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Riddle: Equipment – Method


Riddler Trophy 1: Remote Batarang – Use the Remote Batarang on the electrified wires in the big room. Then guide it through the window above the door you need to go through. Get the Batarang to turn around and downstairs to the fuse box to the left of the door. WIth the door open, get that trophy.





Riddler Trophy 2: Remote Batarang, BatarangNote: See RT1 for access to this section. Hit the Question Marks in this order. Bottom right, mid right, top right, top. Free trophy.





Riddler Trophy 3: Voice Synthesiser, 5x Fear Multi Takedown – Use the Voice Synthesiser to move one to the window, and then start your Fear Takedown. This is made a lot easier if you have the 5x takedown, as there is a time limit. If they all die within that time, you can get the trophy.





Riddler Trophy 4: Batclaw – Use the Batclaw to rip open the Robot Statue's chest, and then again to grab the trophy.





Riddler Trophy 5: Remote Electrical Charge, Batarang – Use the Remote Electrical Charge on the generator to start the apparatus moving. You will need to shoot it again to get it to stop. Stop it on B. If needed, use the Batarang to change the direction so that it will move towards A. Start it moving and stop it on A. Then change direction so it will pass go to C without going past the reset point. Stop it on C. Now you have spelled BAT, you can collect your trophy.





Riddler Trophy 6: Explosive Gel, Remote Batarang – Use the Explosive Gel to break the wall. Then stand on the pressure pad. Throw the Remote Batarang through the tunnel that is opened. Take the first right, and then left at the end to hit the Question Mark. Then again going right and straight. Then again going right and right, through the electricity and when you exit the tunnel, up and a bit right into the fuse box. Now you can access trophy.





Riddler Trophy 7: Remote Electrical Charge – Use the Remote Electrical Charge on the generator above the door to open it. Then on the generators inside in this order. Leftmost is 1, through to rightmost at 8. Order is 1, 5, 7, 3, 2, 4, 8, 6. Then trophy.





Riddler Trophy 8: Freeze Blast, Disruptor, Voice Synthesiser – Use the Freeze Blast on the steam from the pipe. Then grapple up. Use the Disruptor on the Weapons Cache, and then the Voice Synthesiser on the Robot to access the Cache. Then get trophy.





Riddler Trophy 9: Line Launcher – Use the Line Launcher to get across the electrified plates onto the pressure pad. Then Line Launcher back, but this time get onto the line. Halfway down is another path. Line Launch here onto another pressure pad. Once both are pressed, the plates are safe. Get the trophy.





Riddler Trophy 10: Batarang – Head to the small room across the walkway, and turn around to look at the left of the door. There are four colours here. Run back into the other room and use the Batarang on the Question Marks to change them to mimic the colours in the other room. When this is done, get trophy.





Riddler Trophy 11: Remote Hacking Device – Simply blind one of the sentry guns and disable the other one from behind. Follow up by dismantling the blinded sentry and pick up the now unguarded trophy.





Riddler Trophy 12: Batclaw, Remote Electrical Charge gun – Stand on the ledge next to the robot and fire at the red ring on it's chest. Tap A/ X to rip it open to reveal a spinning generator inside. Carefully line up your shots with the REC gun (fill the generator with energy so it overloads). After four or five shots it will explode, and the trophy will unlock next to you.





Riddler Trophy 13: Freeze Grenade – Approach the pipe on the wall and seal the end emitting steam to start the trophy ball rolling. Two more times as it travels along the pipe the ball will stop and steam will escape from the pipe next to it. Seal these up as well and the ball will drop out of the far end, allowing you access to the trophy within.





Riddler Trophy 14: Remote Controlled Batarang – Stand on the pressure pad and look across the room. You should see a question mark switch light up in the next room. Using the Remote Controlled Batarang, aim and guide it through the duct opposite and then up into the question mark switch to gain access to the trophy.





Riddler Trophy 15: Remote Electrical Charge gun, Explosive Gel – Climb up to where the electrical panel is on the wall. This controls two stacks that rise up alternately when the panel is activated with the REC gun. The idea here is to put explosive gel on the one that rises up to where the breakable wall is above, then detonate it as it moves over it. Once the wall is out of the way, simply grapple up and claim your prize.





Riddler Trophy 16: Disruptor – Simply fire the Disruptor at both mines to detonate them, then SLIDE underneath (sneak doesn't work) to pick up the trophy inside.





Riddler Trophy 17: Line Launcher, Freeze Grenade – From your starting position facing the electrified floor, use the line launcher to begin crossing it. Before reaching the end, flip up onto the rope (press the button shown in the bottom right corner of the screen to do so) to come to a stop. From here, look up to see two steam pipes you can plug with Freeze Grenades. Once they are sealed, grapple up to the ledge above them and follow the hallway, dropping down to the right to find a trophy alone on a table.





Riddler Trophy 18: Remote Hacking Device – Use the Remote Hacking Device on the panel above the fan to turn it off and grab the trophy inside.





Riddler Trophy 19: Remote Controlled Batarang – This ones a bit weird, but the switch that opens the trophy container turns off whenever you look at it (you'll see it on in the mirror if you look). So you need to crawl into the vent on the wall and throw a Remote Controlled Batarang through the vent into the trophy room and hit the switch on the wall above the vent. When you do the trophy contrainer lies open to you.





Riddler Trophy 20: Remote Hacking Device – Stop all four reels at the heart symbol. Trophy is yours.





Riddler Trophy 21: Batarang – Simon, ugh. I don't know if it is randomized or not for every player, but I will list the order in which they appeared for me:
1. Blue, Green, Red, Yellow
2. Yellow, Green, Blue, Blue, Yellow, Red
3. Green, Blue, Yellow, Red, Blue, Red, Yellow, Green






Breakable Objects


Breakable Object 1:




Breakable Object 2:




Breakable Object 3:




Breakable Object 4:




Breakable Object 5:




Breakable Object 6:




Breakable Object 7:




Breakable Object 8:




Breakable Object 9:




Breakable Object 10:




Breakable Object 11:




Breakable Object 12:




Breakable Object 13:




Breakable Object 14:




Breakable Object 15:





Riddle 1: Head into Stage A, enter the room to the right and scan the poster 'Inferno'.


Note: The actual riddle location is in a small room inside the Stage A room




Riddle 2: Voice Synthesizer – Head toward Stage A, but before going inside, turn to the left and open the barrier with the Voice Synthesiser. At the end is a statue. Scan.



Note: The actual riddle location is the large alcove in the middle of the Western side of the square central area. Just below the "select your next mission" text.




Riddle 3: Walk over to the quarantine cells and scan the area inside the one on the far left/ holding Robin/ with Scarecrow's mark (depending on where you are in the story).





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