O: Cover/Throw
Square: Punch
Triangle: Interact/Counter
R3: Zoom (while aiming)
L3: Switch Shoulder (while aiming)
SELECT: Open Journal
START: Pause

2) Story Walkthrough

2.1) Another Round

After the first cutscene, the game will prompt you to press Square to attack and Triangle to counter an attack. You’ll fight a somewhat correographed battle with these two attacks, and then you’ll be grabbed. Tap O to break out of the thug’s grasp, press Triangle to counter the incoming enemy, then continue tapping O until you’re free. Help Sully up and continue fighting until a big brute walks in. Hit the brute with the chair, though it does little good, and he’ll throw you out a window.

Once you’re thrown down, you’ll be able to grab and throw foes with O. Fight the nearby patrons of the bar using the skills you’ve learned. You may get one up against a table, where you can press Square repeatedly to finish him. When all the foes are done, the brute from before will toss you into the bathroom for another scripted fight.

Try to punch the brute and you will find your attacks ineffectual. Tap O to escape his grab, and you will be thrown again. Walk forward to keep up the fight, and press Triangle to counter his attack, which will be a much better strategy than attacking directly with foes like this. After the counter, throw a punch or two before he recovers. Repeat the process, and you’ll be thrown into the stall. Counter this last attack and the thug will go down.

Walk out of the stall, but don’t follow after Sully yet, or you’ll miss two treasures. First, grab the ANTIQUE BOXING MEDALLION from the slot machine, which will earn you the “First Treasure” bronze trophy. Then grab the BRASS VESTA CASE from the shelf behind the bar before you step into the kitchen. Here, you’ll have to fight a few thugs, then step out the door to end the mission.

2.2) Greatness from Small Beginnings

Press SELECT to open your journal, then use the right stick to turn the pages and find a picture of the display case you’re looking for. Before investigating it, check out the third cannon on the right for an EMERALD AND DIAMOND RING. Next to the staircase is a small alcove, where you can find the ANTIQUE COIN PURSE behind a potted plant.

Press UP to check all of the exhibits down here before heading upstairs. As you head up, check the display case on your right. In the upstairs area, continue check all of the exhibits except the one in the center to get “Quick Study,” another bronze trophy.

After being kicked out, first head to the blue car and pick up an ANTIQUE COLOMBIAN SOUP LADLE in the doorway behind it. Now you’ll have to tail Sully by taking cover (O) and moving behind the stand. Follow him into the supermarket, where there are two treasures. When you pass a blue stand on the right, look at the knick-knack stand behind it for a POTTERY CHIMU VESSEL. Instead of following Sully, follow the street around to the end of the market and go up a narrow staircase on the left for an ANCIENT CHUPICUARO FIGURE. Now turn around and follow Sully into the alley bacj at the bend in the street, pressing Triangle to open the door.

You can’t follow Sully into the next building; it’s locked. On the red building to the left, you can climb a yellow pole to get up high, then shimmy across to some monkey bars, perfect for a child like yourself. Hold forward to get momentum and press X to swing across to the side of the building. From there, climb to the left, pressing X to jump the gaps.

After looking on Sully, continue across to the ledge on the right. Swing to the balcony from the pipe, then jump across to the balcony. Now follow Sully from above, collecting the SHAMANISTIC JAGUAR HEAD at the opposite end of the balcony. From here, drop down and jump across to the ledge, shimmy along, and jump to the roof at the end. Cross the roof and jump to the Hotel Arrecife sign. Climb to the top of the sign for an ANTIQUE COLOMBIAN KNIFE, then climb down to the bottom and drop to the ground. Head up the stairs and follow Sully across tdhe quare to a shop.

2.3) Second-Story Work

Jump to the rope and climb across to the building on the left. From here, climb up to the red roof on the left and jump across to the nearby rooftop. Jump across to the pole, then to the roof. Instead of crossing the roof, drop down to the balcony below it to collect the DOG-SHPAED INCAN WHISTLE at the end of the balcony. From here, you can drop down and climb a pole to get back up on the roof, where you can enter the museum by climbing through an open window.

Check the lever over by the steering wheel for a SEVENTEENTH CENTURY COIN, then check the antique diving suit for a SILVER CHIMU PENDANT. Now check the exhibit from earlier. A cutscene will ensue.

After the scene, run away from the guards and up the stairs. When you reach the end, climb up to the window above the door and jump through it. Run toward the screen and mount the stairs to reach the door to the roof. Tap square to escape the henchman’s grasp and continue running. Run across the rooftop, then take a left and jump from the ramp.

Run along this ledge, then climb up to the next level at the end. Continue on this level, jumping over a low wall, to climb a dumpster and reach the roof. Jump across from the roof to the top of a balcony on the opposite building. Jump across several shaky window platforms, which will fall as you cross. Climb up to the roof from the final platform, then jump across from roof to roof. As you grab one of the ledges, a guard will attack you, but Sully will protect you, allowing you to climb up and continue running across the rooftops. On the last red roof, climb up the windows on the blue building to progress. From here, jump to the blue roof ahead. As you fall, press X to jump across to a window.

Run through the apartment and jump out the window at the end. Run to the right and climb to the upper terrace, then jump across to another balcony. Run along the balcony, and when a guard approaches from a head, drop down on the left.

2.4) Run to Ground

Follow Sully through the narrow gap in the alleyway, then jump over the barrier and take a sharp right to collect a DIAMOND-STUDDED HORSE BROOCH by a wooden fence. Jump over the fence ahead before coming to a dead end. Climb up on the left, though our new friend Cutter will make this effort irrelevant. Jump the next wall and press O to move the yellow, wheeled… thing. Use the left stick to push it up against the wall, then use it to climb over and continue until a scene begins.

Approach the green shutter door with painstaking patience, then climb the pipe nearby. When the pipe snaps, press X to jump before it falls. Shimmy across to the rooftop on the left, then shimmy across the pipes again on the opposite side. Swing across from the last pipe to the sign. Continue across the ledge until you can enter the warehouse through a window.

Once you enter, jump across to the pipe on the wall, then drop directly down to one below. Shimmy to the right and climb up on the platform directly below where you entered to collect a CORAL CAMEO BROOCH. You still can’t survive the drop from here, so shimmy back around to the window and climb through it. Shimmy across the next pipe, then drop down to the lower window and then to the floor. Head back into the first room and climb the mountain of boxes below the last treasure’s location for a VICTORIAN LOCKET AND CHAIN. Now approach the green shutter door and open it.

Apporach Cutter to investigate the tire tracks. Check out the four nearby stones will tire tracks on them, then stand on one to reveal the secret mechanism. Try Drake’s plan first and press X. When that doesn’t work, hold UP and aim your flashlight at the wall to reveal a light-activated switch.

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Follow the tunnel to a locked gate. On the right, there’s a door with a lock. Hold L1 and press R1 to shoot the lock off the door, then press Triangle to open it. Squeeze through the narrow passage, then continue until you encounter two men in black around the corner. Again, aim with L1 and shoot them with R1, preferably in the head. Two more enemies will enter, so take them out. You will not be able to pick up the weapons they drop, for the moment at least. Collect the SILVER ROSE BRACELET behind a generator, then head up the ladder they came down from.

From here, continue forward and drop down, then go through the door on the right to reach a wide shaft. If you look up, you’ll see a treasure above you. Jump across to the pipe and then ascend the vertical pipes to reach the STRANGE RELIC (a Precursor Orb from Jak & Daxter), which will earn you the “Relic Finder” bronze trophy. Now descend to the initial pipe and head left to a grate with a FIERCE LION BANGLE. Now use the pipes to descend to the bottom.

Exit the room and continue on, taking cover behind the wooden wall when Sully warns you that more guards are coming. When Sully says “ready when you are,” pop out and shoot the guards. In the next area, climb the pipes to reach a ladder, then climb it to the top. In this upper section, you can either help Sully up or let Cutter do it.

Use a yellow box to climb up to some pipes, then head up and to the left to collect a PEARL, DIAMOND AND RUBY BROOCH. Now head up and to the right to surmount the first air vent, then drop down to pass under the second as you continue to the right. When you reach the level across from Sully, tap Triangle to pull it and open the gate. Climb up and cross the catwalk, then drop down on the left to start the next chapter.

2.5) London Underground

Approach the gate to fruitlessly attempt to move it. To reach the counterweight, start by climbing the ladder on the left, then climb up the pipes from the generator. Shimmy across the pipes on the left, then jump to the counterweight to dislodge it.

Continue through the next room via the beams on the ceiling, jump across the first gap. At the end of the beam, shoot the guards approaching your friends below. Jump across to the ledge on the left and shimmy across to the chandelier. Jump from chandelier to chandelier to reach some ledges in the opposite wall, then drop down to the ground. An enemy will ambush your allies, so sneak up on him and press Square to perform a stealth attack.

Continue past the car to a hole in the wall. Perform a stealth attack from behind cover to take out both guards at the same time. Continue through the tunnel into the room ahead, then go up the stairs on the left. After a scene, vault over the railing and drop down onto a guard. Now go behind cover and take out the next guy with a stealth attack from cover. Investigate the table.

Press SELECT to check your journal for the image related to the Golden Hind on the first page. Look at the top a pillar in this room to locate your objective: the figurehead from Drake’s ship. Climb up to the ledge above the painting of a bird man riding a horse for a VICTORIAN COPPER PENNY and the “Appprentice Fortune Hunter” bronze trophy, if you’ve gotten every treasure thus far. If not, you can always go back and retrieve them through the chapter select. From this ledge, jump across to the nearby pillar, then climb around to the ledge on the other side and jump to the pillar with the Golden Hind figurehead. From the neraby ledge, press Triangle to reach the figurehead.

From up here, shoot the two guards that enter the room. After dropping down, kill three more guards. You’ll probably be running out of ammo, so grab the weapons they drop to replace your Silenced Pistol with a .45 Defender. Exit the door and take the stairs again to get back up to the upper ledge of the library area. Head around to a lectern on the opposite side to retrieve a VICTORIAN GOLD SOVEREIGN. While you’re here, drop down the nearby ledge and stand on the suspended crocodile for the “Ride the Crocodile” bronze trophy. Now head back out through the hole in the wall in the first room.

You’ll have to fight another couple of guards in the tunnel, so try out your next gun. Or run up and fight these foes hand-to-hand, if you think it feasible. In the train station, you’ll have fight a multitude of foes for the first time in game. One enemy will drop a KAL 7 submachine gun, which you can pick up as a second weapon. While you fight the enemies that are close at hand, you can get headshots on those sniping from the smoke by aiming for the red lights on their helmets. If you wound them or defeat all of the other enemies, the snipers will retreat instead. These enemies will drop the M9 assault rifle and Mag 5 revolver, which are both very powerful and only dropped by these distant foes.

Once all enemies in the train station section are eliminated, climb the blue train car near the clock on the wall. Shoot the treasure above you and collect it when it falls for a SILVER HUNTER POCKETWATCH. There’ll be another guard in the tunnel ahead, so take him out. Continue up the stairs and kill the enemies up here by shooting the propane tanks scattered around the area. The enemies up here are the first to drop the Sawed-Off Shotgun, though you’ll want to stick with an M9 if you managed to get one. Climb the ladder to progress.

Up here, turn right in the tunnels and fight more enemies, including snipers in the back with Mag 5s. Behind the last red train car (#126), pick up the ART NOUVEAU FLASK, then continue out of the station. Continue into the next room and take out the next few enemies, including the snipers beyond the locked gate. Head up the stairs and turn left, then shoot the lock on the gate so that Sully and Cutter can open it.

2.6) The Chateau

The path through this dense jungle is surprisingly straightforward. First, when you come across a stream, follow the flow of the water to an ANTIQUE WAX SEAL STAMP. When you come to a waterfall just past the stream, drop down into a narrow pass that will take you around. When you exit the pass and spot your distant destination, turn left and follow the left fork. The GOLD INLAY CAMEO BUNGLE is behind a low wall here. Now drop down to the lower path with a statue of a musician playing a pan flute. Climb up to the platform and shimmy around the nearby ledge to reach a cave.

Inside the cave, jump across to the ledge above, then leap down to the next ledge below. Walk across the log (fortunately, there’s no Sixaxis minigame). From the broken bridge ahead, drop down into a small valley and follow it up through the old chateau’s front gate. The front door is naturally inviable, so climb the nearby pipe to get up to the roof. From here, jump across to a pipe on the wall and climb to the right using the drains. Use the bricks to continue around the corner, but when you reach the ledge below the hole in the tower, keep shimmying to the right. Climb up the side of the tower using the exposed bricks and jump through the window to collect a DIAMOND AND PEARL BRACELET, then drop down through the hole in the floor to get back on track.

Continue through this room to a hole in the floor you can drop down through. Look up at the window where Sully is waiting and shoot the lock off to let him in. With Sully’s help, lift the nearby armoire so that you can climb up to the broken spiral staircase. From here, jump from a ramp to the nearby chandelier, then from there to the opposite ledge to pull a lever. Jump back to the first chandelier and use it to jump to the second. From here, you can jump across to the ledge with the fallen beam and help Sully move it. Drop down and follow him through the door.

Climb over a counter in the next area, and you’ll pass through a destroyed kitchen. Climb up to the upper floor at the far end of the kitchen, then drop down on the other side of the wall. In this room, climb the stairs for a cutscene of sorts. Following the scene, head past the stairs to a walkway with a LOUIS XVI LOUIS D’OR COIN, then turn around and jump through the open window. In the adjacent building, you’ll come across a doorway blocked by wooden beams, which you can pass underneath with Triangle.

In the next room, turn left and look at the left curtain for the glint of treasure. Shoot it down and retrieve the EMERALD CAMEO BROOCH. Now you have a puzzle to solve. If you wish to solve the puzzle yourself, press SELECT to open your notebook and flip to the page with four knights facing various symbols, then turn the knight statues as you see fit.

On the other hand, if you just want the answer to the puzzle, here it is: turning each knight shown in the book to face the knight holding the object that it is facing in the book. In other words, turn the knights with the shield and axe to face each other, and turn the knight with a mace toward the one with a shield. This will open the secret passageway in the fireplace.

After entering the passageway, you’ll be in a cave. As soon as you land here, go to your right and collect an ART NOUVEAU BELT BUCKLE in a pool of water. Continue down to a narrow passage that you can squeeze through. In the water, hold O to dive into the underwater cave. Surface on the other side and walk through the next part of the cave. After coming out of the water, jump across to a ledge and climb up using some jutting ledges in the stone. As you approach the way out, jump across to the inside of the well and climb up the bricks. You’ll find yourself watching a group of thugs arrive. They’re looking for you!

Take the first guard down with a stealth attack while still in the well, dropping him down to his death. You may be able to stealth attack one more guard before the rest notice you. Now shoot the enemies and collect better weapons, including the newly available AK47 and ARM Micro. After you take out the guards on the ground, two enemies will begin shooting from the windows above. Take them out and climb up to their location, then shoot the shotgun-toting thug as he busts in the next door.

Collect the grenades up here and perform the grenade tutorial to aim with L1, then throw a grenade down at the enemies with L2. Now drop down to the ground and collect a RUBY AND DIAMOND RING in a pile of rubble on the left. Now continue onward. Again you will be forced to use a grenade, this time by holding L2 to project its thrown arc. After the enemies go down, pass through the narrow entryway beneath their position.

You’ll find Sully in a firefight and in need of some assistance. You can shoot the enemies from up here, or you can drop down and collect the Wes-44 revolver, an extremely powerful weapon. After the shootout, head up the stairs to break the door in, with some help from Sully. Look around in this room for some red ledges leading to the floor above, where you can cross a wooden beam to reach a SILVER ROCOCO TEAPOT. Now drop back down, then drop again through the hole in the floor. Approach the body for a scene.

Descend through the trapdoor to enter another puzzle room. Check your journal for a pattern of symbols that looks awfully similar to the ones in this room. To solve this puzzle, start at the bottom of the note in the journal and work your way up, finding the path that will allow you to step on the tiles in the correct pattern. Alternatively, follow this pattern from the first symbol: go forward, then left, forward, right, forward, forward, left, down, left, forward, forward, right, right, right, forward, left, and step on the final symbol. This will open a path to a secret laboratory.

Walk through the lab to the third room, then aim above you and shoot down the MINIATURE PORTRAIT PENDANT. On Sully’s suggestion, check out the plate in the middle of the room. Press SELECT to decode the writing, then open the secret passage and drop in to the cave, leading to yet another puzzle. Here’s how it works: press Triangle to use the device in the middle, which can move the four symbols that start on the corners of the grid on the wall. Move the right stick to select the symbol and the left stick to move it.

To actually figure out the answer to the puzzle, the journal offers some clues, but the most useful information is in the panels on the floor that display different shapes depending on what adjacent stone panel you stand on. The other key to understanding the puzzle is the fact that each set of panels is near a relief depicting one of the four symbols. If you check the journal, you can see that Laurence has solved the eagle’s location already, and he knows where the horse goes relative to the eagle (which is good, because the horse relief and panels are missing).

If you still can’t figure the puzzle out, don’t feel too bad; neither could Lawrence of Arabia. The eagle goes on the bottom row in the middle column. The horse goes on the leftmost column on the fourth row down. The bull goes on the third row down and the fourth column from the left. The lion goes on the second column from the left and the second row down. This will open a passage, which will lead to a scene, and another as you leave.

2.7) Stay in the Light

Stay near Sully to keep the spiders away. If a spider gets on you, press Square to shake it off. Follow Sully’s lead and give him a boost, then jump up and grab Sully’s hand. A huge chase scene will follow as you run from the swarm of spiders. Help Sully up when he falls, and though you’ll stumble shortly afterward, press on toward the door before you are overwhelmed.

Once you get through the door, you’re not in the clear yet. Continue running toward the screen, and when you come to an obstructive ledge, climb up. Be sure to knock any spiders off of you before they kill you. Continue running up the stairs, and at the end of the stairs, jump to the window where Sully is standing.

After escaping the spider lair, drop down into the nearby hole. To reach the opposite side of this chasm, run over to the right and use the ledges near this hole in the wall to cross. Jump across to the chandelier, then quickly shimmy around and jump to the other side before it falls. Climb up to the ledge on the upper floor, and you’ll end up bringing the floor down to your level. Doesn’t seem like that would be very stable… Anyway, climb up and, instead of following Sully, turn around to find a traversable ledge on your right. Go around the ledge to reach a room, directly opposite the door Sully just entered, containing a GOLD AND PEARL STICKPIN, the first and only treasure of this chapter. Now you can go ahead and follow Sully into the next room, where you can drop through the floor to advance.

After the scene, shoot the gas tanks in the hands of the thugs to kill them both. Now, climb across the ledge above another thug and jump across to the opposite ledge, just as he sets fire to the chateau. Now thugs will appear above; shoot them from the ledge facing them so you’ll be in cover. When you climb up, you’ll have to tap O to escape a scripted grab and press Triangle to counter an enemy that tries to attack you during the grab. Run over to the beam Sully is trying to cross and knock it down for him. Take out the enemies that appear from behind him as well as those on the upper level, then give Sully a boost as he requests. It won’t work out exactly as planned, unfortunately.

Luckily, an enemy will shoot through the wall and reveal an escape. Eliminate this buffoon and run through the exit he creates. Run down the staircase, then up a few more stairs, and you’ll fall into a new area. Walk along the diagonal beam nearby, and when it breaks, jump up to the ledge above. Climb up and monkey across a few beams, then drop down to an unstable ledge. From here, swing across to Sully’s position.

As you enter the next room, another brutish enemy will attack. The first way to fight him is by countering and performing follow up attacks, as the first chapter taught you. The smart way is to unload a rifle clip into his head as he comes up. Now descend the stairs, fighting enemies along the way, until you reach the door. Your enemies will unfortunately close the door on you, but a helpful enemy will shoot at you and conveniently indicate where you need to climb up to next, using the adjacent wooden ramp.

Again, as you approach the next door, some burning beams will come crashing down on the other side, and you’ll have to find an alternate path. Approach the hole in the wall and the floor will drop, sending you down to a burning staircase. Climb up and run up the stairs, mounting a wooden barrier in your way. As Sully helps you up, shoot the two enemies that approach. The stairs will give out, so jump across to the ledge. Quickly jump from ledge to ledge to the right, and climb up the next few ledges to get back up to the stairs. Run up the stairs some more, then when they collapse (again), jump over to the ledge near Sully so you can help him up. Climb the broken stairs to reach solid ground.

Drop down from here to the room below. Fight the enemies and run through their position. When they’re all dead, climb up the fallen upper floor, using it as a ramp. Run around to a ladder at the end and jump to it. Climb up the ladder and jump across the breaking roof, then run away from the falling tower across the disintegrating rooftop. You’ll have to run around to the left when the rooftop that Sully crosses falls apart. Keep running until you reach safety.

2.8) The Citadel

Now for a change of scenery. Climb up on the left of the locked gate and climb to the right up to the next ledge. Here, cross the wall until you pass a hole in the wall marked off by wooden partitions. Here, drop down on the right to an arch where you can collect a SILVER SASSANID COIN, then climb back up on the right using the projections in the wall.

At the next gate, climb up the wall on the right, then shimmy to the right. Once you fall, jump from ledge to ledge to climb right, then up. When you reach the topmost ledge, head left, then you can finally climb up to a window.

Inside the building, you’ll see guards patrolling below. You’ll be able to take out the guard below you with a leaping stealth attack (wait for the Square icon to appear in order to perform this move). The enemy will drop a Mag 5. The second foe you should take out is the one taking cover; jump to the platform above him, then drop down and shimmy over to his location. Jump up to hang off the low wall he’s hiding behind, then take him town with a stealth attack, dropping him to the ground. From here, jump over to the platform, climb up, and perform a stealth attack on this foe from behind. For the last two foes, you can jump across to the opposite platform and drop down on the first one from above. Then, climb back up and drop on the other one from above. If you successfully defeated every guard with a stealth attack, you’ll get the “Expert Ninja” silver trophy.

The Para 9 pistol is available here, and it is better than the .45 Defender, but certainly not preferable to your Mag 5, so stick with that for now. When you’re done stocking up, unbar the door so Sully can get in. Approach the large wheels on either side of the next “door,” and Sully will help you lower the drawbridge. Cross the bridge and look for a treasure’s glint on the wall ahead. Shoot it and collect it for an ANCIENT METAL ELEPHANT. Now go up to the gate and shoot the lock to open the door. Once you enter, immediately turn right and pick up a CRUSADER COIN on a statue.

Continue until you come to a well. Jump to the bucket, and Sully will lower it, then drop down. First, take out the guards (preferably with stealth), then turn left and then right to find an ENAMEL COPPER VESSEL over by the wall. If you go back and take a right initially, you’ll come to a ledge you can reach by standing on a stone block. From here, shoot through the window to break the lock and allow Sully to enter. Then turn around and jump over the hole you just came from. You’l come to a gate, and this time Sully will shoot out your lock. When you emerge, turn and face the tower you just came out of. Shoot down the glinting treasure for a MARBLE DOUBLE EYE IDOL. Now head into the main building for a scene.

Head up the stairs, and you’ll spot a few enemies. There’s a G-Mal to pick up here, a rifle with a decent scope that will prove useful at medium to long range. Head around to the right and perform a leaping steath attack on the guard below. You can thin sneak along a fairly linear path from guard to guard, eliminating each with a stealth attack (another opportunity for “Expert Ninja”). Eventually, some guards will take up a position near the door, forcing you to fight them fair and square. Although there are some conveniently placed propane tanks nearby…

Head in the doorway. Follow the stairs up until you get a scene. Follow the path around to the right to fill a MEDIEVAL LEAD HORSEMAN in one of the windowsills on your right. There are also several Raffica pistols in the area, which are the next step up in the regular pistols department. Now run all the way around this circular room until you reach the stairs in the center, which leads up to more goons to fight. Among these is an armored foe, who will be harder to bring down than your average joe. Grenades and headshots are a good way to go, though.

Head up the stairs from which these men emerged, and a giant rock will fall right in front of you. Climb over it and continue for a scene, after which you’ll be hanging by a chain outside the tower. Swing back and forth until you have enough momentum to jump to the chain on the right, then swing again to reach the exposed bricks that will allow you to climb up. As you climb, you’ll need to shoot foes that are attacking from above while strategically hiding yourself behind a projection to avoid a sniper’s laser sight. Jump to the chains on the left and swing across to a window where you can reenter the tower. On the next level, kill the remaining attackers to save your comrades.

Open a wooden door, and you’ll be attacked by a thug. Best way to take him out is with a grenade. When he’s done with, open the door again and climb the stairwell. Go up to the terrace with Cutter and he’ll uncover the infamous seal of Orichalcos. At this point, I had a wierd glitch where Cutter was looking at the landscape through the handle of his revolver, which I think was actually supposed to be a telescope or something. As far as I’m aware, it’s a harmless glitch.

Check the journal, then stand on the seal and use the scope (or the pistol butt if you encountered the glitch) to find the North Star, which is the bottom star of the Little Dipper. From here, look down to find the not-so-hidden entrance. You’ll then be attacked by enemies with rocket launchers, who are for some reason also immortal until you pick up the Dragon Sniper up ahead, after which you can snipe them with ease. Go to the zipwire, only to be knocked down by a rocket. Run and jump along the path until you are once again knocked down by a rocket.

Head around to the right and stealthfully eliminate the patrolling guard, then continue. Head around to take out his buddies from behind a wall with stealth. You’ll have to fight numerous snipers and armored foes once you are detected, so try to take out as many enemies with stealth as possible. When the last one goes down, head up the steps to the secret entrance you spied with your scope.

Check your journal, then stand on the Seal of Orichalcos. From here, press L1 to use the scope and look at the floor below you to focus on a star symbol like the one in your journal. Now move your focus upward to reveal the “real” secret entrance.

A battle will ensue as enemies below and in the buildings start sniping you. Two armored foes will try to come to your position, exposing them to a leaping melee attack. Once these enemies go down, head down to where they were to trigger more foes to spawn, including some more snipers. Lovely. Once the field is clear, approach the hole in the wall under an arch with a light. Collect the BYZANTINE RELIQUARY CROSS inside the doorway, earning the “Skilled Fortune Hunter” bronze trophy, then climb up. Exit through the top hole in the wall and reunite with your allies. Follow them to the pillars, then head around the corner for a really strange scene. Investigate the central pillar at Chloe’s direction, and the chapter will end.

2.9) The Middle Way

Follow your friends down into the tunnel. Squeeze through the narrow pass with Cutter, then be ready for a fistfight when you come to the next tight squeeze. Simply focus on countering attacks and escaping grabs, as your attacks will be ineffectual. After the fight, pass through the second narrow passage and drop down into the hole ahead.

In the next room, look near the first brazier on your left for a KING BOHEMOND III COIN. Go up the stairs and light all of the braziers above. Follow the corridor near the two braziers on the far right to find another brazier. From this location, throw your torch into the next brazier below with L2, then grab another from the first brazier before jumping down to the second. From here, throw a torch up into the brazier above you. If you miss, there’s another torch down here that you can collect.

When all the braziers are lit, jump across to the chain hanging below you, jump to the next chain, and then use the left stick to redirect your swinging momentum so that you can jump to the stone stairs on the right. Now quickly run up the stairs and across the beam, then jump up to the lit brazier. Use the torch here to light the one on the other side of this chasm before swinging across on a chain. From here, there’s one more brazier to light, down and to your right. When it’s lit, jump across to it and approach the wooden gate. Turn the crank on either side of the gate to the let the water flow.

You may notice a glinting treasure on the wall on your right. To get it, swim to the spot underneath it and shoot it, then grab it before it sinks below your reach. If the treasure sinks and becomes unreachable, you can load your last checkpoint to try again. The treasure, by the way, is an ANTIQUE CUFF BRACELET. Now swim across to Sully and Chloe and get back to the globe room. Open the other water gate to begin a puzzle.

Approach the pedestal in front of the globe and spin it until the projected landmasses line up with the actual landmasses of France, Syria, and Arabia on the globe. Head up to the newly arrived spiral staircase. At the top is a treasure, the CRUSADER FLEUR-DE-LIS, on a coffin shelf to the left. Continue for a cutscene, then examine the wall that Chloe indicates.

Now you’ll be disarmed and forced to run. After the next scene, run down the stairs and leap onto the ascending henchman, then grab his gun. Take cover and shoot the remaining enemies until the man with a riot shield comes out. Shoot his exposed limbs to kill him, or if you’ve picked up a grenade, use that. Not that you can pick up riot shields to use for yourself, though their durability can eventually run out. There will be another foe with a riot shield and one with armor, and you’ll need to clear the way across the bridge for your allies. When you reach the end, help Chloe open the door. You’ll have to cross the wall, this time in the daylight, while fighting numerous foes with armor or shields. Afterward, help Chloe open a second door. Next stop: Yemen.

2.10) Historical Research

Follow Sully and Elena down the steps, then at the bottom, look on your left for a hidden ANTIQUE CLOAK CLASP in the corner. Continue down to the market, and at the bottom of the stairs, look behind the pool on the right for a SILVER JAMBIYA DAGGER. You’ll run into a roadblock ahead, but fortunately Elena knows another way around. After exiting through a side gate, there’s a GOLDEN YEMENI BRACELET straight ahead, next to a sizable cactus. To bypass the next locked gate, take the obvious ladder on the building to the right.

Climb up onto a balcony that leads into a building. Inside, climb the stairs and check the area behind the railing for a TRADITIONAL SILVER BEAD. Continue through the building to another ladder. Now you’ll be in pursuit of a target in a suit. Jump across to the red bars and monkey across them. Swing across to a platform and leap over to a ledge then drop down a vertical pipe just as your target enters a building. Follow Talbot for a nasty surprise.

Now you’ll be fistfighting in the market. If you want the “He’s Gonna Need a Sturgeon” bronze trophy, you’ll need to use fish to take out three of the guards. To do this, stand up next to a big fish on a counter, and when an enemy comes near, press Square to hit him with the fish for an instant knockout. After these goons, a brute will come in and attack you. Again, counterattacks are essential for survival here. The brute will be followed by more regular thugs.

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As you follow Sully out of the market, keep an eye out for treasures. The AMBER AND SILVER NECKLACE comes just after you leave the market, in a corner behind the buildings on the right. The next is to your right as you come down the stairs: a KAHRAMAN AMBER NECKLACE. From here, climb up on the red boxes to jump across to a ledge, where an UNUSUAL RED BEAD NECKLACE is hidden behind some boxes. Now go back down and follow your companions.

2.11) As Above, So Below

Climb down the ladder, but don’t drop down at the bottom. Instead, climb out on a pipe and climb around, behind the ladder, to collect a SILVER AND CORAL RING. As soon as you drop down, it’s puzzle time. Press SELECT for your first clue: an illustration from Sir Francis Drake. The second clue is written on the wall, so press SELECT again after discovering it for the second clue.

If you don’t want to solve things yourself, here’s the obvious answer: look for the tile on the floor with a moon symbol on it. While standing here, line up the depiction with the marked pillars. Drake will order Sully and Elena over to the furthest pillars, so you need only to pull the nearest one that’s marked on the drawing.

As you pass through the doorway that appears, just as you reach the next room, look to your left for a hidden SILVER AND LEATHER DAGGER. This room contains a fork leading to two puzzle rooms.

The first puzzle room contains numerous scattered cogs. When you reach the top of the stairs, turn right and follow the railing back to a PEARL AND EMERALD BROOCH next to the stairs. Obviously, you need to place the big cogs in big slots and the little cogs in the little slots. There are an abundance of little cogs, but one of the big cogs you need is up on a ledge. To reach it, climb up the pillar with ledges on it, then swing across the bars and shimmy across the beam to reach the cog.

Now to place the cogs. As shown in the animation you saw as you crossed the bridge, the cross-shaped gears and the four-dot gears must turn in opposite directions. To accompish this with the cogs, alternate between dot cogs and cross cogs, with the locked cross gear as your starting point. Now turn the wheel to complete the puzzle.

In the room on the right, turn left as you come down the stairs and look in the corner by the same stairs to find a SILVER BOX PENDANT. Now collect the light staff in the center of the room and aim it at the bats above to trigger them to knock down a treasure, the SILVER FILIGREE BRACELET. You’ll know that it worked when you hear a bat chirp.

Now for the puzzle itself. You need to place the light staff somewhere where it will complete the mural on the wall, which you can see in your journal. The right place is somewhere on the right side of the room; you’ll be able to tell when the random limbs form into a figure attacking the man in the picture with a spear. Place the staff at that point to complete the puzzle.

Back in the main chamber, the central door will open and allow you to continue. Grab the first torch you see, then enter the next room and light the “brazier.” Afterward, run back through the level, swinging the torch to keep the spiders away. When you reach the door, you’ll try and fail to get it open. Cover the door with your shotgun, shooting at the main swarm of spiders whenever they come near to disperse them. Sully will give you more ammo if you run out. Finally, Elena will get the door open and you can escape.

As you go to leave, Marlowe’s men will throw down smoke grenades and ambush you. Luckily, your shotgun has been magically refilled to its maximum capacity. Run around the outside level and blindfire at weaker enemies with your shotgun, and you might be able to get the “Run and Gunner” bronze trophy. Among the harder enemies are a brute, whom you can kill easily with a shotgun, and two armored foes with SPAS-12s, a better shotgun that you’ll want to pick up when they drop it.

After the fight, climb a pillar with Sully’s help, then jump across and climb back up to the ladder. Exit the building, then immediately turn right and approach the metal door to pick up an AMAZONITE AND AMBER NECKLACE. In what appears to be a restaurant nearby is another treasure, the SILVER CAPSULE PENDANT, sitting at an unattended table. On the opposite side of the fountain is an AMAZONITE AND AMBER EARING on the ground, near a shop. Now you can ascend the stairs and exit this area.

After the scene, run through a narrow alley while Drake trips out. Afterward, you’ll need to chase Talbot through the streets while the Assassin’s Creed theme song plays in the background. Don’t lose him or go the wrong way, or the police will catch you. As long as you follow his path, however, there’s not much to do until you finally catch up with him in the Hotel Al Salam, where you must take a shortcut by jumping up to the second floor from the reception desk. When you catch up to him, you’ll need to press Square to tackle him. It’s not over yet, though; keep on his tail!

Soon afterward, he’ll close a gate on you, but you can still keep up by swinging across the pipes on the left into window. Eventually, he’ll start to put distance between you and you’ll lose him. As you emerge through a door with him nowhere in sight, turn right and ascend some stairs to a room with a SILVER YEMENI BANGLE. Proceed through the market to locate him again, below your location. Jump across the rooftops, then drop through a wooden ceiling and pursue Talbot again while his men fire upon you.

As you descend from the zipline, press Triangle to counter Talbot’s attack, and all of his attacks thereafter. You can throw in punches to follow up your counters, but otherwise he’s dodge them. He’ll stick your head in the water, so tap O to get out of that situation. Finally, counter one more time, and the battle will be over.

2.12) Abducted

When the opportunity arises, press Square to attack the interrogator and escape. In the next fistfight, note that you can use wrenches and smaller bottles as weapons, as with the fish in the market before. When all of these chumps go down, a brute will show up. After fighting him, climb the ladder onto a shipping container, then jump across to the opposite container and look in the corner for a SEAHORSE VESTA CASE. If you’ve collected every treasure thus far, you will receive the “Adept Fortune Hunter” bronze trophy.

Back on the other side, there’s a box you can stand on to reach a ledge. Jump across to the left until you reach a ladder you can climb. Jump across to a hanging platform and swing from bar to bar, then from here to a chain. Swing on the chain to jump to a platform with an open door. Continue through the door into a corridor, and when it forks to the left and right, take the right path to a storage room with a SILVER FIGA AMULET. Now take the opposite path, and you’ll find yourself in a shipyard.

Jump across to a rope, then swing to a pole. Shimmy to the left and swing across to the next pole. Move left and swing across again, then climb down the giant chain into the water. Dive under the ship wall with O to advance. Take cover behind the next guard and take him out with a stealth attack. Follow the path he came from to find an area with quite a few more enemies. Dive into the water, and you may be able to take down a few more enemies from ledges with sneak attacks before things become hostile. On a distant boat are two powerful weapons: a Dragon Sniper and an M32-Hammer Grenade Launcher. The final weapon that appears here, the RPG-7, will be your trusty rocket launcher. It’s your choice as to what to hold onto.

Some notable pistols show up here too: the first is the Pistole, which is basically the pistol version of a Sawed-Off Shotgun. On the other end of the pistol range spectrum is the Tau Sniper, the equivalent of a one-handed sniper rifle. Again, it’s up to your preference, though there is a trophy for using the Tau Sniper, but not the Pistole. After the battle, swim to the right side of the shipyard and swim behind a wall into a narrow passage. Climb up onto the upper level, then turn around and jump across to reach an ANTIQUE SILVER PARROT. You can even follow this ledge around to your destination: a boat with a tall crow’s nest.

As soon as you climb the first yellow ladder leading up to the crow’s nest, enemies will appear and attack. Eliminate them and continue up the ladder to the crow’s nest, climbing up to a pipe and swinging across to a hanging broken railing. Climb the vertical part of the railing, then swing across the rest of the railing until it breaks and you have to climb again. Enemies will appear for you to fight, including a riot shielder, which will reward you if you chose to bring a grenade launcher into the fray.

After the fight, head up to the crate attached to the crane and push it off the edge. Now you can walk across the crane to reach some ledges on the next ship’ ribs, which you can use to climb to the left, then down to some more yellow poles to swing across on. However, don’t climb up. Instead, jump across to the platform under the stairs, then leap from girder to girder to reach a TURQUOISE AND PEARL BRACELET. Now head back and climb up to the stairs. Proceed to a beam, from which you must jump to a rope, and from the rope to a ladder.

Climb down onto the railing here, then up to the ladder-like protrusions on the ship’s ribs, heading to the left. Drop down from the leftmost ladder to some ledges leading further left. Grab the enemy standing stupidly by the ledge for an easy takedown. Jump across to a red handle on an air vent, at which point the enemies above will begin shooting at you. Climb up while returning fire until you reach a platform. Jump across to the opposite ledge, then leap to a pole from which you can swing to another platform. Here, you must fight one enemy in melee while you are fired upon by distant foes as well.

Climb up the yellow bars after taking out the pirate above you, allowing you to reach a room on the ship. Climb up to the next level and eliminate another enemy. From the projection over on the far right, you can jump to the next pipe on the wall. Continue to ascend to the next level and take out a few more enemies, then cross the plank and climb a ladder.

Up here, swing across a few poles and jump to a rope, then stop your swing. Climb up to the top of the rope for a room with an UNUSUAL BLUE STONE RING, that go back down the rope and swing to the other side. Climb up the ledges to a doorway, then climb down the opposite side to collect a GOLD SCARAB BROOCH. Enter the room for a scene. Before leaving, explore the furthest end of this room for a GOLD AUXUMITE COIN. After that, slide down the rope.

A platform on the left has a Tau Sniper, which will allow you to snipe these enemies from the water. When they’re down, jump to the yellow pipes and use them to climb up to where the enemies were shooting from. Here, you can take a ladder to a platform, from which you must jump down to a lower platform. This leads to a corridor with an armored enemy, then a door for you to open. Jump across to a roof to advance to the next chapter.

2.13) Rough Seas

There’s something oddly unsatisfying about these mid-mission chapter changes. Anyway, go from platform to platform eliminating enemies, either by stealth or combat as you prefer. Head around to the left and follow the path around to a yellow shipping container, which holds a SILVER TRIBAL BANGLE. Next, head to the barge on the opposite side of the area, where an ANTIQUE SILVER BOX sits on a barrel. Next, head to the green drawbridge, but before you lower it, go around to the right to find the ANCIENT GOLD AND CORAL BRACELET. Now lower the bridge.

As you try to cross, you’ll be knocked into the water. Climb back up to the floating platforms and fight more enemies to reach a boat, which you’ll attempt to commandeer. That doesn’t work so well, so run after it and jump from the ramp to reach it before it takes off. Fight the enemies onboard, as well as those that come over to visit from the next ship over. When this ship starts to blow, jump over to the next one.

Grab the RPG-7 rocket launcher and use it to blast the enemy ship that’s firing at you, while at the same time fighting the enemies on your own ship. Once you hit the ship three times, it will go down. Don’t worry; the rocket launcher respawns if you run out of ammo. As your own boat explodes, jump across to the ladder on the ship next to yours and climb up. A brief chapter, but alas, the next is much the same as the last two.

2.14) Cruisin’ for a Bruisin’

On this level, there’s an UNUSUAL MASK BROOCH on the left as you approach the stairs. Now continue up the stairs, where you’ll be attacked by a wild lifeboat. Go around to the opposite side of the ship for a ROSE CUT DIAMOND PENDANT. Now go to the end of the ship and jump into the lifeboat.

One of the lines will snap. Climb up the vertical boat as well as the remaining line, then shimmy across the yellow beam it’s attached to. From the beam, jump to the level above the one you were on before, then climb the ladder to reach the next level up. There’ll be a guard ahead you can ambush before proceeding down the path from which he originated. Here you can climb up onto a shipping container, with another guard on your right that you can surprise. Follow the path to the left, jump up on a container, and hurdle over a rail to begin a battle.

You’ll have to fight a few enemies with the annoyance of the ship constantly shifting while you try to aim. A heavily armored foe will appear, impervious to melee and highly resistant to all forms of damage. To boot, he’s carrying a PAK-80 machine gun. During your fight with him, additional thugs will come out to aid him, multiplying your annoyance. If you snipe the enemy above with a grenade launcher, it may fall into the arena, where it may be one the few effective weapons against this beastly foe. After finishing him, you can reward yourself by collecting his weapon and using it for the remainder of the battle.

Climb up on the yellow crate to reach an alcove with an EMERALD AND PEARL NECKLACE. Now approach the red door and tap Triangle to open it. Once you’re through, head to the far left corner to reach an ANTIQUE MINERVA PENDANT. Jump into the pool for a few seconds to collect the “Marco Solo” bronze trophy, then enter the revolving door.

Now you’ll have to fight a big battle in a ballroom. Before the battle, take out the guard ahead with stealth from behind cover, then collect his Tau Sniper to make this battle a little easier. First, you’ll have to fight numerous regular enemies and a few with light armor. Afterward, snipers will appear, along with an enemy with a grenade launcher, forcing you to focus your attention above. Once those foes are down (and hopefully some of their weapons drop down to you), a small third wave will burst in, and then you’ll be done.

Exit through the door that the last wave entered from. Take a right for a RUBY AND PEARL PENDANT, then turn around and take the left path. Perform a sneak attack on the guard on your left, then continue on the outer balcony to collect a GEORGIAN ENGLISH COMPASS. Enter the doorway the guard was in and continue to a cabin with another guard, this one guarding a RUBY AND DIAMOND BRACELET. Follow the hallways to another enemy to take out, then some stairs leading down to the hold. Underneath the stairs at the bottom is an AMETHYST CUFFLINK. Continue to a red hallway, and at the end, turn left and pick up a GOLDEN AMETHYST RING. This level’s been a real jackpot of treasures, hasn’t it?

Jump across to the ledge on the pillar numbered “4.” Drop down from beam to beam, then approach Sully.

2.15) Sink or Swim

Now for the conclusion to this boat business. As soon as the fight begins, the hold will begin filling with water. Take out the riot shielder and take his armament to defend you from the snipers and armored foes that will be coming out next. After all enemies are down, the ship will tilt completely over and the hold will flood.

Swim over to a stack of crates that can be used to climb up to an exit. Drop down through a door to continue, then climb over the stairs to escape the rising water. Tap Triangle to free yourself, then swim to a vent and repeat the same motion to remove it. You’ll emerge in a sideways hallway, where you’ll have to outrun the rushing water. Climb up the red cord on your right and use it to ascend the wall. When a door opens above you, climb up into the room. Stand on the bed, then jump and grab the door to climb up into the next room. Here, there is a SILVER ROCOCO NAPKIN RING in the bathroom. Kick the door open and climb out to the outer wall of the sinking ship.

Run along to a ledge overlooking the ballroom from before. Cross it and climb into the elevator, which somehow is still working. Climb down the ladder-like rungs of the chandelier, then jump to the red cord in the middle. Notice the awesome view through the window, where you can see above and below the water simultaneously. Swing to the destroyed chandelier rings to get down, then head out the doorway. As you leave, your pirate friend will leave you a parting gift. Run from the flowing water down a series of hallways, and finally leap from the ship.

2.16) One Shot at This

This is where it gets good. Go over to Elena to help her open the warehouse door. Climb to the highest crate to collect a MOSAIC BIRDS PENDANT. This should get you the “Expert Fortune Hunter” bronze trophy. Jump across to an unstable looking stack of boxes to enter the next room. Take cover behind the jeep and push it until it’s below the window, then quickly jump up on it and out the window before it falls back into place. Follow this path to the end, then climb up on the right so that you can jump to the roof.

Drop down to take out one guard and shoot the second, then climb the boxes obstructing one of the shutters for a SONG BIRD BROOCH. Now shoot the three locks on the door to open it for Elena. A jeep with several enemies will drive up behind you, so take cover and fight them instead of letting them get the drop on you. Help Elena push the vehicle through the gate, then take out the three guards that show up using stealth. Climb up on the boxes to the left to enter the next building, then collect the ENAMEL BIRD RING.

The guards’ flashlights in this area make it easy to tell if they’ll be able to see you, and if you’re careful, you can take them out without a fight. However, if you do cause an alarm, you’ll have to fight waves of reinforcements. The key is to climb up to the green container at the top of the level, where the snipers and grenade launchers are. From here, you can snipe enemies on the ground with relative ease. Specifically, the T-Bolt Sniper, a new addition to your arsenal, should prove most effective.

After the fight, climb up to the blue roof using some nearby crates. On the other side, run and jump to a ladder, then descend to the ground. The gate will shut on you as you try to pass, so head up the buildings on your left. Take out an enemy to grab his weapon, then use it to take out his comrades. Run along the roof and leap from container to container in pursuit of the plane. As you run after the plane and fall behind, jump onto the vehicle that appears. As you near the plane, move out onto the hood, and when you reach the front wheel of the plane, jump to it.

2.17) Stowaway

No treasures to get here, just awesomeness. After climbing through an air vent like Solid Snake, a brute will grab you and pull you out. You’ll have to fight him on the plane’s ramp, but the twist is that he recovers every time he’s knocked down. To finish him, knock him down first, then run the crate a with a brightly-colored handle and tap Triangle to loosen it, knocking the brute off. Unforunately, you’ll also be swept out of the plane.

Fortunately, you’ll be hanging on by the net of a container. Climb up and knock your attacker off to steal his weapon. Fight your way back into the plane, watching out for moving boxes that can smash you against walls. When the right side of the plane explodes, you’ll be in freefall. Grab the crate as it nears you and tap Triangle to release the parachute. Again, an awfully short chapter.

2.18) The Rub’ al Khali

Things aren’t looking too good for our hero, as he is now stranded in the middle of the Rub’ al Khali desert. Head to the plane wreckage, and you’ll find yourself in the scene depicted on the game’s cover. Walk on the sand dune for a while as day fades to night.

Keep walking in the next scene, and you’ll come upon a well. Walk over the jar resting against wall to break it, allowing you to collect this chapter’s sole treasure, the CALCITE STATUE OF FEMALE FIGURE. Now tap Triangle at the well to draw from it. Afterward, simply walk away from the well as the scene fades to darkness once more.

Hold UP to check the stars before continuing to trudge on indefinitely. You’ll see Sully in the distance; follow him until you see an oasis nearby. You’ll have another chance to get the treasure if you missed it. Afterward, take shelter in the shadow below the rock.

During the next night, Nathan will be struggling to keep warm as you continue your march, and finally he will collapse. When you see the figure looking down on you, press any button to take his hand. After the scene, march on fruitlessly for the final time.

You don’t die, of course. Approach the cart, and you’ll see a settlement in the distance. Run toward it, and finally you will arrive, ending the agonizing desert scenes for good.

2.19) The Settlement

Approach the gate and look among the rocks to the left for an ANCIENT ALABASTER IBEX. To the right of the gate is a ladder you can use to climb up onto the wall. Climb over, and you’ll fall through the wall. Pick up the COIN OF THE QATABAN KINGDOM on your right before leaving the building. Continue into the town and drop into the well, then squeeze through a narrow pass to find water. Climb up the nearby ledges to exit the well.

Go through the broken wall on the left and turn around to collect an ANTIQUE SILVER LINKED BRACELET. Continue to the next wooden door and bust it open. You’ll find some enemies at last, but sadly, you have no gun. A sneak attack on a would-be flanking enemy can get you a shotgun to start out, and you can rebuild your weapon collection as you fight. You can also collect an excellent rifle here, the M9. As you approach the gate, run into the house on your left, and you’ll take a tumble.

To get back up, first take out the enemy responsible for this predicament, then shoot the red pillar until it crumbles. Before climbing out, however, search the area near this pillar for an ANTIQUE AGATE WEDDING RING. Climb along the ledges leading up from the destroyed pillar to reach the upper floor. Fight an enemy, then snipe the sniper ahead. Collect the SILVER AND CORNELIAN NECKLACE behind the pillar before continuing.

Up where the sniper was, you’ll be attacked yet again. The enemy’s numbers this time will include armor, shields, snipers, and a rocket launcher. Lovely. When the battle’s done, advance and check the alcove on the left for an ANCIENT SABAEAN BUST. In the next room over is a Mag 5, as well as a narrow passage to go through.

Jump over the balcony, then look on your right for an ANCIENT KINGDOM OF SHEBA COIN. Pass through the arch and another huge battle will begin. Take out the turrets by destroying the pillars that support them. After (or during) the fight, take an RPG and blow up the main gate. Also, before you go through it, search to right of it for an ANTIQUE BEDOUIN BRACELET.

Go through the destroyed gate and take the ladder, then go to jump through the broken wall. You’ll be attack by more enemies who will completely decimate you if you leave cover. Just as things look bleak, you will be rescued by riders. After you get your own horse, move forward and shoot enemies until you automatically collect an RPG. Shoot the gate, and you will escape with your new, unlikely allies.

2.20) Caravan

Follow Salim until you reach the caravan. Jump onto the first truck and take out the enemy, then cross to the second truck and repeat the process before jumping back onto your horse. Focus on getting at least ten melee kills this way for a bronze trophy, “Truck Brawler.” Shoot enemies on motorcycles, as that method of attack would obviously be unfeasible against them. When you reach a truck with a rocket launcher, jump on and use the launchers to take out the trucks with turrets on them, then jump off the truck before it explodes.

Continue to take out groups of trucks in the caravan until you take a fall. Salim will help you out and get you back to your horse, at which point you need to jump back onto it. Eventually, you will reach the lead vehicles, which look different from the rest. When you see Sully on the truck, jump on to help him. Fight the brute, then drop down onto your horse.

Walk into the sandstorm and eliminate as many enemies as you can with stealth, using the storm as cover. Once you’re detected, a brute with a PAK-80 will come out, which can be very deadly but also very helpful if you get your hands on it. Continue into the enemy encampment until you come to a turret, which you’ll need an RPG-7 to take out. Flank around to the left to reach a building with a rocketeer on it, the source of the weapon you need. As much as the PAK-80 has served you, you’ll need to drop it now to climb this building. Shoot one of the enemy vehicles, then continue to the next building on the left with an RPG to finish the other. Finish the enemies populating the area and collect any weapons you want, then run ahead to the gate.

As soon as you enter, a CARVED SABAEAN FACE can be found to your left. Continue into the next room, where you’ll need to climb a ladder on the right. While climbing, look for a ledge on your right that you can shimmy onto, leading to a ledge with a BRONZE SABAEAN BULL SCLUPTURE. From up here, jump across to the chandelier to collect THE ROYAL GAME OF UR on the opposite side. Now go back to the ledge and pull the lever.

While Sully holds the lever, jump onto the moving containers as they raise up, then jump to the ledge above. From here, leap forward to reach a platform down below. Use exposed brickes to climb up to the beam, then walk across to the end and jump to the chandelier on the left. Jump from chandelier to chandelier, then pull the switch on the other side to open the gates to the “Atlantis of the Sands.” Luckily, the inside of the open door has a ladder you can reach from one of the chandeliers for a quick descent.

2.21) The Atlantis of the Sands

Ahead, the path will fork into two staircases. The broken one on the left is a dead end, but it holds the BRONZE MAN OF NASHQUM. As you descend the right staircase

You’ll have to fight more enemies, including a new enemy, the fire spirit. With their heads aflame, fire spirits can teleport and will be immune to headshots. They will be able to throw infernal grenades that you can’t touch. Sometimes, what appears to be a regular enemy will transform into this type of fire spirit, while one that is already this type can evolve one step further into a ghost form. In this form, they are much more difficult and throw fireballs. Thankfully, these enemies only transform after losing half their health, and only once at that.

Before leaving, search the tallest tower for an AKKADIAN STATUE HEAD near the back wall, then enter the elevator. Run after Talbot initially, then afterward, walk along the road. Run from the Spiders, and suddenly you’ll be Young Drake again. Continue running from your eight-legged pursuers until you reach a balcony, where you’ll need to drop down on the left. You’ll be met with perhaps the most disturbing scene yet, though you don’t have to fire when the option appears.

Back at the elevator, turn around to collect a SABAEAN MOON SYMBOL behind the elevator. Proceed to the door and you’ll be ambushed by three fire spirits. There’s a grenade launcher here to help you out in the fight. Once the enemies are down, the next door with open, leading to two more fire spirits. The fountain room afterward contains quite a few; that’s the time to make use of your grenades. There’s also a handy T-Bolt Sniper on the right.

In the next room, push the lever near the far wall to release the water. Follow your illusory reflection in the water, indicating where you must go to activate the next part of the puzzle. Turn the wheel on your left, then the one opposite it. Finally, walk out to the center of the pool and reach into the water.

After a trippy sequence, Nate will finally be sober again, and the door ahead will be open. In the hallway, look for a STATUE OF GUDEA on your left, then continue on down a staircase. This is it, folks: the big finale!

2.22) The Dreamers of the Day

First, look underneath the staircase for the GOLDEN CUP OF UR, which will earn you the “Master Fortune Hunter” silver trophy. Cross the path on the ledge and engage the human foes ahead. When they go down, advance to the tower for the scene. Follow Sully and turn the lever in the center of the next room to descend the elevator. When you approach the stairs, go around to the right, and collect the GOLDEN HITTITE GODDESS, the last treasure in the entire game. Now ascend the stairs and pull one of the levers while Sully pulls the other to open the door.

Inside, drop down and advance through the water tunnel while eliminating normal enemies. Doesn’t look like there’ll be any more “fire spirits” from this point on. Follow the stairs on the right down to a couple of armored foes and some regular ones. Watch out for the grenade launcher on the bridge. When you come out of the central building, you’ll be surrounded by snipers, and a rocketeer will be firing from the next ledge. Collect the grenade launcher or T-Bolt Sniper from the nearby bridge to fight back. After the fight, drop down on the right from the bridge.

In the cave ahead, an enemy will through a grenade into your path, so watch out. At the top, investigate the box. Again, pull the levers with Sully to continue. Head for the central cistern on the left, where Marlowe is collecting her prize.

After interrupting her, battle through the last vestiges of Marlowe’s army. Take the first enemy sniper rifle and take out the rocket launcher on the upper level. Fight your way back to the elevator and head up. Fight a few more enemies, then take the ladder up from outside. Now climb out on the opposite ledge and climb up on a gear to ride it up. Fight a couple more enemies again, then ride the containers going up. Take out the enemy at the top of the ladder, climb it, then ascend the stairs and kill the enemy up there too. Run to the spiral staircase.

Run up the staircase. Follow Sully as you leap across the collapsing platforms. At the top, Talbot will attack you. Get ready for the final fight! Counter his knife attacks and follow up with punches. When he grabs you and tries to stab you, tap O to repel the attack. After he nearly plunges the knife into your throat, you’ll take a fall. Climb back up the ledge and shoot Talbot before he kills Sully. Climb up with Sully’s help and jump to the bridge. That’s all, folks. You’ll be rewarded for your efforts with some beautiful in-game cinematics and “Charted” trophies, corresponding to the difficulty you beat the game on.

3) Co-Op Walkthrough

3.1) Borneo

When the mission begins, take out the first guard with a sneak attack, then have your companions do the same to his fellow guardsmen. Have each player pick up one of the dropped weapons. Now proceed to the next group of guards and take cover behind the logs while you fight them. When all of the enemies are dead, you’ll hit the first checkpoint, and your next goal will be to open the container ahead.

To open the container, have one player stand in front of it and hold Triangle. While they take care of that, more enemies will spawn, and the other player(s) will have to defend the player performing the action. Note that some of the enemies will spawn on the bridge above you. If the player opening the crate is getting hurt, they can stop to help fight and continue afterward. Grab as much ammo as you need before proceeding.

Climb up to the bridge and cross it, then immediately take cover and shoot the incoming guards. In the next area, you’ll have only a couple of crates for cover, and the enemies will be joined by an armored foe. Take out the ordinary guards first, then focus your team’s fire on the armored foe, supplemented with a healthy dose of grenades. Once he goes down, move up to the bridge and take cover so you can shoot the enemies as they cross. Among them is an armored shotgun-wielder, so use grenades if needed.

When you cross the bridge, another wave of enemies will move in. Your best bet is to retreat to the bridge and take advantage of the defensible position on the other side to hold these guys off. Split your party up among the two paths, and have one draw the attention of the enemy up ahead while the other group attacks him from the opposite side. This pincer attack should divide his attention and make him easier to bring down. He’ll be accompanied by enemies that will attempt to grab you, so cover your allies in case they are grabbed.

The next area has several cover positions outside the camp, so spead your characters out. Also, there are several desirable weapons to collect here, including the Tau Sniper, shotgun, and riot shield. These are critical to your success, as not only will you face numerous enemies here, but also a heavily armored miniboss. The miniboss throws grenades in threes, hence my recommendation to spread out, lest the whole party be caught in a single explosion. When the area is relatively clear, you can go open the crate the enemies were guarding and hit the next checkpoint.

Climb the ladder and collect another Tau Sniper. When you reach a waterfall, collect the Wes-44 in the river below and take out the group of enemies above you, in prime grenade range. If they start to get past you, retreat to the area before the waterfall, lest they should get behind you. After they’re down, climb up the ledges to the left of the waterfall. Finish the lot of them, and you’ll hit another checkpoint. The next areas will steadily increase in difficulty, so be thankful that this checkpoint is here.

Now have a team member or two take cover behind the logs ahead, where one person can pick up the G-MAL. There’s also a sniper nearby, who you can kill for his rifle. This elevation will help prevent grenades from landing behind your cover, and it will be easy to snipe from here. The enemies appearing will include armored targets and shield wielders, so as usual, softening them up with grenades is a good idea. When you try to open the container, more enemies will attack. If necessary, stop the process, eliminate all the enemies, and return to opening the crate. Checkpoint reached.

The next container is tougher to reach than the last. You’ll find it guarded by foes with both armor and rocket launchers. A Dragon Sniper is conveniently placed nearby to help you out, and once you dispatch the rocketeers, a barrage of headshots can make a big difference in bringing down that armor. One player can run ahead and retrieve the dropped rocket launchers, another good anti-armor weapon. After dispatching the enemies (or at least most of them), one player can move in and open the container while the other(s) cover him.

Once the container is opened, the level’s last challenge is a boss fight against a sniper, supplemented with numerous other enemies. Go back and have players take cover in the sniper tower and the rocketeers’ position, then weed out the enemies, including the regular snipers, so you can focus on the boss. Headshots, grenades, and possibly rockets are your weapons of choice here. The sniper can withstand a ridiculous amount of damage, as with your typical co-op boss, so if you have any kickbacks that can help here, use them now. Eventually, he’ll go down.

3.2) London Underground

Start off by taking cover near the elevator and shooting any enemies in range, then proceed from cover to cover to clear the room. When you reach the train cars, climb up on the left one to collect a Tau Sniper, which you can use from up here to snipe the surrounding enemies. Afterward, proceed to the next area, but watch out for enemies spawning behind you on the train cars. How they got there, we’ll never know.

When you proceed ahead and find the library entrance sealed ahead, you’ll trigger a checkpoint, and a fight. Head back to the train cars in the last area, where an enemy with a rocket launcher has spawned. Kill the poor fool and take his explosive weapon, then use it to block up the entrance to the library. This is a special case where the environment is destructible in an Uncharted game, but don’t expect to be blowing through doors any other time.

Once you’re in, you’ll hit a checkpoint, and you’ll have to fight a group of enemies in the tight rooms ahead, providing a good opportunity for melee attacks. The next checkpoint will be immediately accompanied by a second wave, and the room will fill with smoke. Take cover behind the pillars or the railing and defend the room from the enemies moving in. Watch out for grabbing enemies, and take them out if they grab your partner. Since you’re still in close quarters, be on the look out for any dropped close-range weapons, such as shotguns.

The last wave ends with an armored boss with a triple grenade perk. Because of his explosives, you should spread out your party, and have one player grab the M-32 Hammer on the upper floor to pound him with explosives. You also might want to save some shots for the upcoming fights. After leaving the library area, you’ll be moving on to the station.

When you reach this area, have your party members grab the high-powered pistols on the boxes and the sniper rifle on the ground in the tunnel. You’ll need one team member to push the platform down the track, while the other(s) take cover on it and shoot the enemies ahead with their longest-ranged weapons. There’s a medal in it for you (Unyielding) if your party pushes the cart to the end without stopping once. At a certain point, enemies will appear from behind, so have your free characters kill them before they get to your pusher.

At the end, climb up on the cart to jump over the fence, putting you in perfect melee range on the guards attacking from the other side. Among them is an armored opponent with a PAK-80, which you can pick up from his corpse: very helpful against the infuriating grabber enemies that will be coming in from the train area immediately afterward. When the enemies are down, I suggest dropping the heavy weapon and continuing, as it will just slow you down.

Once you reach the stairs past the next gate, you’ll encounter one wave of enemies coming from ahead, and the other from behind. The best tool for self defense in this pincer attack situation is a riot shield. As usual, focus on getting headshots on the armored foe and using grenades. Another wave will show up at the next staircase, and one will drop a rocket launcher, which you should save for the upcoming boss. Have one player stay back as you ascend, so he can cover the others are revive them if necessary. Throw grenades up the last flight of stairs to damage the armored enemies at the top. Finally, you’ll reach the street above.

The moment you hit the streets, you’ll have to fight a big wave of armored enemies. Immediately take cover to the side and whip out your rocket and/or grenade launcher, if you followed my advice and saved them for this situation. Use these weapons to take out the trucks firing at you. After the trucks and enemies, you’ll face a boss with a grenade launcher of his own. It is critical that you spread out, so his grenades don’t kill multiple players at once. The key to winning is the turret. Have one player use the turret on the armored enemies and boss, while the other(s) cover him. When this last wave is complete, you’re done.

3.3) Monastery

You’ll start out tied up, so tap Triangle rapidly to free yourself. You’ll have to fight a few guards, but the first big significant wave doesn’t come out until you approach the door. Fight them in the hall ahead, and you’ll be able to ambush the enemies in the courtyard, while avoiding the attacks of the enemies on the balconies. There are also grenades to collect there. After the enemies, mini-bosses with armor will appear. Again, stay in the corridors for cover during the fight. You may also be attacked by grabbing enemies coming from behind you.

On the ledge above the next area, collect Dragon Snipers and snipe the enemies below you. There’s a special medal for the whole team, entitled Hang In There, for pulling the two switches without killing all the enemies first. If you have three people, two can go for the switches while the third covers them. Once a player is hanging from each switch, they will release, revealing a new place to climb. Use this to climb down and collect ammunition and grenades. Then proceed and activate the checkpoint.

The reason for collecting ammunition earlier is that you’ll be facing a difficult battle up ahead. First, the riot shielders come out, hence the need for grenades. Afterward, you’ll face two enemies with M-32 Hammers in a row, so split up to avoid being hit in a group by splash damage. Additional grenades are readily available if you need them. The area where you enter, marked by candles, is impossible to flank, so retreat here in times of trouble.

Once you get out of the church, have they player carrying Nate move him to behind the first cover wall, down the stairs. Kill this wave of enemies, including one with a sniper rifle, then loot them for weapons. Aside from the sniper rifle, you can collect a Wes-44, and enemies will drop shotguns too. Now carry Nate to the statue in the middle of the area, which triggers another wave. Now you have to protect the statue, and of course, there will be enemies firing at it with rocket launchers. Kill them first, if you didn’t figure as much, and take their weapons. When the checkpoint is reached, if the statue is completely intact, you’ll get the Curator Medal.

After the statue defense mission is over… you must fight a total of three bosses. At once. Some have M-32 Hammer grenade launchers, and others prefer to throw clusters of three grenades. It is utter chaos, but with all these explosions going off, you definitely don’t want to be too close to your allies. Those sniper rifles from earlier will really come in handy here. Focus on taking down the boss with an M-32 Hammer, then take it and use it on the others. After the fight, the mission is over.

3.4) Syria

When you start, immediately drop down and collect the Mag 5. From there, descend to the bottom of the area, where the first wave of enemies will accost you. Use one of your initial grenades on the enemies with the riot shields, hopefully killing them. The rest of the enemies can easily be routed by flanking around the circle to get behind them. After you hit the first checkpoint, take out the two guards ahead and steal their cover. Dragon Snipers and rocket launchers are on the left if you have need of them, but watch out for enemies coming from both above and below that direction. As an additional note, countersniping the snipers on the roof will make the fight significantly easier.

Proceed to the next checkpoint at the sealed gate, which will trigger a big wave of enemies to spawn. Your best bet is to flee to the inner area on the other side of the courtyard, which you can hold off from the swarming enemies. From here, snipe the enemies up on the balconies, then clear out those down in the courtyard. Following this, an armored boss will be dropped into the middle of the fight. For this fight, pick up the M-32 Hammer on the ground floor and dedicate your entire arsenal to this fight: grenades, snipers, all of it. Trust me, this is the best time to use them.

After that last boss goes down, you’ll reach a checkpoint. To advance, hop in the water and swim to the climbable wooden pillar, using it to ascend. There are three unsuspecting guards ahead, which could potentially mean three stealth kills if your team times it right. The next section requires one player to lift up a statue while the second player retreives the idol it conceals. When this occurs, enemies will swarm the battle area, and just your luck, you have to carry the idol to the pedestal on the opposite side, and this thing is heavy. Have two characters protect the carrier, and if he starts to get too badly damaged, have him toss the idol toward the pedestal and take cover.

Rocket launchers and shield wielders will be your initial targets, but once you advance to a certain point, your concern becomes the armored brute with a grenade spam perk. Follow the usual policy of keeping your distance from your friendlies, and have everyone stop and focus on this one foe. If you need tools to bring him down and you’re questioning the previous suggestion to focus on the first boss, think again. There’s a RPG-7 rocket launcher behind one statue, and a PAK-80 machine gun behind the other.

After beating the brute and reaching the checkpoint, proceed by hanging out of the window and climbing up the side of the tower to the top. When you get up there, take out the enemies, and the real show will start. This boss battle pits you against a couple of helicopters, supplemented by enemies to boot. Pick up the readily available rocket launchers, and while the launcher-less character holds off the enemies, have the other two focus on the helicopters. To have any chance of hitting them, wait for them to stop moving around before you fire off your rockets at them. After taking several rockets each, the helicopters should go down, concluding this fight.

3.5) Airport

First thing’s first: take out the first guard from stealth. After that, proceed from one cover point to the next, systematically eliminating enemies as you approach. By hanging off the nearby ledge, you can intercept the armored foe when he drops in and yoink him down with a ledge takedown, saving yourself a huge headache.

Proceed to the shipping containers with snipers on them, and run around behind the nearby container so the snipers can’t hit you. From this position, kill all the ground-bound enemies, freeing you up to climb the containers in relative safety. This should put you in range to kill the snipers, and possibly enable another ledge takedown on the armored enemy. From here, proceed to another conflict on the roof.

Upon reaching the next incoming wave, take cover and engage the remaining enemies. Targets of concern include the enemies that will come out of the nearby room and grab your characters. Be ready to free your allies if needed. The same roof they come from, however, is a good spot to pick up a rocket launcher. After passing the next checkpoint, you can also pick up a Dragon Sniper and ammunition.

The sniper rifle’s location also makes a good sniping location from which to kill the enemy snipers across from you, on the roof. Drop down, and you’ll be met by a group of enemies, one of whom is wearing armor. Yes, this guy can be killed with a ledge takedown as well. These guys can easily be circled around, but be sure to note that new snipers spawn on the roof at this point as well. Stay on the move and keep rolling so these snipers don’t kill you while you engage their compatriots on the ground level.

Before dropping down again, snipe any enemies you can get in your sights to make things easier on yourself in a minute. The turrets are a problem you’ll just have to deal with, for the moment at least. Drop down and spread around the sides of the map, getting yourselves behind the turrets so that you can take out their operators. Needless to say, this puts you in an advantageous position against the armored enemies below, and the boss that joins the fray once they’re gone. To help fight him, look for a rocket launcher on top of a container, and a grenade launcher behind a blue car.

As you advance to the next checkpoint following the previous fight, you should find both the Tau Sniper and T-Bolt Sniper by an empty container. Contrary to what it might seem, don’t follow the truck ahead of you, but rather take cover against incoming rockets. Grabber enemies will run at you, so take them out from your cover position. When those guys start going down, they’ll be replaced by shielders. Keep an eye out behind you; they can spawn there. As usual, the best weapon against a shield guy is a grenade. Their shields can then be used when armored enemies come in behind the fallen shield wielders.

Hopefully you held on to the sniper weapons you picked up, because you’ll need them to snipe the rocketeers that are busy bombarding you. If you didn’t, I suppose you can use the T-Bolt Snipers in this area just as well. Grabbers, armored guys, and shielders will attack while you’re fighting the rocket men, and while you’re fighting them, the rocketeers will respawn in the second wave. I recommend retreating a bit during this fight so you’re not so much in the middle of all these different foes. Pick up an RPG and M-32 before you proceed, because the toughest final fight in any of the co-op missions is ahead.

After hitting the checkpoint, you’ll face an especially difficult co-op boss… or three. This is a battle between two to three Uncharted heroes (your team) and a team of three villains: Lazarevic, Eddy, and Flynn. Yeah, some of these guys should technically be dead, but this co-op campaign apparently takes place in an alternate timeline or some such thing. Plus they’re accompanied by armored mercs, just to make sure this fight isn’t even. Lazarevic will rush at you with a shotgun while the other two take cover and try to snipe you.

Keep your distance from Lazarevic, or you’re dead for sure. Have one player distract him, and have the others shoot him while he gives chase. Concentrate your fire and bring him down. If he brings one player down and you have three, one can distract while the other revives. When Lazarevic is dead (again), the number of bosses will drop to two. Your team can now take cover and take potshots at the bosses when they stick their heads out to aim. Have everyone focus on one of the two until he dies, then everyone can focus on the last boss. Completing this battle ends this co-op mission.

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