Call of Duty: Black Ops III Guide/ Walkthrough

Welcome to the third Black Ops entry in the Call of Duty series by Treyarch. Taking us to the futuristic year of 2065, set 40 years after the previous Black Ops entry. Technology and science have changed the world, as well as how humanity lives day to day. With most countries boasting extensive air defenses, specialized teams are tasked with infiltrating enemy countries to destabilize them from within. With enhanced human combatants, robots and other military forces in play, it promises to be a very hot second cold war. Zombies mode also makes a return appearance with it’s own noir movie style new story/ map, Shadows of Evil. Multiplayer is back as expected and as frantic as ever as Treyarch rips the brakes out of the vehicle, with fast paced aerial thruster combat, wall running and nine uniquely skilled specialist classes to use on top of the take ten customization system, you can really create the ultimate online warrior. Just don’t try to get AUS through the tag system as apparently it’s a profanity (I’m still pissed about not being able to use my clan tag, can you tell?). Off we go Into the blackened murky depths of Call of Duty: Black Ops III.
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