Mission 03 – Find Scarecrow’s Location

MISSION 03 – Find Scarecrow's Location



Objective: Meet Oracle at the Clock Tower to help locate Scarecrow


When you begin the mission, you'll see the Batsignal in the sky above the Clock Tower. Glide your way silently across the rooftops or barrel through the streets in the Batmobile until you reach it and then head for the tiled roof at the top of the tower. Approach the distance marker and when you are standing on it, a prompt should appear allowing you access to the concealed roof entrance.


Drop down into the tower and activate your detective vision (D-pad up) to examine the room. A nearby bust will stand out that you can interact with to reveal what you need. Walk over to the newly visible control panel/ keyboard and interact with it to trigger a scene with ex-Batgirl, Oracle. The discussion will revolve around Scarecrow's new fear toxin and how to track it down. 



Objective: Use Panessa Studios Antenna to pinpoint Scarecrow's location


After your little chat with Oracle, look upwards to spot the chute you entered by and grapple out of the room. After a quick talk with Gordon to prepare the GCPD for action, you'll be off across the city once more. The marker is a fair distance away, so you may want to take the Batmobile unless you've already begun sinking points into the Batsuit's movement abilities. Plus a little practice with it will put you in good stead for the rest of the mission.


When you land on the rooftop where the antenna's control box is, interact with it to place a remote access device on it and attempt to activate the antenna. Bzzt, wrong. Ah, it is a recurring fact in any gritty universe that electronic devices and machinery degrade ridiculously fast when not constantly watched by people. Less than a day and this generator's busted. Great. The good news is: Batman has a plan.



Objective: Collect the Power Winch for the Batmobile


Call up Lucius to talk to him about delivery of your new toy for the Batmobile. After the conversation, cross the studio rooftops and glide down to the street below to call the Batmobile. Drive from here to the studio entrance and slam through the front gates. Near the top of the driveway, the Batmobile will stop, and your new Power Winch will arrive (fitted automatically for his pleasure). During your communication with Lucius about the winch, the camera will pan over the rooftops of the station, giving you a decent idea of where you have to go next.



Objective: Power up the Panessa Studios Antenna with the Batmobile Power Winch


Afterwards, you'll get the chance to put the Power Winch through it's paces. Activate the Batmobile's battle mode and press RB to fire and automatically attach the winch. Once the winch is attached, pull the left stick backwards to slam the Batmobile into reverse and begin pulling on the cable. Note: The cable can be released by pressing RB again. Wrench the station sign downwards to clear your path. Once it is out of the way, back up down the slope and then blast your way across the gap using the afterburner (Y/ Triangle).


When you land on the building, look to the right to find another grab point for the Power Winch. Ripping it up will give you a nifty ramp which leads up to a higher level of the roof. Now on this higher rooftop, look towards the objective at the end of this small area to spot a section of roof lower down that you can drop down to. Remember to use battle mode here as the area is very narrow and turning is quite difficult without it.



Cross the linear path until you reach a larger area of roof, on the far side of which is a small outcrop where you can see a grab point for your winch on the face of the opposite building. Attach the winch and then (while still in battle mode) drive off the outcrop into thin air. Thankfully the winch will hold the weight of the Batmobile and you can drive up the side of the building to reach the other side. When you are on solid roof once more, detach the winch and hang a left to find yourself back at the antenna control box. Hell of a detour that was.


Line up the Batmobile with the box and fire the winch. You'll see a rev counter appear in the bottom right corner of the screen with an orange rectangle on it. You need to gradually increase the revs (by pulling on the accelerator), keeping the pointer inside the orange area. When you reach full revs, the Batmobile will lock the engine and keep a steady supply of power to the generator, turning on the studio's antenna. Afterwards, you'll have a brief talk with Oracle and Robin, before heading to your next destination. Falcone Shipping Yard.



Objective: Use the antenna at the Falcone Shipping Yard to locate Scarecrow


Glide across the city to the nearby shipping yard. When you get close to the area, you'll begin picking up some of Scarecrow's thugs chatter from the area. Get up to the gargoyles on the high towers above the place to scope out the situation. The game will then walk you through the basics of stealth attacks and observing an area. Activate your detective vision to spot the number of guards and their locations (all inside a small rooftop room of the building), and also that they have a hostage inside. For those that haven't played the earlier entries in the series, red enemies are armed with firearms, making them much more dangerous than unarmed thugs.


After that, the game will prompt you to equip a batarang (D-pad down – hold, use the right stick to make your selection and then release D-pad), keep in mind that you need the regular batarang not the remote controlled one. Once you have it, hold LT to aim and then press RT to lob it at the target. In this case, simply throw the batarang at the ground in front of the door of the room the thugs are in.



When two of them emerge, wait for them to split up and then glide/ sneak (RT) behind them and press Y/ Triangle to initiate a stealth takedown. Once both are down, you'll have to gear up before tackling the rest of the enemies inside. Cue call to Lucius. Apparently the new Batsuit is ready and equipping it unlocks several new abilities. The main one we are interested in at this point is the new Fear takedowns. This allows you to take down multiple bunched up enemies in rapid succession. Hmmm, what could that be useful for?


After getting suited up, several new AR challenges will appear around you on the rooftop. If you want to practice the new Fear takedown (which first time players should) before doing it live, give that one a try. When you are ready, approach the rooftop room and enter one of the grates to the side of it. When you are under the feet of the thugs, you'll see the Fear takedown prompt (X/ Square) on the screen. Remember that you will need to adjust your view to look at the next target before pressing X/ Square to trigger the next hit in the takedown (or else you'll stand there flailing at nothing while the enemies blast you to bits).



Commence the beatdown and once the room is still, release the hostage. After another chat with Oracle, attach the second remote access device to the antenna control panel in the room. Once you are done, the door should be open for you to walk out. Seconds later, you'll be trying to triangulate Scarecrow's location using the antenna's. The location you need is on the far right of the screen, simply aim both beams at the location.


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