Mission 07 – The Scene Of The Crash

MISSION 07 – The Scene Of The Crash



Objective: Return to Mercy Bridge to resume tracking the Arkham Knight's vehicle


Float and glide your way to Mercy bridge and get back in the Batmobile. Once the bridge opens, you will be attacked by a group of six drones, four regular single shot ones and two with the homing missile attacks. These will track you and will require something to block the line of fire (such as the bridge posts) to avoid being hit.


Missiles can also be shot down mid flight (their path is shown in an arcing red line). If you use the Vulcan Gun on the array on top of the drone, you can take out its tracking system, destroying them instantly. Continue onward taking out the drones as you go.



If you decide to take out all of the drones (38 enemies total) in the new area, then the police can resume patrols in this area. Tracking Arkham Knight's vehicle is easier (as you won't be blindsided while tracking), but the choice is yours. Once you find the vehicle you were tracking, hop out of the Batmobile and examine it for clues.


  • Examine the driver's seat/ vehicle
  • Driver's body, directly ahead of vehicle on ground
  • Passenger seat of vehicle
  • Car door, ahead and to the right of the car in the lower area next to the water



Note: From this point on, you'll need to use RT and LT to adjust the time to see events


  • Oracle's landing point, look at the broken crate next to the concrete post the vehicle collides with, you'll see she leaps out of the car and lands on it.
  • Bullet hole in ground in front of Oracle. Just in front of her arms.
  • Electronic chip hidden in box left of Oracle's crawl path. Replay her crawling away from the crash to see her place it inside the box.


Now that you have everything, use the microchip, looks like it needs to be decoded at Wayne Tower.



Objective: Head to Wayne Tower


Head back to Wayne Tower and climb the 300 or so meters up and land on the small marked balcony. Once in the tower, interact with the computer. You will get the choice of two upgrades for the Batmobile during the conversation. The Virus will make enemy drone attack each other.


The Weapon System will let you overcharge your secondary weapon, dealing more damage with your missile barrage. Either one is beneficial. Now that you know where Oracle is, descend back down from the tower and cross town to the tunnel entrance. Taking out the drones guarding it of course.



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