Kid Chameleon Cheats, Cheat Codes, & Secrets for Sega Genesis

Kid Chameleon Cheats, Cheat Codes, & Secrets for Sega Genesis

Kid Chameleon is a beat ’em up platform game developed by Sega Technical Institute and published by gaming giant Sony. It was released in March 1992 for the Sega Genesis.

The game received overall positive reviews and was praised for its various abilities, large amount of levels, and its graphics. But it has been criticized for feeling too similar or monotonous to other platformers of its time, like Super Mario Bros. But the game is loved enough to be re-released in several collections, like Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Kid Chameleon Premise

In this retro fighting platformer, a new arcade game called “Wild Side” has led to missing kids in town. Kid Chameleon gets himself sucked into the game and must defeat every level and every boss to save both himself and the other kids.

Kid Chameleon has over 100 different levels for players to explore. This includes several secret levels. The level designs vary from mountains, caves, swamps, castles, and more. Each level is also timed. Players must collect special helmets, diamonds, clocks, and more to get through the game.

Kid Chameleon Main Characters

The main character that players control is the titular protagonist, Kid Chameleon. This kid wears a black leather jacket and has his hair slicked back. But he is not the only playable character.

  • Kid Chameleon: Also known as Casey, this greaser protagonist takes on the form of different characters by collecting different helmets.
  • Berserker: The Berserker has a silver helm and can use its horns as a weapon to destroy enemies and obstacles.
  • Cyclone: This red character can spin fast enough to fly.
  • EyeClops: The EyeClops is a sci-fi warrior with a ray gun than can reveal hidden blocks and destroy enemies with a laser beam.
  • Iron Knight: This heavy-armored knight can climb walls and break through the ground. His armor also grants him extra hit points.
  • Juggernaut: This undead fighter rides a special underworld tank and shoots skull projectiles.
  • Maniaxe: Maniaxe resembles both Splatterhouse and Jason from Friday the 13th with his eerie hockey mask, ripped clothes, and axe. He has an unlimited supply of throwable axes at your disposal.
  • Micromax: This small insectoid can stick to walls and get through small areas. But he also moves slower and has a shorter jump than the other playable characters.
  • Red Stealth: Red Stealth is a red samurai that is faster and more agile than the other characters. He wields a katana that has a unique downward attack.
  • Skycutter: This sci-fi skater rides on a rocket-powered skateboard and can move upside down by reversing gravity.

Kid Chameleon Series

While Kid Chameleon is an iconic standalone game, Sega and Sega Technical Institute have had several memorable titles. And if you are looking for more retro platformers from the developer, check out the full list of their games.

GameYear released
Dick Tracy1991
Kid Chameleon1992
Sonic the Hedgehog 21992
Sonic Spinball1993
Sonic the Hedgehog 31994
Sonic & Knuckles1994
Comix Zone1995
The Ooze1995
Die Hard Arcade 1996

Kid Chameleon Cheat Codes

Like many retro games from the ’90s, Kid Chameleon has several cheat codes. It also has a few secrets to get extra points. And don’t worry, we have organized all of the different cheats for you down below.

Skip to the Final BossPress Down + Right + Jump + Special Weapons Button
Infinite LivesAfter losing your last life, immediately press and hold Up + Start

And for those lucky players who have a Game Genie for the Sega Genesis, here are all of the cheats. They can give players infinite lives, let you skip to any level of the game, and more.

Game Genie Codes

General Codes

No enemies will be loadedABYA-GA8G
Disable the “murder-wall”A33T-AA4R
Always get no hit bonusA5LT-AA60
Always get no prize bonusA5LT-AA8W
Always get path bonusAMMA-AA3L
Always get speed bonusAMMA-AA52
Start with 1 lifeAEDA-AAE2
Start with 6 livesA2DA-AAE2
Start with 9 livesBEDA-AAE2
 Start with 15 lives B6DA-AAE2
 Start with 25 livesDEDA-AAE2
Start with 50 livesGJDA-AAE2
Start with 99 livesNNDA-AAE2
Infinite LivesA46A-AA32 
Infinite Hit PointsA45T-AA3Y
Infinite ContinuesAMKT-AA76
Each clock worth 8:00 instead of 3:00J99T-BA1C
 Each clock worth 1:00 instead of 3:00J99T-BEIC
Diamond Powers require no diamonds instead of 20 and higher Diamond Powers require only 30 diamonds instead of 50 BX5A-GA6T
Don’t lose transformation when you lose all your hit pointsAL5T-AA6Y

Level Codes

Alien IsleGABT-JAB4
Alien TwilightJJBT-JAB4
Bagel BrothersFJBT-JAB4
Beneath the Twisted HillsF6BT-JAB4
Blue Lake WoodsAEBT-JAB4
Bloody SwampH2BT-JAB4
Boomerang BossD2BT-JAB4
Blizzard MountainE2BT-JAB4
Cave of IceE6BT-JAB4
Coral Blade GrottoDYBT-JAB4
Crab CoveG6BT-JAB4
Devil’s Marsh 1CNBT-JAB4
Devil’s Marsh 2CTBT-JAB4
Diamond EdgeFNBT-JAB4
Elsewhere 1KEBT-JAB4
Elsewhere 2KJBT-JAB4
Elsewhere 3KNBT-JAB4
Elsewhere 4KTBT-JAB4
Elsewhere 5KYBT-JAB4
Elsewhere 6K2BT-JAB4
Elsewhere 7K6BT-JAB4
Elsewhere 8LABT-JAB4
Elsewhere 9LJBT-JAB4
Elsewhere 10LEBT-JAB4
Elsewhere 11LNBT-JAB4
Elsewhere 12LTBT-JAB4
Elsewhere 13LYBT-JAB4
Elsewhere 14L2BT-JAB4
Elsewhere 15MEBT-JAB4
Elsewhere 16MABT-JAB4
Elsewhere 17MJBT-JAB4
Elsewhere 18MTBT-JAB4
Elsewhere 19MNBT-JAB4
Elsewhere 20M2BT-JAB4
Elsewhere 21M6BT-JAB4
Elsewhere 22MYBT-JAB4
Elsewhere 23NABT-JAB4
Elsewhere 24NEBT-JAB4
Elsewhere 25NJBT-JAB4
Elsewhere 26NNBT-JAB4
Elsewhere 27NTBT-JAB4
Elsewhere 28NYBT-JAB4
Elsewhere 29N2BT-JAB4
Elsewhere 30N6BT-JAB4
Elsewhere 31PABT-JAB4
Elsewhere 32L6BT-JAB4
Forced EntryEEBT-JAB4
Frosty DoomHYBT-JAB4
Hidden CanyonGYBT-JAB4
Highwater Pass 1AJBT-JAB4
Highwater Pass 2ANBT-JAB4
Hills of ForeverJTBT-JAB4
Hills of the Warrior 1BABT-JAB4
Hills of the Warrior 2BEBT-JAB4
Hoverboard BeachC6BT-JAB4
Ice God’s VengeanceF2BT-JAB4
Isle of the Lion LordA6BT-JAB4
Knight’s IsleCYBT-JAB4
Lion’s DenENBT-JAB4
Madmaze MountainDEBT-JAB4
Monster IslandJYBT-JAB4
Pyramids of PerilDABT-JAB4
Scorpion IsleH6BT-JAB4
Secrets in the RocksFYBT-JAB4
Sinister SewersBNBT-JAB4
Sky FortressKABT-JAB4
Skydragon Castle 1DNBT-JAB4
Skydragon Castle 2DTBT-JAB4
Stairway to OblivionHJBT-JAB4
Stormwalk MountainB6BT-JAB4
The Black PitHTBT-JAB4
The Caged BeastsG2BT-JAB4
The Cliffs of IllusionEJBT-JAB4
The CryptJEBT-JAB4
The Crypt (Secret Room 1)HABT-JAB4
The Crypt (Secret Room 2)J6BT-JAB4
The Crypt (Secret Room 3)PEBT-JAB4
The Crystal Crags 1BTBT-JAB4
The Crystal Crags 2BYBT-JAB4
The Deadly SkyscrapersDJBT-JAB4
The Final MarathonGJBT-JAB4
The Forbidden TombsHEBT-JAB4
The Hills Have EyesFTBT-JAB4
The Land BelowGEBT-JAB4
The Nightmare Peaks 1FABT-JAB4
The Nightmare Peaks 2FEBT-JAB4
The PinnacleGTBT-JAB4
The Shimmering CavesJ2BT-JAB4
The Valley of LifeHNBT-JAB4
The Whispering Woods 1CEBT-JAB4
The Whispering Woods 2CJBT-JAB4
Towers of BloodJABT-JAB4
Tunnels Beneath the WoodsJNBT-JAB4
Under Skull Mountain 1ATBT-JAB4
Under Skull Mountain 2AYBT-JAB4
Under Skull Mountain 3A2BT-JAB4
Whale GrottoC2BT-JAB4
Wind Castles 1ETBT-JAB4
Wind Castles 2EYBT-JAB4
Wind CityBJBT-JAB4
Woods of Despair 1D6BT-JAB4
Woods of Despair 2EABT-JAB4

Helmet Codes

All Helmets Transform You9W6T-BCJ4
Helmets Do Not Transform YouAC6T-AAA6
Iron KnightA46T-AAA6
Red StealthAR6T-AAA6

Kid Chameleon also has several secrets players may be interested in.

  • 10,000 Bonus Points: Complete Blue Lake Woods in under 20 seconds
  • 20,000 Bonus Points: Complete any level without collecting a single special item
  • 30,000 Bonus Points: Complete any level without getting hurt

Kid Chameleon Cheat Code FAQ

Does Kid Chameleon have cheat codes?

Yes! Kid Chameleon has several cheat codes for the base game and for players who have a Game Genie. These can give players infinite lives, diffident abelites, and skip to the final boss. It also has several secrets for payers to find.

What are cheat codes?

Cheat codes are exploits that change the game’s behavior and give players an advantage. They may help move on to a different level, make the player completely immune to damage, or do some other action that wouldn’t take place without them.

They can also make the game more accessible and appealing to casual gamers or those who find its current state inaccessible.

What is a Game Genie?

A Game Genie is a cheat device. They are available for many retro consoles like the NES or Game Boy.

What makes a cheat device different?

Since developers intentionally implement traditional cheat codes in their games, not every game has them. But that does not mean players don’t want them. Hence, cheat devices were born. Devices like the Game Genie allow players to do things the developer did not intend, while regular cheat codes are implemented by the developers. They intercept and alter the game’s code to get it to work differently.

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