Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PlayStation 3 (PS3)

Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PlayStation 3 (PS3)

Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare


Zombie character and gear

Successfully complete the indicated task in Exo Survival mode to unlock the corresponding zombie gear for use in Multiplayer mode:

    Zombie gloves and kneepads: Successfully complete 50 total rounds in the four Tier 1 maps.
    Zombie Exo and boots: Successfully complete 75 total rounds in the four Tier 2 maps.
    Zombie pants and chest armor: Successfully complete 100 total rounds in the four Tier 3 maps.
    Zombie skin: Successfully complete Round 11 (secret zombie round) on the Riot map in Tier 4.
    Zombie shirt: Successfully complete at least one round on every map.
    Zombie loadout: Reach Level 10 (max) for the “Weapon Proficiency” stat at the Exo Upgrade Station.
    Zombie helmet: Reach Level 10 (max) for the “Armor” stat at the Exo Upgrade Station.

Extra tiers in Exo Survival mode

Successfully complete 50 total rounds in the four Tier 1 maps to unlock Tier 2. Successfully complete 75 total rounds in the four Tier 2 maps to unlock Tier 3. Successfully complete 100 total rounds in the four Tier 3 maps to unlock Tier 4. The only map in Tier 4 is Riot.

Secret zombie round in Exo Survival mode

To reach the secret zombie round in Exo Survival mode, you first must unlock the Riot map in Tier 4. Play the Riot map in Tier 4, and complete Round 10. A DNA Bomb will then drop, infecting the enemies and transforming them into zombies for Round 11. Successfully complete Round 11 to get the “Exo Survivor” trophy and view a special cutscene showing the horde of zombies as they overwhelm the area.

Secret music (“Supremacy” DLC)

Interact with the three small sharks in the Carrier Exo Zombies map to play a hidden song. You will hear a sound after interacting with each shark. To find the three small sharks, first get an Exo Suit. Then, enter the large hangar room (red room), go up the stairs, and turn right to enter the locker room. The first small shark is above the “Captain DJ” locker. Next, go to the “Hangar 02” room. As soon as you enter the room, turn left, and look at the floor in the corner with the beam (next to the blood stained wall) to find another shark. You may not be able to see it because it blends in. The final shark is in the lift (green) room. After entering the lift room, jump up on the platform, and go to the right corner to find it on the lift.

Secret “Ride Of The Valkyries” song (“Havoc” DLC)

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Interact with the wrench stuck in the wall (decontamination area), bone saw by the dead body on the metal table with blood splattered on the wall and table (B holding room area), and the rolling table inside the door that is cracked open (Exo Room) in the “Exo Zombies” map to begin playing the “Ride Of The Valkyries” song as background music. Note: You will hear a short clip from the song each time you interact with one of the three objects.

Secret “Toccata And Fugue In D Minor” song (“Ascendance” DLC)

Locate the hidden toy rockets at the following three locations on the Infection Exo Zombies map, and hold [Interact]:

    1. On an empty rack inside the gas station.

    2. Opposite the spawn spot, below the lit “Atlas camp overrun” sign.

    3. On the roof of the main Burger Town restaurant, at the bottom of the tower’s stairs. If you approach the caged area, you can see the toy rocket near the opening.

After all three toy rockets are collected, the “Toccata And Fugue In D Minor” classical song will play.

Exo Suit in Exo Zombies (“Havoc” DLC)

As soon as you spawn, turn to the left. Open the first door on the left (not the one with power lines leading inside), and go to the main hub. At the hub, unlock the door on the right which opens the path to Hallway A. Proceed through the hallway, and find the small blue tunnel on the left. Follow it to another area with stairs that go the right side. Open the door at the end of the stairs, and proceed through that door to find Exo Room signs on the walls pointing in the correct direction. The final door to the Exo Room is inside the morgue and requires 1250 credits to open. Once you go through that door, drop down, turn 180 degrees, and activate the control panel to unlock the Exo Suits in the center of the room.

All intel locations

Search the indicated locations to find all 45 intel collectibles. There are three intel to collect in each mission. Collect all 45 intel laptops to get the “Ferrum Absconsum” trophy. You can view how many intel you have found in each mission under mission select. The intel collectibles look like thin laptops with a blue display. You can search for missing items through mission select at any time during the story or after completing it. As soon as you pick up an intel, it will immediately be saved. You do not have to reach the next checkpoint and can quit to the main menu right away.

Exoskeleton actions

Note: Certain Exo actions such as Boost Dash, Dodge, and Jump will briefly make you appear on an enemy’s mini-map. To avoid this, use the “Blast Suppressor” perk.

    Boost Dash: While in the mid-air, sprint in any direction with the Left Analog-stick. It has a short cooldown and is available in single player and multiplayer modes.

    Boost Dodge: Sprint left, right, or backwards. It has a short cooldown and is available in single player and multiplayer modes.

    Boost Jump: Tap [Jump] twice to gain extra height and distance. It does not have a cooldown and is available in single player and multiplayer modes.

    Boost Slam: Boost Jump into the air, then press [Crouch] to quickly descend to the ground. Landing directly on top of an enemy will instantly kill that player. It can be combined with the “Overcharge” perk to create a shockwave at your landing point and cause damage to nearby enemies. It does not have a cooldown and is available in single player and multiplayer modes.

    Boost Slide: Sprint, then hold [Crouch]. It can be combined with the “Gung-Ho” perk to gain the ability to shoot while Boost Sliding. It does not have a cooldown and is available in single player and multiplayer modes.

Exoskeleton abilities

Note: All Exo abilities require battery energy, which cannot be recharged. You can use perks such as “Overcharge” or “Fast Hands” to get better battery life and activate Exo abilities quicker.

    Exo Shield: Briefly absorb 100% damage from enemy bullets. It can be used while in mid-air. You must crouch to protect your lower legs and feet. The “Fast Hands” perk allows you to deploy it quicker. This ability is available in both single player and multiplayer modes.

    Exo Overclock: Briefly increase your movement speed.

    Exo Mute-Deive: Briefly silence your movements and amplify the sounds of your enemies. It does not limit your visibility on the mini-map.

    Exo Stim: Briefly boost your health. It can be used in small boosts to prevent battery drain.

    Exo Cloak: Briefly surround yourself with optical camouflage. Your transparent outline will be the only thing visible until you fire a weapon.

    Exo Hover: Briefly hover in mid-air.

    Exo Ping: Similar to a Threat grenade except your enemies must use Exo movements or fire their weapons to become visible.

    Exo Trophy System: Destroy up to two incoming projectiles, excluding gunshots.

    Exo Launcher: Manually detonate a grenade in the mid-air. Normally you can take two grenades, however with the “Bombardier” wildcard, you can replace your Exo ability with another grenade that must be different from the other two. This means that you cannot equip three of the same grenades.

Exoskeleton upgrades

Successfully complete the four challenges (Kills, Grenade Kills, Head-shots, Intel Collected) in the single player campaign to earn upgrade points to improve your Exoskeleton. There are eleven upgrades for Mitchell, which require a total of 33 upgrade points.

Upgrade Prerequisite Level 1 ability Level 2 ability
Resistance None Reduce explosion damage by 25% Reduce explosion damage by 50%
Detection Resistance Activate grenade detection Increase threat detection duration
Armor Resistance Increase health by 10% Increase health by 25%
Lethal Variable Grenade None Increase Lethal Variable Grenade capacity by 1 Increase Lethal Variable Grenade capacity by 2
Tactical Variable Grenade Lethal Variable Grenade Increase Tactical Variable Grenade capacity by 1 Increase Tactical Variable Grenade capacity by 2
Sprint None Increase sprint time by 50% Increase sprint time by 100%
Recoil None Reduce weapon kick by 10% Reduce weapon kick by 20%
Flinch Recoil Reduce flinch when shot by 40% Reduce flinch when shot by 80%
Reload None Increase reload speed by 25% Increase reload speed by 50%
Quick Aim Reload Increase aiming speed by 25% Increase aiming speed by 50%
Battery None Increase Exo ability uses by 1 Increase Exo ability uses by 2


The following is a list of all multiplayer perks and their effect:

Perk 1

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    Lightweight: Faster movement rate.
    Low Profile: Invisible to UAVs, tracking rounds, and Exo-Ping.
    Flak Jacket: Receive less explosive damage. Cancel frag cooking upon weapon switch. Resets fuse when throwing back frags.
    Overcharged: Increase Exo-Ability battery life. Concuss enemies with Boost Slam.
    Danger Close: Deal more explosive and Scorestreak damage.

Perk 2

    Peripherals: Increased mini-map range. Take out enemies without displaying death locations.
    Blind Eye: Undetectable by Tracking Drones, Explosive Drones, and all Scorestreaks except UAV.
    Cold-Blooded: Immune to Thermal, Target Enhancer, Threat Grenade, and enemy call-outs. No name displayed or reticle color change when targeted.
    Gung-Ho: Shoot while sprinting and sliding.
    Fast Hands: Reload while sprinting. Swap weapons, use Exo-Abilities, and Exo-Launcher faster.

Perk 3

    Hard Wired: Immune to System Hack, EMP, Nano Swarms, Stun Grenades, and Scramblers. However Scorestreaks remain vulnerable.
    Toughness: Flinch less when shot.
    Blast Suppressor: Invisible on mini-map during Exo-moves.
    Scavenger: Start with extra magazines and resupply bullet ammo from fallen enemies.
    Hardline: Decrease Scorestreak cost by 100.

Weapon rankings

Each weapon is best in its class in either accuracy, damage, fire rate, handling, mobility, or range, as indicated below:

Assault Rifles

    AK-12: Mobility
    ARX-160: Range
    Bal-27: Fire rate
    HBRA3: Handling
    IMR: Damage
    MK-14: Accuracy

Submachine Guns

    ASM-1: Damage
    AMR-9: Handling
    KF-5: Range
    MP-11: Mobility
    SAC-3: Fire rate
    SN-6: Accuracy

Sniper Rifles

    Atlas-20mm: Damage
    LYXN: Range
    MORS: Handling
    NA-45: Unique weapon that shoots a Primer that sticks to the target, then a Catalyst that detonates the Primer.


    Bulldog: Damage
    S-12: Fire rate
    TAC-19: Mobility

Heavy Weapons

    Ameli: Fire rate
    EM-1: Damage (tie)
    EMP3: Range
    Pytaek: Accuracy
    XMG: Unique weapon that can only be used in Akimbo mode; has Lockdown that greatly increases damage and accuracy at the cost of mobility.

Special scorestreaks

The following maps have unique scorestreaks that are obtained from Orbital Care Packages:

    Ascend: Auto-Turrets

Explosive barrel kills

You can shoot the indicated moving explosive barrels on the following maps to get kills if enemies are near them when they explode:

    Comeback: The Walker Tanks
    Defender: Laser Air Defense
    Detroit: Rail Turret
    Riot: Sensor Network
    Solar: Solar Reflection Tower
    Terrace: Sniper Drone

Easy “Burgle Burgle Burgle” trophy (“Havoc” DLC)

Enlist the help of another player. Have the other player get and deploy the distraction drone, then shoot ten zombies that gather around it.

Easy “Carma” trophy

In Mission 1: Induction, on the street where you encounter the drone swarm are some vehicles with open doors. You can rip out those doors and use them as a weapon. Grab a car door before moving on to the next area. You will soon reach a building with enemies inside. Throw the car door at one of the enemies to get the “Carma” trophy.

Easy “Cheapskate” trophy (“Havoc” DLC)

Leech an Exo suit from another player or during a public match. Do not purchase any guns or doors. Once you grab the Exo suit, you will get the “Cheapskate” trophy.

Easy “Deadeye” trophy

In Mission 2: Atlas, you have to score 2,000 points in the shooting range to get the “Deadeye” trophy. You must hit as many red targets as possible while avoiding the blue targets. Headshots give 100 points each. Pick a fully automatic weapon that you are comfortable with, and start from the spot in the middle of the range (from here you can easily see all targets). Only fire in small bursts to save ammo and reload between rounds. There are three rounds and short breaks in between. Activate the Overdrive ability when the voice in the background tells you to do so. You will need to use Overdrive once per round to hit the fast moving targets. You can keep repeating the shooting range as many times as desired. If you are not able to get this trophy during your first playthrough, then upgrade your Exo for increased accuracy and reload speed, and try again using the mission select.

Easy “Exo Survivor” trophy

This requires access to the “Riot” map, which is a Tier 4 map that requires all previous tiers to have been unlocked. You can also access the map if another player invites you to their game that already has it unlocked. Play a private game on the “Riot” map. There are only a total of eleven rounds. Start by select the Specialist class, which comes with a Sentry that will help until the supply drop. When you get a supply drop with a scorestreak, always take the Sentry or Flying Drone. Save your upgrade points, and spend them all on armor after Round 9. When you reach Round 4 or 5, switch your Exo to the Heavy class to get extra damage and health. Use your available Sentries once in each round. Get on top of the main building’s entrance. You can reach the roof from either side by jumping on top of the smaller buildings. Snipe enemies from that location. Either use the Sentry or wait for them to climb and shoot them as they jump. The last round features an enemy that cannot jump. Get a sub machine gun for Round 11. Your Exo will start disabled, but afterwards it will work fine. Switch your Exo to the Light class, and all moves will be available. After shooting a few enemies, you will receive a “Go there” message with a marker. Go directly into the main building to view a cutscene and get the “Exo Survivor” trophy.

Easy “Exo Survival Veteran” trophy

Start a private solo match on the “Bio Lab” map in Exo Survival mode. After the first wave starts, jump off a cliff. Keep repeating this process until you get the “Exo Survival Veteran” trophy.

Easy “Fire And Forget” trophy

At the very beginning of Mission 4: Fission, after you exit the helicopter, there is a mobile turret on the left side of the road. It looks like a brown mini-tank with four “legs.” It is standing near a hole in a wall where a lot of enemies are spawning. Enter the turret, and mark enemies with rockets. The rockets automatically search their targets and rain down from the sky. Kill 10 enemies with these rockets to get the “Fire And Forget” trophy.

Easy “Flotsam & Jetsam” trophy (“Supremacy” DLC)

Easy “Flying Ace” trophy

In Mission 13: Throttle, you will be flying a fighter jet. You must destroy 10 of the enemy jets with your machine gun to get the “Flying Ace” trophy. Do not use rockets. Just keep firing the machine gun while flying close to enemies. The machine gun automatically locks on to targets. Vehicles on the ground can be ignored, as they do not count towards this trophy. If you fail, you must restart the mission.

Easy “Genius” trophy

In Mission 4: Fission, after you destroy the large walking tank, you will enter a building and have to slide down an elevator shaft to reach a laboratory. Proceed through the laboratory. The spot for the grenade kill is in the next area. Once you leave the laboratory, you must immediately sprint-dash to the left. There are five soldiers spawning on a small platform. Position yourself on the stairs that lead up to this platform, and throw a threat grenade into the air. Because this platform is so small, all enemies will be standing close together. Since you are standing on the stairs, it will prevent the enemies from going down the platform. The smart grenade will kill 4 to 5 enemies, and you will get the “Genius” trophy. Make sure that you get to the stairs quick enough before one of the soldiers gets away. If you need to try again, simply reload the checkpoint to restart in the same spot.

Easy “Grenadier” trophy

In Mission 2: Atlas, after the shooting range you will reach the grenade range. You need to score 1,600 points to get the “Grenadier” trophy. Equip the “Threat” tactical grenade and “Smart” lethal grenade. You occasionally throw Threat grenades to locate hidden enemies and shoot them through walls. Throw Smart grenades all the time to eliminate the drones and moving targets. These grenades automatically search for their targets, so just throw them somewhere in the air. You can ignore the other grenade types. Just make sure to stand next to the grenade refill station to refresh your inventory. You can keep repeating the grenade range as many times as desired.

Easy “Heavy-Handed” trophy

In Mission 14: Captured, all you need to do is pick up 20 weapons from dead enemies after your arm has been broken. There are just a little over 20 enemies in this mission — so make sure to search every body and pick up everything you find to get the “Heavy-Handed” trophy.

Easy “Look Both Ways” trophy

In Mission 3: Traffic, after the courtyard where you flank an armored turret, you have to climb a wall. You will then be facing a road where vehicles are driving at high speeds. You have to make it across this street without shooting or otherwise damaging any of the driving vehicles. On the other side of the road are some enemies that you must kill to get the “Look Both Ways” trophy. Do not shoot across the street because you might hit one of the driving vehicles. Instead, make it across the road first, and then kill the enemies at close range.

Use this trick to not damage any of the cars. Immediately as you reach the traffic, only worry about getting over to the middle area where all the enemies are located. Then, just shoot down the middle part where there are no cars. You can also melee all the enemies instead of shooting them to be safe.

Easy “Mad Hops” trophy (“Supremacy” DLC)

Go to the moon pool area, and start killing zombies so they die on the squares with the blue water underneath. Their blood will transfer through the squares into the water. Keep doing this until you hear a comment about sharks. A shark will then appear and start swimming around in the water below. Once this happens, immediately enter the lift (green) room, run up the stairs, and start jumping on top of the shark tanks at the top of the stairs. Keep jumping on top of the shark tanks until you get the “Mad Hops” trophy.

Easy “Man Overboard!” trophy

In Mission 12: Armada, after the dark room where you have to activate your night vision for the first time, you will reach the deck of the ship. There are several enemies standing near the edge and a helicopter will bring in more reinforcements. One of the enemies uses a zipline from the helicopter and will land on the edge of the ship, behind a container. Melee him to make him fly off the side of the ship and get the “Man Overboard!” trophy. If you fail, either restart the checkpoint or lure another enemy close to the edge.

Easy “Never Saw It Coming” trophy

In Mission 4: Fission or any mission where you have Boost Jump equipped (you can see your abilities at the start of every mission), double jump into the air, press [Sprint], then [Crouch] to air stomp an enemy and get the “Never Saw It Coming” trophy.

Easy “Not On My Watch” trophy

Early in Mission 1: Induction, you will reach a street with a high-tech tank on the left side. A large drone swarm will attack this tank. You need to enter the turret at the end of the road (marked as an objective), and shoot down the drone swarm with the turret’s EMP to get the “Not On My Watch” trophy. It takes about half a minute before the EMP is ready.

Easy “Party Crasher” trophy

In Mission 8: Sentinel, you can stealthily kill enemies with your grappling hook while hiding in bushes. These kills can only be done in the stealth section at the beginning of the mission. While sitting in a bush, press D-pad Right to attract enemies, and then grapple them when they get close enough. Be sure that no enemy or drone sees how you kill someone. If you are seen, the mission will fail and you will need to restart from the last checkpoint. There are more than 20 enemies that you can kill with the grappling hook — so it does not matter if you miss a couple of them.

Easy “Restricted Airspace” trophy

At the end of Mission 10: Bio Lab, you will be driving a tank. While driving through the woods, some helicopters will attack you along the way. You need to switch to EMP ammo and shoot them out of the sky. Small helicopters take one shot and larger ones two shots. There are exactly 10 helicopters — so you cannot miss a single one. If you let a helicopter escape, restart the checkpoint.

Easy “Riot Control” trophy

At the very beginning of Mission 4: Fission, after you exit the helicopter, there will be a Mobile Cover Drone on the right side of the street. A lots of enemies are spawning in this area on the road. Keep shooting them while using the drone until you get the “Riot Control” trophy. You can also do this across multiple playthroughs.

Easy “Sitting Ducks” trophy

In Mission 6: Manhunt, when you first take control of the stealth sniper drone, you have to shoot an enemy in front of a truck to make way for your comrades. There will then be two guards at the front gate and another one walking towards them. When the walking guard is perfectly lined up with the other two guards, shoot them to get the “Sitting Ducks” trophy. If you fail, restart the checkpoint to try again.

Easy “Threat Detected” trophy

In Mission 1: Induction, after the drone swarm, you will enter a building with a lot of enemies. A button tutorial will also appear on your screen about how to boost dodge. Take out the first five enemies near the entrance. Around the corner are 13 enemies on a balcony shooting at you. Throw your Threat grenade near the balcony to easily mark 10+ enemies at once and get the “Threat Detected” trophy. Do not wait too long because your teammates will kill some enemies over time.

Easy “Wheelman” trophy

At the very end of Mission 5: Aftermath, you will get on a hoverbike. You need to complete the driving sequence without any collisions and cannot take damage from enemy attacks. There are a lot of small obstacles along the way, such as pylons (orange plastic cones to mark the street), road blocks, plastic signs inside a restaurant, and cardboard boxes inside another building. If you take any damage, you have to immediately restart the checkpoint. This will probably take approximately a dozen tries or so. You should create a backup save before trying it so if you fail you do not have to replay the entire mission again. As soon as the driving sequence begins, pause the game, select “Save and Exit”, then go to your console’s settings, and copy the save game to a USB flash drive or cloud storage. If you fail, you can copy the save game file back to restart back at the hoverbike sequence again.

Easy “Where Are You Going?” trophy

In Mission 7: Utopia, you will encounter the first AST. AST’s are heavily armored Atlas soldiers. They are wearing a massive suit and appear much taller than normal humans. They can also take a lot more damage and fight more aggressively. All you need to do when encountering one is to throw an EMP grenade. Your teammate will even tell you that EMP grenades are their weakness when you meet the first one in Mission 7. You only need to stun the AST with an EMP grenade to get the “Where Are You Going?” trophy.


Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    The End of War (Platinum): Earn all available trophies for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.
    Carma (Bronze): Kill an enemy by throwing a car door at them.
    A New Era (Silver): Complete the campaign on any difficulty.
    Hard Hitter (Silver): Complete the campaign on Hardened difficulty.
    SP Prestige (Gold): Complete the campaign on Veteran difficulty.
    Never Saw it Coming (Bronze): Boost jump, dash forward, then air stomp on an enemy.
    Escape Artist (Silver): Avoid 20 grenades by dodging with your Exo.
    Loud Enough For You? (Bronze): Kill 10 enemies or drones while affected by a sonic blast.
    Maximum Overdrive (Silver): Kill 50 enemies while using Overdrive.
    Genius (Bronze): Kill 4 enemies with a single smart grenade.
    Threat Detected (Bronze): Paint 10 enemies with a single threat grenade.
    Fly Swatter (Bronze): Knock 25 Drones out of the sky with EMP grenades.
    Where Are You Going? (Bronze): Stop an AST with an EMP grenade.
    History In The Making (Bronze): Collect over half of the Intel.
    Ferrum Absconsum (Silver): Collect all the Intel.
    Riot Control (Bronze): Kill 20 enemies while linked to the Mobile Cover Drone.
    Advanced Soldier (Bronze): Spend your first Exo upgrade point.
    Second Skin (Bronze): Spend 10 Exo upgrade points.
    We Have the Technology (Silver): Spend 20 Exo upgrade points.
    Power Changes Everything (Gold): Completely upgrade your Exo.
    Not on my Watch (Bronze): Prevent the walking tank from being destroyed by the Drone Swarm in “Induction.”
    Deadeye (Bronze): Score “excellent” in the shooting range in “Atlas.”
    Grenadier (Bronze): Score “excellent” in the grenade range in “Atlas.”
    Welcome to Atlas (Bronze): Complete “Atlas.”
    Look Both Ways (Bronze): Kill all the KVA in the traffic section without damaging a civilian vehicle in “Traffic.”
    Fire and Forget (Bronze): Kill 10 enemies with the Mobile Turret missiles in “Fission.”
    Wheelman (Bronze): Finish the hoverbike sequence without hitting any walls or obstacles and taking no damage in “Aftermath.”
    Sitting Ducks (Bronze): Kill 3 enemies with one shot of the Sniper Drone in “Manhunt.”
    Party Crasher (Bronze): Kill 20 enemies with the Grappling Hook in “Sentinel.”
    Restricted Airspace (Bronze): EMP 10 enemy aircraft out of the sky with the hovertank in “Bio Lab.”
    Man Overboard! (Bronze): Melee an enemy so they fly off the side of the ship in “Armada.”
    Flying Ace (Bronze): Shoot down 10 enemies with machine guns in “Throttle.”
    Heavy-Handed (Bronze): Go through 20 gun drops in one-armed combat in “Captured.”
    Exo Survival Veteran (Bronze): Play 50 Exo Survival Matches.
    Exo Survivor (Bronze): Successfully complete the Exo Survival Bonus Wave.
    Class Warfare (Bronze): Play 30 minutes with each class online in Exo Survival.
    Exo Flip (Bronze): “Flip” a map.
    Flip Flop (Bronze): “Flip” a map twice.

Additionally, there are 14 secret trophies:

    Seoul Mates (Bronze): Complete “Induction.”
    Welcome to Atlas (Bronze): Complete “Atlas.”
    Life in the Fast Lane (Bronze): Complete “Traffic.”
    Radioactive (Bronze): Complete “Fission.”
    Motor City (Bronze): Complete “Aftermath.”
    Born to Die (Bronze): Complete “Manhunt.”
    Betrayal (Bronze): Complete “Utopia.”
    Crates on a Plane (Bronze): Complete “Sentinel.”
    The Destroyer Returns (Bronze): Complete “Crash.”
    Irons in the Fire (Bronze): Complete “Bio Lab.”
    GG (Bronze): Complete “Collapse.”
    Wrath of Atlas (Bronze): Complete “Armada.”
    Manticore Unleashed (Bronze): Complete “Throttle.”
    The Wheat from the Chaff (Bronze): Complete “Captured.”

The following trophies require the “Ascendance” bonus downloadable content:

    Alright, Alright (Bronze): Survive until round 10 in Infection.
    Climbing the Corporate Ladder (Bronze): Survive until round 25 in Infection.
    One Man’s Poison… (Bronze): Use the cure station to kill 5 host zombies at once in Infection.
    Indirect Fire (Bronze): Kill 100 zombies with traps in Infection.
    Burgertown Escort Service (Bronze): Rescue 1 survivor in Infection.
    Abandon All Hope (Silver): Rescue 4 survivors in a sinlge game of Infection.
    Blood-Splattered Savior (Bronze): Rescue a total of 20 survivors in Infection.
    Love Tap (Bronze): Kill a Goliath with a melee attack in Infection.
    Popcorn (Bronze): Cook 50 zombies with the Mangetron in Infection.

Additionally, there is one secret trophy with the “Ascendance” bonus downloadable content:

    MEAT IS MURDER (Silver): Activate Bubby.

The following trophies require the “Havoc” bonus downloadable content:

    I’m Alive! (Bronze): Survive until Round 10.
    Survivor (Bronze): Survive until Round 25.
    20/20 (Silver): Upgrade 2 weapons to level 20.
    Moneybags (Bronze): Have 15000 credits in the bank.
    Cheapskate (Bronze): Acquire the exo suit without spending any money.
    Burgle Burgle Burgle (Bronze): Steal 10 kills from a teammate.
    Game Over, Man! (Silver): Call in a rescue.
    Come On And… (Bronze): Slam 10 zombies at once.
    PC Load Letter (Bronze): Use the 3D printer 15 times in a single match.
    Do You Even Exo? (Bronze): Exo Melee kill 10 zombies in 30 seconds.

The following trophies require the “Reckoning” bonus downloadable content:

    Smooth Operator (Bronze): Defeat Oz in Descent.
    How the mighty have fallen! (Bronze): Defeat Oz… again in Descent.
    Reunion (Silver): Complete Oz’s challenges in Descent.
    Big Game (Bronze): Kill Oz with a Blunderbuss in Descent.
    Coast 2 Coast (Bronze): Cross the water with a teleport grenade in Descent.
    Size DOES Matter (Bronze): Punch Oz with a Goliath in Descent.
    K.O (Bronze): Punch 20 enemies with a Goliath in Descent.
    Nah, I’m Good (Bronze): Reach round 7 without anyone opening a door in Descent.
    Trickshot (Bronze): Kill 100 enemies behind you with the KL03-Trident in Descent.

Additionally, there is one secret trophy with the “Reckoning” bonus downloadable content:

[lasso rel="amzn-meta-quest-3-128gb-breakthrough-mixed-reality-powerful-performance-asgards-wrath-2-bundle" id="175390"]
    Double Tap (Silver): Defeat Oz for the last time in Descent.

The following trophies require the “Supremacy” bonus downloadable content:

    Ensign (Bronze): Reach round 10 in Carrier.
    Admiral (Silver): Reach round 30 in Carrier.3
    Flotsam & Jetsam (Silver): Sink the boat in Carrier.
    Slot Jockey (Bronze): Use the Grenade Disposal Machine 30 times in a single match in Carrier.
    Right of First Defusal (Bronze): Defuse 5 gas bombs in a single match in Carrier.
    Take Off, Hoser! (Bronze): Ride Chompy for 5 minutes in a single match in Carrier.
    Telefragathon (Bronze): Telefrag 50 enemies in a single match in Carrier.
    How low can you go? (Bronze): Hit 18 enemies with a single shot of the LZ-52 Limbo in Carrier.
    Hugs (Bronze): Kill 20 enemies in a single burst of Explosive Touch in Carrier.
    Mad Hops (Bronze): Jump over 4 live sharks in 10 seconds in Carrier.
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