It’s Going To Be A Long Night…




The streets of Gotham have been flooded by armies of thugs along with multiple super villans. Once again it's your job to clean up the town and growl threateningly at enemies until they tell you things. However, there's more to the game than that with the inclusion of new gadgets and the batmobile. So here's a few things you ought to know before stepping into the boots of the caped crusader this time around:


  • MEDIC, MEDIC! – An annoying enemy type you will encounter as the game progresses is the medic. Medics have the ability to revive fallen enemies multiple times, making your combat sessions longer and more irritating. When you start a fight with one present, immediately focus on taking them out to make life easier for yourself.


  • Bullets = Death: Apparently the most effective weapon against Batman is guns. Who knew, right? Enemies with guns will be able to quickly demolish Batman's health if you stay in line of sight. One of the first upgrades for the batsuit you should grab is the resistance to bullet damage (+25% per level), which will make the later stages of the game much more survivable.


  • Complete everything: Why? Because Batman: Arkham Knight pulls a bit of a cheap move and forces you to complete the game to 100% (yes, riddler missions included) to see the true ending. Wow, haven't seen anything like that since Halo's slightly extended ending based on difficulty.



  • Improved reload speed: One of the first upgrades you should do for the batmobile is to improve the reload speed of it's cannon. This will make batmobile sections far easier and result in less frustration and explosions on your end.


  • Float like a butterfly: Dodging is essential, both for keeping Batman healthy in a fight and (more importantly) maintaining your combo multiplier to increase your experience rewards. Make sure to practice dodging during the early fights and hard wire it into your brain. When enemies get tougher later on, you'll be glad you did.


Now that we're all up to date on our bat-tips, let's dive straight into the city of Gotham and into Batman: Arham Knight. You're Batman (in growling, gravelly voice).



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