Golden Age Nostalgia (Nadine Abercrombie)

Golden Age Nostalgia (Nadine Abercrombie)

This is the official mission to collect all the comic books in the region. Talk to Nadine Abercrombie at the Dodd Residence in John's Region to add this mission to your roster. Find the comics themselves at the following locations.

Camp Cougars

A campsite east and a little south of Peaches Taxidermy in Faith's Region.

The comic is front of the east tent.

Peaches Taxidermy

The comic is inside Miss Mable's home, next to the TV. She probably doesn't appreciate it anyway,

Vasquez Residence

A lovely home inn Faith's Region.

Find the comic inside on the couch, next to the remote.

The McNeill Residence

A boarded-up home in Jacob's region, near McKinley Dam.

Enter the house through a barricaded window on the south side to find a collectible comic book on the bathroom sink.

Lookout Tower

You'll visit this one during the Gearing Up story mission in Jacob's terrritory.

The comic is in the tower, right next to the mission objective map.

Boyd Residence

A home just east of the Reservoir Construction Yard in John's territory

The comic books is on the bed in the main house.

There's also a safe in the house, and a bunker with a single perk magazine.

Chan Residence

A small house tucked away in a copse of trees, on the southwest side of Angel's Peak.

The doors are not locked. Find the comic on the blood-spattered bed.

Boshaw Manor

Sharky's house, southwest of Moonflower Trailer Park

The comic is on the nightstand by the bed.

The Elliot Residence

This house, the site of The Holdouts Prepper Stash, is south of the FANG Center in Jacob's region.

Go around the back of the house. Climb up on the awning, and enter through the window below the 'b' in 'Jacob.'

The comic is just inside.

Parker Laboratories

In John's region- home of Larry Parker, and starting point for the Free Larry, Hero's Journey, and Close Encounters side quests.

There's a comic inside his home, along with a safe and an arcade machine.

O'Hara's Haunted House

A tourist 'attraction' in the far west of Faith's region. The comic is not in the haunted house, but in the regular house.

There are no stairs up inside, but you might pop in to loot the safe of $250.

When ready, go around back. Jump up on the low section of the roof, and use it the enter the back window via the paint scaffolding.

Snag the Zombie Collectible Comic while you're up there.

Bradbury Farm

A farm south of the crop circle in John's region. You'll pass through during the Close Encounters mission for Larry Parker.

The comic can be found inside the barn- use the stacked boxes to reach the upper level.

There's a key on top of a mini-fridge.

East of the key, in a little mattress & guitar nook, is the comic book.

Return to Nadine with all the comic books for the standard $900 collector's fee- no special unlocks or outfits.

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